Daniel Lechner | 20 Aug 08:05 2014

An'Sturm 2014

Hello Mrs. and Mr. Ultimate!

We are Nitro Circles - a young (in term of the team age, not of the team-members age ;) ) ultimate team from austria. Our homebase is in Poysdorf, a small town in lower austria located between vienna and brno. If you are an expert in good wine, you already know Poysdorf :)

After visiting few tournaments in austria, we thought it would be good to organize one on our own. And that's it:
An'Sturm 2014
5 vs 5, Soft Mixed (1 girl on the line)
Sportplatz Poysdorf (outdoor grass fields)
18. & 19.10.2014
Registration until: 30.9.2014
Please register via ffindr (http://ffindr.com/de/event/austria/an-sturm-2014)

The name An'Sturm is derived from a beverage. It is the "juice" of grapes which is already on the way to become excellent wine. So be prepared :)
The tournament will be outdoor, but sleeping, dinner, party, ... is organized indoor.

If you have any questions please use ansturm-nf7qSBShbu6HkQ09x9coOQ@public.gmane.org

CU at the tournament!

Andrea Furlan | 10 Aug 21:58 2014

EUCF 2014 Fees and Registration & Payment Timeline

Hi everybody!

just back from Lecco and the next season highlight is behind the door!

Within the next three weeks all EUCRs will be played and the best teams will qualify for the EUCF in Frankfurt on Oct. 3rd-5th.

The EUCF 2014 Homepage has been updated.

Registration Page:

Please help up to reduce the drop outs and the stressy wating list management and check costs (flights, accommodation, Tournament Fees)  prior your EUCR so that you can confirm right after your last game to the CSC representative on site, if your team will take the bid in case of successful qulification.

These are the fees and the registration timeline


750.-€ Team Fee

0.- € Players Fee => FLAT RATE! You just pay for the food you order.


9th of August 2014

registration starts on FFindr

4th of September 2014

registration closes

8th of September 2014

team fee must be transferred

4th of September 2014

food and accommodation options must be filled in

21rd of September 2014

food and accommodation options can´t bei changed any more

23rd of September 2014

food and accommodation must be payed


play your best at your EUCR and C U in Frankfurt!


Andrea Furlan | 9 Aug 22:25 2014

congratulation for your top10 placement to the European Teams

The EUF congratulates following teams for their great placements in the WUCC 2014 in Lecco:

Women Masters
Bronze Golden Girls => first medel ever for a European Team at a WUCC as far as I know!!

5thClapham Ultimate => just 1 loss in the universal point in the quarters against the WUCC2014 world champions !!

6th Cambridge Ultimate

Open Masters
7th Zimmer
8th UFO Masters
9th Wolpertinger

it's great to see that the European Level is getting closer and closer to the North American, Australian and Japanese one!!

looking forward to seening the top European Clubs very soon at the EUCF in Frankfurt !!



- EUF President -
Andrea Furlan | 9 Aug 21:40 2014

Fwd: Invitation to EUF Congress and Call for EUF Board Candidates 2014-2016


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Andrea Furlan <furlanandrea6-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>
Date: 2014-08-09 21:39 GMT+02:00
Subject: Invitation to EUF Congress and Call for EUF Board Candidates 2014-2016
To: "members-kXB7xIAHHG2Pf5Y7wQUHVVUN1bhUqRBF@public.gmane.org" <members-kXB7xIAHHG2Pf5Y7wQUHVVUN1bhUqRBF@public.gmane.org>
Cc: "board <at> ultimatefederation.eu" <board <at> ultimatefederation.eu>, "csc-kXB7xIAHHG2Pf5Y7wQUHVVUN1bhUqRBF@public.gmane.org" <csc-kXB7xIAHHG2Pf5Y7wQUHVVUN1bhUqRBF@public.gmane.org>

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

on Friday October 3rd from 20:00 to 22:00 during the EUCF in Frankfurt, there will be the annual EUF general assembly, where at least 1 representative per federation is kindly invited to attend.

The legislation period for the actual EUF board expires in 2014, so it’s time for new elections!

We are looking for candidates for following positions:

  • EUF President
  • EUF Secretary
  • EUF Treasurer
  • 6 directors at large (chairing the Youth Committee, Spirit Committee, Development Committee, Championship Committees in Open/Women/Mixed/OpenMasters/WomenMasters)
  • 2 Finance Auditors

Please distribute this call for candidates within your federation.

Link to the EUF Bylaws.

Link to the EUF General Assembly Minutes 2013 in Bordeaux.

Anybody willing to actively support and design the future of European Ultimate is kindly asked to step forward sending an email to president <at> ultimatefederation.eu with following information:

  • Name and Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Short description of his/her motivation and Ultimate curriculum vitae

Please send your Application within Sept. 28th.

Below you can find the temporary agenda for the EUF General Assembly. Please feel free to add more topics within Sept 28th.


  1. Welcome of the EUF President
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Short personal presentation of the participants (max. 15 min)
  4. Check of the participants list and certification of the quorum
  5. Report of the President about the EUF Board activities in 2013-2014 (max. 20 mins)
  6. Report of the Treasurer about the EUF capital situation (max. 5 mins)
  7. Report of the Auditors about the EUF capital situation (max. 5 mins)
  8. Discharge of the board from private liability
  9. Presentation of Board Candidates and Auditors for the legislation 2014-2016 (max. 10 mins)
  10. Election of new EUF Board (max. 15 mins)
  11. AOB (max. until 22:00)

Grazie e ciao


- EUF President -


Thomas Griesbaum | 4 Aug 13:41 2014

Fwd: WFDF: WUCC Update - ONLINE RESULTS available


From: 'Volker Bernardi'
Date: 4. August 2014 13:06:59 MESZ
Subject: WFDF: WUCC Update - ONLINE RESULTS available

WFDF: WUCC Update – ONLINE RESULTS available


4 AUGUST 2014


Online results are now available under: http://wfdf.org/events/featured/wucc-2014 

Best regards, 

Volker Bernardi 
Executive Director 
World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) 

Attachment (smime.p7s): application/pkcs7-signature, 3388 bytes
Gmail | 3 Aug 11:08 2014

Monsterball 2014 - Dutch Open Mixed Championship

HI Ultimate Beach Lovers!

Monsterball 2014 is arriving!

On August 30th and 31st the 7th edition of Monsterball will commence. We still have a few spots left for the tournament!!! So be quick and subscribe!

The Monsterball committee has decided to move the tournament elsewhere and this year it will be in The Hague, Kijkduin. 

We are also happy to announce that our tournament has been titled with the official status of the "Dutch Open Mixed Championship". This means that the tournament will be strictly mixed and not loose mixed like previous editions. So 2-3, 3-2 on the field.
The Dutch National Beach team will use this tournament as preparation for Dubai next year, who likes to compete against them!

If you really like to join, but you can’t find enough women (or men), please let us know.

This year the party theme will be COMIC! Be creative, dress up as your favorite comic character or a comic book itself, it cannot be weird enough.

And don't forget to like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/monsterballfrisbeetournament


Monsterball Crew 2014
leppin heiner | 1 Aug 14:13 2014

Tekielas Beach Cup 23th/24th August extended version

Hello dear fellow friends of beach ultimate,

due to the big attention for the Tekielas Beach Cup we decided to expand up to 16 teams. If you love sommer, sun and beach ultimate get ready for the Tekielas Beach Cup at 23th / 24th August on the Falkensteiner Strand in Kiel / Germany.

Here are the facts:

  • 3 fields
  • 5vs5 light mixed beach ultimate with at least one woman on the line
  • up to 16 teams
  • delicious breakfast with fried eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit
  • good weather
  • happy people
  • Tekiela-Sunset party

The teamfee is 100€. For the Playersfee you have the options to pay breakfast and accommodation separately. You pay 5€ per breakfast per person and 3€ per person per night for a camping site.
You can register until 10th August right here: http://ffindr.com/en/event/germany/tekielas-beach-cup-2014

Heiner (Tekielas)

ps:closest airports:
Hamburg/ 1h by Shuttlebus every hour
Ryanair Lübeck/ 1,5 h by train, you can buy a cheap group ticket ~8€ pp.
Christoph Dehnhardt | 29 Jul 17:03 2014

WJUC and OEYUC over

Hi Europe,

after traveling back from Lecco, and being back at work, here are the last results:
U17 open
In the Final, Great Britain was up against Austria, and went into the lead. Austria did not give up, hand a
nice Come back around half time; however, GBR got their act together and took gold, like in 2013. Silver
Austria, Bronze France.

U17 girls
As already written saturday morning, we saw a spectacular final, with the two final debutants Netherlands
and France. Netherlands gold, France silver, Austria Bronze. The classic powerhouses GER and GBR on
places 4 and 5.

U20 women
the bronze medal played was moved to saturday morning on an extra field by the dorms. In the pouring rain,
Colombia beat Austria convincingly; however Austria succeeds Germay as best European team. Germany in
5th place, with the satisfaction of having lost to Colombia wuith a very small margin (17:14).
The final in the stadium saw Canada versus USA, with a very convincing US team. Lots of physical power, hard
to believe this was juniors... the rain and win did lead to some suboptimal passes and more turnovers than
expected on the Canada side, giving the US an easy win (17:9).

U20 open
on the lower places, most placement games were sacrificed to the schedule delays, due to the weather.
The final saw again USA-CAN. The lawn in the stadium had survived the two earlier finals in the rain
surprisingly well, almost no damage. By now, the rain had almost stopped, but the ground was soaked, which
led to occasional slips.
Canada had not won in many years, the USA were always dominant in U20 open; the last non-USA win was Riga 2002,
when Canada beat Sweden (in the absence of the USA).
This time, Canada came out strong, got the D in the first point and the break. 2nd point, 2nd break; Canada up 2:0!
The teams then traded points to half time, 9:8 Canada, with Offense in the 2nd half. As the USA had been so
dominant in the past, and in the U20 women's final, most of the crowd went with the "underdog" Canada.
The second half saw more turnovers, and the USA worked the breaks back to equalize at 13:13 (if I remember
correctly. many specators believed that USA would now cruise over a slightly insecure Canada, but
actually both teams kept fighting fiercly. It got to a 16:16 universe, Canada on O. Under the eyes of
spactators by the completely filled main stands, the Canadians under huge pressure, they threw a long
bomb to a receiver cutting deep.
The disc was hanging hight in the air when the receiver jumped up, to the shock of the audience; it seemed he
had jumped way to early, thereby passing under the disc. But Darren Wu just jumped higher than anyone had
imagined, seemed to stay airborne forever and safely pulled that disc down to this historic victory.

Congratulations Canada, and all the other winners. Congrats to all the many teams who got the money
together to come and play and enjoy this outstanding event, and especially to the spirit winners:

U17 girls: Austria
U17 open: Ireland
U20 women: Colombia
U20 Open: Colombia

It was a memorable experience for all participants, even though many detals of the organisations were not
fully accomplished at the start, and the weather conditions were challenging. What definitely needs to
be improved is the communication flow, especially in view of the fact the at WUCC there will be 3 times as
many participants.

Full results are available at http://www.worlds2014.org/junior/, full SOTG results to be published soon.

The 35 fields were under much stress due to the weather, but due game rotation and cancellations survived,
so that they should be well recovered for WUCC. Just pray for little rain and plenty of sunshine over the
next 10 days.

See ya all soon,

EUF youth committee

Christoph Dehnhardt   <phi91ebx@...>   +49 - 341 - 5901880

Patrick van der Valk | 27 Jul 11:28 2014

Affordable accommodations at Worlds in Dubai

Beach Ultimate Lovers of Europe,


We have gotten the Holiday Inn Express hotels in Dubai as a part of the 2015 BULA & WFDF World Championships of Beach Ultimate. Prices are now as low as €40/night! :-)


For more info: http://www.wcbu2015.org/player-and-team-info/accommodation-food/


See you on the beach!





Patrick van der Valk

patrick <at> beachultimate.org | +351 918 412 363

President - Beach Ultimate Lovers Association

Chairman - WFDF Beach Ultimate Committee

Chairman - WFDF Spirit of the Game  Committee



Christoph Dehnhardt | 26 Jul 09:29 2014

WJUC & EYUC Friday; first final played

Hello out there,
morning of finals day here.
Friday began with sunshine, and 15 matches scheduled; among those the 4 quarters in junior women. The sun held out, and so did the fields, so actually all matches could be played. Yippieh!
Canada beat Japan, and USA beat Russia quite safely. The other matches were closer; Austria, who had already beat the Euro champ Germany earlier, also managed to win against Italy to go to the top 4. In parallel, World champion Colombia took on Germany. This was a hard fought close match, in which Colombia could eventually get 2 breaks ahead to win 17:14.
CAN and USA then won their semis;  their final and the bronze medal match are scheduled today.
In U17 girls, Germany, after the huge disappointment of missing the final, could not get their motivation to a 100%, whereas their opponent Austria was hot to get this rematch for bronze, and took this medal. The final on the center court saw 2 teams that had never played this before. Inspired by the openeing ceremony with national anthems, they gave the audience an awesome match with hardly any drops or unforced errors, one of the best u17 girls matches I have ever witnessed. The sun was out, and Netherlands went into the lead for half time. They then were able to contorl this all the way to the end, 15:12 (or
Junior open had the semis; Austria beat France, and GB beat Germany. Again, the German team seemed too disappointed to fight hard enough in the brone medal game, wheras France displayed stability and goes home with a medal.
Junior open had 2 games per team. In the semis, USA beat Italy. Canada and Germany was played on the center court, and Germany really were out to surprise Canada, and held up to around 5:5; but Canada stepped up the pace even more, and play for gold today. The bronze medal game also began as a tough and very close fight, with just a small edge for GER at half time. The second half saw Germany cruising, though, so they go home proudly ith bronze, and both teams finished 1 place higher than 2012.
Lower placement matches coult not be played, due to the weather delays.
One seet story: the Dutch, with 1000 years experience at draining wet places, offered the grounds keeper to deepen the thainage ditches. he gave them shovels, and they recruited more players from other nations (especially Ireland, who also know about rain...). Together they worked until late on thursday, improving the drainage, which helped in prese ving the fields. So if we have the same siuation at WUCC, teams may want to grab a shovel before risking cancelled matches... anyway, a Great hand to the Netherlands initiative, and all helpers!
Gotta, run, U17 open finals stat soon. Get the streams on Skyd, or follow WING for live scoring.
Christoph Dehnhardt   <phi91ebx-S0/GAf8tV78@public.gmane.org>   +49 - 341 - 5901880
Christoph Dehnhardt | 25 Jul 03:27 2014

WJUC & OEYUC days 3&4

Hi y'all,
I did not have wifi last night, thus no report. Both today and yesterday were very eventful, it will be hard for me to get it together now at 2.30am, but I try. The weather forecast just changed from "great flood" to no rain this night, so we may not need to go to the fields at 6am to asses weather play is possible... fingers crossed!
There has been a lot of rain: over the past few weeks (so the ground is well soaked), at the tournament start, wed evening... much more than usually here, making the otherwise perfect fields more fragile. But the ground keeper is very cooperative and helpful, allows us to play wherever possible without doing too much damage, and actually rapairing fields constantly.
Othe than that, the tournament also has some hiccups, as can be expected from an event this size. Most things function well, some do not. Looking at the immense effort that was put into this, the 50 things that may not be good need to be put into relation with 950 that are great, so many teams are very happy, others are a bit unnerved by some flaws.
Any, back to the action: let me try to remeber wednesday.
Junior Open: USA, CAN, GERE and ITA safely won the 4 pools, with straight wins. They then faced off one another in new seeding-games; USA was up 9:6 over Canada, Germany 11:6 over Italy, when a thunderstorm came nearer and play was stopped due to lighning danger, at around 6:30pm. The same was true for all pre-quarters, and several matches in other divisions.
Junior women: in the power pools, most games went according to seeding: USA beat GER and FIN, Colombia beat ITA and RUS, Canada beat Latvia and Great Britain. Austria, after beating Germany in the pool could also win over France and Japan. The big game was Russia beating Great Britain.
U17 women: the 2nd round robin was started. The exciting one was the evening match of the top2 FRA-NED, which was at 6:4 when the storm came.
U17 open: The power pool is led by Germany, with 3:0 wins. Austria beat France, leaving both at 2:1, followed by GBR and IRE at 1:2.
Then on wednesday evening, after the storm came incredible rain, leaving the fields soaking wet most of the day thursday. Thus, most matches had to be cancelled, with Simon Hill (WFDF) and myself getting plans B, C and more out of the drawer to try save the tournament, not knowing how many matches we would be able to play at all.
We did get some 16 games in on thursday. Most division formats were altered, to make up for less matches, and some of those changes are disadvantegeing certain unfortunate teams. Not a great position to be in... but mostly things go on very satisfactorily, most teams have one or more games less than originally scheduled.
In U17 girls, Germany and France played their 2nd round robin match, in which Germany had to make up for their earlier 4 points loss, and furthermore would not get a chance for a rematch against the Netherlands. The game ended 12:11 for Germany, so France gets the final tomorow against the Netherlands. GER plays Austria, who won against GBR.
U17 open: again most matches cancelled; tomorrow will see the semis GER-GBR and AUS-FRA, thus the top4 of 2013. This will be exciting to follow, all 4 teams have displayed amazing ultimate. Lower down, Israel and Italy get a recovery chance against Ireland and Sweden; Colombia and the Netherlands play for 9th.
Junior women:
Power pool x ended in a showcase match at the stadium, in which Canada beat Colombia 13:11. This morning has the Quarters USA-RUS, COL-GER, CAN-JAP and AUT-ITA. Semis later in the day; most placement games will need to get cancelled, as the tournament is over on saturday.
Junior open:
The few games today culminated in a floodlight game at the stadium with hundreds of frenzied spectators, who had already watched the COL-CAN women's game. Italy took on Israel in a quarter, both teams with huge support from the stands. Italy came out with a self assured body language and started 2:0 before Israel got on the board. Italy got more breaks and was up 9:5 at half time. Both teams were handling well, especially Italy's dynamic mix of give and goes with safe clap catches, and occasional hucks was convincing, but actually Israels style was similar. Israel actually made a good comeback, but Italy took the game eventually.
Thus, the semis on moday are USA-ITA and CAN-GER, who had beat ustria in quarters. The 2nd semi will be live on Skyd.
So follow the stream, or the tournament website or face book, and the scoring (all posted earlier this week.
Also streamed will be the final of the U17 girls friday 16:30, and the finals on saturday (U17 open at 11, U20 women at 13, U20 open at 15).
We are looking forward to an amazing stadium atmosphere again!
Do some sundance, everyone, we DO want to play as many matches as possile!

Christoph Dehnhardt   <phi91ebx-S0/GAf8tV78@public.gmane.org>   +49 - 341 - 5901880