William Theaker | 23 Nov 01:42 2015

Free movie database?

Is anyone aware of a database like MusicBrainz, but for films? TMDB used to be CC BY-SA, but it looks like they don't allow derivative works anymore.

William Theaker
Tomas Nordin | 21 Nov 13:43 2015

Link to October interview with Edward Snowden

Hello Libre

I want to share a link to an interview with Edward Snowden. I did not
understand at first this was available online as I read it on paper. It
is carried out by Swedish journalist Lena Sundström for Swedish news
paper Dagens Nyheter, and an English version of the text is available
here: http://fokus.dn.se/edward-snowden-english/

Best regards
Niels Nesse | 19 Nov 02:19 2015

GNU ethical repository criteria: Should privacy issues really be extra credit?

I recently came upon the GNU ethical repository criteria:

I am very pleased to see the FSF take up this issue. There has been far
to much apathy on the part of developers regarding the ethics of hosts.
It bothers me however that many privacy and security issues that I would
consider basic requirements for recommendation are addressed only in the
extra credit section.

I am a supporter of free software in large part because of it's ability
to help offer me better privacy and security. It seems backwards to me
to accept services as "recommended" that have with poor or abusive
privacy practices. Without violating any criteria in the C-A range a
host could store user data indefinitely in unencrypted form, give it to
third parties without consent or disclosure, send passwords in plain
text over email, etc, etc.

I suggest that items A+0, A+1, and A+2 be incorporated into the B or A
grades. I think these items address similar concerns as items in lower
grades such as B1, C2, and C3. Another possibility is to simply not
address any privacy issues to avoid assessing their relative weight.


David Loyall | 13 Nov 21:54 2015

FPL 1.0?


I follow a couple "government open source" lists.

This thread came up:


IANAL and I can't advice these 18F people nor the "mil-oss" people.

Perhaps someone on this list can and is interested in doing so.

Here is some background information on this FPL 1.0:


I hope this helps or at least isn't too noisy. :)


Thomas HARDING | 13 Nov 13:23 2015

Who should gain control on your speech after your own die ?


To me, advocacy and activism misses a good licence (~ Free Speech).

I just pointed what misses to Creative Commons regarding activism and 
advocacy (I can be totally wrong on) :

sources, trusted.

No matter what extend you quote, translate, use as sample or basis... 
even half a sentence can be harmful (and especially half one over-cutted).

So, the most important condition to endorse derivatives by licence would 
be (need improvements) :

* to point a meta-file buid (eg, build on RDF) and its own signatures 
(at least 2  algorithms).

* Signature combination and RDF file preffered location would be encoded 
in an URN, together with other elements.

* RDF file would point current author electronic signature,  endorsed 
--- SOURCE transcriptions --- (such as a text file, audio file, video 
file...) and their own signatures (/for each/, dual), and "who, when, 
why, ...".

* ... ?

* Making an obligation to publish source "file pointer" together, and 
its signatures.

I just think of how the bible has endorsed twelve twisted reports, 
spreeds twisted translation of the whole (I especially like the 
Chouraki's one in French, where content is entirely different from 
"traditional" ones).

Giving words and let them be your property or an organisation property 
is to settle them, let reuse them but ensure what you said originally is 
the best way to avoid dogmatic thinks.

Even a plumber, there should be no way to control how your speech is 
spread, and nobody should have control except humanity as a whole.

But once again, what you can ensure as a source is what you said :-)


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Tomas Nordin | 11 Nov 23:00 2015

Edit the libreplanet wiki


I am trying to add a page on the libreplanet wiki,
(https://libreplanet.org/wiki/Main_Page), but no success. Even when
logged in with my fsf account I cannot figure out how to do it. There is
no edit button.

There is some editing guide by the way, but only in Spanish.

How do I go about editing the wiki. I have a swedish suggestion on mail
response on non-free mail attachments.


hellekin | 9 Nov 18:32 2015

Cost of Freedom

After an intense book sprint of 5 days in Provence, the book Cost of
Freedom was released today in PDF and EPUB, under the CC0 license, in
support of Syrian developer and free culture activist Bassel Khartabil,
imprisoned since March 15th, 2012 in Syria.

Last month the prison where he was was bombed and Bassel was transfered
somewhere else, but there's no register as to where he is located now.
That prompted his friends and family, of the http://freebassel.org/
campaign, to organize this book sprint.

You can now read the book at http://costoffreedom.cc/ and join the
mailing-list to discuss it: mailto:book-subscribe@...

A book sprint is a short and intense event where people gather to write
a book from scratch.  This method, inspired by the UnConference, was
created by Adam Hyde of FLOSSManuals.org fame.  Adam couldn't make it to
the book sprint, but he contributed remotely.  Normally a book sprint
only takes local contributions, which is already a big work.  This time
we decided to accept remote contributions, and received 44 of them from
across the globe.

I highly recommend this method for writing technical documentation.
Maybe it could inspire people to run "wiki sprints" and bring new
contents to the LibrePlanet wiki.  LP local teams could run "translation
sprints" and expand the availability of existing contents to their
respective language groups.  The process is a great motivator to write,
and to learn how to collaborate.  I would insist on the quality of food,
and a nice environment: our group had the chance to include many people
who like to cook and this helped make lunch and dinner a privileged
moment, where people could bind and relax.

The book itself, despite its imperfections, is surprisingly
well-structured and coherent as a whole.  The variety of contribution
styles and points of view make it a more interesting read than I would
have expected last week, before we even got started.  I hope you enjoy
it, and that it can bring new perspectives on important questions facing
free culture.


P.S.: the authors can be reached at people@...
Thomas HARDING | 4 Nov 22:03 2015

Re: Properly attributing free fonts?

On 04/11/2015 20:25, Pen-Yuan Hsing wrote:
> Wow the font situation sounds like a big mess!! Thanks for explaining
> a complicated situation as clearly as you can.
> What do you think about using fonts in free software and free culture
> works under the CC-BY-SA 4.0? Should I go for fonts under certain
> licenses like GPLv3? And once I use those fonts, is it required by
> some licenses to provide attribution in my works?
> What can be done to clean up the mess?

My answer was on "Open Font Licence" usage I done.

Typesetting is an art, where a minor change in font can
make your production a complete mess.

* ensuring derivatives identification is needed
* ensuring to identify glyphs shape change as a major version is needed.
* allow new "plans", merged and identified, is needed (often there is 
only ASCII set)
* minor corrections such as spins and kerning should be allowed as 
"minor version"
* regarding Free Software, copyright and license terms are far more 
important than credits, nevertheless, something consistent would make
credits display easier to handle (Font name, who ©when, licence acronym)

Most often, fonts are not bundled with software.

Obviously, when a build is done for proprietary systems, package will 
likely include fonts.

That's the main point we miss and is complained here.

Best Regards,


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                            "Antigone" --- 442 Av. JC.
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Pen-Yuan Hsing | 4 Nov 20:26 2015

Re: Properly attributing free fonts?

Wow the font situation sounds like a big mess!! Thanks for explaining
a complicated situation as clearly as you can.

What do you think about using fonts in free software and free culture
works under the CC-BY-SA 4.0? Should I go for fonts under certain
licenses like GPLv3? And once I use those fonts, is it required by
some licenses to provide attribution in my works?

What can be done to clean up the mess?

On 02/11/2015, Thomas HARDING <tom@...> wrote:
> On 02/11/2015 15:30, Pen-Yuan Hsing wrote:
>> Regarding that, I notice that in almost all cases, software (or any
>> other material like documents or posters) don't provide attribution for
>> the fonts they used. Is this normal? Or is this a matter of which
>> license the font uses? Is there a "proper" way to provide font
>> attribution, whether in a web page, document, or software?
> At least,
> I know for "Open Font Licence" a real nightmare to manage on a website,
> and I heard of that's worse regarding software. Because of credits and
> license are merged and there is a bunch of files.
> The only way has been to give a direct access to the font directory
> and a bunch of README files in, also plays a bit with robots.txt, where
> bandwith (home-hosting), then next upload "per Mb accounted" was really
> critical...
> Also, it has been difficult to figure how simple spins corrections has
> been derived versions or not, so leaving the 2 versions at option (size
> REALLY matter on hosting)...
> Moreover there is a versioning problem on some fantasy fonts (eg. an
> initial i "l with point" "as uppercase" turned next to I "typewriter
> style").
> I fully understand the need to rename derivatives (as for LaTeX packages),
> but fonts misses fair, good, consistent licences which allows
> unrepetitive credits and licence display (splitting credits/coyright and
> full licence text),
> AND also ensure only minor corrections with except for major releases
> WITH NAME CHANGE TOO (because what YOU type really matters as an
> artistic job. too).
> IMHO, one of the best gain with Free Software is, regarding any aspect,
> having something simple and consistent as licence management compared
> to proprietary software. If fonts fails to comply with that, turning
> font management a nightmare for developers and users, that's unproductive.
> As the mix they are between art and math/computing, that would be
> a great progress to solve that complex problem (marking derivatives,
> consistent versioning, "easy" credits "merging", and, splitted licence
> full text and notice as what this is done in GNU ones).
> At time, handling all that is turning your mind to a complete mess,
> with maybe for excerpt an exclusive use of "computer modern" <g>.
> --
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>                                              Sophocle,
>                             "Antigone" --- 442 Av. JC.
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Koz Ross | 4 Nov 06:16 2015

Want to publish an ebook under the GPL - what is a good site to publish on?

I want to publish a book, in digital form, which will be licensed GPLv3+. However, I don't know what site is
friendly to this kind of licensing, doesn't force DRM down my (and everyone else's) throat, and can take
care of the hassle of payments for me. Could someone make a good suggestion? The work in question is a
translation of a public domain sci-fi story.

Koz Ross <koz.ross@...>
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Zak Rogoff | 2 Nov 17:07 2015

Community/resource for free software UI/UX?

Hi everyone,

Does anybody know about a forum or an irc channel or wiki? I've been
looking around and hoping to find one. If not, I'd love to help get one
started. I have very little knowledge about it, but want to learn.



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