Sam Ruby | 7 Oct 18:19 2002

Announcing Axis 1.0!

I'm pleased to announce the Apache SOAP engine known as Axis just had 
it's first release.  Performance, interoperability, and JAX RPC 
compliance have been significant focuses of this effort.  You can 
download it at

- Sam Ruby
ilene | 31 Oct 22:09 2002

[ANNOUNCE] Xalan-Java 2.4.1 release is now available

Hi everyone,

The Xalan-J team is pleased to announce the availability
of Xalan Java 2.4.1.

The release can be downloaded from

Highlights include:

*  Performance fixes and enhancements to address some
   performance regressions between Xalan-Java 2.3.1 and
   Xalan-Java 2.4.0

*  A prototype implementation of the DOM Level 3 XPath

*  Many extension changes and enhancements, including:

     * additional EXSLT function support.

     * enabled EXSLT extensions in XSLTC.

     * integrated nodeset and redirect extensions in XSLTC.

 * Enabled support for invoking transformations using the
   Xalan compiler (XSLTC) via the org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process
   command line.

 * Eliminated size limitation on XPath expressions.

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