Alessio Guglielmi | 5 Aug 13:13 2009

Meeting in Vienna


Agata, Lutz and I were thinking of meeting in 
Vienna for a 2/3-day workshop in the period 
24.10-5.11. We are interested in discussing the 
state of the art and perspectives for the proof 
systems of modal and substructural logics.

More in general, the themes should be at least in 
part those of the project Démosthène (Identity 
and Geometric Essence of Proofs) and REDO 
plus modal logics and whatever interests our 
Austrian hosts.

I liked a lot the format of the recent meeting at 
so my proposal is to do the same, perhaps on a 
smaller scale.

I would ask the interested people to raise their 
hand and suggest dates (between 24.10 and 5.11), 
so that we can be more specific.



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