Boris Kuijpers | 21 Apr 10:51 2014

JetSet goes Bollywood!!

Hey Ho! Jai Ho!

JetSet goes beach is back!

16 - 17 augustus 2014
Hofstade, Belgium

For more info check our website:

The JetSet goes Bollywood-crew,
Robert Pesch | 21 Apr 13:25 2014

Paganello 2014 Finals livestreamed

Hi all,

for those, who didn´t mentioned it, the World Beach Ultimate Cup 2014 Paganello in Rimini will be livestreamed on for FREE

Here is the schedule for the Open, Women and Mixed Finals this afternoon:

1:30 pm MIXED  - Horned Melons (USA) vs. Poughkeepsie (UK):
2:35 pm WOMEN - Lemon Grass (Russia) vs. Super Hot Pot (UK):
4:00 pm OPEN - UTI (UK/Switzerland) vs. Gung-Ho (Austria/Switzerland):

Rosters are on facebook: . Come and Like us
Gruß / Regards

Robert Pesch
skype: robert_pesch

Patrick van der Valk | 18 Apr 09:53 2014

WFDF Rules now also on iPhone!

Ultimate lovers of Europe,


Good news! The WFDF rules app has made it through Apple's review process and is now available on the App Store. Here is the link:


James had to make a few changes from the Android and Windows Phone version to get it accepted. The rules and spirit section are all there of course but he had to add a new feature called the Tournament Manager. He had to make this the main feature of the app by placing it at the top and keeping the main focus of the iStore description on it. It was the only way to convince Apple that the app wasn't just a rule book (which was initially rejected).

Many thanks to James Finn! He spent a lot of time developing this for the community.


Please spread the news in your country!





Patrick van der Valk

patrick-PIMSMJmLKkheKY8LfW+lfdi2O/ | +351 918 412 363


NEW: The 2015 BULA & WFDF World Championships of Beach Ultimate

Dubai, UAE, 8-13 March 2015. Come play, or follow all the live action at:  |  |



Mārtiņš Taurenis | 17 Apr 23:04 2014

Discs, drills etc. for children

Hello, Eurodisc!

I am seeking for consultations regarding teaching ultimate to children (especially primary school children).

Latvian Flying Disc Federation has been organizing courses for Physical Education teachers during 2013/2014. Some of them are primary school teachers and see ultimate as part of their Sport lessons. However, they are concerned about using the original Discraft 175g discs as they are large, heavy and hard. I know about JStar 145g discs produced by Discraft, however, I believe they are still quite hard.
One of the ideas from the teachers was to use porolon or other soft material discs. We all know that the flight of such object wouldn't be even close to the flight of the discs that we are using, however, it is still a start for a child in the wonderful world of the flying objects.
Could anyone suggest discs that can be used for young children and where to buy them?

I have read that UK is doing trainer courses. Maybe someone else is doing something similar. Could anyone comment on the problem that I described above?

Another topic is drills. One of the main questions (disregarding the age of the children that PE teachers are working with) is - could you please give us drills that we can easily use for a class of 20-30 children?
I had an idea to make an online drill book for them, however, there are only 24h in a day and 7 days in a week. Maybe someone could share some resources where I could find drills or ideas for drills of different level for different age groups.

If anyone has experience with getting ultimate in schools, don't be shy to share.

Building a vast base of the pyramid is one of the important tasks to develop and popularize a sport. This is the way to go. So share the experience to give some shortcuts for those who are behind you.


Mārtiņš Taurenis / Martins Taurenis
Latvijas Frisbija federācija / Latvian Flying Disc Federation
Monkey BO | 16 Apr 20:20 2014

BO2014: 16th edition of the Monkey tournament - registration is open !

(english version below)

Hey Girls, Hey Boys!

Tu as un championnat à préparer, une envie de finir l'été sur une note sportive et festive, les montagnes te manquent....

Cette année encore, Bourg d'Oisans sera ZE-place-to-be les 6 et 7 Septembre 2014 :
Allez les singes !!!! Venez trouver :
La Monkey attitude,
L’offre tout inclus en chalet ou camping,
2 soirées de dingues,
Un mini-tournoi sur plage du vendredi aprem, 
Et surtout, 16 équipes sur 4 terrains de qualité pour de l’ultimate mixte de haut niveau !! .

Alors?!...N’oubliez pas vos crampons et votre meilleur DJ…

Vous pouvez enregistrer votre équipe jusqu’au 03 juin : 

Time is runnnnninnnnng! Rendez-vous à BO ;-)

Quoi?! Pas convaincu??
(big up to Mathieu Rivoire !)
encore plus.... cette année, pour feter ses 16ans, on vous prepare 2-3 trucs....mais chuuuuut, c'est une surprise!

La bise du monkey crew!

Hey boys, hey girls!!!
BO is back - the famous Monkey tournament will be the first week-end of september!!! 6 and 7 september 2014!

BO will be BO: wonderful mountains, all-inclusive week-end with sexy and nice crew, parties till sunrise, tough but fairplay mixed ultimate games, a little bit of beach ultimate, International and french players,....
but.... to celebrate this 16th edition, we are preparing some huge add-ons!!!! be ready,.... and try to be free also on thursday 4 and friday 5 September (with or without your team).

ouh la la!!!! 

Registration is open!

Need BO highlights?
(big up to Mathieu Rivoire !)
Andrea Furlan | 11 Apr 17:49 2014

EUC2015 participation survey results and Women Masters division at the EUC2015

Dear EUF member federations

Thanks a lot for having taken part to the participation survey for the EUC2015.
24 federations sent us information, which is an amazing response rate!

According to the survey we expect between 70 and 80 national teams to come to Copenhagen and play on the 21 juicy pitches the venue offers.
This will make the EUC2015 the largest EUC event ever. As a comparison the EUC2011 hosted 50 teams.

We are also very excited about the response about the Women Masters division. More than half a dozen nations have serious plans to send a team in this division.

In order to better coordinate this new division, the EUF board appointed Valeska Schacht from Germany as Women Masters Coordinator for the EUC2015.

Please support her in easing the communication to your women Masters members and of course sending a women Masters team to Copenhagen.

really looking forward to enjoying this "Wonderful EUC" experience !

Grazie e Ciao
- EUF president -

glenn | 10 Apr 08:08 2014

Your team <at> Tom's Tourney 2014 ?

Hi, 2 teams in open division 1 of TT14 cancelled yesterday, and we're 
out of teams on the waiting list. If you want to play 9 high level 
ultimate games in our tournament in Bruges, Belgium then you're welcome 
to join us in the weekend of May 1st, 2nd and 3rd. You'll find all info 

Send a mail to TT@... if you're interested!

Kind regards,
Freezzz Beezzz Brugge

DUFFA Hat | 9 Apr 21:58 2014

DUFFA Hat Tournament, Manchester UK, 19th/20th July 2014

Hello ultimate players!


DUFFA Hat returns to Manchester on the weekend of 19th/20th July 2014!


DUFFA Hat 2014 is our seventh tournament and we put on an incredible show! DUFFA Hat is the best Hat Tournament in the UK because we’re a non-profit event run entirely by volunteers. We do it because we love it!


As always, the tournament is open to players of all skill levels. Complete beginners and international superstars will play together on the same teams. Winning isn’t important, but having a darn good time definitely is! Just look at what you told us about last year’s DUFFA Hat…


“I love the festival and community feel of the tournament!”


“My fellow players were so welcoming and supportive. They were so patient with the amateurs.”


“Everyone’s in it for the Spirit. And this is down to DUFFA and the welcoming, relaxed, fun atmosphere you guys create the moment we arrive.”


We promise you DUFFA Hat 2014 will be another amazing event. Here’s what you’ll get for your 35GBP tournament fee…


- Two days of awesome spirited ultimate – at least six 55-minute matches!

- DUFFA Hat 2014 athletic shirt unique to your team!

- Friday night karaoke welcome party!

- Free meal on Saturday evening!

- Saturday night fancy dress (theme to be announced soon) party with FREE 3-pint challenges!

- Sideline games and team challenges!

- Free camping!

- Awesome prizes!


We always sell out to UK players, but we guarantee spaces for players flying from Continental Europe. In previous years have welcomed players from France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Hungary! Visit for more information, or contact us at to register now and guarantee a space!


We hope to see you in Manchester in July!


Rich Harrison

Alan Heckman


DUFFA Hat 2013 Tournament Directors

Eric Delessert | 9 Apr 16:39 2014

Force Lake 2014 - Last memo

Hi everyone,

Last chance to register for Force Lake 2014; you have until this Friday at midnight!

What is Force Lake?

  • A HAT tournament in Lausanne, the 21st and 22nd of June
  • Six or seven quality ultimate game, one or two crazy party (depend on your arrival) and a lot of fun!

I hope to see you there!
Eric (TD)

Mikołaj Smogór | 7 Apr 23:24 2014

Fwd: Sandslash - Beach Mixed Tournament - Dębki, Poland - 22-24 August

Hello everyone,

there's still 30 days left to register for Sandslash. 38 teams that registered alreadythe one and only PatrickGet Horizontal and Irish Beach Ultimate can't all be wrong.

Do yourself a favor and join us in Dębki,

Sandslash Crew

stephen L | 7 Apr 13:13 2014

Vintage 2014 : Hat tournament in Versailles - France

Bonjour à tous,

(english version hereunder)

Le Vintage revient en 2014 pour une année de plus…la 6e

Pour les dates : 30 et 31 aout.

Année de changement pour le Vintage avec pour le plus important : la formation des équipes. Cette année, elles ne seront pas formées selon vos années de naissance mais autrement... Il y aura bien un critère mais il ne vous sera pas communiqué ou alors au dernier moment. Car cela dépend du 2e changement, qui est l'équipe d'organisation. En effet, nous sommes cette année plus d'une dizaine à nous occuper de ce tournoi, l'améliorer et ne pas avoir de surprises de dernière minute...

Pour les équipes, le ratio de joueurs/joueuses sera respecté pour chaque équipe. Ainsi, il y aura une liste principale de joueurs et une liste principale de joueuses…

Et tout ceci par plaisir du jeu, de se retrouver, toujours sur le même site de porchefontaine à Versailles que vous connaissez maintenant, près de la foret, au calme, buvette au bord des terrains, gradins pour se reposer, gazon tout frais et tout moelleux…

Plus d'infos sur le site du tournoi :

Certaines informations seront également sur la page facebook.

Les inscriptions sont donc lancées avec une cloture le 15 juin de la liste principale et paiement dans la foulée (toujours de 35€ par personne). Les désistements sont fréquents, alors si vous ne savez pas vos dispos avant l’été, ce sera encore possible de s’inscrire. Néanmoins, nous réalisons cette inscription relativement tot pour commander le cadeau aussi… :D


Au plaisir de vous revoir sur les terrains.

A bientot

Les VGO 2014




Hello everyone,


Vintage Generation tournament is in for 2014 and it will be on 30th and 31st of august.


Few changes this year for Vintage tournament : team setting up. Previously, teams were sorted with players date of birth, but not for this year. A criteria will be chosen by VGOs, but you will have to discover it.

More than 10 new VGOs are focused to set up the coolest Vintage tournament ever and few surprises will occur during the edition, in order to improve our tournament and avoid any little bad surprise that can happen eventually.  

We will adapt teams considering the ratio between guys and women in order to have the same number of women in each team.


Registrations is open with 100 spots available only. A main list will be done for guys and another one for women.


Unique Fee : 35€ (comprising 2 breakfast, saturday dinner and the gift).


Not comprised : accomodation (a campsite has to be booked close to the fields), lunches and drinks for the party.


Pitches are made of natural grass.


We cannot insure fun, but considering people who will come, it will be surely good frisbee, good time and good party :D


More information on :

A facebook page also exists.

If you have any question, you can contact us at :


So see ya there on our nice grass pitches...


VGO Team

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