Richard Guenther | 4 Sep 13:15 2002

RE: [Doxygen-users] How to hide compounds

On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Glenn Maxey wrote:

> For those who want to hide things without preprocessing, read this with
> an open mind anyway even though preprocessing is what it advocates.

Well - I think for someone who is familiar with the parser structure of
doxygen it would be very easy to add a new special command to mark the
following entity as "hidden" and just do not insert it to any symbol table
doxygen maintains. Ok, I know nothing about the inners of doxygen, but
with any reasonable parser structure this should be very well possible.
May I suggest  <at> hidden?

Any takers?

   Thanks, Richard.

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> > Is there a way to make doxygen ignore a compound besides of using
> > preprocessor tricks (which pollute the code too much and make it less
> > readable, I think)?

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Miguel | 8 Sep 13:38 2002

[PATCH] New output format


This is a patch against current CVS to add a new output format I've 
called "Perl".  "Perl" is intended as an intermediate format that can 
be used to generate new and customized output formats without having 
to modify the Doxygen source.  I think it can coexist with the XML 
intermediate format that it is currently being worked on; "Perl" is 
simpler and easier to use but not as standard and powerful as XML.

The name "Perl" is because, you guessed it, the output consists of 
Perl code.  When you activate the new GENERATE_PERL config option, a 
Perl module called "" is created in the user's 
OUTPUT_DIRECTORY.  Then the user can run a custom Perl script using 
that Perl module to generate the desired output format.

The contents of the Perl module is a single statement, assigning to 
the variable $doxydocs a reference to a tree-like structure composed 
of anonymous hashes and arrays.  I think this method is at the same 
time flexible and easy to use.

Also attached is an example Perl script that generates a simple 
human-readable text format using

Please note that the Perl output format is at the moment fairly 
incomplete and probably buggy.  I'm sending it so I can get your 
comments and suggestions.  If the feedback is positive I will try to 
complete it before the next Doxygen release.

So, what do you think about it?

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Miguel | 10 Sep 00:31 2002

[PATCH] Perl output format

This is a patch against current CVS with the latest version of my new 
output format, "Perl".  See my previous message for details.

Now "Perl" should be complete enough to document a simple C file.  
I've also included a script you can use to generate LaTeX output from 
the intermediate format.  This LaTeX output is by the moment much 
more incomplete than the standard one, of course, but I think it is 
more customizable.  Read the file for instructions.

I'm still expecting your comments :-).

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Nasser.Ahmed | 13 Sep 14:07 2002

Custom Tags

How easy is it to add custom tags to Doxygen?

I have added the following ALIASE:
"panic=\par Panic:\n"

on the following XML Doc:

        A double-line breaked paragraph.

        A paragaph with <CODE>some code</CODE> in it.

         <at> code
        bool samplecode = true;
         <at> endcode 
         <at> deprecated 6.0 Deprecated text.
         <at> exception KLeaveCode   Leave text
         <at> panic USER-120 Panic text
         <at> param a Parameter text
         <at> post Post condition text.
         <at> pre Pre condition text.
         <at> verbatim
        verbatim text   tab     tab     tab
         <at> endverbatim
         <at> warning Warning text
         <at> internal Internal text 
        TInt AllTagsFunction(TInt a);

and get this:
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Prikryl,Petr | 16 Sep 10:35 2002

Info on the status of the language translators (September 16, 200 2)

Info on the status of the language translators (September 16, 2002)
(The previous report was from July 8.)

(Related to the Doxygen-1.2.17-20020915 in CVS; full
translator_report.txt included in the attached zip file.
Posted to doxygen-users -- still searching
for Finnish and Swedish language maintainers -- and to the 


Firstly, thanks to all active language maintainers. Now...


If you are the language maintainer, this is a good time to
update your translator now because Dimitri announced that
version 1.2.18 is going to be released soon. Please, think
about users who do not use sources from CVS, but only the
precompiled binaries. The 1.2.18 will be the next ones for 
a while.


Other news

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Ryunosuke Satoh | 16 Sep 15:44 2002

Re: [Doxygen-users] Info on the status of the language translators (September 16, 200 2)


This is new tr_jp.h.

I'm trying to add Doxygen to cygwin distribution.
just a moment...

Ryunosuke Satoh
sun594 <at>

Attachment (translator_jp.LZH): application/octet-stream, 11 KiB
Tom Eastman | 20 Sep 09:32 2002

Problem with Java Class-Hierarchy

Please can someone help me with this... it's causing me much stress!

I am running two different versions of Doxygen ( at work and
1.2.16 at home) on a moderate-sized Java project.  I'm getting very
frustrated with the class-hierarchy generation on the 1.2.16 version.

Let me demonstrate:

At work I get the following class hierarchy built from my sources:

* Iterator                                                                                       
     * BackpropNetwork::LayerIterator                                                            
* JDialog                                                                                        
     * ListDialog                                                                                
     * NetworkParametersDialog                                                                   
* JFrame                                                                                         
     * MainWindow                                                                                
* JInternalFrame                                                                                 
     * MessageFrame                                                                              
* JPanel                                                                                         
     * ParameterPanel                                                                            
* Observable                                                                                     
     * AbstractNeuralNetwork                                                                     
          * BackpropNetwork                                                                      
          * SymmetricHopfieldNetwork                                                             
               * SymmetricDeltaHopfieldNetwork                                                   
                    * AsymmetricDeltaHopfieldNetwork                                             
     * AbstractNeuron                                                                            
          * DummyNeuron                                                                          
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Outhier Xavier | 24 Sep 09:22 2002

Update of French l10n

> ==========
> ==========
> If you are the language maintainer, this is a good time to
> update your translator now because Dimitri announced that
> version 1.2.18 is going to be released soon. Please, think
> about users who do not use sources from CVS, but only the
> precompiled binaries. The 1.2.18 will be the next ones for 
> a while.

Sorry I was on vacation.

In any way better late than never. (Is it an Englsih expression?)


 Artificial Anthill Project

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Ryunosuke Satoh | 28 Sep 03:44 2002

BUG? \(SLASH) Problem


I'm in trouble with garbage characters.

Please look at this code.

int main(char a, ///< ssa
  int b ///< ssb\\\\\\\\\ <--- cause

 HTML Docs were generated from this code,
but the comment '\\\\\\\\\' was lost.
Why lost ?

If someone knows that a function delete it from comments,
Would you tell me the function name?
I must configure it.

Ryu  sun504 <at>

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Johannes.Klein | 30 Sep 14:09 2002

bug: wrong XML output


In version 1.2.18 the XML output is wrong for simplesect.  A ">" is 
inserted wrongly.


<simplesect kind=">return">
<simplesect kind=">warning">


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