Gilles Dubuc | 31 Oct 10:16 2014

Digital currencies and donations for contributions

A random thought, maybe it's been discussed before here or on another ML,
but I couldn't find that discussion.

I've heard the argument that a lot of people who donate money to the WMF
don't necessarily understand that contributors aren't paid to write the
content on the site, etc. and might be donating with the impression that
they're directly rewarding the people who put the content together. Because
most readers don't know how wiki projects function. Which is a reason why
the proponents of sponsored/paid editing view this as a diversion of
donations that should go to the contributors and so on. I don't have a
particularly strong opinion on this, but it's something I hear on a regular
basis from community members.

I think there is a technological opportunity that changes the game
regarding this question, though, which is digital currencies. Bitcoin, or
whatever better shinier thing might take over its leadership position in
that domain, open opportunities with micropayments that were not possible

It's possible, right now, to build something that would allow a reader to
donate an arbitrary amount of bitcoins for a specific article ("that
article or a portion of it helped me, here's some money for the people who
wrote it"), and the sum would be broken down into lots of smaller parts,
given to all the contributors of this article. This ability to break things
down into tiny fractions is something that isn't possible with regular

I think this opens a lot of interesting questions:
- How would the breakdown be calculated? Moving content around, adding
citations, writing original content, etc. are tasks of very varied effort.
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Manpreet Kaur | 31 Oct 04:50 2014

OPW 2014 proposal - Extend PyWikiBot support to sites on IWM

I am Manpreet Kaur, an undergraduate engineering student. I am interested
in contributing to a PyWikiBot project of extending PWB's support to all
sites listed in the InterWikiMap and a feasible wiki engine. XML-RPC is an
interface supported by many wiki-engines and hence I also wish provide
support for this interface.
My project proposal can be found at
I would be happy if other developers in the community review my proposal
and give feedback for improvement in the proposal or other project details.
This will also give me new ideas to approach the project and improve it.
Thank You
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Gilles Dubuc | 30 Oct 19:20 2014

You should probably get rid of FireQuery if you have it enabled


I've wasted a great deal of time today trying to figure out what was
causing issues in resource loader, whereby execution of JS seemed to
randomly abort without any errors. It turns out that a harmless call to
jQuery's .data() within RL was the cause. But not because of mediawiki
code... it was because of the FireQuery Firebug extension, which somehow
overrides or modifies in the execution environment. And not in
a good way, since it just seems to silently abort execution of the JS that
was calling it.

I'm not sure if having Firebug open was necessary for issues to occur. At
any rate, considering that FireQuery hasn't been updated in over a year and
that the author stated that he can't maintain it anymore [1], it seems like
sane advice to disable it.

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Wikitech-l <at>
Chad | 30 Oct 17:53 2014

Proposed timeline for remaining Cirrus/Elastic rollout


New hardware is in place and we've got plenty of breathing room to wrap up
the migration to
the new search engine. The only wikis not already on it are: frwiki,
zhwiki, dewiki and enwiki.

We're planning to switch frwiki next Wednesday, Nov. 5th.

If all goes well with that, I'd like us to do zhwiki the following Monday,
Nov 10th.
Then if things are still ok, let's do dewiki on Wednesday, Nov 12th.

I think we'll be fine at this point and then we can talk about a proposed
date for enwiki by the
end of November.

Of course this is all tentative on us throwing more load at Elasticsearch
and it continuing to
behave well. But that's why we got more hardware ;-)

As always: I thank the many *many* beta testers we've had throughout this
process. Your
feedback has been invaluable. Feedback is still welcome and appreciated
even as we get
into the home stretch too...please file bugs or find us on IRC if something
just isn't right.

I already left notice on frwiki's bistro yesterday, will do the same for
zhwiki and dewiki today.
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Petr Bena | 30 Oct 10:11 2014

rvtoken deprecated


I am receiving lot of these warnings:

WARNING: API query (revisions): The rvtoken parameter has been deprecated.

According to current documentation for mediawiki at which I follow, in order
to get a rvtoken I should use this query:

however that very query returns this warning. Is this a bug in
documentation? Why do you first deprecate things and then, ages later,
update the docs? Shouldn't it be the other way? Mediawiki has worst
backward compatibility support I have ever seen and this is one of the
reasons for it.


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Wikitech-l <at>
Ankita Shukla | 28 Oct 20:26 2014

Introduction for OPW (Collaborative spelling dictionary building tool)


I am Ankita Shukla, a Computer Science and Engineering student pursuing
the junior year of Bachelor of Technology at the Indian Institute of
Technology Roorkee, India. I had posted my announcement for the
project 'collaborative
spelling dictionary building tool' here

I have also set up the proposal page
<> for the project
with help and guidance from my mentors. Since the project itself is quite
dependent on the community support and crowd-sourcing, therefore it would
be great to get started with considering the views of the community about
the same.

I'd be happy to have reviews and feedback from the community regarding the
proposal and the (feasibility of the) timeline in particular. I welcome any
suggestion towards the betterment of the project and am also ready to
discuss about any point which might not be very clear in the proposal. :)

Kindest regards

Ankita Shukla
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Wikitech-l <at>
Sylvain Boissel | 28 Oct 15:41 2014

Major achievements during previous Mediawiki Hackathons


I am currently drafting a short document about what is a Mediawiki
Hackathon. Could you please help me by pinpointing to me some of the
greatest / coolest tools or achievements that were made during previous
Wikimedia Hackathon?

Best regards,


*Sylvain Boissel*

*Tél +33 9 80 93 07 54*
* <>*
*40 rue de clery, **75002 Paris*

*Imaginez un monde où chaque personne sur la planète aurait librement accès
à la totalité du savoir humain. C'est notre engagement. Aidez Wikimedia
France à en faire une réalité <>.*
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Tim Starling | 28 Oct 12:34 2014

RFC meeting this week

In the next RFC meeting we would like to discuss the following RFCs:

* Core user preferences

* Redesign user preferences

* Isolate custom jQuery libraries

The meeting will be on the IRC channel #wikimedia-office on at the following time:

* UTC: Wednesday 21:00
* US PDT: Wednesday 14:00
* Europe CET: Wednesday 22:00
* Australia AEDT: Thursday 08:00

-- Tim Starling

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Rachel Farrand | 27 Oct 21:31 2014

Tech Talk: The MediaWiki Content Translation Extension: November 3rd

Please join us for the following tech talk:

*Tech Talk**:* The MediaWiki Content Translation Extension
*Presenter:* Joel Sahleen, Software Engineer, Wikimedia Language Engineering
*Date:* November 3rd
*Time:* 1800 UTC
Link to live YouTube stream <>
*IRC channel for questions/discussion:* #wikimedia-office
Google+ page
place for questions

*Talk description:*
Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia in the world. With more than
32 million articles in over 280 languages, Wikipedia's network of
language-specific MediaWiki sites has become an important global resource
for the preservation and distribution of knowledge. If you look at how
Wikipedia's content is distributed across these language-specific sites,
however, you find that much of it is only available in a few “major”
languages, with English having by far the most content. At the same time,
there is also content found only in smaller Wikipedia language editions
that really deserves a wider audience. In order for different language
communities to be able to share content with each other, we need to provide
their multilingual users with a quick and easy way to translate content
found in one Wikipedia language edition and then publish the result in
another Wikipedia language edition. This is where the MediaWiki Content
Translation extension comes in.

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Priyanka Jayaswal | 27 Oct 20:38 2014

OPW 9 Proposal : Pywikibot - Compat to core migration.

Hi Andre!!

On Thu Oct 23 13:31:31 UTC 2014 Andre wrote :

>> Further information about the project has been provided on the Proposal
>> page:

>Is that information available as a wikipage somewhere? PDF is quite
>static and does not automatically have a discussion page plus I wouldn't
>be able to easily identify changes between versions of that proposal.

All the above mentioned details in the PDF are available as wikipage
at .

>> We need community's valuable suggestions to improve the proposal, add
>> possible features, and views on the project so that this project can be
> >success.

>Do you have specific questions? When you write "add possible features",
>are you concerned that your proposal is not "enough work" yet?

I have received much guidance from my mentors and had made that
proposal. It would be really great to get reviews from the community
on the proposal.

Hoping to hear soon.


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Niklas Laxström | 27 Oct 19:59 2014

Plural rule changes for many languages - MediaWiki migrates to CLDR 26

MediaWiki is upgrading its plural rules to match CLDR version 26. The
updates include incompatible changes for plural forms in Russian,
Prussian, Tagalog, Manx and several languages that fall back to
Russian [1]. In addition there are minor changes for other languages.

In January 2014, CLDR 24 had introduced several changes in the plural
forms for some of these languages, including Russian, and we had
updated MediaWiki's plural rules to comply with the CLDR standard.
Some of these changes are now being reverted. Below is a detailed
explanation of the changes.

For the migration period, from Monday, 27th October 2014 to Thursday
6th November 2014, we have disabled LocalisationUpdate at Wikimedia
wikis to reduce the chance of ungrammatical translations being
displayed in the interface.

Developers do not need to take special actions, but if you use master
and do not update core, extensions and skins all at the same time, you
might see ungrammatical translations in the languages mentioned above.

I recommend sysadmins to avoid mixing different versions of core and
extensions for the same reason as above. If you have users in above
languages and are also using LocalisationUpdate extension, you should
consider disabling the extensions until your version of core includes
the plural rule patch:

More details of the actual rule changes can be found at

[1] Abkhaz (ab), Avaric (av), Bashkir (ba), Buryat (bxr), Chechen
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