Bill Wright | 21 Jan 21:10 2016

Has anybody got a Valve/Steam contact?

I'm trying to reach a human at Valve regarding an
LFNW 2016 proposal.

If anybody has a contact could you please email me
off list?


Bill Wright
LinuxFest Northwest
Scott Dowdle | 12 Jan 16:42 2016

Seeking a black canvas "OSCON" bag


I have a black canvas bag with shoulder strap that is branded "OSCON" that I got from LinuxFest Northwest as
SWAG about 7 or 8 years ago.  I've seen the same bag given away at various other conferences too... over
multiple years.  Anyway, mine has worn out and I am very fond of it... so I'm hoping that someone reading this
mailing list happens to have one of those bags that they don't want anymore... and could let me have it.

I tried to find an image of said back on but oddly could not locate one... but I'm guessing
quite a few of you know what I'm talking about, right?

Thanks in advance,

Scott Dowdle
704 Church Street
Belgrade, MT 59714
(406)388-0827 [home]
(406)994-3931 [work]
Jakob Perry | 9 Dec 19:13 2015

LinuxFest 2016 Call for Papers is open!

LinuxFest Northwest is celebrating 17 years of service to the Free and Open Source community. Please join us by presenting at the largest, technically diverse, educational, and fun open source conferences in the Pacific Northwest. The conference had 1850 attendees last year, and this year promises to be even bigger.

When & Where
April 23rd and 24th 2015 - 9:00am-5pm
Bellingham Technical College
3028 Lindbergh Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225


Call For Papers
Presentations can cover anything that qualifies as Free/Open Source software or surrounding communities including popular topics such as makerspace, robotics, sustainable technology, Linux and complimentary communities such as Databases, DevOps, Web Development, Programming and Community building. See the track details on the present page for specifics. The presentation formats include 60 minute, 90 minute and the ever popular 5 minute lightning talk.
Tutorials Track
New this year is a tutorials track, aimed at beginners. They can run 90 minutes or two and a half hours, and be held in the tutorium, a computer lab with capacity for 30 people.

Papers Submission Deadline: February 10th, 2016 <at> 7pm PST.
Acceptance Notification: February 23rd, 2016


Open Source Project Collaboration Space
If your project is interested in hosting a sprint or other mini-conference at Linuxfest Northwest there is very limited space to host projects. Please include as much information about your project, how you plan to advertise the sprint, and expected attendance.


Previous examples for these spaces have been PostgreSQL track, Drupal code sprints, KDE days, LibreOffice dev sprints, and a Fedora user track. You can reserve a room for sessions, code sprints, or unconferences.

Community Tracks Deadline: February 1st, 2016 <at> 7pm PST.


We are also seeking sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring this fantastic event and reaching nearly 2000 technically minded individuals please visit:


Visit the 2016 site to submit your session or community collaboration track. If you've attended in the past, your existing user details should work.
Fest-list mailing list
Scott Dowdle | 15 Jun 18:33 2015

SouthEast LinuxFest (SELF) videos


Looks like the SouthEast LinuxFest has their presentation videos posted:

LFNW?  Not so much:

Congrats to the 6 LFNW presenters who have their videos posted.

Yes, I'm being snarky.


Scott Dowdle
704 Church Street
Belgrade, MT 59714
(406)388-0827 [home]
(406)994-3931 [work]
dave | 25 Apr 08:45 2015

presentations by time

Is there some way I can get a list of presentations sorted by times?  I 
see them grouped by general category, but this doesn't help much for 
deciding which session to drop in on between the ones I really want to 


David Griffith

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Blibbet | 25 Apr 01:46 2015

directions to event?

Does anyone have a pointer to any driving directions to LFNW?

Specifically, the proper I5 exit, and directions from exit to 3028
Lindbergh Ave.

There is no info on LFNW site, STC site defers to Google Maps, which
doesn't work for me in Bellingham area.

Seems like you can get there multiple ways via Bellingham, most are the
long way.

Bill Wright | 24 Apr 02:02 2015

Remember, donate to the LFNW Yard Sale table


  If you have any serviceable computer/networking gear you'd
like to donate to the LFNW Yard Sale please bring it with you
on Saturday.

It's located between the Candela Technologies table and
the World Famous Raffle table.

All proceeds directly support LFNW keeping it
  free of admission charges.

see you there,

Bill Wright
LinuxFest Northwest
Bill Wright | 23 Apr 02:06 2015

Fwd: [Blug-list] BELLINGHAM: Drones, cyber civil rights, coding among topics at LinuxFest in Bellingham | Local News | The Bellingham Herald

Short LFNW Bellingham Herald article

only 2 more days =8'O
Bill Wright | 21 Apr 07:52 2015

More local tech job opportunities

 From the spirit of community dept:

If you're looking for a local tech job you might also
check out this local Bellingham tech event Friday evening.
It's called,
"The Northwest TechExpo, a Celebration of Jobs and Companies,
a showcase of technology in the Pacific Northwest, as well as an 
to find some of the top technology jobs in our region today."

for details:

Albert Westra | 20 Apr 17:25 2015

After Pary Schedual

Dose anybody know what is going on with the After party? I noticed on Friday it was scheduled at the Whatcom Museum on the Website. Now today after someone mention it on our meetup page the schedule was removed. Did something happen?

---Albert Westra
Fest-list mailing list
Bill Wright | 8 Apr 22:16 2015

LFNW Raffle prizes needed

Hi Gang,

We need super-cool raffle prizes for our Fund Raiser Raffle.

If you have anything noteworthy please contact me off list.

Remember you'll be given acknowledgment throughout
the day during the event for your donation.

All raffle proceeds directly support LFNW expenses to
keep it free of admission charges.


Bill Wright
LinuxFest Northwest