Pine W | 25 Nov 09:07 2015

Because visualizations are cool

These resources may give ideas to people who create project proposals or
any of several kinds of reports.

Have fun exploring,


P.S. In the multimedia domain, I'd like to have the ability to add
interactive visualizations to Wikipedia and its sister projects. For
example, imagine how engaging it would be to have interactive phylogenetic
trees that allow the user to zoom in and out and see images of species.
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James Forrester | 25 Nov 03:16 2015

OOjs UI 0.14.0 Release (breaking change)

Hey all,

I released OOjs UI 0.14.0 today. It will be in MW from 1.27.0-wmf.8+, which
will be deployed to Wikimedia production in the regular train starting on
Tuesday 8 December. As there are a couple of nominal breaking changes and a
deprecation, please look carefully over them to determine if they affect
your code.

*Breaking changes since last release:*

   - [BREAKING CHANGE] TextInputWidget: Remove old deprecated alias
   #setPosition (Ed Sanders)

   We deprecated the old function in v0.8.1 back in February when it was
   renamed to setLabelPosition, but we forgot to remove the aliases until
   now. There are no known uses of this old name.

   - [BREAKING CHANGE] Depend on OOjs v1.1.10, up from v1.1.9 (James D.

   This is a breaking change because the library requires an environmental
   change. However, for MediaWiki users, this is already take care of and will
   have no effect.

*Deprecating change since last release:*

   - [DEPRECATING CHANGE] InputWidget: Replace `#setRTL` with `#setDir` (Ed

   This function was poorly named (LTR-centrism!) and would only let you
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Rob Lanphier | 25 Nov 02:21 2015

Ending RFC review meetings a little early

Hi folks,

One idea that achieved consensus here at WMF, but was never discussed
publicly (that I'm aware of) is the idea that meetings should use the
Google Calendar speedy meeting option.[1]

Since we didn't have a public discussion of this, it's technically not
the standard for RFC review meetings.  However, this led to the
natural question "why not?"

So....why not?  Is there any opposition to us ending RFC meetings 5-10
minutes early?



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Matthew Flaschen | 25 Nov 02:03 2015

Please help finish "Cases" page of CoC (+updates)

We are now working on the "Cases" page of the draft Code of conduct. 
This will become a separate page (for readability of the final CoC), but 
is being drafted on the same page with the rest.

This includes both the intro section, and all the sub-sections, which 
means everything that starts with "2." in the ToC.  Currently this is 
"Handling reports", "Responses and resolutions", and "Appealing a 
resolution".  However, the sections within "Cases" may change:

* Section:

* Talk:

* Alternatively, you can provide anonymous feedback to 
conduct-discussion <at> .

This is the best time to make any necessary changes to this page (and 
explain why, in edit summaries and/or talk) and discuss it on the talk page.

Other updates:

* The text of the "Report a problem" section has been frozen.  Thanks to 
everyone who helped discuss and edit these sections.  Participation 
(including both named and anonymous) helped us improve the 
confidentiality line.


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Bart Mulckhuijse | 24 Nov 16:32 2015

Proposal: MediaWiki Group WikiWerkers (Dutch Mediawiki User Group)

Hi, following the process for requesting the creation of a MediaWiki group, here is a proposal for:

MediaWiki Group WikiWerkers - Dutch Mediawiki User Group <>

Your endorsements, improvements and feedback are welcome at the wiki page. 

Thank you! 
Bart Mulckhuijse

PS: see also
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Joaquin Oltra Hernandez | 24 Nov 12:18 2015

Little "Photos of the month" web app


A couple of months ago I taught a workshop for learning ClojureScript at a
conference, and for the second part I had the students play with a web app.

I set up a scaffold and api fetching/cleaning the media of the month from
commons so that they could code and test stuff.

I thought I would share, it's pretty stupid but the result is clean and
beautiful to read (because the pictures are beautiful). (it's media of the month, excuse the
url :p)

Source is at

If you want to learn the ClojureScript language you can try to follow the
online version of the workshop:

And play with this repo when you're done!

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Robert Vogel | 24 Nov 08:15 2015

ResourceLoader: Control caching

Hi everyone!

I've got a little question about how to control caching of a RL module. But first, my case:

I've several (four) modules defined that depend on each other. Most of them are defined as a FileModule
using $wgResourceModules with 'styles', 'scripts', 'messages', .
One of them is implemented as a class that derives from ResourceLoaderModule (not
ResourceLoaderFileModule). I've grouped (using the 'group' entry in $wgResourceModules) them so they
all  get loaded together in one request (and separately from other modules).
This module group delivers pretty static content, but much of it (approx. 2MB). So it would be ideal to cache
it on the client side.

Unfornuately the load.php call always incudes a 'version' parameter with the current timestamp and the
'expires' header of the response is set to "now".  So no client caching. I believe it has something to do
with my custom ResourceLoaderModule subclass. I've already tried to override methods like
"getModifiedHash" or "getModifiedTime" but without success.

What can I do to get rid of the 'version' parameter in the load.php call and the 'expires' header? 


Robert Vogel

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Ankita Shukla | 24 Nov 08:09 2015

GHC India 2015 - Community Bonding


I would be participating in the Grace Hopper Celebration - India Chapter
<> this year (Dec 2- Dec4, 2015) and wanted to
know if there's anyone else from our community who'd be joining in the
event? Till now, I am aware of only one other community member, Santoshi
Tiwari, who would be there too.
GHCI will have a lot of participants and particularly females. A lot of
students would be attending too. It'd be great to know all the Wikimedians
who would be attending GHCI and thus, plan in advance to make people aware
about Wikimedia and how can they become contributors to the movement.

Similar to the initiative in GHC, here is something for the Grace Hopper
Celebration India. I have created a Slack community
<> for the participants of GHC-India 2015.

To join the Slack group, simply fill in this
 easy form and you'll receive an invite for the Slack community.

After you join the Slack channel, you'll have the access to a Google doc
information of arrivals and departures per day to share, rides from and to
airport and a lot of more information which will be build up by the

Also, please invite other participants you know who might be participating
but are not enrolled on this mailing list. I also invite other ABI members
to join the channel and share useful information with us.

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Rob Lanphier | 24 Nov 06:42 2015

RFC meeting: Minimum PHP version

Hi folks,

This week's RFC review meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 25
at 2pm PST (22:00 UTC).  Event particulars can be found at

The main task this week is to plan out what we will define the minimum
PHP version to be for MediaWiki 1.27 (the next LTS version).  The
viable choices seem to be:
*  PHP 5.3 (the status quo) - this version is no longer supported
upstream, and doesn't have widespread support even in conservatively
updated Linux distros.
*  PHP 5.4 - this version is no longer supported by The PHP Group, but
is still part of older supported Linux distros (e.g. Debian Wheezy)
*  PHP 5.5 - this is the lowest version with reliable LTS support in
major Linux distros

The RFC additionally stipulates some coding standards, since even
though it upgrading our version of PHP would make use of some features
possible, that doesn't automatically make their use a good idea.  The
author broke up the feature set into "encouraged", "tolerated" and
"verboten".  Please read the RFC directly for more info on this:

Please comment on T118932 if you have further thoughts to share and/or
please attend the meeting on Wednesday.


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James Forrester | 23 Nov 21:00 2015

Please welcome Joe Matazzoni as Product Manager, Collaboration


It's my pleasure to welcome Joe Matazzoni to the Editing department as the
new product manager for the Collaboration team from today. Joe will help
the team develop aligned with the needs of our editors, prioritizing and
shaping the improvements we're making to notifications, watchlists, change
tracking, discussions and more. He replaces Danny Horn, who is now helping
the Community Tech team.

Joe has had a long career in digital publishing and media, particularly in
public broadcasting, first at NPR, where he helped rebuild the Web site and
then founded the Arts & Life section, and more recently at KQED, where he
created an Emmy-winning arts video team. Joe has a master’s degree in
interactive telecommunications from NYU and a background in UX design. He
was the director of UX at the Wall Street Journal, where he helped lead a
complete site and CMS redesign and relaunch.

After many years in New York and DC, Joe is delighted to be back in his
native Bay Area. He's a big reader, enjoys biking and swimming and likes to
dabble in the kitchen. He will be based in the office, which he plans to
commute to via the ferry from Marin, where he lives with his wife and
11-year-old son. Joe will be on IRC and of course on-wiki as [[User:JMatazzoni
(WMF) <>]].

Welcome, Joe!


James D. Forrester
Lead Product Manager, Editing
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Adam Baso | 21 Nov 00:41 2015

Wikimedia Discovery and Reading Showcase 20151116

Happy Friday!
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