Anatol Dündar | 3 Aug 00:01 2009

Pink Mix am 5./6. September in Stuttgart

**** English-Short-Version see below ****

Hallo Mixed-Frisbeedeutschland,

wir starten einen neuen Versuch für unser Pink-Mix-Turnier in Stuttgart:

Termin: 05./06. September 2009 (eine Woche vor der Mixed-DM)
Wo: Feinste Rasenplätze in Stuttgart bei der Mercedes-Benz-Arena (leider 
nicht drin)
Was: Nur Mixed-Devision
Wie: Anmeldung bis 10. August, kommen und Gas geben.

Pink-Frühstück, Campsite und Wasser sind natürlich inklusive. Salate, Kuchen 
und andere Leckereien stehen ebenfalls für euch bereit.

Wir möchten das Turnier als Vorbereitung für die XEUCF sowie für die 
Mixed-DM nutzen. Stellt Euch also auf schöne lange enge Spiele ein.

Bei Interesse, schickt bis nächsten Montag, 10.08.09 eine Mail an mich oder 
registriert Euch unter folgendem Link:

Stay pink!

Anatol #20

**** English-Version ****

Hello Mixed FrisbeeEurope!

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robcalza | 3 Aug 16:10 2009

Oltre Ultimate 2 Tournament

The first official Ultimate tournament in Trentino Sudtirol, organized by Ultimate Frisbee Oltrefersina, of the Oltrefersina Sports Club in Pergine Valsugana (Trento - Italy)

5-6 september 2009

The tournament will be held on the football field of Madrano in Pergine Valsugana (15 Km from Trento) where you can see the skyline of the Dolomiti

It?s a fun tournament, 8 teams, one field. SemiCoed (1/3 girls on line). Time 40? every match. Cap 1 (final first place cap 2), 1 time out. Every team plays six matches.

We offer
Sleeping in a gym next to the fields - 2 breakfasts / 2 lunches/ 1 dinner - Water on field - Saturday night party

Team and player fee, registration
Team fee max 70? player fee max 20?. Registration before 7. August, sending a mail to with: name and number of players in the team, hour and day of arrival (friday night or saturday morning)

Teams: 051 (Bologna) 45Giri (Forlì) UFO (Pergine) Extradry (Venezia) Pick up (BG-BS-MI)

Valore legale alle tue mail
InterfreePEC - la tua Posta Elettronica Certificata
Alexander Tomm | 5 Aug 22:10 2009

REMINDER: 20th MischMasch HAT, Freiburg (Sept, 05.+06.)

Hi everyone,

just a reminder that in exactly one month, on September 5th and 6th MissConnection & DISConnection host the
MischMasch HAT tournament in Freiburg, Germany.
It is a fun tournament, which we stage for the 20th time this year - so watch out for some anniversary specials !

These are the details:

- approx. 10 teams / ~100-120 players
- 2 pitches, synthetic turf
- extensive breakfast (Sat. & Sun.)
- camping at the pitch
- Party on Saturday
- nice weather + scenery
- 20 Euro per player

Additional information, directions and last years' pictures can be found at

If you wish to participate, send a note to misch-masch@...
(include Name, Club and City).

See you soon,



MissConnection & DISConnection Freiburg

UKU Admin | 7 Aug 16:45 2009

XEUCF - Missing teams please get in touch!


Our website was down for a couple of days at the beginning of the week.  Sorry.  Everything seems ok now.

Meanwhile we need to continue trying to collect the outstanding, late, player fees please.  I’ve emailed this week the contacts that we have for the teams listed below, but I thought I would send an email to ED too, just in case main contacts are on holiday or something.

I need to speak to someone from the following teams urgently please:

Karhukopla, Finland

Friselis, France

Frühsport 0,2 (Koeln), Germany

Jokers, Italy

Crazy Dogs (Stans), Switzerland

We have to make some major commitments on player numbers next week. 

If we have any doubt about whether you are going to come at that point you will lose your place.


XEUCF Organising Committee, UK Ultimate


Max Pieters | 10 Aug 20:30 2009

FW: Announcement - Martinicup 2009 - Groningen - The Netherlands

Hi all interested!

This is the announcement of the second Martinicup organized by Gronical Dizziness. After last year’s success we are looking forward to this year’s edition.

Off course we will try to improve and expand our tournament. One of the things we have done is adding a mixed division.


The tournament will be played the 19th and 20th of December 2009 and will be played near Groningen in the north of The Netherlands. T
he sports centre where the tournament will be has 4 full sized indoor pitches. Playing, partying and sleeping are all in this sports centre.

Our aim is to have a high level indoor tournament with an OPEN, WOMEN and MIXED division. There will be enough playing time for each team, and a good party of course.

The format will depend on the number of teams attending. We can accommodate a total of 40 teams. We aim for 16 open teams, 12 women and 12 mixed teams.
In that case all teams will play 8 games.  The size of a division can change if not every division reaches the stated number of teams.

The Mixed Division will be played really mixed. The team receiving the pull will decide if that point is played with 3 men and 2 women or 2 men and 3 women.


The registration will be open from September 18th till October 11th. October 14th the organization will select the teams.
National champions indoor and or outdoor will have a bigger change of getting selected.

Last year’s top 3 were:


1 Gronical Dizziness     Netherlands (Dutch Champions)

2 Discflyers     Denmark  (Danish Champions)

3 Team Niedersachsen Germany

Spirit: Discflyers Denmark


1 Dji Sam Soe   Austria (Austrian Champions 2008)

2 Gronical Dizziness    Netherlands (Dutch Champions)

3 Ultimate Decision     Latvia (Runner-Up Latvia)

Spirit: Dutch Promise Netherlands


More information on for example:  Timeline, Fees, Results, Travel can be found on the website:


Max Pieters

Gronical Dizziness

Felix | 12 Aug 10:30 2009

COTD: UKU Open Nationals Final 2009 - last point

Hi all,

Push Pass filmed the exciting final of UKU Open Nationals 2009 between
Clapham and Fire of London this weekend - check out the final point

A DVD featuring the full match, as well as the top games from UK
Junior Outdoor Nationals 2009, will be announced shortly.


Push Pass Productions

Ewa Bańbuła | 12 Aug 21:58 2009

Polish Open Ultimate Championships Ursus 2009

Hello all Ultimate fans,
on the 3rd-4th of October we would like invite you to the Ultimate competition: Polish Open Ultimate Championships Ursus 2009 (mixed tournament with 2 women on a line).

This event will take place in Warsaw, Poland.

We will start on Friday (2nd of Oct) with a huge camp-fire with singing to the accompaniment of the guitars: nothing but hits are going to be singed. We promise that no one will fall asleep hungry:)

We are planning 2 days of exciting games on 3 green fields. You will forget about the hunger thanks to three meals and food which will be accessible during the whole tournament.

After Saturday games, there will be an AWF beer-race (no one will stay sober after participation in this race!!) and a great party in one of the best clubs in the capital of Poland.

During Championships, guests and players will have an occasion to see on the scene (next to the fields) some shows of world's champion in footbag, one of the best bitboxers in Europe, breakdancers, some hip-hop, raggae concerts and many many more.
Great music from best Dj's will accompany you during matches.

We provide you with:
- camping and parking place
- 3 meals (inc. barbecue during a whole weekend)
- showers and toilets next to the fields
- lots of fun
- and many surprises

Total fee is 150 EUR for a team = 100 EUR is registration fee (paid till 15th of September) and 50 EUR you will pay here in Warsaw.

Please register your team at:

Greetings from Poland,


Polish Ultimate Players Association

Mark Earley | 14 Aug 12:14 2009

DUB Pick Up Team

Hello folks.
We are currently short on women for the pick up team at DUB next weekend. Are there any women out there who want to take part? We can offer a free weekend! Thats right, we'll waive your player fee (the lads on the team will pay extra) if you can make it. You dont need to be amazing, begineers are more than welcome! :)
Also, players interested should have emailed this address - - to register. Emailing my Gmail/Campus/Facebook isn't going to cut it. If you're still interested email it now!
Thanks a lot,
DUB 2009 
Thomas Griesbaum | 16 Aug 20:37 2009

Fwd: [BD] CUC Stream Online Now

Live video stream from the Canadian Ultimate Championships 2009 (see below)


>Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 18:13:57 +0100
>From: Steve G
>To: Britdisc
>Subject: [BD] CUC Stream Online Now
>There were a few bugs earlier but it's all up and running now live
>Check out
>It's a sweet feed with instant replays and multiple camera angles.
>BritDisc mailing list
>Staying informed -

Steve G | 16 Aug 21:06 2009

Re: Fwd: [BD] CUC Stream Online Now

Be patient with it though.  It's a new system and there's lots of bugs
to iron for use at future events (perhaps even XEUCF if we get the
tech side sorted in time).

Send any technical or otherwise comments to live@... .
The more feedback on how the feed is getting through in Europe the


2009/8/16 Thomas Griesbaum <thgries@...>:
> Live video stream from the Canadian Ultimate Championships 2009 (see below)
> Thomas
>> Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 18:13:57 +0100
>> From: Steve G
>> To: Britdisc
>> Subject: [BD] CUC Stream Online Now
>> There were a few bugs earlier but it's all up and running now live
>> Check out
>> It's a sweet feed with instant replays and multiple camera angles.
>> Steve
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>> ------------------
>> __________________________________________________
>> BritDisc mailing list
>> BritDisc@...
>> Staying informed -