Markus Hoenicka | 20 Sep 21:56 2007

Re: web interface?


are you still alive? It's been a long time but it seems like you
developed a PHP frontend for RefDB about two years ago. We've just
swapped our existing PHP frontend for a new one written from
scratch. Unfortunately it uses lots of exec() calls to call the
clients instead of talking directly to refdbd.

Do you still have your code handy? Would you mind sharing it so we
could extract the bits and pieces that implement the client/server

best regards,

Olivier M├ędoc writes:
 > Dear refdb users, 
 > After several months I try to use the summer to finalise our instalation
 > of refdb and the only thing missing is now a web user interface. I saw
 > two projects (one on sourceforge) which looks promising, but is there
 > still some activity ? (I must confess that I did not read all the
 > messages of the list in the past months...).
 > Now that I have some time (Holidays ), I'm Rewriting RefDBWeb with the Php.MVC framework. I'll be easier to
add features to the web interface and to add third party work. And maybe it'll be easier to understand the
code ? Php.MVC is a Strut like implementation of the MVC pattern.
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Markus Hoenicka | 21 Sep 00:47 2007

PHP interface reloaded

Hi all,

thanks to the efforts of Dan and Dominik there is a revamped PHP
interface in the svn repository. After importing their work, I've made
a few changes:

- I've replaced the exec() calls with calls to a new object-oriented
  RefDB client library. The latter is currently just a wrapper around
  the appropriate shell commands that call the C clients, but it can
  be replaced at a later time with a version using direct socket
  communication with refdbd without having to alter the calls (except
  for the constructor).

- I've also fixed the code that tests for a RIS file. The check now
  skips leading empty lines, as per the "spec" each RIS dataset starts
  with a newline - even at the start of a file.

I've managed to search, edit, and add datasets without a hitch. I
still see a few rough edges though, so I'd like to ask everyone to get
out their PHP skills and have a look at the code. To simplify testing
I'll try to finish a prerelease on the weekend, including a first shot
at the documentation of the PHP interface.



Markus Hoenicka
markus.hoenicka <at>
(Spam-protected email: replace the quadrupeds with "mhoenicka")
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Markus Hoenicka | 24 Sep 02:00 2007

ANN: refdb-0.9.9-pre5 available for download

Hi all,

there is a new prerelease available at:

The list of changes compared to pre4 is fairly short, but the changes
are no less important. In fact, they may be key reasons for an upgrade
to 0.9.9! There are three changes which I'd like to point out:

1) as announced previously, the PHP web interface has been ripped out
   and replaced by a new implementation from scratch (thanks again to
   Dan O'Donnell and Dominik Reusser). The new interface is better and
   looks better, and leaves room for future extensions.

2) namespace support has been added to both the results returned by
   getref and the bibliographies. This allows, for the first time, to
   use RefDB in conjunction with schema-based DocBook V5 and TEI P5
   documents. It also allows to use the getref output in any other
   namespaced document.

3) raw bibliographies are now supported. This allows you to use RefDB
   as a reference data source without applying the style
   information. The output should be processed with the default
   DocBook or TEI stylesheets.

I'd appreciate if anyone working with schema-based documents could
have a look at the output generated by this prerelease. There may be a
few rough edges left which I'd like to fix before doing a new
release. Also, I'd appreciate your comments on the new PHP
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