Daniel Friesen | 22 Jul 13:05 2012

Re: Upload files: a simple progress bar ?

On Sun, 22 Jul 2012 02:29:51 -0700, Thomas Gries <mail <at> tgries.de> wrote:

> Question:
> Why don't we have a simple progress bar (in the core) when uploading  
> files ?
> What would you recommend me to use ?
> Many frameworks are available.
> See for example ownCloud http://owncloud.org/  
> http://gitorious.org/owncloud

PHP handles uploads itself before running the script. So there is no way  
to do server side upload monitoring.
And we do normal form uploads so there is no way to do it in the browser.  
(You need to use some not-so-widly supported recent apis to do this with  


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