Paul-Andre Mellies | 16 Apr 10:05 2014

IHP thematic trimester -- Kick-off meeting -- Tuesday April 22

Dear all,

We are glad to announce the kick-off meeting of the thematic trimester 
** Semantics of proofs and certified mathematics **
which will be held at Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP), Paris, on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

Four keynote speakers are invited to give a talk on this occasion:

• Georges Gonthier (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, and Microsoft INRIA Joint Center, Palaiseau)
Digitizing the Group Theory of the Odd Order Theorem
• Thomas Hales (University of Pittsburgh)
Formalizing the proof of the Kepler Conjecture
• Xavier Leroy (INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt)
Proof assistants in computer science research
• Vladimir Voevodsky (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
Univalent Foundations - new type-theoretic foundations of mathematics

More information on the thematic trimester will be found on the webpage

You will find preliminary lists of confirmed invited speakers for the 5 workshops of the IHP programme

5–9 May	        Workshop 1	Formalization of mathematics in proof assistants	 
2–6 June	        Workshop 2	Constructive mathematics and models of type theory	
10–14 June	Workshop 3	Semantics of proofs and programs	
23–27 June	Workshop 4	Abstraction and verification in semantics	
7–11 July	        Workshop 5	Certification of high-level and low-level programs

Registration to individual workshops is free but mandatory here:
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Vasili I. Galchin | 16 Apr 08:51 2014

Poset adjoints

Hello Category Community,

       Given that poset adjoints are considered miniature versions of
adjoints, what are are the unit and co-unit natural transformations
say between poset A and B?

Kind regards,


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Geoffrey Cruttwell | 11 Apr 19:25 2014

Job posting at Mt. Allison university

The following jobs may be of interest to readers on this list, as the mathematics and computer science
department at Mount Allison currently includes two category theorists (out of eight total faculty):

One position is a one year teaching fellowship, the other a one-term teaching appointment.

All the best,
Geoff Cruttwell

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Henning Basold | 11 Apr 17:14 2014

Workshop Fibrations in Computing 2014 (Fibs'14)

We would like to announce the following workshop:
    Fibrations in Computing 2014 (Fibs'14)

    * 23 - 24 June 2014, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Originally invented in topology, fibrations have evolved into a powerful
categorical tool to describe fibres of indexed objects and reindexing
them. In Computer Science, fibrations are used to describe variable
binding in
Lambda Calculus, quantifiers in logics, dependent types in Type Theory,
or even
dynamics of transition systems. The goal of this workshop is to catch up
what each of us is doing, to learn from each others techniques and, most
to chart ideas for future development and interaction.

The workshop will take place in the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow
on the 23. and 24. June 2014. If there is an interest in attending our
small workshop, please let us know at one of the email addresses below,
if you would like to give a talk. We are always happy to find more souls
sharing our
enthusiasm for fibrations.

More information can be found on the associated web page
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Roy Crole | 9 Apr 10:44 2014

Teaching Lectureship in Computer Science at Leicester UK

Dear Colleagues,

The University of Leicester is advertising a Lectureship in Computer Science which is a /teaching
dominant/ position. The details are here:

Such a position might be compared to that of a Teaching Fellow, but with higher expectations in terms of
contribution, and the potential for promotion.

While I appreciate that many readers of this list who are seeking full time jobs will regard research as a
high (indeed top) priority,
I think there are likely to be readers who are interested or can usefully pass this information on.

Please note that the application deadline is 16th April; I apologise for the late notice.

Kind Regards,

Roy Crole.

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Uday S Reddy | 8 Apr 18:19 2014

Logical relations and parametricity (Reynolds memorial paper)

We would like to announce a Reynolds memorial paper that has just been
published in a volume edited by John Power and Cai Wingfield:

Logical Relations and Parametricity – 
A Reynolds Programme for Category Theory and Programming Languages
(Dedicated to the memory of John C. Reynolds, 1935–2013)


In his seminal paper on “Types, Abstraction and Parametric Polymorphism,”
John Reynolds called for homomorphisms to be generalized from functions  to
relations. He reasoned that such a generalization would allow type-based
“abstraction” (representation independence, information  hiding, naturality
or parametricity) to be captured in a mathematical theory, while accounting
for higher-order types. However, after 30 years of research, we do not yet
know fully how to do such a generalization. In this article, we explain  the
problems in doing so, summarize the work carried out so far, and call for a
renewed attempt at addressing the problem.

Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
Volume 303, 28 March 2014, Pages 149–180
Proceedings of the Workshop on Algebra, Coalgebra and Topology (WACT 2013)

The ENTCS version may be found here:
and a preprint here


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Nicola Gambino | 8 Apr 10:30 2014

Lectureship in Pure Mathematics at Leeds

[Apologies for multiple copies]

Dear friends and colleagues,

The School of Mathematics of the University of Leeds is advertising a Lectureship in Pure Mathematics.

For further information on the position and the application process, please see the website:

The deadline for applications is May 1st, 2014. 

With best wishes,

Dr Nicola Gambino
School of Mathematics
University of Leeds
n.gambino <at>

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dusko pavlovic | 7 Apr 03:49 2014

positions at University of Hawaii

Hi Categorists,

I recently moved to University of Hawaii at Manoa, and we have several openings for categorically minded
postdocs, PhD students, and possibly for visiting researchers. The positions are within the NSF and
AFOSR funded projects, which are broadly based on the past work in:

** categorically based data analysis and concept mining:

** graphic languages for computability, complexity and cryptography

** categorical view of security protocols and procedures (challenge: spot bifibrations lurking in the background)

please let me know if you might be interested to work in any of these areas.

The positions are at the Deparment of Information and Computer Sciences of University of Hawaii at Manoa,
which is the largest node of the UH network, with a beautiful campus in the hills above Waikiki, minutes
from downtown Honolulu.

all the best,
-- dusko

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Emily Riehl | 30 Mar 20:10 2014

Kan Extension Seminar talks at CT2014

Hi all,

I am writing to announce a short series of expository talks to take place in Cambridge, England on Sunday
June 29th (the arrival day for CT2014) starting no earlier than 2pm and finishing in time for the welcome
reception. The exact location will be announced later.

The talks will be given by members of the Kan Extension Seminar:

We are currently half-way through an online category theory reading course with the following syllabus.
The links are to expository blog posts written by the students.

* Lawvere, An elementary theory of the category of sets
* Street, The formal theory of monads
* Freyd-Kelly, Categories of continuous functors, I
* Lawvere, Metric spaces, generalized logic and closed categories
* Kelly-Street, Review of the elements of 2-categories
* Street-Walters, Yoneda structures on 2-categories
* Johnstone, On a topological topos
* Kelly, Elementary observations on 2-categorical limits
* Blackwell-Kelly-Power, Two-dimensional monad theory
* Adámek-Borceux-Lack-Rosický, A classification of accessible categories
* Lack, Codescent objects and coherence
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Jamie Vicary | 27 Mar 00:08 2014

Spring School on Quantum Structures in Physics and Computer Science, 19--22 May 2014, University of Oxford

We are pleased to announce the following event:


   * 19--22 May 2014, University of Oxford, UK

This school will present a range of lectures on quantum structures in
physics and computer science, with a focus on abstract algebraic
techniques, including category theory. It is an ideal event for PhD
students, as well as more established researchers, who would like to
learn more about these exciting topics close to the research frontier.
The courses will be accessible to anyone who has taken a first course
in quantum information. Everyone is welcome to participate, and
registration information can be found on the school web page.

The school will feature the following courses:

   * Samson Abramsky, "Contextual semantics"
   * Jon Barrett, "Correlations and contexts: the quantum no-go theorems"
   * Bart Jacobs, "A categorical exposition of the duality between states and
effects in quantum foundations"
   * Prakash Panangaden, "Stone, Gelfand and Tannaka dualities"
   * Peter Selinger, "Number-theoretic methods in quantum information theory"
   * Aleks Kissinger and Bob Coecke, "Quantum picturalism"
   * Chris Heunen and Jamie Vicary, "Categorical quantum computing"

This event is twinned with a conference in honour of Prakash
Panangaden on the occasion of his 60th birthday, to be held on the
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Jamie Vicary | 27 Mar 00:07 2014

A Conference in Honour of Prakash Panangaden on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday, 24--25 May 2014, University of Oxford

We are delighted to announce the following event:


   * 23--25 May 2014, University of Oxford, UK
   * Abramsky / Brookes / Coecke / Danos / de Boer / Desharnais / Duncan
/ Gobault-Larrecq / Hayden / Jacobs / Jagadeesan / Jung / Kashefi /
Knight / Kozen / Kupke / Kwiatkowska / Larsen / Mardare / Mislove /
Ouaknine / Palamidessi / Plotkin / Precup / Rutten / Sadrzadeh / Scott
/ Selinger / Silva / Sorkin / van Breugel / Vicary / Winskel / Worrell / Ying

Prakash has made major contributions across a remarkably wide range of
topics, including probabilistic and concurrent computation, logic and
duality, and quantum information and computation. His work is
characterised by the qualities of elegance, clarity and concern for
fundamentals, and has been instrumental in making connections between
different research areas and communities. Equally important for his
many friends has been the infectious enthusiasm and enjoyment he
brings to his scientific work, and the generous and sustained support
and encouragement he has given to many junior colleagues.

The workshop will feature talks by many of Prakash's friends and
collaborators. We anticipate that this will be a very enjoyable event,
blending fun and science - how could a meeting for Prakash be
otherwise! We warmly invite everyone to participate. Information on
how to register can be found on the conference web page.

This event is twinned with a Spring School in Quantum Structures in
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