mcnamara | 3 Sep 20:07 2002

[ANNOUNCE] Xalan-Java 2.4.0 release is now available

Hello all,

The Xalan-J team is pleased to announce the availability
of Xalan Java 2.4.0.

The release can be downloaded from

Highlights include:

 * Xalan Java 2.4.0 works with Xerces-Java 2 and bundles
   the recently announced version of Xerces Java 2.1.

 * Xalan Java 2.4.0 has been tested against the JAXP 1.1
   and 1.2 TCK test suites and passes all tests not on
   the exclude list.

 * Support for EXSLT extensions.

 * Improvements to the extensions mechanism to more efficiently
   handle the detection and analysis of extensions during the
   stylesheet "composition" process, and the generation of the
   required extension handlers during initialization of the
   transformation process.

 * Xalan-Java now uses a list of supported encodings in a properties
   file (

 * Various performance improvements.

 * Separation of source and messages for better localization.
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Remy Maucherat | 6 Sep 13:41 2002

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Tomcat 4.1.10 Stable

The Apache Tomcat team is proud to announce that, after nearly one year 
of active development, the first stable release of the Tomcat 4.1.x 
branch has been released.

Over Tomcat 4.0, Tomcat 4.1 includes:
* JMX based administration features
* JSP and Struts based administration web application
* New Coyote HTTP/1.1 connector
* New Coyote JK2 AJP 1.3 connector
* Rewritten Jasper JSP page compiler
* Performance and memory efficiency improvements
* Enhanced manager application support for integration with development 
* Custom Ant tasks to interact with the manager application directly
   from build.xml scripts
* Many other miscanellous improvements

Release notes:

Downloads (source and binaries):

Important note: When upgrading from another Tomcat 4.x release, the 
Tomcat work directory must be cleared.

Richard Sitze | 13 Sep 23:29 2002

Pre-Release 0.1 of Discovery

The Commons team is proud to announce a pre-release of Commons Discovery 
0.1. Discovery should not be considered to have a stable API. Regardless, 
it has proven to be useful to a few projects, so the team felt it was 
important to establish an early baseline for use within other (some soon 
to be released) projects willing to work with the evolving APIs.


Additional Information:

Richard A. Sitze
Paul Hammant | 17 Sep 01:18 2002

Avalon-Phoenix 4.0 and Avalon-Logkit 1.1

The Avalon team is pleased to announce Avalon-Logkit 1.1
and Avalon-Phoenix 4.0.

Avalon-Logkit 1.1

  Logkit is a logging API for Java.  It can be used directly or as a
  hidden implementation behind the logging abstractions in either
  Jakarta's Avalon-Framework or Commons-Logging.

  This release adds more rotation strategies and output targets.

Avalon-Phoenix 4.0

  After nearly a year since its first alpha release, Phoenix is complete.
  You can view Phoenix as one of a number of things:

  * A Server for Servers
  * A Container for Unrestricted Components
  * A Micro-Kernel

  The idea is that other servers sit on top of Phoenix.  These could be 
  Mail (refer Jakarta JAMES), HTTP, etc.

  Phoenix has JMX capability via MX4J.  Phoenix is configurable via XML,
  allowing replacement of its components.

  Applications for Phoenix are distributed in server archives (SAR files)
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Donald Leslie | 22 Sep 16:57 2002

Xalan-C++ 1.4 now available

We have just posted the Xalan-C++ version 1.4 distribution files and
updated the Xalan-C++ project site to reflect the new release.

The new release includes bug fixes, a 64-bit build, use of a new Linux
platform and compiler, alpha support for a number of EXSLT functions, and
a new sample application that illustrates how to perform transformations
with input in the form of a pre-built XalanDOM or XalanSourceTree.

For more information about what is new in this release, see

Xalan-C++ 1.4 works with Xerces-C++ 2.1. For information about downloading
Xalan-C++ 1.3 and Xerces-C++ 2.1, see
neilg | 26 Sep 22:08 2002

[ANNOUNCEMENT]: Xerces-J 2.2.0 now available

Hi all,

The Xerces-J team is pleased to announce the availability of Xerces-J
2.2.0.  As documented below, two changes to the Xerces Native Interface
have been made in this release.  Performance improvements and a host of
bugfixes comprise the remainder of the changes contained in the release.

- The XMLComponent interface has been modified so that components used in a
parser configuration can specify preferred default values for settings.
Also updated
all classes that implement the XMLComponent interface. [Andy Clark]
- The XNI XMLDocumentHandler interface has been altered so that
NamespaceContext objects are passed on the startDocument call. This makes
the start/endPrefixMapping
calls redundant; they have been deprecated. [Elena Litani, Arnaud Le Hors]
- Many conformance bugs have been fixed and the parser's performance
enhanced in many situations. [Elena Litani, Sandy Gao, Neil Graham]

As always, binary and source versions of the release are available; they
can be downloaded from .

Neil Graham
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Phone:  905-413-3519, T/L 969-3519
E-mail:  neilg <at>
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