Gerald Bauer | 10 May 14:44 2016

Write Your Talks / Presentations in Markdown - New Slide Show (S9) Online Service w/ S6 Blank and Deck.js Templates


   I've put together a litte online editor / service for the Slide
Show (S9) machinery that lets you convert plain text with markdown
formatting into slide shows using your template pack of choice (e.g.
S6 Blank, deck.js, etc.)

  The service runs on Heroku e.g. tryslideshow [1][2]. About the
formatting: Heading 1s get converted to "title" or "section" slides.
Heading 2s get converted to "regular" slides and use horizontal lines
(e.g. `---`)
for "hard" slide breaks. Example:

    title:     Habits
    author:    John Doe
    date:      March 22, 2016

    # In the morning

    ## Getting up

    - Turn off alarm
    - Get out of bed

    ## Breakfast

    - Eat eggs
    - Drink coffee

    # In the evening
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Paul J. Lucas | 5 May 06:16 2016

Added Markdown support to wrap(1)

Hello -

I’ve been hacking on wrap(1) and wrapc(1) that are text and source-code-comment reformatters,
respectively, for a long time.  I started them to scratch my particular itch, namely the ability to easily
rewrap text (and, in particular, comments in source code) while in an editor.  See:

The relevance for this mailing list is that I’ve recently completed adding Markdown support since
source-code-comment-formatting tools like Doxygen now support Markdown.  Unlike other Markdown
formatters that convert Markdown into some other format (typically HTML), wrap does source-to-source
reformatting, i.e., it rewraps Markdown text into nicer-looking Markdown text.

For example, if I had a Markdown comment like:

  // While blank lines don't change state directly, we do have to keep track of
  // when we've seen one because:
  //  + They help determine whether the line after the blank line is a
  //    continuation of the current state based on indentation.
  //  + They disambiguate "---" between a Setext 2nd-level header and a
  //    horizontal rule.

and then I edit the comment by inserting text into the second bullet:

  // While blank lines don't change state directly, we do have to keep track of
  // when we've seen one because:
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Gerald Bauer | 19 Apr 03:13 2016

Markdown Tools Directory - Open Source Plain Text to HTML n LaTeX Converter Tools n Libraries - Add More Tools!


   I've put together a new directory listing markdown tools [1] for
converting plain text to html n latex.

   The directory is powered by simple datafile in yaml in the public
domain e.g. tools.yml:

  - title:    pandoc
    author:   John MacFarlane et al
    formats:  [html,latex]
    github:   jgm/pandoc
    language: haskell

   So far markdown converters (sorted by github stars) include:

 - marked
 - pandoc
 - parsedown
 - php markdown
 - python markdown
 - kramdown
 - etc.

   Anything missing? Additions welcome [2]. Cheers.

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Gerald Bauer | 17 Apr 15:04 2016

Try kramdown Online Editor & HTTP JSON API Service - Convert Markdown to HTML & LaTeX


  I've put together a simple online editor [1] that lets you try the
kramdown library converting markdown to HTML or LaTeX. The online app
also includes a HTTP JSON API service (e.g. /markdown) for conversion.

    All is packed up in a kramdown-service gem [2] for easy (re)use
and as an extra bonus includes a binary, that is, kramup, that starts
up the online editor and service on your local machine (e.g. use $

    Supported conversion options/modes include:

    - HTML  - kramdown in GitHub-Flavored Markdown (GFM) Mode
    - HTML  - kramdown in GitHub-Flavored Markdown (GFM) Mode w/
Syntax Highlighter (rouge)
    - HTML  - kramdown in "Classic" Mode
    - LaTeX - kramdown in GitHub-Flavored Markdown (GFM) Mode

    All code public domain. Questions? Comments? Welcome. Cheers.

PS: What's kramdown?

kramdown is a fast markdown converter in Ruby (no C-extension required);
supports conversion to HTML or LaTeX; kramdown is the "standard"
markdown converter used by GitHub Pages, Jekyll and others.

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Gerald Bauer | 10 Apr 11:22 2016

Markdown, please! Tell your favorite (online) tool to support Markdown, please!


  I've started yet another initiative called Markdown, please! [1]

  The idea is collect the millions of calls for Markdown, please! in
such apps as Basecamp, Confluence, MicroSoft OneNote, Slack and many

  You're not alone! Search twitter and you'll find thousands of
messages. Cheers.

PS: The next initiative will be "Markdown Tables, please!". ;-)

Gerald Bauer | 3 Apr 09:36 2016

Slide Show (S9) v3.0 - Write Talks / Presentations in Text w / Markdown - Many Themes (S5, S6, deck.js, impress.js, etc.)


 Starting with Slide Show (S9) [1] v3.0 all slide show/presentation
templates are now Jekyll-compatible and use Liquid.

  Why? The idea is that your slide show template pack is "just" a
Jekyll site and, thus, you can use your Liquid template skills for
creating or changing slide show / presentation templates and if you
use GitHub you can use the free built-in GitHub pages service for live
previews, testing, and more.

  For some first example see:

  - S6 Blank templates [2] and the live demo [3]
  - deck.js templates [4] and the live demo [5]

Any favorite slide show/presentation package? Questions? Comments?
Welcome. Cheers.

PS: What's Slide Show (S9)? It's a ruby gem with a command line tool
(e.g. slideshow) that lets you write talks / presentations in plain
text with markdown formatting e.g.

# Web Services REST-Style: Universal Identifiers, Formats & Protocols


- What's REST?
- Universal Identifiers, Formats & Protocols
- The Holy REST Trinity - Noun, Verbs, Types
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Gerald Bauer | 1 Apr 00:44 2016

*bold* _italics_ ~strikethrough~ One Billion WhatsApp Writers Learn Text Formatting Markdown-Style


   Via  <at> manuscriptsnews [1] the news channel about all things markdown
and friends.


   1,000,000,000+ WhatsApp Writers Learn Text Formatting Markdown-Style. Wow!

    Learn it too ;-) [2]  Yes,you can.


Gerald Bauer | 30 Mar 01:44 2016

Why Markdown? Why Text? #1 - Single Source Publishing - One Text, Many Formats


   I've started a new initiative called "Why Markdown? Why Text?".

   The idea is to collect arguments why text is the past, present and
future of writing and publishing.

   Argument #1 - Single Source Publishing - One Text, Many Formats

   See the repo [1] in Markdown ;-) for more. Still early. Questions?
Comments? Welcome. Cheers.

Gerald Bauer | 23 Mar 13:53 2016

New Markdown Media Type (IETF RFC 7763) - text/markdown - Any comments?


   A Markdown News Byte via  <at> manuscriptsnews[1] - the Markdown News Channel :

   New markdown media type e.g. text/markdown RFC 7763 published on
IETF site  [2]

  Any comments? Cheers.

PS: You find some comments on the Hacker news posting [3]

Gerald Bauer | 15 Mar 20:34 2016

Markdown vs LaTeX / TeX Markup - Articles, Books, Text Formatting, Lists, Tables, etc.


   I've started yet another Markdown project, that is,

    Markdown vs LaTeX / TeX Markup [1]

   What's it about?

   The idea is to show the difference of text with markup and without
(markdown). So far examples include:

   - Artcles
   - Books
   - Text Formatting (Bold, Italic, etc.)
   - Lists (Bullet, Numbered, etc.)
   - Tables

   It's on GitHub. Additions welcome. If you know similar projects let
us know * Cheers.

* Will try to start more versions e.g. for Microsoft Word and
Wikipedia Wikitext.

Gerald Bauer | 14 Mar 16:34 2016

The Zen of Page Designs - One Page (in Markdown), Many Designs - Add Your Design / Theme


  I've started a new sister project to the Zen of Book design series
[1] called the Zen of Page Designs [2] that collects themes a.k.a.
designs for markdown pages.

 The first page designs in the series include:

 * markedapp-byword [3]
 * jasonm23-dark [4]

 Know any other sources for styles for Markdown. Let us know.


PS: Interested in Markdown news? Follow along the Manuscripts News [5]
channel on twitter.