Boris Kolpackov | 29 Sep 20:19 2008

Xerces-C++ 3.0.0 released


I am pleased to announce the release of Xerces-C++ 3.0.0. This
version is interface-incompatible with Xerces-C++ 2.8.0 and
contains a large number of improvements, bug fixes, and clean-
ups, including:

  * Autotools-based build system for the UNIX/Linux/Mac OS X platforms
  * Project files for VC++ 9
  * Support for the ICU transcoder in VC++ 7.1, 8, and 9 project files
  * libcurl-based net accessor
  * Support for XInclude in DOM
  * Support for both XPath 1 and XPath 2 models in the DOM XPath interface
  * Support for the XML Schema subset of XPath 1 in DOM
  * Conformance to the final DOM Level 3 interface specification
  * Ability to provide custom DOM memory manager as well as tune the global 
    DOM heap parameters
  * All public and widely used interfaces as well as a large portion of the 
    implementation were converted to be 64-bit safe.
  * Various XML Schema fixes including the fix for the large maxOccurs and 
    minOccurs bug as well as for the changed ##other interpretation
  * Reviewed and cleaned up diagnostics messages
  * Optimizations for SAX/SAX2 and DOM parsing as well as XML Schema 

For the compete list of changes see:

For information on migrating from 2.8.0 to 3.0.0 see:
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