Veitl Rüdiger | 3 Jan 06:40 2011

No Call for Bis yet for 2011 and 2012

All - we have a big issue –

WFDF has not been able to call for Bids for Events in 2011 and 2012.

WFDF is a year late with the call for 2012 World Ultimate Championship and World Guts Championship. (AOUC2011 is also on the to do list)

While I don’t want to go into detail of why this has not been done(as I described the challenge within WFDF Board in an earlier email), the story in short is that we have decided to create a very good, detailed Bid Manual. WFDF hired a person to create this manual. Both the hiring process as well as the creation took too long and now that the Manual is basically finished, the Board cannot agree to use the document as it could use some further improvements.


Our problem is however time. We have received a rather complete, very strong Bid 8 months ago with the bidders asking WFDF again and again to close the bidding process by the end of the year so that they can get the government funds to  create a great event at minimal cost.

WFDF Board has not been able to get the calls for Bids out and even now, a year past our initial deadline,  the Board members that decided against using the document don’t propose an alternative.


We basically already ran out of time – but for some Board members the process is more important than solving and immediate issue.


While our new Bid Manual may need some further improvement, it is still a great guideline and will help Bidders immensely.  


As we have asked for interested parties I would now like to urge all parties to try and get a Preliminary Bid to WFDF by January 15. If you are nowhere near finishing your bid, please let us know your timeline. On request I will gladly send you the preliminary Bid Manual (though it has not yet been approved and is only a guideline to help you move forward.)


This is NOT an official call as it is not sanctioned by WDFD Board – but it is necessary that we move forward with this topic.


Regards and a Happy New Year


Rü Veitl

WFDF Ultimate Chair


Lisa Kouwenberg | 3 Jan 12:20 2011

UUT 2011 registration is open

Hi Ultimate Students!


In April 2010, thirteen college teams from Sweden to France and the UK to Germany all came together to enjoy an amazing weekend of disc and party in Amsterdam!

The University Ultimate Tournament 2010 was a great success, and we’re proud to announce a new edition coming up in 2011 which is going to be even better!

UUT 2011
Amsterdam April 16 – 17

Approx cost: Playerfee € 35,- Teamfee € 200,- 

What can you expect, besides the best time ever?

- 16 Student teams from all over Europe!

- Superb grass pitches

- Accommodation right next to the fields
- A chill welcome party on Friday and a blowout party on Saturday!

- Two breakfasts, delish Saturday dinner

- New friends…

UUT 2011
More Ultimate!

More Fun!
Less volcanic ash!

You can register now by sending an email to:


Or stay tuned via our webpage extravaganza:

Don’t worry, we’re not on Twitter.


Cheers, the UUT crew

Paul Bernier | 8 Jan 14:40 2011

BIBIONE 2011 - PLANET EARTH - 29/30Apr+01May

Dear all friends,

Bibione 2011, Co-Ed and Junior Beach Ultimate tournament and Freestyle challenge,
will take place, as always, end of April: April 29 & 30 and May 1st, 2011.
(the week-end right after Paganello 2011).

we already have more than 20 co-ed registred but still have spots.

We have lot of spots for junior teams and conditions are NO TEAM FEE and only 20€ player fee, pizza included ;-)

More info available on but also on

Paul & the Gang
Bibione Junior and Co-Ed Ultimate challenge

Acrobatic Freestyle

Sigi Psutka | 10 Jan 14:32 2011

Juniors Indoor Tournament in Austria/Graz

g´day everybody!

After our pre-announcment in december i would like to officially launch the registration for our first Juniors (under 19) indoor tournament in Graz/Austria.

"The little caterpillar ALWAYS-HUCK and his fruity Friends" awaits your team.....

The title confuses you and/or you would like to register?? -> Check the homepage on why and how:

Information about the tournament!

Date: 19th-20th March 2011

Where: Graz / Austria

Format: Planned (soft-) Mixed (depending on registration and feedback)

Age limit: Under 19

Registration Deadline: 31.01.2011


Playersfee will be around 15-20€ per person. This includes:

  • Breakfast on saturday and sunday morning
  • Dinner on saturday evening
  • Sleeping in the gym (not playing gym but same building!)
  • up to 7 games a 20-25min, depending on registrations
  • fun fun fun till the end....
hope to see you in graz!
catchup graz

Klemen EUC2011 | 10 Jan 17:46 2011

EUC 2011: Announcement

Dear European Ultimate Community!


We are proud to announce that the EUROPEAN ULTIMATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011 (EUC 2011) will take place in a lovely city of Maribor in Slovenia from July 31st to August 6th 2011!


As this year’s bidding process was quite late, we ask for your patience. We are working hard on bringing you all the necessary information.


Preliminary web page is on and the full page should be online by January 20th. Check it out regularly, since it will contain important information. In the meantime LIKE us on Facebook


If you have any questions, please e-mail us at: – for general questions – for media, press and PR

sponsorship-vQ72wT+oQM+IwRZHo2/mJg@public.gmane.orgm – if you want to sponsor us

merchandise-vQ72wT+oQM+IwRZHo2/mJg@public.gmane.orgm – if you want to sell your merchandise or services at the event


Info on registration and how to volunteer is coming soon!


Be excited! Train hard!


On behalf of Tournament Organising Committee


Thomas Vestergaard | 11 Jan 11:32 2011

WCU – Open and women. The love is back in Copenhagen. May 20-22nd 2011

We are happy to announce that WCU – Wonderful Copenhagen Ultimate is back. And we are ready to give you some top-level ultimate. Come and play against some of the best club teams in Europe. Or use the tourney to give your national team that extra challenge it needs to kick ass in Slovenia.

The previous years we have had the pleasure of hosting open teams such as Clapham, Skogshyddan, Viksjöfors, Flying Angels, and in the women’s division various national teams and club teams such as Jinx, Iceni, CUSB … and lots of other great teams. 

Registration opens in the end of this month. Stay tuned at

If you have any questions, please send an email to 
vesters <at> 

The love is coming your way,

Thomas Vesters, Tournament Director

Patrick van der Valk | 11 Jan 15:36 2011

World Championships of Beach Ultimate open for registration

Beach Ultimate Lovers of Europe,


Today we launched the new website and that the online registration on FFindr is now open :-) Check it out:


Some important information you should be aware of:


1)      Registration and payment for teams closes on March 31st. There are discounts for teams that pay earlier, but because it is high season in August in Italy, we need to have teams registered by the end of March.

2)      You could really help us by spreading our presentation for potential sponsors to players and any company you think could be interested ( You can embed the presentation into any blog/website/facebook/twitter profile. The more people see it, the better the WCBU will be :-)


See you on the beach!





Patrick van der Valk

patrick-PIMSMJmLKkheKY8LfW+lfdi2O/| +351.918.412.363

President - Beach Ultimate Lovers Association

Board Member - World Flying Disc Federation

Chairman - WFDF Spirit of the Game Committee


Andrea Furlan | 11 Jan 21:34 2011

new EUCS Regional Structure for 2011 vote results!

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

Thank you very much for the wide attendance at the voting for the EUCS 2011!

These were the federations entitled to send a vote:

Nation Region
Belgium C
Denmark C
Germany C
Holland C
Luxemburg C
Austria E
Croathia E
Czeck Rep. E
Hungary E
Moldova E
Poland E
Slovenia E
Slowakia E
Ukraine E
Estonia N
Finland N
Latvia N
Lituania N
Norway N
Russia N
Sweden N
France S
Ireland S
Israel S
Italy S
Portugal S
Spain S
Switzerland S

Here are the results:
Votes 20
Attendance 68,97%

Question 1: do you accept the new EUCS structure as defined in the concept?
  Yes No Abstentions
Q1 18 1 1

The new EUCS structure with the regions, the enlarged EUCF and the new eligibility is officially approved!!

Question 3.2 of the concept: Women Eligibility Rule.
Do you want Option 3.2.1 or 3.2.2 of the concept? Your vote is binding for the CSC.
  3.2.1 3.2.2 Abstentions
Q2 5 13 2

The women eligibility rule will be like the one for Open, but 5 additions will be allowed prior EUCF.

Question 4.1 of the concept: Open EUCF Format
Which format do you think is the best for the EUCF in the Open division? (4.1.1/ 4.1.2/4.1.3)
  4.1.1 4.1.2 4.1.3 Abstentions
Q3 7 5 4 4

We will check with the EUCF tournament organizer, which schedule fits better, taking into consideration that federations rather prefer less games.

Question 4.2 of the concept: Women EUCF Format
Which format do you want for the EUCF in the women division? (4.2.1/4.2.2)
  4.2.1 4.2.2 Abstentions
Q4 15 1 4

The women division at the EUCF will be of 10 teams and played on 3 days.

for the CSC

- chair -
Diego Signoretti | 12 Jan 11:05 2011

Request: Talampaya 2010 Video

During the final of Talampaya 2010 i saw that there was someone filming the game. Does anyone knows how to contact this person to get the video?

Ciao Diego

Croccali #19


Find me on: Facebook

talampaya | 12 Jan 11:33 2011

Registration for Talampaya is open

Hey Europe,

Registration for Talampaya is now open... See you there !

Website :

Registration on FFindr:

Main Information:

  • When: 11-12-13 of June 2011
  • Where: Geneva (Switzerland
  • Team fee: 450 CHF
  • Player Fee: 100 CHF

Registrations deadlines:

  • Teams have to register before the 5th of March.
  • The registered teams list and the waiting list will be online the 15th of March. 
  • The elected teams will then have until the 1st of April to confirm their participation by paying their team fee + two player fees
  • All the playerfees will have to be paid before the 25th of April. After this date teams who hasn’t paid will see their spot be given to a team of the waiting list.
  • All payment must be done in Swiss francs (No cheques please).
  • Make sure that the transaction fee is at your own charge.

A player can be replaced by another one without losing any money after communications of the two names

Player fee include: 

  • Welcome party (free beer from 20h00 to 22h00)
  • Saturday night dinner <at> fields
  • Saturday party <at> fields
  • Sunday costumed party (live band + dj's... Theme is coming soon!!!)
  • Tequila body shot race
  • Breakfast every morning
  • Player's gift
  • 3 night accommodation in camping or shelter (places in shelter are limited and a car is needed, shelters are at a 10 minutes drive from the fields)

Refunding Conditions:

  • Team fee are not refunded
  • 50% of the playerfees are refunded until the 1oth of May, and no refunding after this date.
  • Player not coming because of injury will be refunded. (please present a medical attestation)

Bank Account details:

  • UBS SA
  • 1225 Chene-Bourg
  • Geneva
  • Account name : Geneva's Flying Disk Wizards
  • Clearing : 240
  • For Swiss postal transfers :
  • PC 80-2-2
  • For bank international transfers :
  • IBAN : CH55 0024 0240 4226 8329 L
  • Swift : UBSWCHZH80A