Vincent Fourmond | 12 Jan 22:05 2010

Patch for Ruby parsing

  Hello dear doxygen users (and developers) !

  I'm a fervent doxygen user, but until recently I found that it was
missing something for me: support for parsing Ruby files. So I spent
some time dwelling in the internals of Doxygen, I'm probably far from
actually understanding anything at all, but I've implemented something
that works.

  If there are Ruby users around, I'd be grateful if you could try it
out and flame me because it doesn't work for your code...

  Patches are available at

  Get the latest one (for now -1.patch.gz) and follow the instructions
(you need to be able build doxygen from source).

  My hope is that this patch will receive sufficient testing to be good
enough to make it into the official distribution.

  Side notes: I've tried to keep the compatibility with the main tool
used for documenting Ruby code, rdoc. This makes doxygen behave
more-or-less like rdoc does, but not like doxygen does on, say C++ code.
This can be disable by setting the RUBY_RDOC_COMPATIBILITY configuration
variable to false.

  Cheers, and happy testing !

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Martin Gerlach | 16 Jan 20:11 2010

Patch for generating correct call/caller graphs and function references if conditional compilation is used

Hello everyone!

I recently found out that when generating call / caller graphs even
function calls which would be removed by the preprocessor (due to
conditional compilation) get included in the call graph. In some cases
this may not be desired. Consider the following example:


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

#define FUNC1

void func1(int test)
        cout << "func1: Hallo" << endl;
void func2(int test)
        cout << "func2: Hallo" << endl;

int main() {

#ifdef FUNC1
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Neil Trimboy | 19 Jan 00:02 2010

Feature enhancement to image tag

Could the image tag options provide access to the html <IMG> parameters 
that define the size of the displayed image i.e HEIGHT and WIDTH

If the image being displayed is large then it falls off the edge of the 

I'd like to display smaller ones that fit on the screen by defining the 

If I could then click on these smaller images to get a full scale one 
then even better.


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Antonio Terceiro | 30 Jan 23:33 2010

Bug 398942 - Doesn't detect this.* references correctly


I've just attached a patch that fixes this bug, and found that the bug
is not a duplicate of the bug it is marked as duplicate of.

It would be nice if someone review it and eventually commit to the


Antonio Terceiro <terceiro <at>>

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