Helle Hvid Hansen | 20 Apr 08:04 2015

ALCOP 2015 -- Call for participation


     ALCOP 2015: Algebra and Coalgebra meet Proof Theory
     Dates: 6 - 8 May 2015
     Location: Delft University of Technology


(Apologies if you receive this announcement twice. Please forward to
anyone interested.)

The ALCOP meetings bring together experts in algebraic logic,
coalgebraic logic and proof theory with the aim of sharing new results
and developing mutually beneficial relationships between these fields.
As a special theme, ALCOP 2015 will explore connections with
substructural logics and their applications in computer science, social
science and AI.

This year's keynote speakers are:

* F??lix Bou, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA), Spain
* Agata Ciabattoni, TU Vienna
* Clemens Kupke, University of Strathclyde
* Tadeusz Litak, FAU Erlangen-N??rnberg
* David Pym, University College London

For more information including the full list of speakers, please see our
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Peter Selinger | 19 Apr 21:46 2015

Postdoctoral fellowship at Dalhousie with 50% outreach, 50% research

Dear category theorists,

a new postdoc position is advertised at Dalhousie, which could be of
interest to some of the readers of this list. The position is 50%
research and 50% outreach activities. The research could be, for
example, in category theory. Applications are due on May 4, 2015
(note: that's only 2 weeks away!), and the position would start in
August or September. See more details below.

-- Peter


The Atlantic Association of Research in the Mathematical Sciences
(AARMS) and the department of Mathematics and Statistics at Dalhousie
University are advertizing a post-doctoral fellowship with duties in
outreach coordination. The post-doctoral fellow will spend 50% of her or
his duties on research, and 50% on outreach coordination and
communication, see job description below. The research area of the
candidate should align with that of one of the members of the department
of Mathematics and Statistics, and this member should agree to
supervision of the PDF.

The outreach coordinator duties consist of the following:

* Establish and maintain relations with the initiators and
   participants of various outreach activities associated with AARMS
* Help develop and maintain on-line resources such as a Web page,
   social media presence, bank of on-line resources
* Help in reporting on the activities to various sponsors
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Joost Vercruysse | 18 Apr 17:45 2015

New trends in Hopf algebras and tensor categories

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce the conference
"New trends in Hopf algebras and tensor categories", Brussels, June 2-5 2015.

All the information and a registration form can be found at the website 
http://homepages.ulb.ac.be/~jvercruy/HA2015/ <http://homepages.ulb.ac.be/~jvercruy/HA2015/>
Deadline for registration is May 6, 2015.

Best wishes,
The organisers,
Stefaan Caenepeel
Marino Gran
Joost Vercruysse
Yinhuo Zhang

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Jiri Adamek | 17 Apr 14:24 2015

A preprint on locally presentable categories available

We want to announce our preprint available as arXiv:1504.03886

  	On reflective subcategories of localy presentable categories


Are all subcategories of locally finitely presentable categories that are
closed under limits and ??-filtered colimits also locally presentable? For full
subcategories the answer is affirmative. Makkai and Pitts proved that in the
case ??=???0 the answer is affirmative also for all iso-full subcategories, i.e.,
those containing with every pair of objects all isomorphisms between them. We
discuss a possible generalization of that result to an arbitrary ??.

Jiri Adamek and Jiri Rosicky

alternative e-mail address (in case reply key does not work):
J.Adamek <at> tu-bs.de

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Tobias Philipp | 17 Apr 09:45 2015

The European Master's Program in Computational Logic: Application until 31 May 2015

Dear all,

I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that applications for the
European Master's Program in Computational Logic are still possible
UNTIL 31 May 2015.

More details are given below.

Please spread this information as wide as possible among friends and
colleagues, at your old universities and the places, where you currently
live and work.

Many thanks -- Steffen


The European Master's Program in Computational Logic

We are glad to announce to you the possibility to join our European
Master's Program of Computational Logic. This program is offered jointly
at the Free-University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy, the Technische
Universit??t Dresden in Germany, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in
Portugal and the Technische Universit??t Wien in Austria. Within this
program you have the choice to study at two /three of the four European
universities. In addition, you can do your project work at the National
ICT of Australia (NICTA). You will graduate with a MSc in Computer
Science and obtain a joint degree. Information on the universities and
the program including the application procedure is provided here:

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Philippe Malbos | 16 Apr 17:27 2015

Conference on Homotopy in Concurrency and Rewriting

Conference on
Homotopy in Concurrency and Rewriting
June 9-11, 2015

A conference will take place in École Polytechnique (in Palaiseau, near 
France) about tools and methods which originate from geometry in 
concurrency and
rewriting. Details can be found on the dedicated webpage:



The conference on directed algebraic topology, concurrency and rewriting 
aims at
bringing together researchers interested in applying methods originating in
topology and in higher-dimensional rewriting. It is motivated by the 
over the recent years, of many connections between the study of concurrent
processes from a topological point of view and rewriting methods and
structures. It will be interested in applications of those fields to 
commonly encountered in computer science, in the study of concurrent and
distributed processes, in semantics of programming languages, but also 
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Giuseppe Metere | 16 Apr 12:49 2015

CatAlg2015 - 3rd Workshop in Categorical Algebra *** Second Announcement ***

*** Second Announcement
*** CatAlg - 3rd Workshop in Categorical Algebra
*** Gargnano del Garda (BS)
*** 26-30 April 2015

Dear colleagues and friends,

The Third Workshop CATALG2015 on Categorical Algebra: ???Recent
developments and future perspectives???, will take place in Gargnano
(GARDA lake), 26-30 April 2015.
The workshop will start with a welcome buffet on Sunday April 26th at
7.00pm. Talks are scheduled from Monday April 27th, in the morning,
till Thursday April 30th, before noon.

The complete program of the conference can be found at the url:


Looking forward to seeing you in Gargnano,

Marino Gran (Universit?? catholique de Louvain)
Sandra Mantovani (Universita' degli Studi di Milano)
Giuseppe Metere (Universita' degli Studi di Palermo)


Giuseppe Metere, PhD.

Ricercatore di Algebra
Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Universit?? degli Studi di Palermo
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Michael Winter | 15 Apr 20:02 2015

2nd CALL FOR PhD/MSc Contributions (RAMiCS 2015)


                15th International Conference on
   Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science (RAMiCS 2015)

           28 September to 1 October 2015, Braga, Portugal

                 URL:  http://ramics2015.di.uminho.pt

             ======= Student Track (PhD / MSc) =======

The RAMiCS Conference is the main forum for Relational and Algebraic Methods
in Computer Science. Special focus lies on formal methods for software engineering,
logics of programs and links with neighbouring disciplines.

If you are currently doing a PhD or an MSc in the research areas of the RAMiCS
conference, then please consider submitting a short description of your ongoing
work for presentation at the conference (if accepted). This is an excellent
opportunity to discuss your work with leading experts in this field.

Submissions for the student session should take the form of extended abstracts.
They must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere. They
need to be in English, in postscript or pdf format, not exceeding 6 pages
produced with LaTeX in Springer LNCS style to be found under

Student papers will not be published in the conference proceedings - they
will be bound into a technical report to become available from RepositoriUM,
the University of Minho's central on-line repository.

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Jorge Picado | 13 Apr 14:17 2015

3 PostDoc research positions in Coimbra


The Centre for Mathematics of the University of Coimbra will open soon
three postdoctoral research positions.

Period for applications : from April 20 until May 1, 2015.

For more information consult the announcement at


Note that, by the rules of the Portuguese science foundation, applicants
are required to have completed their PhD at the time of application.


Jorge Picado :: www.mat.uc.pt/~picado

[For admin and other information see: http://www.mta.ca/~cat-dist/ ]

Nicola Gambino | 13 Apr 11:43 2015

Lectureship in Pure Mathematics at the University of Leeds

Dear friends and colleagues,

The School of Mathematics of the University of Leeds is advertising a position of Lecturer in Pure

The deadline for applications is 8 May.

Further details about the position and the application process can be found at: 


Please feel free to contact me if you wish to know more about the Department.

With best regards,

Nicola Gambino
School of Mathematics
University of Leeds

[For admin and other information see: http://www.mta.ca/~cat-dist/ ]

fabio.zanasi | 9 Apr 16:58 2015

CALCO Early Ideas 2015 : Call for Contributions




            A satellite event of CALCO 2015

            6th International Conference on
       Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science

              In cooperation with ACM SIGLOG

                  June 24 - 26, 2015

                 Nijmegen, Netherlands



        Submission:            May 8, 2015
        Author notification:   May 22, 2015
        Final version:         June 5, 2015


The programme of CALCO 2015 will include special sessions reserved for the
CALCO Early Ideas Workshop, featuring presentations of work in progress
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