Monkey BO | 27 May 14:48 2015

BO2015, 17th edition of the Monkey tournament : registrations will close soon !

(english version below)

Hey Girls, Hey Boys!

Quoi de mieux que de commencer une nouvelle saison d'ultimate par un tournoi dans un cadre magnifique ?!

Affutez vos flèches et nettoyez vos pétoires, partez à l'aventure dans les Alpes Sauvages...!
Cette année encore, les Monkey de Grenoble organise une nouvelle édition de BO (la 17ème !) dans la charmante bourgade de Bourg d'Oisans, les 4-5-6 Septembre 2015.

Vous pourrez y (re)découvrir :
La Monkey attitude,
L’offre tout inclus, en chalet ou sous tentes,
2 soirées de dingues jusqu'au bout de la nuit,
Un mini-tournoi sur plage le vendredi après-midi,
Et surtout, 16 équipes sur 4 terrains de qualité pour de l’ultimate mixte de haut niveau, mais bien entendu toujours fair-play !! .

Alors, tentés ?! Venez donc défier Team Radio Shower, les derniers vainqueurs, et tenter d'être plus fair-play que les Tutti Frutti Summer Love !

Vous pouvez enregistrer votre équipe jusqu’au 13 juin : 
Toutes les infos dont vous aurez besoin sont ici :
- Sur Twitter <at> MonkeyGrenoble :

Time is runnnnninnnnng ! Rendez-vous à BO ;-)

La bise du Monkey crew !


Hey boys, hey girls!!!

How could you imagine a better way to begin a new ultimate year by a tournament located within magnificent surroundings ?

Let's sharpen your arrows and clean your old guns, and go on an adventure into the Wild Wild Alps...!

Again this year, the Monkey from Grenoble will organize a new edition of BO (the 17th!) in the charming village of Bourg d'Oisans, on September the 4-5-6th, 2015.

You will find, or discover, there :
The Monkey's touch,
A all-inclusive week-end, in chalets or tents
Two crazy parties until sunrise,
A mini beach hat tournament on Friday afternoon,
And of course 16 teams competing on 4 quality fields, for some tough but fairplay mixed ultimate games !

Wanna try ?! So let's join to challenge Team Radio Shower, the previous winner, and to compete with Tutti Frutti Summer Love, the fair-play titleholder.

The only place to register your team, until June 13th :

All the information which you will need is here :
- Twitter <at> MonkeyGrenoble :

Time is runnnnninnnnng ! See you soon in BO ;-)

Kisses from the Monkey crew !

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Cork Open | 27 May 13:30 2015

Cork Open 2015

Hi All,

Cork Open 2015 is now being organised for Its 12th year!

Cork open is an Outdoor tournament on the 17th and 18th of October. We will have an Open, Ladies and Junior division. We are going to be using all of our 12 years experience to make this year very competitive and very fun, Cork style! We are reaching out to get interest from as many teams abroad as possible. Cork Open is purposely a great way to finish a club season or start a Uni season!

There is just a player fee of just €20 for teams coming from abroad! This includes parties, lunch both days and a team pack full of goodies!

Here in Cork we are all sound so we will try our best to host as many players coming from abroad as possible. We will be able to recommend hostels close to the venue.

There are plenty of ways of getting here but the most reliable would be flights into Cork airport. You can also get flights into Dublin and a bus directly from the Airport to Cork. Flights in mid-October to Ireland are quite reasonably priced.

And Everything else!
  • Cork Open's parties are always ones to remember and this year we are planning lots of surprises. 
  • Many Games will be recorded and we will have a bunch of photographers each day! 
  • We are planning a long pull competition and several events for the players on the days. 
  • Cork Open's venue is Nemo Rangers sports grounds and this is a top class facility which includes a full bar and stand to watch all the finals. 
  • This year Cork Open is also planning to have signature Discs and more fun things!
  • More information can be found at 
If You're Interested...
like the Cork Open Facebook page for all of the updates.

If you get in contact with us we can:
  1. Expand on the information above
  2. Discuss travel and hosting/accommodation
  3. Talk about if you need pickups, or have a player interested in being a pick up
  4. Have a lovely chat
  5. Give you the names of other teams that have shown interest.
We hope to hear from you soon so this tournament can be the biggest and most fun yet!

On behalf of the team;

Yours Sincerely,
Andrew McGovern
Tournament Director

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Dublin Women | 22 May 19:33 2015

Riot Clinic in Ireland!

Hi All,

We're delighted to announce our partnership with Riot to run a skills clinic weekend in Dublin on the 10th/11th/12th July. Sarah 'Surge' Griffith, Shannon O'Malley, Charlie 'Dengue' Mercer and Cree Howard will be flying over to Dublin to deliver a range of excellent skills clinics from classroom-based to coaching to playing. If you'd like to be a part of this, check out the itinerary below and register via the forms next to each event. There is no limit to the number of events you can sign up for but there are some criteria that need to be filled for each one (Sunday is ladies day!).



Time of Day


Target Audience

Form for Registration

Classroom Q&A

Friday, 10th July




Please join our Facebook event and send questions via this form.

Coaching Juniors and Schools Programs

Saturday, 11th July

Afternoon: 3 hours for coaches, 2 hours for players

€20 for Coaches

€10 for players

Juniors Coaches (Male or Female) and Juniors Players (Male or Female)

Women’s Foundational Skills Clinic

Sunday, 12th July

Morning: 3 hours


All female players, particularly beginners or relatively new players

Women’s Advanced Sills Session

Sunday, 12th July

Afternoon: 3 hours


All female players, particularly those with a high level of experience

Each event will be capped for a certain number of players except for the Q&A classroom session. These numbers will be finalised once registration is complete and we have conferred with the Riot players.

The deadline for registering for the women's and coaching clinics will be Sunday the 31st May so that we can inform international players if they have been accepted into the clinics or not asap. There is no entry deadlines for the Q&A session but we recommend getting your questions in early so that answers can be well prepared for them.

Please feel free to forward this on to any relevant people.

We look forward to hearing from you! We will have further information to give to each registrant but please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions before then.

Kindest Regards,
Fiona Mernagh, Ian French, Heather Barry and Emer Staunton
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Simon East | 22 May 14:01 2015

Sheffield Hat 2015

Hi all

Just a heads up that entry to this years Sheffield Hat will open at 7pm BST on Tuesday 2nd June.

The event itself takes place at Hillsborough Arena in Sheffield on the weekend of 5/6 September 2015.

All the details can be found at the following website, with more information being posted as and when it is confirmed:

There is also now a Facebook event you can sign up to - just search for Sheffield Hat 2015 and you should find it.

If you have any questions, you can drop me an email.


Simon East 
ninety2 | ultimate events
<at> ninety2ultimate
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Sion Scone | 21 May 22:38 2015

Introducing 'Flik', a new coaching tool for ultimate

Flik is a new coaching tool for ultimate, brought to you by Sion "Brummie" Scone (former GB coach) and Richard "Pringle" Taylor of openbracket(ultimate).  Aimed at players and coaches, Flik brings theory and drills to life.  If you've ever want to learn how to play split stack, wondered how Buzz Bullets or Fury play, or want to be able to plan your practices a little better, then Flik is for you.

Find out more here:

And follow us on Facebook here:

Please share with your teams and ultimate-playing friends.  Feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

Many thanks

Brummie & Pringle
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Christoph Dehnhardt | 21 May 13:54 2015

EYUC live stream: register in MAY or it will not happen

Hello Eurodisc,

in the beginning of August the European Youth Ultimate Championships (EYUC) will take place in Frankfurt/Germany. 46 Teams in 4 divisions battle for the European Champions, starting one day after the Copenhagen EUC finals.
Now, there is a unique chance to be enable us to watch this as a live stream!

EUF and it´s youth commitee are helping in the crowdfunding for the coverage of the two final days with 8 games (friday aug. 7th and saturday aug. 8th). Games can be watched live and also later as VOD. Livestream will be made by with 5 HD-cameras, two commentators, lots of replays and slomos. See the quality in 0:47 sec:

Is Livestreaming/high quality footage of Ultimate not interesting for YOU?

We need to cover the costs of 3.000 Euro. That means:

We need just 1000 viewers who spend 3 Euro for a ticket (parents of the kids, youth ultimate enthusiasts)
we need just 60 groups of people (teams, federations, nationalteams) to spend €50 (group ticket)
a mixture of that supported by additional sponsors or supporters.

Campaign facts:
  • 112 Euro collected so far
  • 13 day left to collect
How to support Ultimate Livestreaming:
  1. Got to:
  2. Choose a PERK that fit´s to you.
  3. Create an indigogo account and/or login.
  4. Pay via PayPal.
  5. Share it, share it, share it.
You will not loose any money. If the goal of 3.000 Euro will not be reached by June 1st, 100% of the money goes back to you.

But then the coverage will not happen.

Gruß / Regards Robert Pesch
EYUC2015 Tournament Director
Christoph Dehnhardt  
Euf youth committee chair
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Mark Kendall | 20 May 11:44 2015

Live Stream Crowd Funfing for EYUC 2015

Hello Ultimate Fans,

In the first week of August, the European Youth Ultimate Championships will take place in Frankfurt/Germany. 46 national teams in 4 divisions will battle to become European Champions.
Please support efforts to provide live-streaming/ high quality footage of the this top-level Junior event!

The EUF and the EUF Youth Committee are crowd-funding to assure the coverage of the two final days with 8 games. Games can be watched live and also later as video on demand. The live-stream will be available from with 5 HD-cameras, two commentators, lots of replays and slow motion action. See the playo-tv quality in 0:47 sec:

We hope to cover the costs of 3.000 Euro. That means:

We need just 1000 viewers to spend 3 Euro for a ticket (parents of the kids, youth ultimate enthusiasts, etc.)
we need just 60 groups of people (teams, federations, national teams)
a mixture of that supported by additional sponsors or supporters.

Campaign facts:
  • 112 Euro collected so far
  • 13 day left to collect
How to support Ultimate Live-streaming:
  1. Got to:
  2. Choose a PERK that fit´s to you.
  3. Create an indigogo account and/or login.
  4. Pay via PayPal.
  5. Share it, share it, share it.
You will not loose any money. If the goal of 3.000 Euro is not reached, the money will be refunded back to you. In this case, the coverage will not be available.

Please help us provide this service to the Ultimate playing community in Europe and around the world. Thanks for your support.

Your EYUC 2015 Organizing Committee

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Ravi Vasudevan | 20 May 12:51 2015

Rising High looking for Pickup Players

This weekend is Rising High in Delft and we had a last minute drop out forcing us to go for a second pickup team and we need players.  If you are interested send an email to

It will be 40 Euros including meals, games and parties in Delft.  All relevant information is at

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Hanna Tordardottir | 13 May 18:29 2015

Hat tournament in Sweden

Will YOU win the Golden-ball Bull?

When: 15-16 August
Where: Halmstad, south Sweden

The Bull invites you to the beaches of Sweden for two days of ultimate, sun, fun, games, parties, food and great company.

The coveted prize is the travelling Spirit Bull.

Last year he took off on a year long trip with spirited Mr Mike Baker.
Where will the Bull head off to next??
Check out the Bull's FB site where he and the Most Spirited Person have gone before. He has travelled far and wide and met COOOL people.

Go ahead and mark your calendar and check out the website for more info and registration.
We are of course also on Facebook
Long live the Bull!
See you at the beach!

/Anders, Emil and Hanna

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    Bianka Fohgrub | 11 May 15:25 2015

    Sauergespritzt 08.-09.08.2015, Frankfurt

    Ei Gude dear Ultimate-friends,

    Finally, it’s time again: We, the Frankfurter boys and girls, are happy to invite you to our revival of the tournament ”Sauergespritzt” here in Frankfurt. This year our motto is: "Sweet was yesterday"! At the same time we are celebrating the 10th Frisbee-anniversary as a team at our club Eintracht Frankfurt.

    We were able to find an idyllic place next to a rushing river, with fragrant flowers and colorful butterflies, even though the fields are pretty close to Frankfurt city! A perfect place to spend an unforgettable summer weekend with a lot of Frisbee, Applewine, sweets & sours and some surprises!

    The facts:
    • Date: 8.-9. August 2015 (arrival already possible on Fridays. This is desirable, because there are enough reasons to already celebrate on Friday night ;-))
    • Real Mixed (yeah, many girls on the line!) with a total of 12 teams
    • Location: Frankfurt-Harheim
    • Tents can be set up directly next to the fields
    • Team Fee: € 120, Player's Fee: within the normal range
    • We are bringing back again: the popular Äppler/Applewine-Race
    • and also: a lot of sun, wading pools and waterguns for all the big and little kids !!
    Registration is open until June 10th on ffindr:
    The chosen teams will be announced as soon as possible after the deadline.

    Frankfurt is looking forward to welcoming you!
    Your Frau Rauscher & The Bembel Boys
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    Patrick van der Valk | 8 May 21:59 2015

    FW: WFDF releases six-part video series on Spirit of the Game (SotG)



    From: Volker Bernardi [mailto:volker.bernardi <at>]
    Sent: Friday, May 08, 2015 2:50 PM
    Subject: WFDF: WFDF releases six-part video series on Spirit of the Game (SotG)


    WFDF: WFDF releases six-part video series on Spirit of the Game (SotG)

    08 May 2015

    The World Flying Disc Federation is pleased to announce the release of a six-part video series on Spirit of the Game (SotG). The first-ever WFDF Spirit Conference presented by UltimatEvents and sponsored by WFDF was held in conjunction with the World Ultimate Club Championships in August 2014. During this event, community organizers and leaders from all levels, divisions, and global regions met to discuss a variety of issues related to SotG.

    Organized by the WFDF Spirit of the Game Committee member Kate Barabanova and produced by RiseUp Creative Director Mario O’Brien, the result is a series of insightful and thought-provoking video shorts. Conference moderator and WFDF Athletes Commission Chair Ryan Purcell stated “It was such a pleasure to hear the diverse perspectives from all levels and parts of world. Spirit of the Game is something we all need to work on continuously in order for it to survive and thrive, especially as our sport continues to grow. With leaders like these in our community, I have full faith we will be able to do just that.”

    One episode of the WFDF Spirit Conference will be released each Friday from today May 8th through June 12th with additional commentary, discussion, and interaction with the various panelists on Skyd magazine.

    Topics, panelists, and release order are outlined below:

    1.   World Champs Say Spirit Circles Make Them Better (featuring leaders from 2014 WUCC Women’s Division Gold Medalists Seattle Riot) – May 8

    2.   Spirit of the Game: Making Changes (featuring Task Force Chairman Reuben Berg) – May 15

    3.   Spirit of the Game: Making it Happen (featuring WFDF SotG Chair Patrick van der Valk and Executives from several of the largest flying disc organizations in Australia, Canada, UK, and the USA) – May 22

    4.   Spirit of the Game | Walking the Walk Worldwide (featuring disc leaders from China, New Zealand, and South Africa) – May 29

    5.   Gotta Teach the Children (featuring Head Coaches for Junior National teams from Australia, Canada, Israel, and the USA)   – June 5 

    6.   Spirit Matters at the Top of the Game (featuring Anatoly Vasilyev, Russia; Anna Rogacki, Australia; Katsunori Tanaka, Japan; and Tyler Kinley, USA) – June 12


    WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch stated that “While SotG today is indeed embraced and highlighted as a unique feature of our community, WFDF hopes that these videos will foster further discussion and debate among all athletes that results in an even stronger future for Spirit of the Game in all disc sports as an essential element of our culture.  Many thanks to Spirit of the Game Committee Chair Patrick van der Valk who has been such a strong advocate ensuring we keep this focus at the forefront of our sport.” Information supporting Spirit of the Game can be found at,


    National Federations are strongly encouraged to share this information with their members.


    For official translations of the Spirit of the Game educational materials contact Volker Bernardi, WFDF Executive Director, volker.bernardi <at>


    Best regards,

    Volker Bernardi
    Executive Director
    World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF)
    Neckarstraße 11, D - 55296 Harxheim, Germany
    Phone: +49 (0) 6138 / 90 20 868
    Fax: +49 (0) 6138 / 90 20 869
    Mobile: +49 176 64 19 77 02

    eMail: volker.bernardi <at>

    About WFDF: The World Flying Disc Federation is the international sports federation responsible for world governance of flying disc (FrisbeeTM) sports, including Ultimate, Beach Ultimate, Guts, and Individual Events. WFDF is a federation of member associations which represent flying disc sports and their athletes in more than 60 countries.  WFDF is an international federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a member of ARISF, SportAccord and the International World Games Association, and it is a registered not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in the state of Colorado, USA. The WFDF Executive Committee: President Robert L. "Nob" Rauch, Treasurer Kate Bergeron, Secretary Thomas Griesbaum.

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