Antoine Quint | 8 Jan 21:56 2003

Re: [xml-dev] Check out apxl


Note: cross-posting to the SVG-Developers who will probably be 
interested in this

> The XML vocabulary for Apple's new "Keynote" powerpoint competitor. 
> Apparently it includes a fairly complete vector-graphics facility.

Although I am by nature an Apple enthusiast (and already ordered 
Keynote) I must say I am a little puzzled by what I see from the XML 
grammar used by Keynote.

As you noticed, it includes quite a lot of vector graphics information, 
which I must note differs from SVG. What I wonder is why did they have 
to use a different grammar. From what I understood from Steve's 
keynote, Keynote leverages Quartz2D (OS X's fantastic drawing/imaging 
API). If you ever took a close look at Quartz2D you'll notice that 
feature-wise it is pretty much closely matches the graphics 
capabilities, main differences are compositing model (Quartz2D seems to 
only support SRC_OVER - don't quote me on that though, some experts 
from the SVG WG could offer more details) and maybe some filters. The 
bottom-line is that Apple could very much have built Quartz2D on top of 
SVG rather than PDF. It is also worth noticing that Apple took part in 
SVG 1.0.

I don't criticize Apple for not chosing SVG over PDF (although I wish 
they would use SVG), but I'm puzzled by why they are not using it in 
the Keynote XML grammar. Let's take a look at a few things that stroke 
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Jon Ferraiolo | 8 Jan 22:24 2003

Re: Re: [xml-dev] Check out apxl

Hi Antoine,
Very interesting comments.

While obviously I'm a proponent of SVG, when I looked at the Keynote XML 
grammar I saw lots of higher-level application-specific things (e.g., 
master pages, current UI state) that are not defined in SVG, which is a 
lower-level presentation grammar. I would think that expressing files in 
terms of Keynote XML promote lossless reimport into Keynote authoring and 
might provide leverage in terms of enhanced presentation due to lossless 
expression of information.

In terms of SVG, what would be good would be if we could achieve sufficient 
flexibility with the Rendering Arbitrary XML feature which is being 
considered for SVG 1.2 
( such that 
KeynoteXML could be rendered by any SVG 1.2-compliant viewer. Then maybe 
Apple would create KeynoteXML files which included the necessary Render 
Arbitrary XML extra stuff to allow viewing on SVG-enabled systems also. 
(Although maybe they think driving people towards lock-in to their platform 
is the key issue.)

Jon Ferraiolo
Adobe Systems, Inc.
SVG 1.0 Editor

At 09:56 PM 1/8/2003 +0100, Antoine Quint wrote:
>Note: cross-posting to the SVG-Developers who will probably be
>interested in this
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Arnaud Blandin | 20 Jan 21:22 2003

Castor released


The latest version of Castor ( has been released: Castor

Numerous bugs have been fixed to deliver a more reliable framework both
on the JDO side and the XML side. 

Castor Binding File is now available to control the classes generated by
the Castor Source Generator. Future work of the XML team includes
finishing the XML Schema mapping in the Source Generator and
implementing a JAXB compatibility layer.

The JDO team is currently in bug fixing mode, working toward some major
refactoring of pieces within Castor JDO.

For a full list of changes, please refer to the Change log page:,-2003.
The jar files and the full distribution are available on the Exolab FTP

Don't hesitate to send us feedback, 


The Castor Team
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