BUM Crew | 3 May 13:30 2016

BUM May 14-16: looking for a women-team or women-pickups !!!

Hello girls and women,

who wants to play beach ultimate in Berlin?

Our tourney is from May 14 to 16, three day of playing.

We are looking for a whole women team or substitutes for Jinx - the Berlin team.

Just let us know if you are interested at: mail-cLJjHaL0iMks0SepJ7nABMPtc7CR70hO@public.gmane.org

Regards, Peter

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Mermaid and moe | 3 May 11:44 2016

2 days left to sign up for Mermaid and Moe 2016

Hi Eurodisc

There are now only 2 days left to sign up for Mermaid and Moe this August!
Check out the list of teams who have already signed up and sign up your own team on our website www.mermaidandmoe.dk

See you all in Copenhagen!
Mermaid and Moe

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Antonius Kempmann | 2 May 15:15 2016

INTERFLUG-Boardingcall, Berlin. 27. - 28. August 2016

Dear friends of INTERFLUG,

we are happy to announce: the registration for INTERFLUG 2016 is now open! Like in previous years, this fabulous HAT-tournament will be hosted by PARKSCHEIBE Berlin.

We would like to welcome you on 27th and 28th of August to the magnificent playing fields at TiB Berlin for Germany’s most popular HAT-tournament (at least we like to think it is….)

Over 220 players from all over Europe and the world will descend upon Berlin to meet new people and play Ultimate together. You should be one of them.

How? Just go to http://www.interflug-berlin.de and register to save yourself a spot (you’ll get a payment notification within 48 h; your spot is booked when the payment reaches us and there are still spots open).. Experience tells us that demand for spots is high - so don’t waste any time.

Join us for some hard facts: 50 Euro players’ fee will get you:

- breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
- Saturday night you’ll get the customary INTERFLUG dinner; real Italian lasagne on REAL plates, with REAL cutlery with wine from REAL glasses (no more eating out of the Frisbee!)
- free camping on the grounds from Friday till Sunday
- above-average sanitary facilities (4 showers rooms with 8 shower nozzles each)
- team jerseys with the current INTERFLUG-design on it (collectors’ item!)
- human contact with some amazing ultimate players you have never played with before
- human contct (part II) at the party where the DJ Team Sefredo is going to do their „thang"

If you are not sure whether to take the trip to Berlin, you should ask someone who has been there. You can also marvel at the cool INTERFLUG-shirts of previous years that people wear.
„INTERFLUG ’04“-shirts are traded like gold on the black market. Actually, INTERFLUG-shirts are like Hardrock-Cafe-Shirts in the 90s. It is the best way of showing that you have been to cool places without having to say it!

See you on the field, toni

PS: Technological side note: iOS-users might experience difficulties registring; if this is the case just do it via parkschei.be, it works there!

27.-28. August 2016
TiB Berlin
Columbiadamm 111
10965 Berlin
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BUM Crew | 28 Apr 14:11 2016

Beach-Pickup at BUM in Berlin ? May 14-16 !

Who wants to play 3 days of beach-ultimate in the middle of Berlin?

We still got spots in our pickup-team BUMbastic. The team is playing in the open/mixed division and we are looking for players with a bit of experience and the will to work through the sand.

Just contact us at: mail-cLJjHaL0iMks0SepJ7nABMPtc7CR70hO@public.gmane.org

Cheers, Peter

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Mermaid and moe | 26 Apr 20:32 2016

Mermaid and Moe

Hi all

Last call for signing up for Mermaid and Moe in Copenhagen is the 5th May! 

We have a Slip 'N Slide and the same great fields as EUC2015 :) 

Get more info and see other registered teams at http://mermaidandmoe.dk/registred-teams

Best Regards Mermaid & Moe Team

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DUFFA Hat | 25 Apr 14:19 2016

DUFFA Hat 2016

Hi all,

The 9th annual DUFFA Hat Tournament is here!

If you've already been to one of our Hats, you'll know you can expect a great weekend. If you've never been before, it's a great weekend of 24 mixed teams and nearly 300 players, with sideline games, food, camping and - of course - an awesome party (with a fancy dress competition) on the Saturday night. We pride ourselves on being beginner-friendly, so it's ideal if you've not being playing ultimate for long and want to see what a Hat tournament is all about.

We've got a great theme this year, which will be announced a bit closer to the time (in enough time for you to prepare your costumes!).

This year it will be taking place on the 6th and 7th of August. As usual, it will be in Didsbury, South Manchester, UK.

Registration for spaces opens on Monday 9th May and closes on Sunday 15th May. The registration page is at http://www.duffa.org/duffa-hat-tournament/duffa-hat-registration. However, we love having international players come and join us and we understand that it's more difficult when you have to book flights, so if you're coming from abroad, send us an email at hat-WLCbDYGgAUA@public.gmane.orgg, and we'll send you an early invitation for a guaranteed space!

Thanks all - looking forward to seeing you there!

Simon Ingram
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Xavier von Aarburg | 20 Apr 11:24 2016

TALAMPAYA -  last minutes spots for your team !

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Hello ultimate lovers,

TALAMPAYA - 14-15-16 MAY have last minutes spots available.

If you are interested in 3 days of fun competition, get in touch with us through : http://ultimatecentral.com/en_us/e/talampaya-2016
or on our facebook page:

Talampaya crew
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Mark Earley | 20 Apr 09:10 2016

Ireland Masters Ultimate

Hello Eurodisc,

a quick email to inform any Europe-based Ireland-eligible players of Irish Ultimate's first steps towards Masters Ultimate. Our first goal will likely be to attend WCBU in France next June. If this sounds interesting to you please fill in this form: Ireland Masters

Any questions, please drop me a mail. 

Many thanks,
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daniel malik | 20 Apr 00:07 2016

Beatem Sport Festival (Ultimate Austria)

Hello  Fun Utimate Lovers,,

Im proud to invite you to the first Beatem Sports Festival from 28th-29.5. 2016 Neusiedl / See. (Austria, close to Vienna)
A multi-sport event with  Dodgeball, Ultimate and Touch Rugby..
In addition, there are of course numerous  side events, like Bubble Ball, Strong Team Contest and Parties . . .

Some impressions from last year: Dodgeball Beach Cup Neusiedl/See 2015

64 Dodgeball Teams, 10 Ultimate Teams, 12 Touch Rugby Teams, a large sports music event !!!!!


the number of participants for this year is limited to a maximum of 10 teams !!!!
5 vs.5 Mixed Ultimate (min. 2 women), all levels, artificial turf!
Teamfee: € 140, no Playersfee.
One thing is important to us !!! Have fun;-)

First come, first play !!!!


(# 79 Soul Gringos & Moose Company)
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Paul Bernier | 18 Apr 15:17 2016


hi all,

we just have one team dropping out and need to complete our 32 MIXED teams schedule ...

we are offering a spot at special condition to next CoEd beach ultimate tournament  in Bibione (Italy) > April 29 & 30 + May 01.

should you be interested, just send me a message to this address.


Paul, Pierre, Aline & the bbsea staff
Bibibione Beach Ultimate and Freestyle
All results on : d1pierre10coups.be/ultiorganizer

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Monkey BO | 15 Apr 08:30 2016

BO 2016 : let's registrate !

(english version below)

Salut à tous !

Les Monkey de Grenoble déclarent officiellement ouverte la 18ème édition du tournoi BO, les 2-3-4 septembre 2016 !
On ne change pas une formule qui gagne, vous êtes les bienvenus pour venir profiter de ce qui fait BO :
- un tournoi mixte de haut niveau, 4 terrains, 16 à 20 équipes
- l'offre tout inclus, en chalet ou sous tentes
- le mini-tournoi sur place le vendredi après-midi
- 2 soirées de dingue
- un cadre exceptionnel dans la ville de Bourg d'Oisans
- et la Monkey's touch

Venez donc défier FUM, les derniers vainqueurs, rivaliser de fair-play avec Tutti Frutti Summer Love; et mettre le feu au dance floor comme les Dahultimate !

Nous avons une page sur ultimate central : http://ultimatecentral.com/en_us/e/bo-2016
Mais elle vous mènera sur notre site web, où tout se passe (informations, inscriptions...) :
Toutes les infos sur le tournoi sont ici :
Le formulaire d'inscription et les tarifs sont ici (cliquer sur INSCRIPTION 2016) :
Les inscription seront closes le 13 juin.
Les possibilités d'hébergement sont décrites sur cette page :
N'hésitez pas à vous ballader sur notre site pour avoir toutes les informations nécessaires (menu Tournoi BO 2016)

N'oubliez pas de suivre l'évènement Facebook dédié :

Le thème ? Patience petit scarabée... Viens parfaire ton apprentissage de l'ultimate à BO cette année... ( oui, c'est l'année du singe dans le calendrier chinois, on ne pouvait pas manquer ça :-) )

Des bises du Monkey crew !


Hello everyone !

The Monkey from Grenoble declare that the 18th edition of the BO tournament, on the 2-3-4 of September 2016 is now officially open !
Come enjoin the ingredients of our recipe you already enjoy :
- a high-level coed tournament, on 4 fiels, with 16-20 teams
- the all-inclusive formula, in chalets or tents
- a mini beach hat tournament on Friday afternoon
- 2 crazy nights until sunrise
- the magnificent landscape around the Bourg d'Oisans village
- the Monkey's touch

So let's join to compete against FUM, to be more fairplay than Tutti Frutti Summer Love, to beat Dahultimate on the dancefllor !

We have a page on ultimate central : http://ultimatecentral.com/en_us/e/bo-2016
But you will be redirected to our website, where everything happens (info, registration...)
All info are here : 
The registration form, and all info about prizes are located here (please click on REGISTRATION 2016) :
Registation will be over on the 13th of June.
The accomodation possibilities are described on this page :
Don't hesitate to navigate on our website to gather all the info you need (red menu BO tournament 2016)

We also have a Facebook event you can follow :

This year's theme ? Be patient, little beetle... Come to BO to master your ultimate skills !
(Indeed, this year is the year of the Monkey in the chinese calendar, we could not miss that :-) )

Kisses from the Monkey crew !

Garanti sans virus. www.avast.com
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