Windson Viana de Carvalho | 5 Feb 04:14 2004

XSL transform engine


I read the documents about o:xml and now i undestood more. So, for do what
i want, i have to build a XSL transform engine o:xml to mobile
languages? I searched at the site the engine to transform o:xml in
java/c++, but i didnĀ“t find. Do you have plans to make this?

I'm very interested in make this work.

Thanks for the help,

On Sat, 31 Jan 2004, Martin Klang wrote:

> Windson, welcome to the list!
> (see below for initial message)
> the ObjectBox is an o:XML compiler/interpreter, it doesn't do code
> transformations per se. The technology used so far for o:XML -> Java
> transformations is by XSLT, but this is still incomplete.
> There are as I see it two options available:
> 1) port an interpreter runtime to J2ME
> 2) complete a transformation method of o:XML to J2ME code
> I think 1) would require the least work with the current status of
> transformations, but 2) would be more interesting long term.
> Also I think there is a lot that could be done in describing mobile
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