Zak Rogoff | 25 Aug 23:25 2015

Re: libreplanet-discuss Digest, Vol 66, Issue 12

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> Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Seeking a volunteer to help
	evaluate code hosting services
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> Hi Zak,
> I'm not sure about volunteering, but I'm happy to at least be involved
> somewhat, at least follow the conversation. Please make use of the work
> I've already done in this area:
> Cheers

Thank you, Aaron!


Zak Rogoff
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Free Software Foundation
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Seeking a volunteer to help evaluate code hosting services

Hello all,

Richard Stallman and the FSF are working on a set of criteria for code
hosting services, which people will be able to use to determine whether
the service respects its users enough to host GNU projects.

Before we launch it, we're looking for a volunteer to evaluate a few
major code hosting services using the criteria.

We'll publish the evaluations along with the criteria. After
publication, the volunteer will keep communicating with the FSF and
Richard and performing more evaluations, and we may take on other
volunteers to help.

If you're interested in volunteering, let me know in a reply, along with
a sentence or two about your relevant skills and knowledge. We need
someone with some knowledge of free software licenses, JavaScript and
other and Web technologies, but you don't have to be a master Web developer.

There will be work to do starting right away, as we want to publish the
criteria soon.



Zak Rogoff
Campaigns Manager
Free Software Foundation
GnuPG key fingerprint: 6EB2 B137 347E 6F7C DEDC AFF6 82DE 8D64 B509 0AC8

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aurelien | 18 Aug 11:40 2015

Bull Codes - Community coding is dead.

Hello libreplanet hackers!

Because of many reasons, from difficulty to bring improvement, fusion of
type of service to a type of technology, to lack of activity,
is dead.

Sorry for thus who have used Bull Codes, we hope you will find a free
repo hosting service able to respond to your wishes.



mark | 17 Aug 12:52 2015

Free Cell Phone/Tablet


    What would it take to get a free cell phone or tablet? Hopefully at a 
low price also.



David Englund/Hedlund | 16 Aug 23:58 2015

Chrome Web Store missing extension License

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[directory-discuss] Chrome Web Store missing extension License
Sun, 02 Aug 2015 09:33:16 +0200
David Englund/Hedlund <public-Vy/QdSLO3L/>

Chrome Web Store is the official Chrome web browser website for supported exentions. However, it can also be used to install extensions to the free variants of Chrome known as Chromium and Iridium (built on Chromium + improved privacy). Iridium (unstable) can be installed from: Iridiums extension directory is located in ~/.config/iridium/Default/Extensions/. However, Chrome Web Store do not show the license for the extensions which makes it hard to verify which extensions that are free or not. You have to install the extension and manually look into the source code of each files in the extension directory. I suggest that the FSF contact Google ( and ask them to add "License(s)" to the default text to the extensions in Chrome Web Store so we can build a verified free repository in the FSD.

mark | 16 Aug 19:00 2015

Re: Free Software on apple Store


   Thanks for the quick replies. I had no idea and never would have 



Andri Effendi | 14 Aug 02:44 2015

To Mark

Hi Mark,
How can I get in contact with you?
Kind Regards,
Andri Effendi

Andri Effendi | 11 Aug 23:27 2015

Free Software does earn programmers a living

Some one in the emailing list just said:

"(I know making money is not the main point of Free Software, but having such a list will help alleviate one of the most common concerns people have when first introduced to Free Software)"

That is entirely misleading.
Free Software is not referring to $$$ at all!

It refers to the 4 Freedoms of Free Software.
just go to to find out all the basics.

Many people including me are setting up or have already setup businesses which distribute Free Software whilst earning money in the process.

For instance, I create or modify a program that a customer specifically asked for, as long as I can get the customer to agree that my program will be licensed under a GNU GPL , 
I get paid, and the four freedoms are always protected.

Kind Regards,
Andri Effendi
(Currently trying to organise a Free Software movement in Sydney)
Free Software Australia, Sydney
arthur_torrey | 10 Aug 23:41 2015

Re: libreplanet-discuss Digest - Re: Astra Linux Violates GNU GPL

Philosophical issues aside, the most relevant question, and what I haven't seen anyone else asking, is
whether this has been reported to the appropriate rights holders and what actions are being taken to get
the Astra folks into compliance?????

I'm willing to bet that if Astra had improperly included software from one of those other O/S makers, there
wouldn't be as much debate as there would be lawyers making phone calls....

Debate about Free vs Open, or the merits of the GPL, etc. is IRRELEVANT - philosophy isn't the question, as
like the philosophy / license or not, the software in question IS under the GPL, so the only two questions
are 1. Are they violating it? 2. If they are, what is being done to get them into compliance?


Arthur Torrey - <arthur_torrey@...>

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On Sun, 2015-08-09 at 00:09 +0530, A. Mani wrote:
> > RusBITech also is the member of the Linux Foundation.
> open source misses the point :)


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A. Mani | 8 Aug 20:39 2015

Astra Linux Violates GNU GPL

> RusBITech also is the member of the Linux Foundation.

open source misses the point :)


A. Mani

Prof(Miss) A. Mani

Steen Engholm | 8 Aug 11:22 2015

Gratis software being released as proprietary

Are you open sourcing free software? The focus of open source is remarkable in many ways and may not be competable - this is where free software and open source software ideally is alike .. but, obviously not with the same focus.
Your post here is tangential to some speculations I have had on this - specifically that software solutions on their own terms may be praiseworthy, but that there are so many of them.
Since you also raise the issue of an FAQ I think it is ok for me to add in this perspective here.
Digital solutions are fast becomming an overwhelming factor, and the issues of not producing free software or producing free software do pertain to a societal issue entirely apart from technically focussed observations.

This should not be an obfuscated topic. My alluding to your efforts as "open sourcing free software" - and I mean no offense - is meant to point at the topical one-sidedness of discussing free software as an technical issue only - even including the free software community software projects.