Ben Sturmfels | 25 Feb 03:24 2015

Sharing accommodation for LibrePlanet

Hi Folks,

The accommodation I've booked for LibrePlanet 2015 has a second room
with a twin-sleeper sofa. Please get in touch with me if you're
interested in sharing - approx. $70 per night.



Ben Sturmfels

+613 9024 2467

Joel Kahn | 18 Feb 20:53 2015

Animated GIF ==> MOV

What would be the best Libre procedure to convert
an animated GIF to an MOV file?


Aaron Wolf | 13 Feb 07:22 2015

Missing dining suggestion from LibrePlanet website: Life Alive

Life Alive ( ) is honestly the best food I have
ever had anywhere ever (and great price and fast too!). Basically, my
favorite restaurant in the world (just from having been there during
LibrePlanet 2014). It's also a gorgeous space. It absolutely has got to
be added to

I'm so excited to go back there again soon! (and also excited to see
everyone at the conference, of course)


Aaron Wolf

Thiago Zoroastro | 8 Feb 23:02 2015

ONU -> GNU and GNU -> ONU


Do you know that United Nations (*UN*) in portuguese language is *ONU* ?
I think we should to hack the meaning and someone to do a video showing
how much GNU and ONU has in common.
We need to empower people in give voice, establish interactions and
build free knowledge to develop a free society.
Free world give us freedom to intervene in the historical and democratic
Real Democracy and Participatory System are needed to guarantee peace,
so that lack of Free Speech give to newsletters do a lot of bad
speeches, controlling media to mess the countries.
Free media could give us a more shared and opened communications to
everybody on the world and don't lack free speech because with Free
Speech, you can to stop any abuse of foreigns on your country.
If you don't need the Free Media to become a way to stop the speech
control, thus you probably don't like free speech.
Freedom of speech IS NOT about to abuse speech control, this is about to
descentralize the power of feeding the minds.
Would be goood IF Freedom of Speech was like a lot of free knowledge to
build a sustainable environmental for a long time, but the controll of
media does it very very harder.

Thus, How GNU could to put the Real Free Speech in ONU/UN?

Ali Abdul Ghani | 6 Feb 16:22 2015

good educational sites that respects freedom

In fact, there is not a good educational sites that respects freedom
the Good sites are not free enough
Such as Coursera site
this site It provides  lessons from universities and tests

but it not free enough
We need to build a similar site
Respects freedom
We could make money for lessons to benefit from them in the development of gnu
Greetings and respect
ali abdul ghani

Benjamin Grimm-Lebsanft | 5 Feb 17:12 2015

Bad SSL of the program and registration page

Hi there,

I don't know if someone already mentioned this, but the SSL used on the
program and registration page seems very unsafe. The SSLeuth addon for
firefox rates it 4.7 out of 10. Points are:

Bulk-cipher: RC4-128 bits (Considered unsafe)
HMAC: SHA-1 (Reportedly weak)
No perfect forward privacy

Also there's no extended validation but I guess we don't have to waste
money on SSL certs. Still, I'd like the admins to consider tweaking the
server with this:

Thanks and best regards

Ali Abdul Ghani | 5 Feb 03:38 2015


my name is ali
i'm from Iraq.
I am blind
But I Programmer
this is Some from my projects
I Succeeded to convince a few Is the use of free software

but Many refuse
I still trying
I was able to convert 40 people

   now are using trisquel gnu/linux
But  was with regret that the computers they use so bad
I can't convince them to use computers contain Libreboot
They do not have money to buy a new device
I'm Succeeded to transfer some of their computers to use Libreboot

I hope you accept me friend in the community of freedom

Greeting and respect
ali abdul ghani

arthur_torrey | 4 Feb 19:09 2015

Anything like flow charting software in the free world??

I am finding a lack in the universe of free / open software - I can't find any programs that do flow charting...

On the evil MS platform there is Visio, but I can't find anything that looks like it would do something
similar in the GNU/Linux world....  Any pointers?

Would this be a project that the FSF could take on as something that doesn't have an existing free option?


Arthur Torrey - <arthur_torrey@...>

rysiek | 3 Feb 18:11 2015


Hi all,

thought I'd share some thoughts that've been bugging me for a while. I watched 
Brad Kuhn's talk on Copyleft:

I have similar sentiments -- copyleft is not appreciated, has bad press (for 
want of better description of the situation), etc.; and at the same time is 
absolutely crucial:

But in his talk Brad said that Free Software used to have two killer projects: 
GCC and Linux kernel, and now GCC is being slowly eclipsed by LLVM. And we 
need new killer projects. And that he doesn't know what that could be.

I was pondering something for a while now and that question gave me a much-
eneded prod. So I submit to you an idea that the next killer project of the 
Free Software community will not be software per se, but compatibility, 
interoperability, standarization.

Things that due to corporate capture of standards bodies are starting to 
wither on the vine lately. Consider for instance:

I feel there is not enough pressure put on interoperability, and that could 
*really* be a killer-feature of Free Software. Free Software doesn't *need* 
vendor locking users in via file formats and proprietary protocols -- 
actually, needs and wants working in the exact opposite direction.

I think that's a fight we can actually win, and win it by simply *writing 
(Continue reading)

Steven Hamilton | 3 Feb 12:13 2015


Hi folks,
I haven't seen anything on this list for months. Is it still alive? Is
FSF discussion happening elsewhere and I'm missing it? What happened to
the GNU Developer Network initiative?

Come back y'all! :)


Steven Hamilton
I don't look like two zombies

Trad Kildani | 30 Dec 08:55 2014

Free software programming

Hello there!
I'm someone interested in programming in general and free software in particular. I want to become a free software developer but don't know where  to start.
I have a Bachelor's degree in mathematics and have programmed in C for a some time in the past (I've written several small programs), and have some knowledge of Python, but I can by no means considered a professional programmer.

I do have a reasonable amount of maturity and knowledge of how computer programs 'work',and the rudiments of programming: basic data structures, flow statements ... etc, and I have the interest and readiness to learn something new.

So in short, I want some guidance as to how and where to start assuming for the beginning that I'm a complete novice.

many thanks.