Tomasz Krawczyk | 17 Dec 08:44 2014

Spirit on Ice 2015!! Sosnowiec Poland!

Hello dear Frisbee Friends!


Little behind the schedule but still with great joy we are happy to invite you to Sosnowiec for the next edition of Ultimate Indoor Tournament - Spirit On Ice 2015!   

 The 8th edition of this EASY-MIX tournament will be held on February 21st  As always event will take in Sosnowiec – The Capital of Polish Frisbee. City has two airports in short range one in Katowice and second in Cracow. Katowice airport is preferable one cause you get to the town by bus in 15 to 20 minutes. The matches will be held in the same facility it was held throughout previous years - Żeromski Sports Hall


This two days event will bring you enormous amount of fun and physical intensity

This is why you should visit us on this special event:


For 20 EUR /85 PLN each(which is a players fee) we will provide for you:
-2 days of more than exceptional FRISBEE ULTIMATE
-Free accommodation – Each team has its own classroom in the school near the Hall
-Exceptional Meals during whole weekend (2x Super Breakfasts, 1xSaturday Hot Dinner, salads and fresh toasts)
- Fresh drinks and mineral water 
-Welcome Party on Friday with welcome beers of course :D
-Saturday’s Party with the special theme with lots of funny contests, beer races and so on
- All star game on Saturday evening after which we will put to test our famous “SOL Team Drink” 
-Awarding ceremony with a lot of cool prizes (SOTG, MVP awards M/W, longest trip and…)

…and much much more!!! :D

 As always we are eager to see teams with a high Spirit of the Game, professional level of Ultimate skills, ableness to have fun during the matches and to party like crazy on a Saturday night!

We’d like to invite 9 Teams from all over the Europe. Among those are our friends from Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, United Kingdom and Netherlands!

As always high level of play and good fun at the party will be offered
General rules: 5 on 5, easy mix (two girls on line), WFDF rules


Registration system:

- Registration period is short, It starts now and closes at 11th January 2015. Till 11th January 2015 you can register your team by sending an e-mail

- On Friday 15th of January 2015 all registered teams will get an e-mail, either positive or negative.

- Selected teams will have time of 2 weeks to pay TEAM’S FEE (100€/440pln - which is non refundable), paying confirms their interest in attending the tournament. Deadline to pay the team's fee is 30th of January.

- In case of  greater  interest from teams invited, a WAITING LIST will be posted.

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on my e-mail posted above.


See you soon!


Spirit on Lemon

Discflyers Odense | 16 Dec 10:53 2014

Furious 5

Registration has closed for the furious 5 2015 edition, but there is still room for another womens team, so if you are interrested in playing one of the most fun indoor tournaments then  write us!

The invitatation:

Dear Furious Friends

Discflyers is proud to invite you and your teammates to Furious Five anno 2015. The tournament will take place on the 7th and 8th of February 2015. All games, Saturday and Sunday, will be played in Højbyhallen, Odense.

You'll get

• Domes, dinner, party and accommodation all at the same location!

• Plenty of space for both high upsides and spinning hammers in the domes. All games are played in domes next to each other.

• Good floor in both domes and seats for everyone when resting and watching ultimate.

• A cafeteria where you can buy fruit, delicious sandwiches, junkfood and different kinds of drinks.

• Lots and lots and lots of great fun, fair spirited and hard played ultimate - Furious Five as you know it!  You can choose between bringing 5 or 6 players to our tournament. If you choose to bring 6 players you are allowed to substitute one player between the matches - but not during the match.
This year we will aim at having 14 teams in the open division and 10 teams in the womens division fighting for the glory of Furious Five!

·         The price for 5 players will be 2000 dkk(€270)

·         The price for 6 players 2400dkk(€322) for 6 players.

·               Additional non playing cheerleaders, coaches or family members can tag along for 200 dkk(25 eur) this includes breakfast Saturday  and Sunday and the dinnerparty

We will continuously make updates about the tournament at our facebook site:

If you need additional information, please contact Kasper Roholt on

We are looking forward to give you a special and intense indoor tournament experience!

glenn | 15 Dec 23:48 2014

Tom's Tourney 2015

From Friday May 1st until Sunday May 3rd 2015 we´ll organize the 23rd edition of our international ultimate tournament Tom´s Tourney in Bruges, Belgium. On our website you´ll find all info, including an on-line registration form. If you would like to come, fill it out before January 10th. Info: • 24 teams in open division 1. • 16 teams in open division 2. • You can choose which open division you want to join : division 1 if you´re very competitive, division 2 if you´re less competitive. • 12 teams in the ladies division. • You´ll play on 11 full-size ultimate fields. All fields are situated on 1 site at walking distance from the main tent. • In all divisions you´ll play 9 games of 50 minutes; 3 on Friday, 4 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Registration system: • Registration will be open from today until Saturday January 10th. • Every team that registers will get a confirmation mail within a couple of hours after registration. • On Monday January 12th all registered teams will get a mail, either positive or negative. • Selected teams will be able to choose their lodging from January 12th on. • Last year’s finalists and spirit winners are certain to be selected should they register. Costs: • Playersfee is 62 euro. This covers the tournament, dinner on Friday evening, the parties, water during the games and breakfast on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. • No extra teamfee to be paid. • Lodging between 6 euro and 25 euro per person per night, according to the location you will choose. • Possibility of on-site lodging in the gym, camping or in festihuts Top-4 from the last couple of years: • 2014 : open 1, 24 teams : 1. Bad Skid (D), 2. Freespeed (CH), 3. Tchac (F), 4. Frizzly Bears (D) • 2014 : open 2, 16 teams : 1. Blue Arse Flies (UK), 2. CUSB Zero 51 (I), 3. Play (A), 4. Tercio Vieja Guardia (E) • 2014 : ladies, 14 teams : 1. U De Cologne (D), 2. Copenhagen Hucks (DK), 3. CUSB Shout (I), 4. Gentleladies (B) • 2013 : open 1, 24 teams : 1. Freespeed (CH), 2. Ragnarok (DK), 3. Flying Angels Bern (CH), 4. CUSB La Fotta (I) • 2013 : open 2, 16 teams : 1. Sun (F), 2. Diabolic Heaven (B), 3. CUSB Zero 51 (I), 4. Revolution’Air (F) • 2013 : ladies, 12 teams : 1. CUSB Shout (I), 2. YAKA (F), 3. Nice Bristols (UK), 4. TILT (NL) • 2012 : open 1, 20 teams : 1. Freespeed (CH), 2. Vibration Old Stars (F), 3. CUSB La Fotta (I), 4. Ragnarok (DK) • 2012 : open 2, 16 teams : 1. Blue Arse Flies (UK), 2. Breizh United (F), 3. Broc Ultimate (IRE), 4. Revos (F) • 2012 : ladies, 16 teams : 1. GB Women (UK), 2. Lotus (CH), 3. Little Miss Sunshine (IRE), 4. Yaka (F) • 2011 : open 1, 20 teams : 1. Cobra Kai (UK), 2. Vibration Old Stars (F), 3. Freespeed (CH), 4. CUSB La Fotta (I) • 2011 : open 2, 16 teams : 1. Diabolic Heaven (B), 2. Sun (F), 3. Freezzz Beezzz (B), 4. OUF (F) • 2011 : ladies, 14 teams : 1. Swiss National ladies team (CH), 2. Better half of mixed (F), 3.Plan B (B), 4. CUSB The Dumpz (I) Hope to see you in Bruges next Spring ! Freezzz Beezzz Brugge
Rising High | 15 Dec 16:23 2014

Registration for Rising High 2015 is now open!

Hello Eurodisc/BritDisc,

Rising High will be back with its 6th edition in 2015. This tourney in Delft, The Netherlands will host up to 32 teams between two open divisions and a women's division. 

You can register your team now! Please go to Ffindr to submit a bid:

Most important facts:
When: 23 May (Hat tournament) 24-25 May (Regular Team Tournament)
How Much: 100 Euro Team Fee and 40 Euro Player's Fee
Extras: Organic Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included on Sunday, Organic Breakfast/Lunch included on Monday.  Party with live music and then a DJ.

For more information on the tournament, dates and the format, please visit our website:

Hope to see you in Delft at the 6th edition of Rising High!

The Rising High Committee
Matthijs Damen
Info Sockeye Camp | 14 Dec 00:38 2014

Re: OFFT - WUCC Lecco contact

Hi Martin,
Ultimatevents offices are closed until Dec 18th for holidays.
Your invoice was sent in November to your federation together with the other Slovakian team's, please check  with Miki Kvetan.
We will resend a copy as soon as we're back.
Gemma Perez

Enviado desde mi iPhone

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Martin Keseg <keso-zyZKryxY8rub9/>
Date: Friday, December 12, 2014
Subject: [ED] OFFT - WUCC Lecco contact


does anyone know anyone who is responsible or alive from WUCC organizers ?
I'm hunting these people on,, more than 3 months and I have no response.
I tried to call numbers on proforma but they are not working.

All I need is regular invoice as proforma invoice was already paid back in

sorry for wide audience but I'm kinda desparate.


Sent quickly from my mobile. Apologies for brevity or spelling errors.
Devils Heaven | 13 Dec 11:39 2014

Registration for Devils' Heaven 2015 open!

Hi all,

Disc Devils Twente proudly announces the 19th edition of Devils' Heaven. The weekend indoor tournament will be held at Diekmanhal, ENSCHEDE (J.J. van Deinselaan 22, 7541 BR Enschede) in the Netherlands. The dates are the 28th of February and 1st of March 2015.

Join us for two fantastic days of ultimate in this Super Heroes edition. There will be a dinner (included) followed by a party on Saturday night. Accommodation provided for Saturday night (quite close to the party venue). Breakfast on Sunday is included.


Party theme: Heavenly heroes – be your own superhero!  


Player’s fee will be €35 and team fee of €135. For registration, please send us an email before the 10th of January, 2015 to devilsheaven <at> with the following information

  •  team name
  •  expected players in the team
  •  strength of the team (beginners, good mix of beginners and experienced or experienced)
  •  if you would be requiring accommodation for Friday evening (27th February 2015)

Registration is now open! Also check our website and as well as our Facebook page for regular updates. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Do not forget to register!


Organizing committee

Devils’ Heaven 2015


PS: Check out the links below for some inspiration for the party

Martin Keseg | 12 Dec 17:01 2014

OFFT - WUCC Lecco contact


does anyone know anyone who is responsible or alive from WUCC organizers ?
I'm hunting these people on info@..., payments@...,
registration@... more than 3 months and I have no response. 
I tried to call numbers on proforma but they are not working.

All I need is regular invoice as proforma invoice was already paid back in

sorry for wide audience but I'm kinda desparate.



nemect10 | 11 Dec 15:47 2014

University Tournament?

Hello guys,

our school-team would like to participate in University Tournament in EU. Do you organize something like that? Or do you now about event like this? (except UUT - Amsterdam, we know about this opportunity ;)

Thanks for any information,

FEL, CTU Prague
Dropbox | 11 Dec 16:33 2014

Andrea Mandalari invited you to check out Dropbox

Hi there,

Andrea Mandalari wants you to try Dropbox! Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos with you anywhere and share them easily.

Accept invite
- The Dropbox Team
If you prefer not to receive invites from Dropbox, please go here.
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Costa Brava Tourney'15 | 10 Dec 18:37 2014

Reminder - 11th Costa Brava Tourney 2015

Hi Beach Ultimate lovers!

Costa Brava Tourney 2015 registration process is still open!

Don't forget to sign in your team!!!

Deadline: 26th December

The 11th edition is around the corner!

is here!
March, 28th to 30th 2015
Mixed Beach Ultimate


Registration through FFindr is OPEN until Friday, 26th December.

The accepted teams list will be published on Monday, December 29th.
Team Fee: 225€. Deadline: Wednesday, January 7th.
Player Fee & Guest Fee: 120€ Deadline: Friday, February 13th.
Player Fee Without accomodation: 40€*

- 3 days of Pure Mixed Beach Ultimate competition.
- 3 parties: Welcome Party on Friday, Saturday night party, Sunday night Costumes party and Awards Ceremony on Monday.
- Mild weather, Spanish spring.

- Full accommodation in hotel**** (4 stars), from Friday, March 28th evening to Monday, 30th afternoon.
- All Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included.
- Water & fruit & lunch served on the fields
- Free Physiotherapy service

*With the basic player fee accomodation, breakfasts and dinners are not included, but lunch and other services are included.
See you on the beach!!!

Best Regards,

The Costa Brava crew
​Follow us


Andrea Furlan | 8 Dec 13:44 2014

Fwd: Location of EYUC2015, EUCF2015, EOC recognition, Social Media and Minutes General Assembly 2014


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Andrea Furlan <>
Date: 2014-12-08 13:42 GMT+01:00
Subject: Location of EYUC2015, EUCF2015, EOC recognition, Social Media and Minutes General Assembly 2014
To: "" <>

Dear Member Federations

the new elected EUF board has been very active in the last months and is happy to inform you about import decisions:

In this occasion we would like to thank again the exiting board members for their great work in the past years.

As you see there are a lot of hot topics, which will require not only the full attention of the board, but also the help of enthusiastic players in the various sub committees.

We are all very contious that 2015 will be a very intensive year, with many international competitions at World and European Level. We have worked hard to define all main events with large advance with particular attention to costs controlling, in order to make your planning and the one of your member players easier.

We are confident to have set with our new social media presence, the right base for an efficient communication within the community.

The new elected board wishes you a regenerating Christmas Time and all the best for 2015

Grazie e ciao

Oddi & the EUF Board 2015-2016