Vinko Anzulovic | 31 Aug 13:19 2015

First Croatian Beach ultimate- Spinning Paradise; 4-6 September

Feel last hit of summer on spectacular Croatian beach Lopar,
one of top 100 beaches by CNN.
Join hundred players from all over Europe in making of history and have great time on First Croatian beach ultimate.

We only have a few spots for pickup and 3 spots for Training camp lead by 
experienced coach from GB Sion Scone.

On a Training camp you will learn how to improve your game by series of drills 
and you will also play tourney coached and guided like on elite teams.

So don't waste time to contact us for your spot on 
Spinning Paradise beach spot on mail:

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Yannick Ducrot | 26 Aug 16:42 2015

FLYING DAHU 2015 (17-18 octobre 2015) : 2 weeks before end of registration closing

English below

Salut à tous,
Rapide mail de rappel pour vous rappeler de vous inscrire à votre tournoi préféré (limite d'inscription au 5 septembre).
Le tournoi hat indoor Flying Dahu organisé par Budwig Ultimate Neuchâtel aura lieu les 17-18 Octobre 2015 à Le Landeron (près de Neuchâtel).
Toutes les infos et le lien pour l'inscription sur
Merci de transmettre ce mail à vos coéquipiers.

On espère vous accueillir nombreux.

Hi all,

Little reminder to let you know registration is closing in less than 2 weeks (5th of Septembre)
Hat's indoor tournament Flying Dahu (organized by Budwig Ultimate Neuchâtel) will take place on 17th and 18th October in Le Landeron (near Neuchâtel).
Infos and link for the inscription on
Hope to see you there.
Thanks to transfer this mail to your team's members.

Pour Budwig
Yannick "Le Vieux"
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Paul Bernier | 26 Aug 09:07 2015

next BIBIONE 2016

be prepared ... next BIBIONE will be : April 29/30 and May 1st 2016 ...

special party: GARDEN GNOME theme

Paul, Pierre, Aline & the bbsea staff

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Marco Barattini | 25 Aug 09:19 2015


Hi All,
just few days before closing registration to BOLOGNA IS BACK 2015.

Here's the list of teams already registered.. if you are interested, if can find all the info

or write an email to

1) HUCKS (Copenaghen)
3) BISCHI (Prato)
4) ALLIGATORS (Casalecchio)
5) DISCOBOLO (Bologna)
6) CUSB LA FOTTA (Bologna)
7) CUSB RED BULLS (Bologna)
8) CUSB ZERO51 (Bologna)
9) CUSB HORNETS (Bologna)
10) F.S.L (Lucerne)
11) CANIEPORCI (Imola)
12) PGS ULTIMATE (Modena)
13) M.U.C. (Munich)
14) BARBASTREJI (Padova)
15) DONKEY DIVERS (Milano)
16) Z.U.F. (Zurich)

1) HUCKS (Copenaghen)
2) COSMO (Maribor)
3) ALLIGATORS (Casalecchio)
4) DISCOGONNE (Bologna)
5) CUSB SHOUT (Bologna)
6) TEQUILA (Rimini)

-- -- Marco Barattini C.U.S. Bologna Resp. Sezione Ultimate Frisbee Tel. +39 346/7981587
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cormac obrien | 24 Aug 15:47 2015

Battle for the one disc

Battle for the one disc ( discathalon,distance and Ultimate) will take place in mallow 26-27 of September in Mallow co.cork Play fee is 90 contact cormac <at>
Many Thanks
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tommaso caenazzo | 22 Aug 16:09 2015

Discoludens 2015 3-4 October Padova-Italy

Hello Earthlings, we are glad to announce DiscoLudens 6th edition.

Conceived in an obscure past by insane minds and lost in space-time for a long while, the tourney everyone was waiting for is back !
Reshaped and designed to meet your dreams: breathtaking fields, unforgettable parties and good vibes are waiting for you in Padova on 3-4 October.
If you're already familiar with 'Stop that Pigeon' 'Spritz Challenge' and 'Homebrew Beer' you're surely looking forward to participate, otherwise come and enjoy this unforgettable experience.
What we want: 35 europlayer fee -NO TEAM FEE FOR FOREIGN TEAMS !-

What you get: Best fieldsavailable in town, tent or gym accommodation, Welcome Party onfriday night with Free Spritz, Saturday night Dinner and Party,  2 breakfasts, water on the fields, children animation area, Spritz Challenge and all our magic!
Registration Deadline: August 31st, on September the 1st we will publish team list and waiting list.To confirm your partecipation you'll have to pay 5 player fees before 10th ofSeptember.

Contact us at discoludens <at> to register your team NOW, resistance is futile !

Check it out here:

Thanks for reading, you'll be assimilated soon.
Tommaso -Barbastreji-

Padova Ultimate Frisbee
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Adrian Oleson | 15 Aug 15:58 2015

Live Wire tournament - 26-27 Sept, Norway

Hi everyone!

We invite you to a weekend of ultimate in Norway, September 26-27!

PLACE: AKA Arena in Honefoss, Norway
DATE: 26-27 September 2015


This is the seventh year organizing Live Wire, which is a hat 
tournament in Honefoss, Norway (50 minutes north of Oslo) held at AKA 
Arena in Honefoss Idrettspark. AKA Arena has a 105x68m artificial grass 
field on which we can mark two fields. The field itself was replaced in 
2014 and is surrounded on two sides by grandstands that seat 3500 
spectators. We also have access to grass fields in the sports park if 

Everyone gets a tournament shirt in the color of the team they play 
for. And everyone's always psyched to play!

Check out the video, Facebook page (for runninig info), website (to 
sign up), spread the word, and we'll see you in September. :-)

Vinko Anzulovic | 10 Aug 22:41 2015

First Croatian Beach: Spinning paradise (beach) RAB, 4-6 September

Hi Ultimate lovers. Write Ultimate history on first ever Croatian Beach Ultimate while enjoying spectacular beach.

Bellow are some cold facts, and you can get big picture by reading small interview published by Get Horizontal-

1. Play on spectacular beach with clean and shallow sea 

(CNN pick for top beaches in world)
2. Write Ultimate history ( have eternal glory and be forever in books of Ultimate )
3. Party. Boat party 
(friday beach bar party close to fields, Saturday boat party and party on deserted "Naked island")
4. Guntimate 
( enjoy uncompetitive but ultra fun version of Ultimate played with waterguns)
5. Sea plane 
(if you land in Rijeka airport (Krk) you can arrive with sea plane in panorama style flight over the fields )

That is not all. You can come with you team on tourney.
Or as individual in Pickup or on TRAINING CAMP lead by Sion Scone

Details and info:
Facebook page :


P.S. IF you struggle still with registration form on UltimateCentral feel free to contact me on facebook or mail:

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leppin heiner | 8 Aug 21:15 2015

Reminder: Tekielas Beach Cup 5th/6th september

Hey fellows,

this year's TeKielas Beach Cup is on 5th and 6th September at the sunny Falkenstein Beach in Kiel.

Format: 16 teams, 5vs5 loose-mixed (beach)

accommodation: camping (20 min walking distance to the fields)

costs: No Teamfee, Playersfee 15€, 4,50€ camping ground and breakfast

party:            Yeap !

Since ultimate central is quite new and many teams did not already convert their team accounts, you can register under until 22th august



P.s: Due to the merger of and ultimate central you can't see the full list of registered teams. This year at Tekielas Beach Cup:

Beach Babies (Berlin)
Grifftor (Berlin/Greifswald)
Toni Kroos Stiftung (Deutschland)
Fischkutter (Hamburg)
Discurs (Berlin)
Alsters (Hamburg)
Red Eagles (Berlin)
Maschine (Hamburg)
Tekielas (Kiel)
Torpedo Phoenix (Dortmund)
Huskies (Berlin)
Indiscutabel (Münster)
Ufo (Osnabrück)
Schleudertrauma (Magdeburg)
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Christoph Dehnhardt | 7 Aug 02:52 2015

EYUC day 3

Hi yall,
2 am. After another 18h of work today, I was considering not to write a round up but to go to bed. BUT my mailbox is full of emails thanking me for my reports, so I guess I have to do it again. I can slep when IM dead...
I am not going to write so much on the matches. For all that I am referring you to the dayly newsletter, which the Gerrman federation president JB writes. Find it on, along with all scores etc. The friday schedule, including the live stream on is also there.
We made changes to the friday schedule, because we are experiencing 39° heat and we as EUF have to protect the junior players from sun strokes, burnout, dehydration. It is tough. But fun! So, we moved almost all games to 9am, 11am, then 5:30pm and 7:30pm.
U17 open
GBR vs GER is one semi, a classic. the other is FRA vs the surprise team: the newcomers from BEL.  9am
Bronze medal match at 3pm and final at 7pm are streamed live!
U20 open
GER vs AUT, FRA vs ISR, GBR vs IRL. All 11am. Hard to choose what to watch.
if you are not here, check the 11am stream of ITA vs SUI. That should be great; ITA is unbeaten thus far, not sure if SUI have a real chance but one never knows.
U17 girls
Semis 9am: NED vs FRA, AUT vs GER. 5th place at 11, GBR vs SWE
U20 women
Quarters again at 11am: ITA vs GER, FRA vs FIN, GBR vs AUT. The dominant team is Russia, who are cruising. They play CZE at 11am; if they win, you can check them out on the stream at 5pm.
Today the heat was hard on all of us. Tomorrow will be even hotter, and most teams have two matches. But the toughest is actually the staff job. They have to maintain 12 pitches in parallel, including the distant fields. Just the job of supplying drinking water is a lot of work. Even the 110 liter containers are not enough for one single match. Crazy.
We decided to treat the staff to a VC voucher, to thank them for their work and to inspire them to keep it up.
But it is not that we are just suffering here. Not at all. The sprinklers, the slip&slide, the ice cream vendor, the VC tent and any shady area are a pure source of joy, with 1000 highly spirited people here. The highlight today was the Nidda river beach, where lots of people cooled down, only to participate in the "longest pull" competition later. trading night last night also was a success, it is beginning to get difficult to differentiate kids as they may wear any jersey.
Off to bed. Bonne nuit, dobra noc, buona notte,

Christoph Dehnhardt   <phi91ebx-S0/>   +49 - 341 - 5901880
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Thomas Griesbaum | 3 Aug 21:01 2015

Full IOC recognition for WFDF

In case you live under a rock (or better: a disc :-)):

Yesterday the IOC has given WFDF full recognition as a sport! See this WFDF press release:

International Olympic Committee grants full recognition to the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF)

This does not mean that we are in the Olympics - there is still a lot of work to do before we can apply for that.

The IOC has provided an excerpt of the 128th Session on YouTube showing the recognition as well as a recently
created WFDF image video:

Already many news outlets have reported, apparently one of the first was the BBC (albeit using some
outdated information from Wikipedia):

Whenever authorities in your country/city have doubts if your flying disc activities are a sport you can
now tell them that IOC thinks they are!