Torsten Bronger | 2 Sep 16:04 2007

Move to Origo


The Gummi project was renamed to "Bobcat".  This name is still not
really absolutely finally, so the sources still call it "Gummi".
However, from my point of view, it could well remain "Bobcat".

I moved almost everything to Origo, a Sourceforge-like site run at
the ETH Zürich.  The only things left on Sourceforge are the
"webified" source code and this mailing list.

Bobcat's new home is <>.  In particular,
the SVN can be checked out from "".
Everyone interested in development should register on Origo and send
me his login name.

An easy but not-too-exciting task at the moment is to fill the third
column in src/en.gls (see
The three columns in this file are separated with tab stops.  Mostly
the third column is missing, and quite often this is correct.  The
third column contains the package needed for using the LaTeX
macro(s) on the same line.  It would be nice if somebody looks up
the origin packages of the macros (maybe in symbols-a4.pdf) and
completes the file.  Thanks!

At the other side of the workflow is the input method, which must be
completed.  This is a really thankful task because you can decide
which "pseudo macros" Bobcat will have.  See
and have a look at the specification for the file format.  Feel free
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Torsten Bronger | 3 Sep 06:53 2007

Re: Move to Origo


Torsten Bronger schreibt:

> [...]
> Bobcat's new home is <>.  In
> particular, the SVN can be checked out from
> "".

I should add: Everyone -- even without an Origo login -- can check
it out.  You need a login only for commits.



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