Roy Schilderman | 9 Apr 22:22 2007

[documancer] reading man pages

Hi all,
I installed documancer on my WinXP machine since I need to read the man 
pages from pure-ftpd, running on my QNX host. QNX does not now the "man 
concept". It looks good, the dependencies window says:
Fulltext search:
PyLucene 0.9.3 using Lucene 1.4.3
HTML browser:
Mozilla (wxMozilla 0.5.3)
(wxPython >= 2.5.3 is recommended)

But when I try a new book, I cannot choose the man type, whereas I can 
view in the screenshots it should be able. My man pages are simply in 
some dirs called man1.. man8, with filenames like "pureftpd.8"
Anybody got a hint for me?


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Vaclav Slavik | 16 May 20:45 2006

[documancer] Documancer mailing lists subscribers only (somewhat) now


I switched Documancer mailing lists into subscriber-only mode in order 
to cut down the volume of spam getting through ('s spam filter 
leaves much to be desired). Contrary to the subject, this does _not_ 
mean that non-subscribers cannot post -- it only means that 
subscribers' posts are delivered straight away while non-members' 
mails are held for moderator's approval. I'll change it back if 
there's strong opposition to it, but I hope it's OK, as the worst it 
may cause is that some legitimate posts will be delayed by ~ one day.



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Sascha Heid | 11 Jul 18:20 2005

[documancer] error on startup

Hi all,

i get this error on startup:

sascha <at> sta ~ $ documancer 
warning: using minimalistic HTML renderer (wxHTML),
         please install wxMozilla!
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/documancer", line 89, in ?
  File "/usr/lib/documancer/gui/", line 109, in run
    app = DocumancerApp()
  File "/usr/lib/documancer/gui/", line 65, in __init__
    wxApp.__init__(self, redirect=doRedirect)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/wx-2.6-gtk2-ansi/wx/",
line 6151, in __init__
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/wx-2.6-gtk2-ansi/wx/",
line 5803, in _BootstrapApp
    return _core_.PyApp__BootstrapApp(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/usr/lib/documancer/gui/", line 79, in OnInit
  File "/usr/lib/documancer/", line 265, in loadBooks
    book = loadBook(file)
  File "/usr/lib/documancer/", line 246, in loadBook
    burl = string.replace(node.getAttribute('url'), "/" +
utils.mangleBookName(title), "")
NameError: global name 'string' is not defined

I have this software installed:
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Vaclav Slavik | 6 Feb 14:14 2005

[documancer] ANN: new Documancer release


I released new version of Documancer, upgrade is highly recommended. 
The most notable change is the switch to Lucene fulltext indexer, 
which gives Documancer ability to search texts in languages other 
than English.


- added "Update index" menu entry
- added contents panel
- books are now stored in XML files in ~/.documancer/books/ instead of
  in config file
- added Refresh and Stop buttons
- PyLucene is now used instead of SWISH-E for fulltext search and
  Unicode is fully supported
- search UI improvements
- Python 2.3+ is now required



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Vaclav Slavik | 30 Jan 20:51 2005

[documancer] file format change in CVS documancer


I did two changes in CVS that may break Documancer for people using 
CVS version:

1. on Windows, the directory where data are stored changed from 
$HOME/.documancer to $HOME/Application Data/Documancer

2. in book definition XML files, the <provider> attribute has   
    different values now:
       "HTML" -> "html"
       "Man pages" -> "man"
       "Info pages" -> "info"
       "Python docs" -> "pydoc"

This change will not affect people upgrading from 0.2.3 to the next 
release, there is conversion code to take care of the upgrade, but I 
did not write code that would upgrade from one CVS snapshot to 
another, as it's a matter of running a simple shell script.



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Arnd Baecker | 5 Nov 20:23 2004

[documancer] documancer without wxmozilla


I am using documancer very happily for more than a year now.
Yesterday I made an update to the CVS version.
Unfortunately, the new version uses xml.dom.ext
which is not available.
(I have a separate installation of python,
wxPython, mozilla and wxmozilla just for using documancer.
In total this boils down to 200 MB.
I seems that  _xmlplus is missing from my installation...)

Do you know of an easy way of getting wxmozilla
(the best fore me would be a debian package ;-)?

In general I think that the need to install wxmozilla
raises the barrier for using documancer.

Of course, one can use the wxHtml backend,
but this has several drawbacks
  a) highlighting of search results does not work
  b) automatic jump to the first hit does not work
     (+ an annoying warning box
       "HTML anchor search_result_0 does not exist")
  c) incremental searching within the document is not possible
  d) + many other niceties of wxmozilla are missing.

To me a)-b) are presumably the most important ones.
Could one implement some routines around wxHtml which
would serve these purposes
(until wxmozilla becomes more widespread)?
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Kevin Ollivier | 5 Oct 23:12 2004

[documancer] CVS - Invalid toolbar bitmap on Windows?

Hi all,

Were some new icons added to the Documancer package recently? I just 
checked out CVS HEAD and I am testing against on Windows, and 
whenever I try to start the program, I get an assert saying "invalid 
tool button bitmap" in src/msw/tbar95.cpp line 635. (Basically, 
bmp.Ok() is failing.) If I know what's been added recently, it will 
make it easier for me to track down which icon(s) are causing the 
problem. (Or what wxWidgets is doing wrong.)



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Kevin Ollivier | 10 Jun 00:35 2004

[documancer] Working on ".book" file support

Hi all,

I've finally had a chance to get back to my little project of 
integrating Documancer and EClass, and I have made some progress. I've 
extended so that it can save and load data to an XML-based 
config file. This allows me to successfully load an EClass into 
Documancer by passing the .book file into the command line. (As a side 
benefit, it could be used for import/export of configs, like when 
moving to a new computer.) At the moment, though, I'm seeing some 
issues with how Documancer handles URLs

I looked through the source to learn more about how Documancer handles 
URLs, but it was a bit like magic to me, so maybe I need a higher level 
explanation. ;-) Basically, it seems that Documancer wants to use a 
combination of a standard http URL with an absolute URL built in (i.e. 
http://localhost:port/book//C/Documents%20and%20Settings/...) However, 
whenever I click on one of these links, nothing happens (except I get a 
busy cursor), and I eventually get a message that there is no server on 
"localhost:<portnumber>". It loads the index page of my EClass, but 
doesn't load any images or linked pages (all are relatively linked). 
I'll keep digging around in the source, but any info on how and why 
Documancer parses URLs in the way it does would be greatly appreciated.

Any thoughts?



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benno.luthiger | 25 May 10:01 2004

[documancer] FASD project: Online survey launched

Dear Open Source developer

I am doing a research project on "Fun and Software Development" in which I kindly invite you to participate.
You will find the online survey under The questionnaire consists of 53
questions and you will need about 15 minutes to complete it.

With the FASD project (Fun and Software Development) we want to define the motivational significance of
fun when software developers decide to engage in Open Source projects. What is special about our research
project is that a similar survey is planned with software developers in commercial firms. This procedure
allows the immediate comparison between the involved individuals and the conditions of production of
these two development models. Thus we hope to obtain substantial new insights to the phenomenon of Open
Source Development.

With many thanks for your participation,
Benno Luthiger

The results of the survey will be published under
We have set up the mailing list fasd@... for this study. Please
see for registration to this mailing list.


Benno Luthiger
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
8092 Zurich

Mail: benno.luthiger(at)
Kevin Ollivier | 30 Mar 23:16 2004

[documancer] Using Documancer for HTML books on CD

Hi all,

First a little background: I've been working on an open source 
application that helps people to write tutorials, "learning modules" 
(i.e. computer-based training) and other forms of documentation easily. 
It is called EClass. (It originated as a computer-based training 
program, thus the "class".)

When users finish creating their EClass, they can distribute it on 
CD-ROM or publish it to web. (Or make a PDF too, actually.) For CD 
distribution, we currently support the ability to browse and search 
through EClasses through a small HTTPServer program that is put on the 
CD. Indexes are created at build-time using SWISH-E and we use a little 
Python CGI-BIN for the search page. But people don't like the fact that 
there's this little server window which seems to serve no purpose 
(except make sure they can stop running the server ;-), and people also 
would like to have highlighted search results. Enter Documancer. =) The 
underlying functions of Documancer match pretty closely with our HTTP 
server program, so it would mostly be a drop-in replacement.

However, on Windows, we really need to be able to have the CD autorun 
and load the EClass in Documancer. On my end, I can write some little 
app that checks to see if Documancer is installed or not, and install 
it if not, but I need a way to be able to automatically load a book 
into Documancer and to check the Documancer version. Furthermore, what 
would be nice is if Documancer could remember CD-based books in the 
book manager, and when such a book was selected, it would prompt 
something like "Please insert the CD-ROM for book X to load this book."

Here is what I suggest as a solution to these issues:
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a.u.r.e.l.i.a.n | 22 Mar 14:04 2004

[documancer] Documancer not running on Windows 98 SE


I recently tried to install Documancer 0.2.3 on a PC with Windows 98 SE.
Installation went O.K., but it wouldn't start up. After a bit of fiddling
around, I tracked it down to a 'bug' in the file "":

def getConfigDir():
    cdir = os.path.expanduser('~/.documancer/')
    if not os.path.isdir(cdir):
    return cdir

os.path.expanduser doesn't work properly under Windows 98. After I replaced
the second line by the following,
    cdir = os.path.expanduser('C:/.documancer/')
the program started as it should.

It seems that os.path.expanduser only works correct under Win95/NT (see
below). Maybe there is another trick to get the user home directory under 98SE.
If not, replacing '~' by 'C:' should do.

Python help said the following:
 >>> help(os.path)
Help on module ntpath:

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