Michael Glavassevich | 9 Nov 05:30 2009

November Board Report

Hi all,

The November board meeting is coming up on the 18th and we're due to report. The Wiki page for the report is set up here: http://wiki.apache.org/xerces/November2009. As usual I'll cover Xerces-J and XML Commons. Could other committers please fill in the status for Xerces-C and Xerces-P.


Michael Glavassevich
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
E-mail: mrglavas <at> ca.ibm.com
E-mail: mrglavas <at> apache.org

Aaron Dalton | 28 Nov 18:52 2009

Unique, key, and keyref

I have a schema (http://abstractgamers.org/xml/iago-report.xsd) that
imposes a couple of unique and key/keyref constraints.  I'm using
XML::Xerces (obviously) and have tried using both validator.pl and
validator-dom.pl included in the distribution (using --full_schema).  I
am attempting to validate an instance document
(http://abstractgamers.org/xml/iago-report-test.xml) but it refuses to
flag the duplicate "iagoid" attribute in the <player> elements.  The
Xerces documentation suggests that these constraints are supported, but
I just don't know what else to try to make that happen.  I would greatly
appreciate any help you could offer.

Many thanks,