Patrik Eklund | 29 Jul 07:54 2015

Re: Current Issues in the Philosophy of Practice of Mathematics & Informatics

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your response. My catlist posting was using rather general
formulations but there are underlying detail that can be found in our

Let me add just a few historical remarks.

One main idea of our work is that their is a "lativity" in logic that is
not respected. It's not comparable to the "lativity" in set theory where
you can create classes out of sets, but you cannot throw classes back
into the basket of sets, whatever that would be. The same thing happens
in logic. We must start with the signature, based on which we construct
terms, and terms are used inside sentences. Once we have the "bag of
sentences" we may proceed "latively" to construct other things. When we
eventually come to proof rules, the bag of sentences was closed a long
time ago. Yet, G??del uses "provability" to create new sentences, and
simply opens up that bag of sentences, and throws in these new ones. It
has always been accepted, but this in fact breaches the lativity
principle, which indeed is not respected in logic.

The lativity principle cannot be formulated in set theory alone, and set
theory is also very much untyped, we have to say. It basically also
boils down to separating object languages from their metalanguages.
First-order logic as developed from a fons-et-origo becomes acceptable
over decades while being developed hand-in-hand, so as to say, with set

Type constructors in type theory are good examples that basically appear
in no language whatsoever. They are simply brought in from the outside,
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Dirk Hofmann | 28 Jul 18:07 2015

CT2015 slides and pictures

Dear Colleagues,

this is just to announce that we have updated our website

with slides of the talks and links to some pictures.

Have nice summer holidays!!

Best regards
Dirk (for the organising committee)

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Ralph Matthes | 24 Jul 11:12 2015

Current Issues in the Philosophy of Practice of Mathematics & Informatics

[why on the categories mailing list? some of the courses are strongly
based on category theory, and it seems that quite some subscribers to
this list are interested in connections between mathematics and philosophy]

Dear colleagues,

The thematic trimester CIPPMI "Current Issues in the Philosophy of
Practice of Mathematics & Informatics" will be held from 4th April to
1st July 2016 at the Centre International de Math??matiques et
d'Informatique de Toulouse (CIMI).

This thematic trimester is organised by an interdisciplinary team of
researchers in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science from the
Institut de Math??matiques de Toulouse (IMT) & the Institut de
Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT).

It will feature course sessions, workshops, and a thematic school on
themes at the interface of Philosophy, Mathematics and Computer Science.

You will find all relevant information on the website of the thematic
trimester that will be regularly updated:

A mailing list allows you to receive the different announcements from

You can register at

A funding for accommodation is available in priority for junior
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Fernando Muro | 23 Jul 19:09 2015

'Dérivateurs à Barcelone' final announcement

Dear colleagues,

This is the final announcement for the conference 'Dérivateurs à
Barcelone’, to be held in the University of Barcelona from Tuesday 1 to
Friday 4 September 2015. Titles, abstracts, and a schedule can be already found in:

The registration deadline is August 25, but if you wish some help with lodging it would be better to register sooner.

Best regards,
The organizing committee

Leo Alonso (Santiago de Compostela)
Carles Casacuberta (Barcelona)
Ana Jeremías (Santiago de Compostela)
Georges Maltsiniotis (Jussieu)
Fernando Muro (Sevilla)

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Michael Winter | 23 Jul 16:03 2015


    ? ? ? ?
                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                  15th International Conference on
    Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science (RAMiCS 2015)

            28 September to 1 October 2015, Braga, Portugal

The RAMiCS Conference is the main forum for Relational and Algebraic Methods
in Computer Science. Special focus lies on formal methods for software
engineering, logics of programs and links with neighbouring disciplines.


Registration, venue, travel information and accommodation
     Please visit

Registration deadline
     4 September 2015


Invited Talks

Towards a Probabilistic Interpretation of Game Logic
     Ernst-Erich Doberkat
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wlawvere | 22 Jul 04:29 2015

Correction: Steve's legacy

The quadratic equation satisfied by the arrow graph
is X^2 = X+2D, not X+2. [The generic dot D is not
the terminal object 1 in this category. See p. 267
Conceptual Mathematics, 2nd edition.]


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wlawvere | 21 Jul 17:38 2015

The Legacy of Steve Schanuel!

The Legacy of Steve Schanuel!

My friend and collaborator Steve Schanuel died a year ago on July 21,
Steve was a mathematicians' Mathematician. He loved the many facets of
mathematics and loved to solve problems that colleagues and students
presented to him. He was generous and patient with young students and
happiest when he could solve interesting problems that made him sparkle
with joy. The students loved him, and so did we, his colleagues.

A free man with no wish for fame or fortune, unencumbered by politics,
history, society, gossip, he did not get distracted by philosophy. He
gave his time and energy to the problems that presented themselves,
he loved to discuss them and spin further solutions. He did not like
to write, and seemed to be happy when scribbling and thinking. But when
a real mathematical problem presented itself, he was the most serious
and hardworking scientist. That applied in particular to the real
of passing knowledge on to young people.

We both shared the passion of teaching and the belief that large numbers
of students could benefit from some explicit knowledge of conceptual
methods. It had originally been proposed to us to write a text book on
'Discrete mathematics', to which Steve immediately replied 'no, we will
emphasize methods that are applicable to both the continuous and the

In the mathematical world he is best known for Schanuel's Lemma, and
for Schanuel's Conjecture. Steve discovered the Lemma when he was still
a graduate student at Chicago; it became a key instrument for those who
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Dirk Pattinson | 20 Jul 09:38 2015

PhD Position in Verified Voting at ANU

[ not on categories per se but possibly of interest to maths/
    logic graduates ]

Applications are invited for a fully funded PhD position in the
Logic and Computation Group at the Australian National University.

Project:                  Trustworthy Electronic Voting
Supervisors:              Dirk Pattinson and Rajeev Gore
Starting:                 December 2015
Contact:                  Dirk Pattinson (dirk.pattinson <at>
Deadline:                 August 15, 2015

Project Summary

Verifiable vote counting is one of the cornerstones of a trustworthy
electronic voting system. Correctness and trust can be achieved by
understanding voting protocols, specified textually in legislation, as
formal rules. Vote counting can then be cast as successive rule
application, where the sequence of rule application serves as an
independently verifiable certificate attesting to the correctness of
the count. The project offers a wide range of activities, ranging
from foundations, rule design, efficiency considerations to concrete
case studies. The project seeks to further investigate this idea and
apply it to real-world voting systems and mainly deals with the
following aspects:

- generation of provably correct vote counting functions from rules
- efficiency of rule-based vote counting and certificate checking
- formal proofs of meta-properties of voting protocols
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Marino Gran | 14 Jul 09:59 2015

Workshop in Category Theory and Algebraic Topology

Dear colleagues,

The programme of the Workshop in Category Theory and Algebraic Topology that will take place at the
Universite catholique de Louvain (from 10 to 12 September) is now available on the conference website at
the address 

With best regards,

Kathryn Hess, Marino Gran, Jerome Scherer and Enrico Vitale

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Fernando Muro | 6 Jul 16:03 2015

postdoc in Seville

Dear colleagues:

There is an open postdoc position at the University of Seville in the
field of algebra (widely understood, category theory included). The
position is for up to four years and the salary is 32.000??? per year.
There are chances of tenure afterwards, so previous postdoctoral
experience is appreciated. Teaching is optional, but the load would be
reduced in any case, about 2 hours per week. Candidates must have
obtained their PhD not before 2005. Potential candidates may contact me
for further information and assistance with the online application
procedure. The deadline is July 24th. Please, share this with whoever
you think that may be interested.

Fernando Muro

Fernando Muro
Universidad de Sevilla, Departamento de ??lgebra

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Linton, Fred | 28 Jun 05:18 2015

Math ML in recent headlines

As I (mis)understand it, the ISO has now ratified MathML as a part of the HTML5 standard:


Great news! Now to find suitable tutorial/training/reference pages about it  :-) .

Cheers, -- FEJ Linton

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