Tobias Hunger | 4 May 20:09 2009

DBus XML parser

Hi everybody!

Attached you will find a initial version of a DBus XML parser for doxygen.

D-Bus interfaces are part of the public interface of a program. So D-Bus 
interfaces need to get documented. Having doxygen support this is nice as its 
syntax is well known, developers probably know it already and there is a good 
chance of the buildsystem already supporting doxygen:-)

So far this code only allows for documentation of interfaces, methods and 
signals. It would make sense to add a (non-standard) extension to the D-Bus 
XML which allows to add documentation to types used.

I would be happy if somebody could take the time to review the patch and even 
more happy if somebody could apply it:-)

Best Regards,

Attachment (doxygen_dbusxml.diff.bz2): application/x-bzip, 7028 bytes
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