Steve Vickers | 1 Feb 11:44 2007


I only met Max a couple of times, but I vividly remember a particular
phrase of his. He would ask, "What's the deal?", and that was a prelude
to cutting right through to the mathematical essence of an argument. The
phrase has stayed with me ever since.

Steve Vickers.

Dietmar Schumacher | 1 Feb 15:28 2007


I heard Max once say, without bluster or false modesty,  that he was
just a competent mathematician. Setting the bar that high, he was an
inspiration even to those (like me) who had little hope to clear it.


Walter Tholen | 1 Feb 19:41 2007

Summer School , Haute Bodeux June 2007

Dear categorists -

A few additional spaces have become available for participation in the

Summer School on Contemporary Categorical Methods in Algebra and Topology,
to be held in Haute Bodeux (Belgium), 3-10 June 2007, and organized by
Francis Borceux.

All currently available information about the School, which entails four
lecture series as well as contributed talks, can be obtained at

Anybody interested in particpation who has not yet contacted me should
do so as soon as possible. Notification to new applicats will be given
in early March.

Walter Tholen.

jean benabou | 1 Feb 22:57 2007


So many persons have said so many nice things about Max, as a
mathematician, with which of course I fully agree, that it would be
vain for me to try to add anything on that subject. As a person, his
kindness, his sense of humor will be missed by all of us, and as
Eduardo said "category land" will be much different and a lot more dull.

Jean Benabou

ghilardi | 2 Feb 09:39 2007



Preliminary Announcement and First Call for Papers
5-9 August, 2007
St Anne's College (University of Oxford)
Oxford, England

This international  conference is the third in the series Algebraic  and
Topological methods in Non-Classical Logics (TANCL). The first  was held
in 2003 in Tbilisi, Georgia:

and the second in 2005 in Barcelona, Spain:


The topics covered by TANCL'07 lie within a well-established and
active area of mathematical logic.   It is hoped to attract to the
meeting established researchers and also postdoctoral and graduate
students, from the UK and overseas.

The objectives are

(1) to provide a showcase for recent advances in the field;
(Continue reading)

Pierre-Louis Curien | 2 Feb 16:23 2007

2 events related to JY Girard's 60th birthday

We are pleased to announce two special events that will be held in  
2007, in Italy and France respectively, in honour of Jean-Yves  
Girard, who celebrates his 60th birthday this year:


Workshop on
Linear Logic, Ludics, Implicit Complexity and Operator Algebras.
Dedicated to Jean-Yves  Girard on his 60th birthday.

University of Siena (Italy) at the Certosa di Pontignano, May 17-20,  

Organizing committee:  Michele Abrusci (Roma III), Claudia Faggian  
(CNRS - Paris 7), Simone Martini (Bologna), Simona Ronchi Della Rocca  
(Torino), Aldo Ursini (Siena, chair)




Journées Jean-Yves Girard
Conference in honour of his 60th birthday

Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, September 10 and 11, 2007

(Continue reading)

Cristina Pedicchio | 2 Feb 13:51 2007


We would like to add  also our feelings of
deep sadness at Max's death

cristina e pierpaolo

Peter May | 3 Feb 04:40 2007

Max Kelly

Max visited Saunders Mac Lane in Chicago in 1970-71, and conversations
with him then were both great fun and greatly influenced my work. To quote
from the preface to ``The geometry of iterated loop spaces'', in which I
introduced operads, ``The notion of `operad' defined in Section 1 arose
simultaneously in Max Kelly's categorical work on coherence, and
conversations with him led to the present definition''.  It is a pity
that, due to ill-advised suggestions by a referee a little later, his
January, 1972, preprint ``On the operads of J.P. May'' was not published
until 2006! It contains many often rediscovered insights. See

We also had many conversations about his upcoming role as chair in Sydney.
In those days, before e-mail and even xerox, the problem of relative
isolation down under was much on Max's mind, and he thought that this was
one good reason for following his heart and working to make Sydney a home
for the development of the then underappreciated area of category theory
that he so much loved.  We are all in his debt for the marvelous way that
he succeeded.

Peter May

Bob Rosebrugh | 3 Feb 16:43 2007

ACCAT workshop at ETAPS 2007

There is a workskop at ETAPS 2007 of interest to categories readers

Applied and Computational Category Theory

For information see:

I. Moerdijk | 3 Feb 16:51 2007

job opening

Dear colleagues,

I'd like to draw your attention to an opening for a tenure (track)
position at Utrecht, at the level of "universitair docent" (comparable
to Lecturer in the UK, Assistant Professor in the US or Maitre de
Conferences in France). The position is related to a large group grant
in the area between (and including) geometry/topology and mathematical
physics, which I'm sure will fit the interests of many readers of this

For more information, see

With best regards,

Ieke Moerdijk.