wlawvere | 31 Jan 16:11 2015

Our friend Bob Walters

Dear colleagues,

It is with great sorrow that I inform you of our loss of RFC Walters.

Bob has been a highly valued friend and collaborator for several decades.

One of the organizers of the Sydney Category Seminar, as well as of 
International meetings at Como, his contributions to pure and applied 
category theory remain of fundamental value in many diverse disciplines. 
He published one of the first books applying category theory to computer 
science, and was one of the main developers of Yoneda structures and other 
explicit concepts guiding category theory in geometry and logic.

He is sadly missed by his friends and his colleagues all over the world.

My deepest condolences go to his family.

Bill Lawvere

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Harley Eades III | 29 Jan 14:53 2015

Re: Category Theory for the Sciences

Hi, Michael.

I thought I would mention one more thing.  I think that this book and other work
is just the beginning of a whole new area of applied CT.  Perhaps I am wrong.

However, there are a few groups of people working on new applications using
primarily CT.

For example, check out the recent work of John Baez:


John and his students have been making progress studying network theory
and control theory using CT.  This includes electrical circuits and chemical 

Also, check out the recent report 

"Report from Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 14182: Categorical Methods at the Crossroads”


This was a meeting to discuss using CT as the basis for math modeling and 
applied science.

Very best,

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Michael Barr | 29 Jan 01:59 2015

Category Theory for the Sciences

A book of that name by David I. Spivak, Mathematics at MIT was recently 
published by the MIT Press.  Has anyone seen it?  Did it seem interesting. 
I wonder what kind of science outside of string theory would find CT 


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Marco Grandis | 28 Jan 19:59 2015

Preprint: An introduction to multiple categories

The following preprint is available:

M. Grandis - R. Paré
An introduction to multiple categories (On weak and lax multiple categories, I)
Pubbl. Mat. Univ. Genova, Preprint 604 (2015).

Abstract. Extending double and triple categories, we introduce here infinite dimensional weak multiple
categories. We also consider a partially lax, 'chiral'
form with directed interchanges and a laxer form already studied in two previous papers for the
3-dimensional case, under the name of intercategory.
In these settings we also begin a study of tabulators, the basic higher limits, that will be concluded in a sequel.

The two previous papers mentioned above can be found at arXiv:
- M. Grandis - R. Paré, Intercategories I: The basic theory.    http://arxiv.org/abs/1412.0144
- M. Grandis - R. Paré, Intercategories II: Examples.             http://arxiv.org/abs/1412.0212

Marco Grandis and Bob Paré

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Ackermann Award 2015


Nominations are now invited for the 2015 Ackermann Award.
PhD dissertations in topics specified by the EACSL and LICS
conferences, which were formally accepted as PhD theses at a
university or equivalent institution between 1.1.2013 and 31.12.2014
are eligible for nomination for the award. The deadline for submission
is 15 April 2015.
Submission details follow below.
Nominations can be submitted from 1 January 2015 and should be sent
to the chair of the Jury, Anuj Dawar, by e-mail:anuj.dawar <at> cl.cam.ac.uk

The Award
The 2015 Ackermann award will be presented to the recipient(s) at the
annual conference of the EACSL, 7-10 September 2015, in Berlin (Germany).
The award consists of

       * a certificate,
       * an invitation to present the thesis at the CSL/LICS conference,
       * the publication of the laudatio in the CSL/LICS proceedings,
       * travel support to attend the conference, and
       * an invitation to present the work to the Kurt G??del Society in Vienna.

The jury is entitled to give the award to more (or less) than one
dissertation in a year.

The jury consists of:

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Patricia Johann | 23 Jan 14:26 2015

Postdoc Position Available

Dear Colleagues,

I have an opening for a postdoc, as described in the ad below. In addition to
accepting applications, I am very happy to respond to informal enquiries about
any aspect of the position, from technical ones to ones about life in a
beautiful, "alternative" mountain town in western North Carolina.

Best wishes,

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral researcher in the Computer Science
Department at Appalachian State University. The position is part of the
NSF-funded project 'Relational Parametricity for Program Verification'.
Relational parametricity is a key technique for formally verifying properties
of software systems, and logical relations, upon which parametricity is based,
provide a means of proving properties of a software system directly from the
system itself. The goal of the project is to improve the current
state-of-the-art in the theory and application of parametricity by providing an
axiomatic framework for the construction of logical relations that is
principled, conceptually simple, comprehensive, uniform (rather than ad hoc),
predictive, and more widely applicable than already existing techniques.

The ideal applicant will have a strong background in logical relations,
functional programming, type theory, and category theory, although more
expertise in one area may compensate for less in another. The successful
applicant will also be excited about working on fundamental research questions
on the themes of parametricity and language-based program verification. They
will work with Prof Patricia Johann and project partners, and will also have
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Rasmus Ejlers Møgelberg | 22 Jan 08:41 2015

Post doc available at the IT University of Copenhagen

Dear all,

I have recently received a grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research to hire a post doc to work
on guarded recursive types in type theory. Ideally, I would like to find someone who has both knowledge of
categorical models of type theory and practical experience with proof assistants.

The job is initially for one year, but with the possibility of extension for another two. Those interested
should contact me. More details can be found here:

Rasmus Mogelberg

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Philip Mulry | 22 Jan 01:21 2015

FMCS2015 - First Announcement (fwd)


FMCS 2015
23rd Workshop on Foundational Methods in Computer Science
Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, USA
June 4-7, 2015



Foundational Methods in Computer Science is an annual workshop bringing
together researchers in mathematics and computer science with a focus on the
application of category theory in computer science.

  This year's meeting will be hosted in the Department of Computer Science
at Colgate University located in Hamilton, NY.  

  There will be an informal welcoming reception on the evening of June  4.
The scientific program starts on June 5, and consists of tutorials, invited
talks, and contributed talks. There will be an excursion on one of the
afternoons. The meeting ends midday on June 7th. Information on submission
of abstracts for contributed talks will appear shortly on the workshop

Student support
  Graduate student participation is particularly encouraged at FMCS.
Students will pay a reduced registration fee. Limited financial support may
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Giuseppe Metere | 19 Jan 16:18 2015

CatAlg2015 - 3rd Workshop in Categorical Algebra *** First Announcement ***

*** First Announcement
*** CatAlg - 3rd Workshop in Categorical Algebra
*** Gargnano del Garda (BS)
*** 26-30 April 2015

Dear colleagues and friends,

The website of the conference CATALG2015 can be found at the url:


The invited speakers, are

- G. Janelidze, M. Sobral and E.M. Vitale (two-hour talks)

- A.S. Cigoli, M.M. Clementino, M. Duckerts-Antoine, J. Gray, Z. Janelidze,
L. Marki, B. Noohi, G. Peschke (one-hour talks)

There will be an open poster session to present and discuss results
and investigations in categorical algebra.

The workshop will start with a welcome buffet on Sunday April 26th, in
the late afternoon.Talks are scheduled from Monday April 27th, in the
morning, till Thursday April 30th, before noon.
CATALG2015 will take place in Palazzo Feltrinelli,


The registration fee for CatAlg2015 is 130 EURO, it includes:
the welcome buffet on Sunday evening, all coffee breaks, conference
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Pierre Clairambault | 16 Jan 17:09 2015

Final CfP: GaLoP 2015

10th Workshop on Games for Logic and Programming Languages (GaLoP 2015)

London, United Kingdom, 11-12 April


GaLoP is an annual international workshop on game-semantic models for
logics and programming languages and their applications. This is an
informal workshop that welcomes work in progress, overviews of more
extensive work, programmatic or position papers and tutorials.

GaLoP X will be held in London, UK on 11-12 April 2015 as a satellite
workshop of ETAPS (http://www.etaps.org/).

Areas of interest include:
    * Games and other interaction-based denotational models;
    * Games-based program analysis and verification;
    * Logics for games and games for logics;
    * Algorithmic aspects of game semantics;
    * Categorical aspects of game semantics;
    * Programming languages and full abstraction;
    * Higher-order automata and Petri nets;
    * Geometry of interaction;
    * Ludics;
    * Epistemic game theory;
    * Logics of dependence and independence;
    * Computational linguistics;
    * Games and multi-valued logics.

There will be no formal proceedings but the possibility of a special
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Dan Christensen | 16 Jan 19:33 2015

fully funded graduate positions in math at UWO

Please distribute to undergraduate and master's students and appropriate
counsellors and supervisors.

                       Graduate Student Positions

                       Department of Mathematics
                     University of Western Ontario
                        London, Ontario, Canada

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario
solicits applications for its MSc and PhD programs.  We have up to
20 fully funded positions available, and applicants from any country
are welcome.

Our faculty members supervise research in a variety of areas:


More information, including the application procedure, is available at


Students normally start in September, in which case applications
should be complete (including letters of reference and supplementary
material) by February 15.  Applications received after this deadline
will be reviewed as space permits.

Please contact math-grad-program <at> uwo.ca with any questions you may have.

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