Jakob Perry | 19 Nov 01:20 2014

Linuxfest 2015 Call for Papers

The LinuxFest Northwest 2015 call for papers is open!

Visit the 2015 linuxfestnorthwest.org site to submit your session proposal. If you've attended in the past, your existing user details should work.

Bellingham Technical College
3028 Lindbergh Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225

(2 Miles south of Bellingham International Airport, BLI) 

April 25th and 26th 2015 - 9:00am-5pm. Afterparty on Saturday, (Board/Card) Game night on Friday.

LFNW is known for its broad range of presentations. They are informal and content rich. If you are interested in something, chances are good that others will be too. Please consider sharing your knowledge and experience; there is no better venue. Review the 'present' link on the linuxfest northwest website, and submit your proposal there.

Due Date: Friday, January 30th 7pm PST.
Initial Presentations will be posted: Feb 14th.

Open Source Project Collaboration Space:
If your project is interested in hosting a sprint or other mini-conference at Linuxfest Northwest, please let us know. There -very- limited dedicated space of 2 classrooms, and 2 conference rooms. 

Previous examples for these spaces have been Drupal code sprints, Postgres Talks, KDE days, LibreOffice dev sprints, and a Fedora user track. You can reserve a room for sessions and code sprints. These rooms are not meant to be advertising mediums for projects.

The due date for a collaboration space is March 1st or whenever we run out.

Interested in sponsoring? 
We will be sending out a separate call for sponsors email around Jan 1st, but in general you can visit http://www.linuxfestnorthwest.org/sponsorship for more details.

Registration will be opening in January.

***Connect with us***
The LFNW twitter feed is <at> lfnw. Use the #lfnw hash tag if you're gabbing about LFNW.

We're looking forward to celebrating 16 years of celebrating Linux and Open Source! Tell your friends and spread the word!

See you there!
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Bill Wright | 27 Oct 16:50 2014


Just a little pre fest test :')
Robinson Tryon | 8 Oct 03:24 2014

Join LibreOffice at our first Seattle LibreFest -- the Sunday after SeaGL!

Hi all,

The Sunday after SeaGL (Oct 26th) we'll be holding a LibreOffice
'LibreFest' Bug Triaging Bee and Hackfest at the University of
Washington in Seattle, and we want YOU to join us!

We'll be teaching people how to test, confirm, and find new bugs in
LibreOffice, and how to build LibreOffice from source code and make
their first commit. Whether you're completely new to to open source or
are an experienced developer, we'll be happy to help you find a task
appropriate to your skill level :-)

To thank you for your hard work, we'll have plenty of Free Food & a
T-shirt for each participant.

Just email me with
- Your T-shirt size
- If you're interested in the Bug Bee, the Hackfest, or both!

For more event details, see the event website:


P.S. Carpooling to Seattle is encouraged. Let me know if I can help
facilitate :-)

For even more information:


If you're all about social media, read on:

Google plus event page for the LibreFest:

Connect with the LibreOffice US community on social media:


Robinson Tryon
QA Engineer - The Document Foundation
LibreOffice Community Outreach Herald
qubit <at> libreoffice.org
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Fest-list <at> lists.blug.org
Lee Fisher | 5 Sep 19:00 2014

Fwd: Seattle FOSS and open data calendar

Please tell other related local groups.

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2014 05:36:25 -0700
From: Pine W <wiki.pine@...>
To: "community@..." <community@...>,
Wikimedia Cascadia mailing list
<wikimedia-cascadia@...> Subject: [Wikimedia Cascadia]
Seattle FOSS and open data calendar

Hi all,

For those who like to circulate in the FOSS and Open Data communities,
here's a public calendar of FOSS and related events in the Seattle
vicinity: www.seafoss.org/calendar

Valorie Zimmerman | 20 Aug 01:18 2014

I think you should join 101 Pines/Horseshoe Lake's private website

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Your neighbor, Valorie Zimmerman, is requesting that you join 101 Pines/Horseshoe Lake's private neighborhood website.
Valorie wrote:
Our neighborhood is using a private online network called Nextdoor 101 Pines/Horseshoe Lake. On our Nextdoor site, neighbors share community events, recommendations, items for sale/free, crime/safety concerns, ideas about how to make our neighborhood better, and more. I think you'd also benefit from joining Nextdoor. Please join us to build better neighborhoods!
Neighbors across Kent are using Nextdoor to:
  • Track down a trustworthy babysitter
  • Get the word out about a break-in
  • Organize a neighborhood garage sale
  • Ask for help finding a lost pet
  • Plan for an emergency
It's free and only takes a minute.
About 101 Pines/Horseshoe Lake
This message was sent by Nextdoor, 760 Market Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94102, and promotes a membership in a free social network for fest-list-Hb7ITwsGSD64SyVuDWiTng@public.gmane.org's neighborhood.
To stop receiving email reminders about this invitation, please follow the unsubscribe link below:
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Bill Wright | 3 Jul 00:19 2014

SeaGL call for participation

In the spirit of community cooperation, I'm posting
this announcement for Seattle GNU/Linux Conference


--------------start announce-------------

The Seattle GNU/Linux Conference's CFP is open,

The event's on October 24/25. There's room for plenty of different
free and open source topics at SeaGL.
Basically, if you’re excited about it – then we’re excited about it!

Feel free to send any questions or ask for help with your
proposal via participate <at> seagl.org

--------------end announce---------------

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Fest-list <at> lists.blug.org
jawa jawa | 26 Jun 00:26 2014

problem posting to this list

I'm passing this mssg. on for valorie.  There's some technical problem, & she still receives email for this list, but can't post to it.  Hopefully someone can make it so she can post to the list again.
"I was delighted to see the update of the website! Not just the date
for next year, but the speaker slideshow. Really excellent.

However, the IRC channel still has the 'just past' date. Can some
chanop fix that?

People are already talking about next year's meet, which is really cool!

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Dave G. | 2 May 04:17 2014

Which make/model of FRS?

What were the make and model of the FRS radios that were used at the Fest?


David Griffith
Alan Robertson | 1 May 20:49 2014

Videos from lightning talks

Are they up somewhere already?  Will there be an announcement?



    Alan Robertson <alanr@...> -  <at> OSSAlanR

"Openness is the foundation and preservative of friendship...  Let me claim from you at all times your
undisguised opinions." - William Wilberforce
Alex Jordan | 26 Apr 03:08 2014

Ride from La Quinta

Hi all,
I'm staying at La Quinta hotel, and I don't have a ride to campus tomorrow (aside from a taxi). Is anyone in the area and willing to share a seat?
Alex Jordan

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Robinson Tryon | 25 Apr 00:54 2014

LibreOffice is looking for a few helpers in the Tutorium

Hi all,

I'm organizing a booth for TDF/LibreOffice in the Tutorium and would
love to have a few more helpers on hand.

I'll be bringing some brochures and LibreOffice stickers, plus some
neat information about "The Document Liberation Project" -- a new
project we just launched at The Document Foundation to help provide
Free Software libraries that can read all kinds of old and proprietary
document formats. [1]

If you have mad LibreOffice skills, or are just interested in
introducing people to the awesomeness that is LibreOffice, please let
me know!



Robinson Tryon
LibreOffice Community Outreach Herald
Senior QA Bug Wrangler
The Document Foundation

[1] Website: http://www.documentliberation.org
Wiki: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/DLP