pjf | 3 May 14:57 2016

Major New York Times article about Eugenia Cheng!

                    Using the top 3/4 of the the first page of the
                        New York Times's weekly Science Section:

          It can also be a piece of pie, or custard ??? so says a professor
            author who spreads the magic of numbers through dessert

                                   by Natalie Angier
                                      May 2, 2016


         She is a theoretical mathematician who works in a rarefied field
         category theory, which is so abstract that ???even some pure
         think it goes too far,??? Dr. Cheng said.

         At the same time, Dr. Cheng is winning fame as a math
         convinced that the pleasures of math can be conveyed to the
legions of
         numbers-averse humanities majors still recovering from high
         algebra. She has been featured on shows like ???Late Night With
         Colbert,??? and her online math tutorials have been viewed more
than a
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Paoli, Simona (Dr. | 29 Apr 17:44 2016

YaMCATS 7 University of Leicester 10 May 2016

Dear Colleagues,

  the next meeting of the Yorkshire and Midlands Category Seminar will take place at the University of
Leicester on Tuesday 10 May 2016. This meeting will consist of a mini-course with one speaker, as follows:

Speaker: Mark Weber (Macquarie University)
Title:  Towards a direct algebraic understanding of homotopy types.

Further details of the meeting are available at the YaMCATS website http://tinyurl.com/nz69ttk

The meeting is open to all and everybody is welcome.

Best regards,

The YaMCATS organizers

Nicola Gambino (University of Leeds)
Nick Gurski (University of Sheffield)
Simona Paoli (University of Leicester)

[For admin and other information see: http://www.mta.ca/~cat-dist/ ]

Steve Awodey | 29 Apr 16:21 2016

1-year teaching / research position

PostDoc and/or Sr. Researcher Position in Homotopy Type Theory / Category Theory
Carnegie Mellon University/Philosophy Department 

One year PostDoc and/or Senior Researcher Position in Homotopy Type Theory, start date August 1, 2016 or
negotiable.  The research group in Homotopy Type Theory in the Philosophy Department at Carnegie Mellon
University seeks a one year postdoctoral researcher with 50% teaching duty, consisting of one course per
semester on Category Theory and Categorical Logic.  There is also a possibility for a visiting professor
(open rank), with or without teaching duties.  Position could begin August 2016 or January 2017, with a
possibility of renewal for an additional year.  Candidates should have a research background in relevant areas.

Questions about the position can be directed to Professor Steve Awodey: awodey <at> cmu.edu.

Candidates should submit a CV including teaching experience and a research statement to CMUPhilosophy <at> andrew.cmu.edu.

More Information:

Please visit “Why Carnegie Mellon” to learn more about becoming part of an institution inspiring
innovations that change the world.

A listing of employee benefits is available at: http://www.cmu.edu/jobs/benefits-at-a-glance/index.html

Department URL:  https://www.cmu.edu/dietrich/philosophy/
Primary Location:  United States-Pennsylvania-Pittsburgh 
Time Type: Full Time 

Minimum Education Level: Doctorate or equivalent 

Salary: According to Rank

Carnegie Mellon University does not discriminate in admission, employment, or administration of its
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Jeremy.Gibbons | 26 Apr 17:36 2016

Summer School on Bidirectional Transformations, Oxford, 25-29th July 2016


Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK
25th to 29th July 2016


Bidirectional transformations (BX) are means of maintaining consistency 
between multiple information sources: when one source is edited, the 
others may need updating to restore consistency. BX have applications in 
databases, user interface design, model-driven development, and many other 
domains. This summer school is one of the closing activities on the 
"Theory of Least Change for BX" project at Oxford and Edinburgh 
(http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/projects/tlcbx/). It brings together leading 
researchers in BX, spanning theory and practice, for a week of lectures in 
beautiful Oxford. It will be aimed at doctoral students in computer 
science, but will also be suitable for strong master's students and for 


Anthony Anjorin, University of Paderborn, DE
"Bx with Triple Graph Grammars"

Martin Hofmann, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, DE
"Modular Edit Lenses"

Zhenjiang Hu, National Institute of Informatics, JP
"Principles and Practice of Putback-based Bidirectional Programming in BiGUL"
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Benno van den Berg | 25 Apr 12:27 2016

PhD positions at the ILLC in Amsterdam

Dear category theorists,

The ILLC currently has two PhD positions available at the Faculty of
Science starting on 1 September 2016 (or as soon after that as possible).
Applications are now invited from excellent candidates wishing to conduct
research in an area within ILLC that fits naturally in the Faculty of
Science. The deadline for applications is 15 May 2016.

More information can be found via the ILLC web page, or directly on




Interested candidates should not hesitate to contact me if they have

Best wishes,

Benno van den Berg

[For admin and other information see: http://www.mta.ca/~cat-dist/ ]

Barbara Kordy | 22 Apr 11:43 2016

Ph.D. Position in Security Modeling at IRISA in Rennes, France

Looking for a Ph.D. thesis that combines computer security and mathematics?
IRISA, the computer science laboratory of Rennes in France, seeks to
hire an
outstanding Ph.D. student to perform research in the field of formal
and analysis of security. The position is within the project entitled
"Attack-Defense Trees for Computer Security: Formal Modeling of
Preventive and
Reactive Countermeasures".

Description of work
Attack-defense trees constitute a methodology to represent how an attacker
may compromise a system and how a defender can protect it against potential
attacks. The project's objective is to increase the expressive power of
attack-defense trees by integrating reactive countermeasures into the
The main tasks of the Ph.D. student will be to
- Develop mathematical foundations for attack-defense trees distinguishing
    between protective and reactive countermeasures;
- Propose quantitative evaluation techniques for attack-defense trees with
    protective and reactive countermeasures;
- Validate the extended model in real-life case studies performed in
    with industry;
- Co-supervise master students.

A detailed description of the thesis topic is available at

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David Roberts | 21 Apr 06:39 2016

Survey of math publishing priorities

[Note from moderator: This may be interesting to some readers, but as 
suggested, is not for further discussion. Thanks, Bob ]

Dear all,

[this is not exactly on-topic, but it impacts us all, and I ask the
moderator to let this through, though not for the purposes of

The below-linked survey is looking for maximum coverage to determine
the attitudes among the mathematical community to publishing in order
to inform developments that will ideally lead to positive changes.

Note that you do not have to have strong views on publishing to fill
it out, the idea is to get an *accurate* view, not just one of the
vocal minority.

Many thanks,



Dear colleague: please answer this *anonymous* survey if and only if
you have been involved with a mathematical journal as editor,
reviewer/referee, author or reader in the last 3 years. By
"mathematical" we also mean to include theoretical computer science
journals and disciplinary journals used by applied mathematicians.
Essentially, any journal covered by Mathematical Reviews qualifies.

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Maria Manuel Clementino | 19 Apr 17:39 2016

Postdoc positions at CMUC, Coimbra


The Centre for Mathematics of the University of Coimbra invites
applications for three one-year Postdoctoral research grants, starting
September 2016.
For more information see the announcement in the following address:


Application deadline: June 3, 2016.

Maria Manuel Clementino

[For admin and other information see: http://www.mta.ca/~cat-dist/ ]

Philip Hackney | 19 Apr 10:47 2016

Final announcement for program on higher structures at MATRIX

This is the final call for registrations for the program on higher structures in geometry and physics to be
held at MATRIX [http://www.matrixatmelbourne.org.au] (a new research institute outside of
Melbourne, VIC, Australia) from June 5 — 18, 2016. Registration should be done at
[http://www.matrixatmelbourne.org.au/events/higher-structures-in-geometry-and-physics/] by
April 30.

Workshop June 6 — 10. Higher Structures.

Clark Barwick: Parametrised Higher Category Theory and Parametrised Higher Algebra
Philip Hackney & Marcy Robertson: infinity properads
Ralph Kaufmann: Feynman categories
Martin Markl: Operad-like structures, pasting schemes and graph complexes
Emily Riehl: weak complicial sets
Victor Turchin: Embedding calculus and the little discs operads

Conference June 15 — 17. Higher Structures: Advances.

Best regards,
Philip Hackney and Marcy Robertson

[For admin and other information see: http://www.mta.ca/~cat-dist/ ]

Julia Goedecke | 15 Apr 17:55 2016

Reminder: PSSL100 in Cambridge; info on dinner

Dear category theorists,
as previously announced, we are holding the 100th PSSL in Cambridge on
21-22 May 2016. Dana Scott will be here, giving also the Mordell Lecture
on Friday 20 May 5pm, "Why Mathematical Proof?".

Participants can sign up on our website

Deadline for proposing a talk is 6 May.

The conference dinner will be on Saturday evening in Newnham College,
and will cost £40 per person.

Newnham have very kindly given us some money toward the conference, so
we can offer all students a reduced price for the conference dinner.
(The exact reduction will have to depend on how many students there
are.) If any other participants want to make a case for the reduced
dinner price, please feel free to contact Julia (jg352 <at> cam.ac.uk).

Best wishes,


Dr Julia Goedecke

Newnham College
Sidgwick Avenue

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John MacDonald | 15 Apr 00:39 2016

FMCS2016 Third Announcement

                                FMCS 2016
        24th Workshop on Foundational Methods in Computer Science
                  University of British Columbia, VANCOUVER, Canada
                          JUNE 2 - 5, 2016

                            THIRD ANNOUNCEMENT

                                  * * *

The Department of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia
in cooperation with the Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences
is hosting the Foundational Methods in Computer Science workshop
on June 2-5, 2016, on the University of British Columbia
Campus in Vancouver, Canada


Deadline for early registration is May 2, 2016. To obtain a form send
email to johnm <at> math.ubc.ca with the heading "Registration".


To book accomodation go to the webpage


Then go to accommodation section and click on the link "here". This opens
to UBC housing, then click on the Rooms and Suites link in upper left hand
corner. Then click on Budget Rooms in Shared Apartments to get the most popular
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