Bill Wright | 15 Apr 07:50 2014

LFNW 2014 full house 1 Gold sponsorship left

LinuxFest Northwest has only one Gold sponsorship left.

The Exhibit Hall is full with only room for one more
Gold sponsor's 10'booth space.

Last chance if you're interested in Exhibiting at LinuxFest Northwest,
this opportunity will close soon.

Alex Jordan | 15 Apr 04:44 2014


Hi all,
I've looked around on the Fest site, as well as Google, but for the
life of me, I cannot find the source to Does
anyone know where it's available? If it's not available, does anyone
know why?
-Alex Jordan
Russell Pavlicek | 14 Apr 18:14 2014

Session schedule?

It's time to start plugging my talks at LFNW, but I still don't know what the dates and times are.  I need this information for my posts to the events list.

When will the schedule become public?

Russell Pavlicek
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Dave G. | 11 Apr 01:48 2014

ham radio testing

I plan to be at the planning meeting today.  Could I convince the hams who 
are going to bring their HTs?  I will bring mine and I want to check to 
make sure that mine isn't going deaf.


David Griffith
Dave Cohoe | 31 Mar 22:15 2014

LFNW poster

My calendar just reminded me to put posters up. However, I don't see any on I am missing something? If not, do we know when they'll be available for download?


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Jeff Sandys | 31 Mar 21:10 2014

Where is Friday Game Night?

Where will the Friday Game Night be held?
Jeff Sandys

Fest-list mailing list
Iain (FreeGeek) Davidson | 31 Mar 19:13 2014

Word Verification issues ?

On the website,
   I tried to submit a comment...

 " "

And the word verification didn't work, and after 5 attempts blocked me.

I also found similar issue with submitting a new presentation proposal, but after 3 attempts (typing in the correct answer) it successfully worked.

I even tried the 'Audio' alternative, and it jumped off the submit page location, and didn't play the audio.

Not sure if it's a Chrome / OpenSuSE specific issue or not....


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Blibbet | 31 Mar 02:07 2014

EFI talk(s) at LFNW


Earlier I proposed a talk on EFI.
...Then I noticed that Adam had already proposed a talk on EFI.

So, I'm trying to withdraw my talk from the Proposed List.

But, I can't find any way to delete it from my account. Can anyone help?


If you're on this list, I can help you with your EFI talk, if you need 
any. Email me, I don't do Twitter.


PS: I'll give my talk/lab at a UW Capture-the-Flag event later this 
quarter, which is open to the public to attend, in case anyone is 
Bri Hatch | 28 Mar 21:53 2014

Password reset not functioning

If you need to reset your LFNW website password, it sends you a one-time-use link to log you in. When you go to the password change form, however, you need to put in the password you don't know to be able to change it to something you do know.

Bri Hatch, Systems and Security Engineer.

I have a deep and profound love for this new licensing set
  up. I get all misty even writing about it.

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Michael Titus | 22 Mar 21:08 2014

Our first-ever print ad for LFNW
Bill Wright | 21 Mar 05:18 2014

LFNW Presentation submission ends Fri Mar 21st 7pm PST

Heads up!

Last call for LinuxFest Northwest 2014 Presentation Submissions.
Ends Fri, tomorrow, Mar 21st, 7pm PST

Go to: