Alessio Guglielmi | 12 Jan 15:30 2006

Deductive nets


is there anything against using `deductive net' instead of `deductive 
derivation net'? The reason for the change is a certain redundancy in 
the term `deductive derivation net'.

I recall that `deductive (derivation) net' should stay for a formalism which is

1) a proof system (so, propositional logic proofs are checkable in 
polynomial time on their size)


2) all the common causes of bureaucracy are absent (type A, type B, 
and the formalism supports the elimination of logic-proper 
bureaucracy, like associativity of contractions, etc.).

Wired deduction should be an example of deductive net.

Please let me know if you feel against, I need an official name for 
some research projects.