Michel Fortin | 21 Jul 17:08 2014

Talk about Markdown in The Talk Show

There's a short discussion about Markdown between Marco Arment and John Gruber in The Talk Show, episode
"88: 'Cat Pictures', With Marco Arment (Side 1)" starting at time 1:15:13. I don't have anything
particular to say about it, but it's probably the closest thing to an official response you can get on some
things that were discussed on this list so I felt it was worth a link:



Michel Fortin
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Jeff McNeill | 12 Jul 02:27 2014

Bland Markdown / IETF initiative

Not sure if this will help with the IETF discussion, but there is this:


Jeff McNeill 
+66 (0)80 673 1438
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bowerbird | 12 Jul 00:50 2014

a good sign

another long thread. isn't that cute?


it's far too little _and_ much too late.
all of the horses have now escaped,
so it will do no good to close the gate.


i will take it as a good sign when the name
is intentionally, actively, and loudly rejected.

when a new name and an energized mission,
educated with a sense of the possibilities and
a full determination to avoid the old problems,
rises from a new community of engaged users,
committed to the creation of an entire toolchain
-- without any further delay, because, honestly,
we needed this _yesterday_ -- i will be happy,
because then light-markup can get on with it,
so we can all move on to more important stuff.

the kludge was fine for a while, but it has now
lived long past its prime, and needs to be killed.

frankly, if you don't know that we can do better,
get out of the way. just plain get out of the way.


on the other hand, it amuses me to think that
-- down the line, let's say in 15 years time --
the old people who "want to use what i know"
are insisting on markdown the way those same
people today are refusing to give up ms-word.

of course, i am also amused that some of you
seem to be showing the tendency even today!    :+)

have a pleasant weekend!

Jeff McNeill | 10 Jul 03:20 2014

Markdown as genericized

Markdown has become genericized (and was never registered or defended as intellectual property). See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generic_trademark

The idea that Gruber has to (or even ever would) sign off on anything is counter to his behavior and stated opinion on the matter. His historical involvement and contemporary non-involvement should not become an impediment or even an issue for markdown-related development.

Jeff McNeill 

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Sean Leonard | 9 Jul 17:49 2014

text/markdown effort in IETF (invite)

Hi markdown-discuss Folks:

I am working on a Markdown effort in the Internet Engineering Task 
Force, to standardize on "text/markdown" as the Internet media type for 
all variations of Markdown content. You can read my draft here: 

The proposal is already getting traction. Is there anyone on this list 
that is interested in participating or helping this effort? In 
particular we need to better understand and document what versions of 
Markdown exist, so that either Markdown as a family of informal syntaxes 
will start to converge, or if not, that Markdown variations have an easy 
way to be distinguished from one another. (See the "flavor" parameter 
discussed in the draft.)

The draft is currently being discussed on apps-discuss <at> ietf.org.

Kind regards,

Sean Leonard
Author of Markdown IETF Draft
Xinran Wang | 11 May 04:44 2014

Markdown Graphics

Hi all,

My thesis project at NYU-ITP is called Markdown Graphics, which is a Markdown extension, in the form of a web-based editor, that enables users to create and edit both text and graphics in a single platform. In addition, Markdown Graphics supports diagram component tagging, allowing diagram and text to be styled by a single stylesheet. Also, diagrams created and stored in SVG will be web-publishing-friendly and light-weight.

(It's a prototype, and takes longer to describe it than to try it, so http://demo.markdown.graphics. Type "<svg>" in the window and a good thing will happen.)

Feedback is welcomed. Thanks!

Xinran Wang
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Michel Fortin | 5 May 04:52 2014

[ANN] PHP Markdown Lib 1.4.1

This is a bug fix release for PHP Markdown Lib. You can download it from here:

PHP Markdown Lib 1.4.1 (4 May 2014)

*	The HTML block parser will now treat `<figure>` as a block-level element
	(as it should) and no longer wrap it in `<p>` or parse it's content with 
	the as Markdown syntax (although with Extra you can use `markdown="1"`
	if you wish to use the Markdown syntax inside it).

*	The content of `<style>` elements will now be left alone, its content
	won't be interpreted as Markdown.

*	Corrected an bug where some inline links with spaces in them would not
	work even when surounded with angle brackets:
		[link](<s p a c e s>)

*	Fixed an issue where email addresses with quotes in them would not always
	have the quotes escaped in the link attribute, causing broken links (and
	invalid HTML).

*	Fixed the case were a link definition following a footnote definition would
	be swallowed by the footnote unless it was separated by a blank line.


Michel Fortin
michel.fortin <at> michelf.ca
Simon Luo | 8 Apr 10:20 2014

Hot to get catalog in python markdown

Hi All:

Our website use markdown to publish the blog, and Django framework we
used. Yes, it run very well, but i can find any method to get catalog
from my md file, so anyone can help me? Thanks.

Best Regards


ThStack Inc.
Simon Luo | CEO & Founder of ThStack Inc.
Mail: simonluo <at> thstack.com  | xcluo <at> thstack.com
Tom Maynard | 26 Mar 18:25 2014

Links in Code Blocks

Is it possible to have a live hyperlink *inside* a \`\`\`Code 
Block\`\`\`?  Something like:
This code block contains an embedded 
[hyperlink](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperlink). Is it possible to 
render it as an active link instead of source?
I realize that Markdown support already exists, but it doesn't work.  
And, I also realize that what I'm asking for is diametrically opposed to 
what a Code Block is meant to be (even one with syntax highlighting.  
It's a "WYSIWYG" functionality, and I'm trying to circumvent it (at 
least partially).

Is there a way?
Jak Wings | 11 Mar 21:40 2014

Strictdown -- My Markdown-like markup language for writing HTML documents

Hi, everybody:

I have finally finished the design of my markup language Strictdown and its converter written in JavaScript. :)

I hope you will like it! Any feedback is welcome.

Best regards,
Jak Wings
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Jak Wings | 5 Mar 16:18 2014

How often do you use inline images? <p> wrapper is really useful?

I’m designing my own Markdown-like language. :) I just don’t know how important it is to use inline
images. What do you think?

Best regards,
Jak Wings

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