Simon Barlow | 13 Sep 12:15 2014

Players for Burla

Hi Eurodisc,

Looking for a few extra players for next weekends Burla due to some last minute dropouts.

Get in touch if fancy playing with some GB Grandmasters, laughs & pitch time guaranteed.

Kind regards
Simon Barlow

07971 903006

Diane Davis | 14 Sep 18:40 2014


Hello everyone,


REGISTRATION IS OPEN for DR SAND & MR GRASS 2015.   It's our 15th anniversary and we want to celebrate it with you!!!   What are you waiting for?? 

As always we are working to improve our tournament and make it a nice frisbee holiday experience down in the islands for everyone.
So plan your trip well and enjoy our mild winter. We´ll make sure that you will have fun! ;)
The islands are good for your health, you know...
This is what this year's Doctor offers.

Friday February 27th to Sunday March 1st 2015 --- the 15th International Tournament Doctor Sand & Mr Grass, Tenerife, Canary Islands.
On our website you´ll find all information, including an on-line registration form.
So don't wait too long!   If you would like to come, fill it out before September 30th 2014.

Remember our format:

Savage 7
2 days on sand, 1 on grass
12-14 Mixed teams
4 men - 3 women (minimum)
Up to 9 players in total (only 7 play per game)
You´ll play on two full-size ultimate grass fields on Friday and on two full-size beach ultimate fields on Saturday and Sunday.
Registration system
  • Registration will be open from August 20th  until September 30th 2014.
  • Every team that registers will get a confirmation mail within a couple of hours after registration.
  • No payment yet, please !
  • On October 2nd all registered teams will get an email, either positive or negative.
  • Selected teams will be able to pay from October 5th until November 30th 2014.
  • If your team is selected and you decide to cancel, please make sure to do it before November 30th. Be considerate of those on the waiting list, thanks.
  • Players fee is  45EUR. This covers the tournament, the parties, water and fruit during the games, 2 dinners, 3 lunches and a lot of surprises...
  • No team fee.
  • Lodging is  85EUR for 3 nights.   We are staying in a nice 3 star hotel in Santa Cruz, that includes a nice hot/cold breakfast buffet.  This is the hotel website for more info:
* For those who are planning to stay an extra night, before or after the tournament, we have special prices from the hotel. Please, let us know ahead, so we can help you to reserve or you can do it yourself once you are here.

The Doctor is waiting...!!!  Sunshine in the winter is the best remedy for all of your ailments!

Pedro Vargas | 13 Sep 13:14 2014

Monte Gordo Special Edition - Prep tournament for WCBU2015 29-30 November (Portugal)

Hi Beach Ultimate Lovers,


We’re happy to announce the Monte Gordo Special Edition tournament, taking place in Monte Gordo, Algarve (Portugal) in the last weekend of November. This event is mainly dedicated to teams wanting to prepare for the WCBU2015 and has traditionally been a mixed tournament.


However, considering the proximity of other mixed beach tournaments and the interest shown by Open teams to take part in this event, we’re opening participation to Open and Masters teams ahead of the WCBU.


We expect to have a Mixed division (also open to Mixed Masters teams) of 6 teams and Open (and Open Masters) division of another 6 teams. At this point in time we are not considering a Women’s division, but if we can get enough interest and a good deal for extra accommodation we will do our best to make it happen.


All the information about prices, location and registration can be found at:


If you have any further question please feel free to contact Ricardo Patrão ( or Rui Ferreira (


Keep’em Flying!!!


Pedro Vargas


Ruediger Veitl | 11 Sep 02:00 2014

SOTG at EUCR-Central

Dear Eurodisc

Please find below the Spirit score totals of EUCR Central

Overall a very good result.





Bad Raps


Cambo Cakes


Bad Skid


Frank N








7 Schwaben






























Rü Veitl

Felix | 8 Sep 14:10 2014

Fwd: [BD] Looking for Burla Women pickup

​Are you a woman looking to play at Burla this year?

We have a Brighton team entered but we've had a couple of female dropouts.  It's only a week or so away - a few of us are getting there on Mon 15th Sept and chilling for a few days before the tournament starts on the Friday, but turning up for the games on Fri/Sat/Sun can work too.  If you don't know Burla, its a great fun 3 day fun Italian beach tournament near Pisa - .

It'll probably cost ~£150 depending how long you stay out there with us + flights. We are of course aiming to have a lot of fun!

If interested email me at felix37 <at>


Severin Uebbing | 5 Sep 14:22 2014

Force Fyris 2014

Hi all!

I would like to invite you to our indoor tournament Force Fyris 2014 in 
Uppsala, Sweden, on November 22-23. Uppsala is situated in middle 
Sweden, close to Stockholm, and actually closer to Stockholm Arlanda 
airport than Stockholm itself! The name for the event originates from 
the river Fyris which runs through Uppsala.

You can find more info on facebook: There is a special early bird 
team fee for teams from outside of Sweden if paid before Oct 13, so 
hurry up and get registered! I'm looking forward to see some foreign 
teams this year as well!

Feel free to ask any questions!

I wish you all a warm welcome to Force Fyris and Uppsala!

All the best,
Severin Uebbing, Uppsala Frisbee

vinc9188 | 5 Sep 13:04 2014

Looking For a New Casino?
Adrian Oleson | 3 Sep 11:21 2014

Live Wire tournament - Sept 20-21, Norway

Hi everyone!

The sixth annual Live Wire tournament is coming up in Norway.

PLACE: AKA Arena/Honefoss Idrettspark in Honefoss, Norway
DATE: 20-21 September 2014


Live Wire is a hat tournament held in Honefoss. We have free lodging in 
a school close by. Low player fee, everyone gets a tournament shirt in 
the color of the team they play for. And everyone's just out to play 
and have as much fun and excitement as possible, both on and off the 
field. :-)  

Check out the video, the Facebook page (for runninig info), the website 
(to sign up), spread the word, and we'll see you on the fields in 


Robert Pesch | 2 Sep 12:37 2014

EUCF2014 Frankfurt live streaming

Live stream of 2014 european championship finals in frankfurt?

EUF and the tournament directors Robert Pesch and Heiko Karpowski want to live stream the stadium games at EUCF 2014 in frankfurt. Because we think that costs should not be covered by the players but by the spectators, we are organizing a crowdfunding. Of course players and spectators could be the same, because footages will be available live and as VOD.

Coverage will be done by,  who covered the last two eucf as well with 5 cameras and a native speaking and ultimate experieced commentator. Have a look at last years poolplay CUSB vs. Flying Angels <at> EUCF2013:

Crowdfunding will be made via Our Crowdfunding means that many supporters (players and companies) spend money to reach a goal.
If goal 1 is reached the livestreaming of the stadium games will happen, if not ALL MONEY GOES BACK to the supporters and there will be no livestreaming.
If goal 2 is reached we can cover also the saturday stadium games.

Here is the link:

Goal 1: To cover the final day with 3 finals we need to collect 2000 Euro.
Goal 2: To cover saturday and the final day with 3 finals we need to collect 4000 

Thats the way you can support and profit from the coverage:
  1. Spend 3 Euro as a spectator and you will get a free ticket for the hole event. (worth 5 Euro):
  2. Spend 40 Euro as a team and you will get 20 free tickets for the hole event:
  3. Spend 300 Euro as a company and you will get two 20sec. commercialspots. at each covered game (you have to produce the spots):
The crowdfunding ends on 14th of september midnight so there are 13 days left to support it by spending and sharing! The Ultimate szene decides.

Gruß / Regards
Robert Pesch
skype: robert_pesch
Paul Bernier | 1 Sep 16:58 2014

beach tournament ... BURLA BEACH CUP

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Robert Pesch | 1 Sep 13:59 2014

EUCF2014 Frankfurt Accommodation

Hi EUCF players,

since last weekend all EUCR are over and teams qualified for EUCF 2014 in Frankfurt. Congratulation to all winners.

Here are the accommodation booking information:

  1. Accommodation details can be found here:
  2. Booking links:
    1. For RAMADA accommodation please use that link:
    2. For all other accommodation options (and Ramada backup solutions) use that link:
Capacities are limited so take care of a quick booking.

Gruß / Regards

Robert Pesch
skype: robert_pesch