Karim.Alloula | 3 Apr 01:39 2007

RE: Reference Manager support under Terminal Services

Did anyone answer to Robin Sherwood?
I am also very interested in Reference Manager under Windows 2003 Terminal Services. 


Karim Alloula
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Objet : <RefMan> Reference Manager support under Terminal Services

Reference Manager support under Terminal Services

Has anyone successfully installed RM 11 under Windows 2003 Terminal Services?

I'd be very grateful to know how this can be accomplished and get some guidance on "gotchas"

Thanks to all in advance


Robin Sherwood

Peter.Hains | 3 Apr 02:04 2007

Date output format

Hi all,

I have set up my own style (RefMan 11.0.1, Windows XP SP2) so that I can
export my refs to my Palm. All good and it was working well (for years).
I've now noticed that for some references the year is exported as 2007
(for eg), whilst for others it's 14/05/2007. I know not all of the
references have the DD/MM/YYYY information, which is why I don't see it
for all the references. My problem is, that I don't want to see the
DD/MM info at all. When I look at my style, I DO NOT "enable date
formatting" turned on in the Style Editor.

It only seems to be styles that I've created that show this odd
behaviour and it only seems to have occurred recently (either that, or I
only just noticed it, which is entirely possible). I just made a new
style and sure enough, it did the same thing. Am I missing something, or
have I discovered a very odd bug??