billinghurst | 4 Oct 06:28 2015

What is the status of Cirrus Search development?

For a while Cirrus Search was the "bee's knees"[1] around here, and we were
got to the stage that all wikis were moved onto this search functionality.

Then silence.  Complete and utter silence.

Presumably there has been stuff happening out of the public eye, and I am
not wanting to dig into personal areas, however, the silence on what was a
key development is very disappointing.  Can we please have an update.

Regards, Billinghurst
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kghbln | 3 Oct 12:46 2015

Semantic MediaWiki Conference Fall 2015: Program Announcement

Dear users, developers and all people interested in semantic wikis,

We are very happy to announce the program of the 12th Semantic MediaWiki
Conference in Barcelona! People from business, academia and non-profit
organizations will give a variety of very interesting talks and
presentations about applying semantic wikis as well as about newest
developments in the field.

We would also like to remind you of the upcoming end to the early bird
registration registration period on October 5, 2015. Please register via 
Tito [0] if you have not done so already.

Important facts reminder:

* Dates: October 28th to October 30th 2015 (Wednesday to Friday)
* Location: Fabra i Coats, Art Factory. Carrer Sant Adrià 20 (Sant
Andreu), Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
* Conference page:
* Participants: Everybody interested in semantic wikis, especially in
Semantic MediaWiki, e.g. users, developers, consultants, business
representatives and researchers.

News on the program:

* The tutorial program has been announced and made available [1]
* The conference program has now also been announced and made available
[2]. The keynote will be held jointly by Denny Vrandečić and Markus
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C. Scott Ananian | 3 Oct 05:20 2015

[RFC] Visual Templates

We can use Visual Editor to edit templates, and in the process better
separate code, content, and presentation.  I'm going to call these "Visual

Here are the key ideas

   1. A minimal "logic-less" template language, like the Spacebars
   of Handlebars <>/mustache
   <> templates.  There are only three basic
   template constructs (variable interpolation, block tags, and partials),
   which can all be visualized in the editor.  There are no hidden directives.
   2. All logic is written in a real programming language, via Scribunto
   <> (or something very
   much like it).  In the examples below I'll be using a version of Scribunto
   that supports <> JavaScript 2015 as
   well as Lua; forgive my eccentricities.
   3. All data is escaped and hygienic by default.  String data is
   automatically escaped.  The Scribunto code manipulates and returns
   <>, not
   wikitext strings.
   4. Similarly, arguments are provided as JSON types (strings/numerical
   data), DocumentFragments, or wikidata queries, not wikitext.
   5. Composition of content is structural, not via string concatenation.
   You can't "accidentally" create a list item if your template result happens
   to start with a : or *.
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Gabriel Wicke | 3 Oct 04:00 2015

REST v1 API: Replacing bodyOnly flag in wikitext to HTML transform end point with body_only


in an effort to standardize all post parameters in the REST v1 API to use
snake_case names, we have deprecated the bodyOnly flag in the wikitext to
HTML transform end point [1]. Instead, clients should use body_only, as
mentioned in the documentation.

We plan to remove support for the old form by the end of November.



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Matthew Flaschen | 2 Oct 04:08 2015

Re: Announcing Danny Horn's move to Community Tech

On 10/01/2015 07:05 PM, Ryan Kaldari wrote:
> Howdy (my apologies for cross-posting),
> I'm pleased to announce that the Community Tech team has a new Product
> Manager – Danny Horn, who will be moving from the Collaboration team to
> join this new initiative. The Community Tech team is focused on building
> improved curation and moderation tools for experienced Wikimedia
> editors.[1]

Danny, we're going to miss you a lot on the Collaboration team.

But I'm also excited about the work that the Community Tech team is 
doing.  These are important areas that WMF hasn't always spent enough 
resources on.

Matt Flaschen

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Trevor Parscal | 2 Oct 01:10 2015

Collaboration Team Update

Hi (and sorry for cross-posting)

I’d first like to say that I’m excited about Danny’s new role and the
positive impact I know he will have on the relatively new Community Tech
team, and that he will be missed in the Editing group. This change now
leaves an open position, which we are in the process of hiring a new
Product Manager to fill. There’s an open position posted.[1]

The Collaboration team, meanwhile, will continue their work to provide Flow
as an opt-in Beta feature, allowing contributors to use Flow on their user
talk page. This feature is currently available on, and will
be enabled on other wikis upon request. Especially as more users enable
Flow, the team will continue supporting users of the product by promptly
triaging and resolving bugs.

This quarter, which began yesterday, The Collaboration team will be
focusing on the development of cross-wiki notifications and other Echo
improvements. They’re also continuing to advance efforts to research and
prototype solutions for advanced editor workflows. Further feature
development on Flow discussion tools will be based on an assessment
following the 'workflows' research work, and on editor feedback at the
wikis already using Flow.[2]

Please ask any questions you may have on-wiki at to reduce fragmentation.

- Trevor

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C. Scott Ananian | 2 Oct 00:43 2015

[RFC] Hygienic templates

*(Not to be confused with hygenic template arguments

As described in my Wikimania 2015 talk
 (starting at slide 27
there are a number of reasons to mark certain templates as "hygienic".
Among them: to allow high-performance incremental update of page contents
after templates are modified, and to allow safe editing of template uses
using HTML-based tools such as Visual Editor or jsapi

This means that the output of the template is a complete DocumentFragment
<>: every
open tag is closed and there are no nodes which the HTML adoption agency
<> will

This can be enforced in practice by running tidy (or something like it:
T89331 <>) on the template output
before it is inserted into the document.  We are likely to be doing
something like this already for T114072

The purpose of this RFC is to settle the bikeshed-color questions about how
templates will be marked hygienic/unhygienic.  There are two main scenarios:

***Opt-in Hygiene***
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C. Scott Ananian | 2 Oct 00:01 2015

[RFC] Hygienic template arguments

As described in my Wikimania 2015 talk
 (starting at slide 31
the existing template argument syntax offers a number of traps for the
unwary (for example, with the characters `=`, `|`, etc).  As a result, it
is difficult to easily move large blocks of text into templates.

As a result, we often have constructs such as:
| Hello || world
which pose a number of issues:

   1. There is no mechanism to ensure `{{tablestart}}` and `{{tableend}}`
   are properly matched.
   2. Both `{{tablestart}}` and `{{tableend}}` emit unbalanced HTML, which
   complicates work on efficiently updating the parser cache after template
   3. Due to the tag matching issues, this whole block is uneditable by
   Visual Editor.

***Hygienic arguments*** provide a new form of template invocation which
avoids these issues.

The above example would be written as:
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C. Scott Ananian | 1 Oct 22:43 2015

RFC: Optional Travis integration for Jenkins

We currently have several projects which can not be tested with our current
Jenkins test infrastructure, and as a consequence are hosting their primary
code repositories on github:
* RESTBase <> -- missing Cassandra
* iOS Mobile app
missing OS X platform

Other projects can only run a small portion of their test suite via Jenkins:
* mw-ocg-latexer
-- requires LaTeX from PPA, image utilities (`jpegtran`).

An alternative to allow these apps to be hosted on Wikimedia infrastructure
(gerrit, eventually phabricator) is to allow travis integration with
jenkins as an optional service.

npm-travis <> ( is a tool which will trigger Travis
builds from NPM by pushing to a throwaway branch, which is then cleaned up
after the tests complete.  It integrates well with the Gerrit access
control mechanism: the "Travis Bot" user can be granted push access only,
and only to branches prefixed with `npm-travis/`, so it cannot be used to
push changes to the master or deployment branches.

This isn't a replacement for our jenkins test infrastructure, but it allows
us to accommodate oddball repositories without taxing our infrastructure
team or resorting to offsite repository hosting.
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communitymetrics | 1 Oct 02:00 2015

Phabricator monthly statistics - 2015-09

Hi Community Metrics team,

this is your automatic monthly Phabricator statistics mail.

Number of accounts created in (2015-09): 363
Number of active users (any activity) in (2015-09): 863
Number of task authors in (2015-09): 477
Number of users who have closed tasks in (2015-09): 268

Number of projects which had at least one task moved from one column
 to another on their workboard in (2015-09): 209

Number of tasks created in (2015-09): 3351
Number of tasks closed in (2015-09): 2981

Number of open and stalled tasks in total: 25811

Median age in days of open tasks by priority:
Unbreak now: 11
Needs Triage: 125
High: 164
Normal: 301
Low: 660
Lowest: 528
(How long tasks have been open, not how long they have had that priority)

TODO: Numbers which refer to closed tasks might not be correct, as described in T1003.

Yours sincerely,
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Quim Gil | 1 Oct 00:19 2015

WikiDev call for participation deadline on Oct 2

If you are planning on proposing a session for the Wikimedia Developer
Summit, remember that the deadline for new proposals is *October 2*, in a
couple of days.

For this milestone we are only requesting draft tasks created in
Phabricator and associated to #Wikimedia-Developer-Summit-2016. The
following deadlines are

   1. By *6 Nov 2015* all Summit proposals must have active discussions and
   a Summit plan documented in the description. Proposals not reaching this
   critical mass can continue at their own path out of the Summit.
   2. By *4 Dec 2015* all the accepted proposals will be published in the
   program. Strong candidates might be scheduled before.


Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager  <at>  Wikimedia Foundation
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