Julien Kyou | 3 May 12:00 2016

Benchmarking Software

I am looking for a benchmarking tool like 3Dmark but not proprietary.

I didn't see any in the free software directory on fsf.org

Does anyone know one, or something similar.

Julien Kyou | 3 May 03:19 2016

Management Engine

I am aware that ME's are bad (Intel's and AMD's) but I cannot find the information needed to make an informed decision as to whether/how-much I care.

Until just recently I didn't even think to consider Freedom in Hardware. I purchased things as if they would then belong to me. As a result I have much propriety crap, but the centerpiece of my collection is an Intel LGA2011-v3 cpu.

I am stuck because this could make fantastic (powerful) server, but at what cost (to my freedom)

dan | 2 May 16:21 2016

Oops! Minifree ??


Sorry for my tedious English...
I have an Order since April, 18th to buy a libreboot X200. I have received the mail "Thank You for your Order" from MiniFree. Today the Order is "On Hold".
I sent a mail on april 27th to ask if i have forgotten to do something. No answer !?!
Thanks for your hints.
Adonay Felipe Nogueira | 2 May 15:39 2016

What do you think about calling free systems as "GNU" systems (even if there is no GNU or Linux-libre)?

Remember: This topic is about free system distributions (those which are
fully compliant with the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines).

Some free software activists from Brazil have been doing a
counter-campaign against society's tendency to call GNU+Linux just as
"Linux". Instead of calling the free distributions as "GNU+Linux",
they're calling them as "GNU [distribution/system]" only. Not everyone
has accepted this technique. I'm between the fences, as usual. But I
fear that the GNU-only proponentes do have a point when they say that
"the only way to approach society with more interest is to name the free
distributions only as GNU, because society seems to ignore everything
with the Linux name at a first sight". The only exception for this name
change is the non-GNU free system distributions like Replicant, which
continues to be named just as "Replicant".

However, this also opens doors for backfiring from open source
proponents (or even from our own mates, if we replace "operating system"
with "free system distribution" in the following two phrases), such as:
"Not every operating system has GNU packages available". However, we
could also reply with phrases like: "It must be noted that not every
operating system uses the Linux kernel".


Assinatura automática 
Não sabe qual programa de computador usar? Precisa de treinamento para
usar tal programa? Precisa de uma função extra no programa que você usa?
O fornecedor do programa de computador que você usa está lhe ignorando
ou demorando muito para colocar as funções que você pediu? Não consegue
encontrar aquele manual importante? 

Entre em contato comigo! Os programas de computador e os manuais que
recomendo garantem a toda a sociedade as seguintes liberdades: 

     1. A liberdade de uso, para qualquer fim. 
     2. A liberdade de estudo e adaptação, sem a obrigação de ter que
        enviar as adaptações ao criador original. 
     3. A liberdade de redistribuição (compartilhamento e venda) das
        cópias originais. 
     4. A liberdade de redistribuição das cópias das adaptações feitas. 

Eu não me responsabiliso caso eu não consiga abrir o arquivo que você me
enviar. O principal responsável é quase sempre o criador do programa que
você usa. 


      * Celular: +55 (47) 9914-0530 
      * Facebook: Não possuo. Pois obriga a sociedade a usar programas
        de computador não livres. 
              * Ao invés disso, escolha um dos vários servidores para
                usar a Diaspora: https://podupti.me/ 
              * Não se esqueça de me adicionar aos seus contatos:
      * WhatsApp: Não possuo. Pois obriga a sociedade a usar programas
        de computador não livres. 
              * Caso você tenha uma conta XMPP (exemplos: a maioria dos
                servidores da Diaspora, Google Talk, League of Legends),
                eis meu endereço, por ordem de prioridade: 
                     1. adfeno@... (usuário: adfeno;
                        domínio: openmailbox.org) 
                     2. adfeno@... (usuário: adfeno;
                        domínio: diasporabr.com.br) 
      * Outras formas de entrar em contato comigo:
      * Explore e compartilhe tudo o que estou compartilhando:

Andri Effendi | 30 Apr 11:34 2016

telling friends when you stop using facebook

Hi All,
I made a pledge that by New Years Eve / New Years Day Midnight 2015-2016
I would completely get rid of FaceBook.

I did. (well at least from my end, since its unknown if facebook will
ever actually get rid of my data)

I gave 6 months Notice to all my "friends".

It actually gave me a great Idea of who my Real Friends are.
Those who wanted to stay in contact with me actually contacted me.

Email and Signal are the main methods that we all communicate now other
than in person.

It's not difficult once you have gone without Face Book for a few months
because it really free's up your Time as well as boosting your Freedom
and Privacy.

I don't have to be bugged with corporate or political propaganda which
would some how make it into my feed, and I know longer have to worry
about my posts being censored.

You can live without FaceBook!
Go out with people, write them an Encrypted message with Signal.

I even have taught a few of my former FaceBook "friends" to use GPG and
now communicate with them using that.

Before you say GPG is too hard, it's not. I did have to spend about 1/2
an hour with a few people to get them using it, and they actually use it

Here are my tips.
1. Give your friends plenty of notice on FaceBook that you will be
leaving soon (NO more than 6 Months).

i) Make sure you repeat the message several times to make sure that your
message has been seen.

ii) if you are still unsure if people have seen your message, contact
them via instant message, letting them know you are leaving facebook

2. Ask to meet in person (good if you can) to exchange contact details

3. Get them to download SIGNAL and teach them how to use it.
If they won't take your privacy seriously, they are not really your
(It's not worth keeping in touch at all if, they won't bother to
communicate in a reasonably, easy, secure way like using SIGNAL)

4. It is not difficult to setup an email address if they don't already
have one. There are so many to choose from.
(If they don't already have one, ask them to avoid all the SIGINT
enabled ones like GMAIL, ICLOUD, OUTLOOK or YAHOO etc.)

5. Give a lesson in EMAIL SELF DEFENCE with GPG
Here is a guide: https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/en/

When MSN was popular people thought they wouldn't be able to live
without it, turns out everybody can.

It is the exact same with FaceBook, You can get rid of it.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

Andri Effendi <fusionman133@...>
Organiser of The Free Software Movement in Sydney

GPG fingerprint: 8438 138D ECDA 05E0 591F  F2B4 4721 0F03 AC24 DF73
Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed on emails sent or received unencrypted.
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Daniel Pocock | 30 Apr 08:37 2016

telling friends when you stop using facebook

I'm starting a separate thread for this because the other thread was
intended for the technical process of killing a facebook account

One issue that a few people have commented on is getting the contact
details of friends before closing the facebook account and telling your
friends you are no longer on facebook.

I'd like to be more specific about that and suggest that they only
passively gather the contact details of friends from facebook.  Look at
each friend's profile and copy those things that are public, like email
address, phone or birthday.  Don't click the "request phone number"
button: if the friend has never put their phone number in facebook,
clicking that button encourages them to do so.

What if there are some friends on facebook who you have no other contact
details for?  Well, this is a great problem because it forces you to
think and thinking helps you become independent.  If you chat to them
through facebook to ask for any more details then you are actually
asserting that you depend on facebook and you haven't really got enough
faith that you can survive without it.  If they are really your friend
and you can't find their contact details there is every chance that they
will try to find you somehow, this can be a good test to help identify
the stronger friendships.

In the same way, I feel that asserting you are leaving facebook is also
a bad thing as it gives facebook more status.  Leaving silently is much
better as it creates curiosity: some people will wonder where you went
and look for you in the real world (as a bonus, displacing online
contact with real-world contact improves the quality of those
relationships).  Some will actually ask you if you unfriended them or if
you left facebook and you can respond very concisely "why do I need
facebook?  If something important is happening somebody always tells me".

If they ask "why didn't you tell me you were leaving facebook?" you
could reply "why would I need to do that?".

So, don't even tell your spouse or closest friends when you close the
account, wait and see if they notice.

For those who feel this is too hard-line, maybe one final step is to
simply send each of the more remote/uncontactable facebook friends a
private message with a link to your blog or something else that is
already public about you just before closing the facebook account, with
a note saying "I don't feel social media is completely reliable, please
save this in case you can't contact me here".  That gives people
something tangible to start looking for you outside facebook without
really giving up more specific things like phone numbers and it also
avoids making direct statement that you are leaving.



Serge | 29 Apr 19:15 2016

Re: helping friends kill their facebook accounts

> We all have a Facebook account actually, some of us just haven't
> activated it yet:
> http://www.dailydot.com/news/facebook-shadow-profiles-privacy-faq/

Unless your friends who use Facebook don't actually upload photos of
you and don't talk about you much.

I do realize that rarely happens though.

On the subject line, I think doing what was previously recommended
would be best: personally let friends know, provide contacts and kill
it off. I heard that Facebook permanently deletes all archived data
after the account is kept disabled for a while, but I can't say if that
is true or not.

Actually, knowing Facebook's practices, it probably isn't, but I am
certain there is a legal way of pressuring them into it if need be.

Olle Knolle | 28 Apr 13:34 2016


I installed gnewsense as surrogat for debian because of its intention to 
keep it more free than debian can maintain and I´m happy, that there is 
the old init system still alive. Call me paranoid but systemd is 
developed by redhat which counts more than 50% of its turnover by the 
us-government which is killing so called "terrorists" without giving 
them a chance to defeat themselves in front of a court, often killing 
more people as necessary regarding to their shady list. I have no doubt, 
that many programs have backdoors and I´m not installing more programs 
than I definitively need (As far as my know-how allows to realize).
Sadly a browser is needed and the version of gnewsense`s iceweasel is a 
little bit old. The default browser cannot handle https so I must use 
Iceweasel, even if there are permanent callback routines in this program 
from google and symantec.
But what I want to know is, can gnewsense be safe without the usually 
nearly daily updates debian and other maintainers are releasing?
Where can 'I find more Information on this issue?

Thanks ,

Olle Knolle

Daniel Pocock | 28 Apr 09:30 2016

helping friends kill their facebook accounts

One of the issues that comes up when helping people get off proprietary
social media is the amount of data retained even if they close their

It is easy enough for somebody to take a backup of their Facebook
account and then click to delete it.

Is it better for people to go through their profile more vigorously
though, messing up all the data?  For example, changing their date of
birth to something random (if they actually used their real DoB to begin
with), deleting the groups used to classify friends, deleting photos,
deleting things like their relationship status, maybe even deleting all
their posts and comments one by one?

Should they do it all in one go, or stagger it over 2 - 3 months so that
it is not so obvious that they were putting in false data before account

Are there any existing articles or blogs that are recommended for people
going through this process?

Are there any tools that can help people?

Mike Gerwitz | 28 Apr 03:38 2016

Questions about Google+

Hello, everyone:

I have questions regarding Google+.  I cannot ever recommend its use,
but I also want to be able to speak intelligently about it, specifically
with regards to issues of freedom.

Are there any users of Google+ here, or those otherwise familiar with
it, that can tell me:

  1. Whether Google+ is usable without JavaScript enabled;
  2. What sorts of services (SaaSS or proprietary JavaScript programs)
     it recommends or encourages (e.g. Hangouts); and
  3. Any other issues you'd like to comment on that a free software
     advocate would find a problem with.

Finally: could you justify a free software project that promotes
software freedom prominently linking to and using a G+ profile for the

I know about the privacy/surveillance issues; that's not what I'm asking
about here.



Mike Gerwitz
Free Software Hacker | GNU Maintainer & Volunteer
FSF Member #5804 | GPG Key ID: 0x8EE30EAB
felix_posselt | 26 Apr 18:48 2016

New Group

Hi, Me, a student from Munich wants to start a new group in Munich, to help each other and share the ideals of free software in the local communities. Since i am new to free software myself, i dont only hope to hear something from interested activists from around munich, but also for some tipps on how to etablish such a group. I am still planing, so the only infrastructure concerning this topic by now is this mailing list and my private mail. Thanks, Felix