Michael A. Warren | 7 Apr 21:40 2010

MFPS 2010 Accommodation and Banquet Announcement

To Whom It May Concern,

This e-mail contains two points of business (enumerated below) pertaining
to those attendees of the upcoming Twenty-Sixth Conference on the
Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics (MFPS XXVI) to be held
at the University of Ottawa from May 6 through May 10, 2010.  Registration
remains open and general information on the conference can be found on the
following websites:

Official conference website:

Local website: http://aix1.uottawa.ca/~mwarren/MFPS/index.html

Points of Business:

1. Final Call for Accommodation in the University Residence

This is a final call for requests for accommodation in the university
residence during MFPS 2010 in Ottawa.

There are still several suites available at the discounted rate ($90 per
suite per night or $45 per person per night) and we ask that you contact
Michael Warren (mwarren <at> uottawa.ca) to request placement in a suite if you
are interested in staying in such a suite and have not already done so. 
The suites consist of two individual bedrooms and a shared bathroom and
they are booked from May 5th through (checking out on) May 10th.

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