Mary-Anne Wolf | 24 Apr 01:05 2014

Net Neutrality FCC Violation One More Time

Uh oh!

arthur_torrey | 23 Apr 06:44 2014

Re: How respond to a tech support technician that insists on needlessly installing proprietary software? (libreplanet-discuss Digest, Vol 52, Issue 1)

Seems odd that a tech support person for a FLOSS program would want to install proprietary stuff, but that's
off the subject...

My answer would be to respond to the tech that can't discuss the use of other software with a request / demand
to be connected to someone that CAN discuss it...  

Presumably the person with the script is a first level peon who is only ALLOWED to do certain things
following a specified protocol - and not following it could get them in trouble.  While frustrating, it
doesn't help anyone to get mad at the peon that is following their job instructions.  

So as soon as it becomes obvious that you are asking for resolutions / procedures that are outside their
"designated box", requesting escalation to someone that CAN authorize non-standard approaches seems
appropriate, and keep bumping it up the tree until you get to someone that can either let you use other
approaches, or explain exactly what it is that their software does that yours doesn't  (assuming
Mary-Anne is correct in that the proprietary software does something non-obvious that the tech support
folks need...)  

Make the complaint about needing to bump a secondary issue - if they get enough complaints, and requests to
allow use of a FLOSS option then it may trickle back down to the peons on the front line...


Arthur Torrey - <arthur_torrey@...>

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zerothis baud | 21 Apr 21:35 2014

How respond to a tech support technician that insists on needlessly installing proprietary software?

Very often technicians start down the path of having me install
software without saying what they're doing. I've gotten to where I can
recognise this and respond with directly to the issues they will
suppose makes it necessary for them to have their software and only
their software installed. If its a chat application for example, I
politely say I only use Free Software or Open Source Software (because
they often recognise OOS and not FS) and that I already have a Free
Software application that will do the job (I name their software and
chat protocol) and I explain that redundant software in not necessary
and undesired. Today however, a tech stopped me cold with "I am not
authorised to discuss the use of other technical support software!"
and gave this response repeatedly as I explained I didn't need to
install two redundant applications for software for chat and desktop
sharing for the software on her end to function. I finally replied
"but of course" to each step of her installation process without
complying with the instructions. Chat when fine as expected. I didn't
really think it through that she would not see her software on my
computer screen once she connected. She started with _amazing_ speed
opening a command line, viewing my ip information, pinging different
ip address (or she ran a script to do this, but I caught a few
backspaced typos, so I think she was actually that fast). But after a
few seconds disconnected from desktop and chat. On the phone she
stumbled  "I am not authorised to discu-ah-use of the others support
softwares technical support of ah our software."  Not sure how to
proceed, I remained silent. Until she moved on to other parts of here
script (the instructions in front of her that she follows). Well, the
call ended on an unrelated note when she finally got to the part that
I was beyond my 9 days of free support and continuing would cost me
more than buying a replacement. It got me to thinking bout a lot of
issues of 3rd party support. I wondered if the hardware manufacturer
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David Loyall | 24 Mar 17:33 2014

Promotional pamphlets from April ("French FSF")

Hello, LibrePlanet.  Hello, FSF Campaign Managers (Zak and Libby).

The French Free Software Association (April) has produced some really
wonderful pamphlets for the purpose of informing non-technical users
about software freedom.

I propose that we (U.S. American software activists) translate these
documents and distribute them in the usual places (campuses, cities,

The source for each document is available on April's wiki.  The text
and images are licensed CC and/or GFDL.

At least one of the pamphlets already exists in English, but I think
we can improve it for local use by using more idiomatic language. [1]

Would someone help me produce a list of technical goals?  Here is a
very rough draft:

* Get source into a repository (gitorious?  April, do you have this
source in an existing repo?)
* Find volunteer translators
* Build (render) pamphlets into a format suitable for printing
* Find print shop(s)
* Find money
* Get pamphlets printed
* Find volunteers to distribute them
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Thomas HARDING | 22 Mar 16:22 2014

"Printer Working Group": dangers?


I taken a look for a couple of days on development of IPPv2.x protocols, 
which are conducted by the Printer Working Group.

Then taken a look also on other PWG activities.

Further reading, it seems the PWG focuses now on consumer appliances, 
such as :

  * printing an "image from mobile phone" through "the cloud", gain a
    "PWG raster" from the "enterprise printer" returning back to the
    "Alice's desktop printer")
  * gain a "secure reproduction" from a multi-purpose printer or a scan
  * etc

While the word "enterprise" is typed on almost each "use case", I doubt 
on who will handle the "actual reproduction control" (that sentence is 
obviously never typed on documents).

If anyone wants to conduct more investigations, their url is :

Best Regards,

Marc Laporte | 19 Mar 07:54 2014 Community Day -- OCD14 : Monday, March 24, 2014 (the day after LibrePlanet) + Tools & tips to help pick great free software and libraries

Hi! is a Wikipedia-ish database of FLOSS projects & developers.

Like Wikipedia, it is crowd-sourced. It is one of the most important
FLOSS-related sites/projects out there, because it makes it very easy
to discover and evaluate software projects. By analyzing the publicly
available source code, we can get an indication of the vitality of a
project. By providing this visibility, is helping Free
Software users and developers find each other, and increases the
success rate, which leads to more collaboration opportunities. You can
evaluate developer contributions, and know who are the best people to
contact (ex.: you want to sponsor a feature request). You can also see
the license, programming languages, and many other things. More info
about  I encourage you to add
projects you like to your "stacks" and give "kudos" to contributors
you appreciate.

I am a happy, active volunteer on and I proposed that we
should have a community day, just after LibrePlanet, and here it is: (it's free
but please register to help us plan the day)

There is also this FSF event on Monday:

Somewhat related to the topic of evaluating & picking software, I
developed this list of criteria, which I am sure will be useful to
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Jason Self | 17 Mar 14:07 2014

Thursday Night

I'm arriving in Boston on Thursday and am looking to set up an
informal dinner (and possibly drinks) among the people in town so far.
Please let me know if you're interested. I'm looking at but am open to change so as to accommodate
everyone's needs.
Frederic Couchet | 14 Mar 16:20 2014

April members will be at LibrePlanet


April <> is the main French free software
advocacy association. Some April members will attend the LibrePlanet
event (at least 4 members). Lionel Allorge, presidenf of April, and I
will give a talk "Free software activism: a European perspective and

We will be arriving on Wednesday 19th evening and we will be leaving on
Tuesday 25th. We are looking forward to meeting free software hackers,
activists… at LibrePlanet :)


arthur_torrey | 7 Mar 23:23 2014

Re: Stuff to do before / after LP....

One of the "must-see" places IMHO for any techno-geek visiting the area is the Artisan's Asylum in
Somerville, MA.  It is one of the worlds largest hacker-spaces at 40,000 sq.ft. of shops and studio spaces
that have a tremendous range of people working on all sorts of projects from pure art to serious hardware
hacking...  (Interest disclosure - I'm one of the "Inmates")

People are welcome to come in for tours any time our front desk is open - Noon-10PM Mon-Thurs, 10AM-6PM

It is relatively easy to reach via the "T"


Arthur Torrey - <arthur_torrey@...>

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	LibrePlanet,	extra time before and after...
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Greetings everyone!

I am excited about coming to my first LibrePlanet conference. I only really
made the move to understanding and getting involved in software freedom a
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stf | 7 Mar 10:09 2014


I've just joined this mailing list, and would like to know how's the
discussion going on...
I'll be attending to the conference; are you planning an activitie,
talk, meeting or sth?

 Big Hugs,


Aaron Wolf | 6 Mar 19:35 2014

Looking forward to my first LibrePlanet, extra time before and after...

Greetings everyone!

I am excited about coming to my first LibrePlanet conference. I only really made the move to understanding and getting involved in software freedom a couple years ago. Since then, one thing led to another, and, as some of you know already, I am now co-founding an ambitious online fundraising platform dedicated to free/libre everything (software as well as other works). The site is in alpha stage but is live at

Obviously, I'll be interested in talking with anyone and everyone about issues related to this project, although I'm also interested in all sorts of other things.

My flight has me in the Boston area from Wednesday evening the 19th through Tuesday morning the 25th. So I have some extra time and would love to plan extra meetings or engagements or otherwise get advice about the very best ways to make the most of my trip.

See you soon!

Aaron Wolf