Kai Brünnler | 21 Aug 18:19 2007

Deep sequents for modal logic

Dear fellow amphibians,

I finally finished a paper in which I give systems in the calculus of
structures for all the normal modal logics of the "cube" formed from
the axioms d,t,b,4,5. It turned out that the full depth of the
calculus of structures is not needed, so I introduce systems somewhat
intermediate between sequent calculus and calculus of structures.

As usual, the paper is available from www.iam.unibe.ch/~kai/ .
Comments are welcome!

Best wishes,


Guillaume FORTAINE | 22 Aug 01:48 2007

Functional Computer from the ground up


Let me introduce myself : Guillaume FORTAINE, French Engineer in 
Computer Science. Some people know me and some other don't. In all the 
cases, it's an honour for me to send to you this mail. I am currently 
doing researches about FPGAs engineering and Functional Programming 

I am currently involved in the OpenFlightLinux project :


“The Open FlightLinux Project is an open source paragon that strives to 
provide sustainable technology through superior engineering, 
next-generation design concepts, and open standards.”

and I am currently thinking about the design of a true next-gen 
Operating Sytem. After many thoughts, I believe that it could be of 
interest for
everybody to have a common basis for Next-Generation Systems to promote 
research and to skip reinventing the wheel every time. As you are the 
main leaders of the most promising functional stuff research, I decided 
to contact you. Here is the starting point of my reflexion :


I have to say I'm impressed with Ubuntu Linux... it was painless to
install, and it just works. I won't be thinking about how to improve
Linux anymore, just looking forward to its successor... which just might
be Tunes. (Doubtful ;-)
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