Andrea Furlan | 5 Oct 21:53 2015

EUCF2015 Final Standings and Spirit scores

The 10th edition of the EUCF was a great tournament with lots of closed games and extremely high spirit.

All results and spirit are in UC:
The responsibles of the World Games 2017, which will take place in Wroclaw, were not only impressed by the intensity and by the high sportmanship of our sport, but also by the very civil behaviour of the 1000+ athlets that attended the tournament.

Thanks a lot for having set such a great example!

The event was really well organized and we can look forward to the next major events organized by this TOC.
Thanks again FLOW and Polnish Federation for your great work!

Have a nice off-season and C U next year in a EUCS2016 event


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Diane Davis | 29 Sep 05:09 2015

Last chance to register for DR SAND & MR GRASS in the Canary Islands!

Just a reminder that registration for our annual grass/sand/savage tournament closes on OCTOBER 1ST!  If you're looking for a sunny getaway in February, sign up today!

Since 2001, Guayota has hosted its “Dr Sand & Mr Grass Tournament” on the sunny island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Played on both sand and grass, this mixed tournament features 14 teams competing in a savage-seven format—the only one of its kind! Dr Sand & Mr Grass welcomes strong teams with a high level of spirit!
* En español más abajo

Hello everyone...The Doctor is back!! Get ready to plan your appointment before it’s too late.
For all of you who have been waiting and everyone who wants to sign up for the first time...

We have been working to improve our tournament and make it a nice frisbee holiday experience down in the islands for everyone.  If you want to be part of this unique experience and enjoy our mild winter, go ahead and plan your trip to Tenerife. We’ll make sure that you will have fun!

This is what this year's Doctor offers:

Dates:   Friday February 19th to Sunday February 21th 2016 --- the 16th International Tournament Doctor Sand & Mr Grass, Tenerife, Canary Islands.

So don’t wait too long! If you would like to come, fill out this form before October 1st 2015.

We are still doing:
Savage 7
14 Mixed teams
4 men - 3 women (minimum)
Up to 9 players in total (only 7 play per game)
You’ll play on 2 full-size ultimate grass fields on Friday and on 2 full-size beach ultimate fields on Saturday and Sunday.

Registration system
Registration will be open from September 16th until October 1st 2015.
Every team that registers will get a confirmation mail within a couple of hours after registration.
No payment yet, please!

On October 2nd all registered teams will get an email, either positive or negative.
Selected teams will be able to pay from October 5th until November 5th 2015.
If your team is selected and you decide to cancel, please make sure to do it before November 5th. Please be considerate of those on the waiting list, thanks!

Players fee is € 45. This covers the tournament, the parties, water and fruit during the games, 2 dinners, 3 lunches and a lot of surprises...
No team fee.
Lodging is € 85. This year we are staying in a nice 3 star hotel in Santa Cruz, that includes a nice hot/cold breakfast buffet. This is the hotel website for more info.
* For those who are planning to stay an extra night, before or after the tournament, we have special prices from the hotel. Please, let us know ahead, so we can help you to reserve or you can do it yourself once you are here.

The Doctor is waiting...!!! Sunshine in the winter is the best remedy for all of your ailments!

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Rigas Rudens | 24 Sep 10:52 2015

Welcome to "Rigas Rudens 2015"

Hello all “Rigas Rudens” friends!

If your team wants to participate in “Rigas Rudens 2015” we need you to pay close attention to this, because in this letter we will introduce you on how team selection process for “Rigas 
Rudens 2015” will be done.

Tournament will take place on November 7-8th in 3 sports halls (two in Ogre and one in Lielvarde), that means we can host 20 Open and 12 Women teams. This year we decided to take the challenge and change tournament format with “Elite group” in Open division. We believe that will bring in more equivalent and take out unequal games from the tournament.

In “Elite group” there will be 8 teams and in “Challengers group” there will be 12 teams. On first day games will be played separately in each group and in the end of the day the best two teams from “challengers” will play against two the worst teams from “Elite”. On the second day winners (from first day) will play for 1st place but losers will play for 9th place.

“Elite group” team selection criteria:
*) team is registered till 12 October
*) results from previous years

To fully complete Your registration You need to follow these steps:

Till 12th of October YOU:
1) register Your team in ultimate central (link: )
2) send us an e-mail ( rigasrudens <at> ) showing: Your team name, division, country and contact information (phone and e-mail)

On 15th of October WE announce selected teams in “Elite”, “Challengers”  and “Women” with waiting lists.

YOU have 8 days till 23rd October to make full payment of 140 Euro 

On 25th of October WE announce which teams have completed registration and are accepted 
for participating in our favorite tournament “Rigas Rudens 2015”


To make organization of tournament better and avoid potential issues, we kindly ask you to make your decision regarding participation in time.

As usual there will be a special price for accommodation in HOTEL1934  and club HAUZE are hosting a party with welcome drinks

Follow us on twitter <at> rigasrudens and Facebook <at> Rigas Rudens

Rigas Rudens
Org. team

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Paul Bernier | 23 Sep 08:29 2015

BURLA 2015 results

All dear friends,

Please find here below the final ranking of last BURLA 'Kings and Queens'

  1. zoccoli misti - ndl
  2. Flying bisc' - ita
  3. 4 stazioni - deu
  4. vola bas - ita
  5. 45 giri - ita
  6. jacuzzi - intl
  7. f4f - ita
  8. Brixton angels . uk
  9. beach bears - uk
  10. barbearians - uk
  11. running pigs - che
  12. abh - uk
  13. disc doctors - uk
  14. sky hawks - che
  15. leamington lemmings - uk
  16. shark bears - uk
SOTG : Brixton angels - uk

  1. russo turisto . ru
  2. ftu - fra
  3. bivni - ru
  4. amore - intl
  5. super panda - uk
  6.  old skool - uk
  7. dirty Harry - uk
  8. ultimate pirates - ita
  9. sneeekys . Scotland
SOTG : ftu french touch ultimate - fra

3 days of sun, fun and pure beach ultimate.
all complete scores and results on:

hope to have you with us next year: 16/17/18 Sept. 2016.

Ciao4now and Thanks
Paul & the Tuscan Gang
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Bernier Paul | 22 Sep 17:56 2015

BURLA BEACH CUP 2015 - Kings & Queens - RESULTS online

all games results on:
more details soon …
Paul & the gang
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Andrea Furlan | 20 Sep 08:33 2015

Fwd: Friendly Reminder: Call for Bids for the EUCF2016

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Andrea Furlan <>
Date: 2015-09-20 8:33 GMT+02:00
Subject: Friendly Reminder: Call for Bids for the EUCF2016
To: "" <members <at>>

Dear member federations 

The EUF has officially opened in June the call for bids for the EUCF 2016.

Deadlines and requirements are here or in the document in attach.

So far we haven't recieved any competitive bid, so we kindly ask you to investigate within your nation, if you have the logistical and manpower possibilities to organize it.
In case of missing Know-How about running large scale tournaments, there is also the possibility that EUF builds the TOC (similarly as for the EYUC 2015).

Please consider that only federations can bid or clubs/individuals with a letter of support from a EUF member federation. 

Looking forward to receiving many competitive bids!

Grazie e ciao


- -

Attachment (EUCF2016 call for bids.pdf): application/pdf, 320 KiB
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Christoph Dehnhardt | 11 Sep 16:17 2015

EYUC15: Live games are still visible; donation site closes in 5 days

Dear all,
EYUC lies in the past for over one month now. But the matches streamed live from the center court are still visible on line!
In these matches, you can witness the summer heat, even see the dust clouds popping up at each step. As the kids had been playing in the heat for almost a full week, you also see the wear on the players: in all matches, the power and concentration is not quite as high any more as in the days before.
If you should choose one match only to watch, the U20 open final is the one where you get the most from: not because this division plays the highest level, but because this match is the most exciting. Great sports!
Congratulations to all the medal winners. The 4 golds go to the Netherlands (U17 girls), Austria (U20 girls) and Germany (both open divisions).
Spirit: Sweden (U17g), Slovakia (U20w), Austria (U17o) and Spain (U20o).
See full results and also the live streams at:
Also, there is a link here to the "Live stream donation" site. This site is up until september 15. Some federations have donated large amounts, thanks a lot! EUF will finance the missing balance, but it would help greatly if you, the viewers, also pitches in. Just click on the link and donate via Paypal etc. If you wish to donate and get a recipt for the tax office, you can contact the EUF treasurer Ted directly at
EUF youth chair
This week end, we will see the worlds first ever WFDF sanctioned event in Africa, the All African Ultimate Club Championships, AAUCC. Follow on fb or twitter, #AAUCC. All the best to our neighbor continent!

Christoph Dehnhardt   <phi91ebx-S0/>   +49 - 341 - 5901880
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Laurent Leipelt | 10 Sep 08:57 2015

2ND CALL // KYF 15 - Women Indoor Tournament / 31 of October & 1st of November 2015 / ERSTEIN (FR)


Some would say that there are not enough indoor women's tournament in France or in let's change that !! The youth of Erstein Ultimate Club helped by the wisdom of Sesquidistus from Strasbourg have decided to be up to the challenge and will try to fill the gap by offering a quality tournament, by providing the same organization and good energy as his big brother :The  KYM !

The Erstein Ultimate Club is very proud and happy to invite you to his first edition of the Keep Your F****, also known as the KYF.


31 of October & 1st of November 2015


Gymnase Herinstein, rue du vieux marché, 67150 Erstein ( 20 min by car from Strasburg )


Women, 10 teams, 6 or 7 games per team.

Reasons to come :


* The KYF is a wonderful preparation for the brand new France Indoor National Women's Cup,

* International tournament,        

* A sport hall of quality with stands and space,    

* One or Two nights in comfortables beds ( Dormitories or/and mobilehome ) ,

* Delicious food ( veggie friendly ) to satisfy little and big stomach,

* A Gender-Free tournament : don’t expect any flowers and/or beauty kit,  * Surprises..

Fee :

Team fee : 50 euros

Players fee : 30 euros (2 nights in real beds, 2 breakfasts, saturday night's meal).


Registration until the 1st of October ( Selected teams will be announced the following day )

In order to register, please send an email to

KYF Crew

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Alessio Meloni | 7 Sep 15:01 2015

Women wanted for Calafell tournament

Hi there!
My team is gonna play at Calafell on the 26th/27th of September and we are desperately looking for 2 more girls to join the team!
If interested contact me or send an email at



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Ireland Senior Open | 7 Sep 01:27 2015

Information on the Ireland Open team to compete at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) 2016 in London

Hello all, 

Player sign-up and trials
We'd like to announce that trials for the Irish Open team competing at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) in London 2016 (June 18-26) will take place over one weekend, in a venue to be determined in Dublin on Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of October 2015. After this trial weekend we'll select an extended squad. The final team selection is expected to take place in February.

If interested in trying out for the team, please complete the following form as soon as possible: information about the trials will be made available to all those who sign-up through our private website. 

If you are unable to attend trials but would like to try out, all is not lost, please fill out the form as soon as possible and we'll take things from there.

Team website
If you're unsure about whether you would like to commit or not, please sign-up anyway by filling in the form. Everyone who signs-up will be given access to the team website which provides full details for the upcoming season. You may withdraw from trying out after this.

The Ireland Open 2016 Leadership
Dónal Murray: Head coach, trials selector
Leo Yoshida: Coach
Séamus Murray: Coach, extended squad player
Barry Walsh: Manager, trials selector, extended squad player
Robbie Brennan: Trials selector, extended squad player
Micheál McGrath: PRO
Robbie Lillis: Physio

If there are any issues, please email us at irelandopen-y/ZawNu4e5uJamFRp5AMggC/
Best regards,
Dónal Murray
On behalf of the WUGC2016 Ireland Open Team Leadership
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Vinko Anzulovic | 31 Aug 13:19 2015

First Croatian Beach ultimate- Spinning Paradise; 4-6 September

Feel last hit of summer on spectacular Croatian beach Lopar,
one of top 100 beaches by CNN.
Join hundred players from all over Europe in making of history and have great time on First Croatian beach ultimate.

We only have a few spots for pickup and 3 spots for Training camp lead by 
experienced coach from GB Sion Scone.

On a Training camp you will learn how to improve your game by series of drills 
and you will also play tourney coached and guided like on elite teams.

So don't waste time to contact us for your spot on 
Spinning Paradise beach spot on mail:

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