Greg Grossmeier | 19 Apr 02:47 2014

Roadmap and deployment highlights - week of April 21st

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the WMF Engineering Roadmap
and Deployment update.

The full log of planned deployments next week can be found at:

A quick list of notable items...

== Tuesday ==

* MediaWiki deploy
** group1 to 1.24wmf1: All non-Wikipedia sites (Wiktionary, Wikisource,
   Wikinews, Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Wikiversity, and a few other sites)
** <>

* Flow:
** Archive and enable Flow on the Nearby Pages Beta Feature talk page
** <>
** <>

== Thursday ==

* MediaWiki deploy
** group2 to 1.24wmf1 (all Wikipedias)
** group0 to 1.24wmf2 (test/test2/testwikidata/mediawiki)

* Media Viewer:
** Third limited pilot release: Enable by default on a few small
   pilot sites (batch 2: Czech, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew, Polish,
   Romanian, Slovak, Thai, Vietnamese)
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Steven Walling | 19 Apr 01:25 2014

Retrospective on Typography Refresh

Hi all,

Typography Refresh was one of the first batch of Beta Features launched
last November. It's also now the first Beta Feature that was removed and
then deployed in core. You'll probably have noticed the many threads about
it on Wikitech in the past. ;-)

While this might not have been a particularly large technical change (it's
mostly just some tweaks to the Vector Less styles in core) we wanted to
publicly share notes from the team about it. The purpose of a retrospective
is to focus on concrete actions we can take to ensure good process.
Hopefully we have learned some lessons that could help other beta features
testing/release go smoothly.

Notes are up at if you're
interested. Since these reflect the feelings of the team working on it, I'd
like to ask that you first add questions and comments on the Talk page,
rather than directly to the document.



Steven Walling,
Product Manager
Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
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Guillaume Paumier | 18 Apr 14:45 2014

Wikimedia engineering report, March 2014


The report covering Wikimedia engineering activities in March 2014 is now

Wiki version:
Blog version:

We're also proposing a shorter, simpler and translatable version of this
report that does not assume specialized technical knowledge:

Below is the HTML text of the report.

As always, feedback is appreciated on the usefulness of the report and its
summary, and on how to improve them.


Major news in March include:

   - an overview of
   and the advantages and challenges of using them on Wikimedia sites;
   - a series of
   by Google Code-in students who shared their impressions, frustrations and
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Kevin Israel | 18 Apr 13:40 2014

Config class and 1.23

Should the Config and GlobalConfig classes and the associated
RequestContext methods be reverted from 1.23 as an incomplete feature?
As far as I can tell, it is not yet used anywhere, so reverting it
should be easy.

getConfig() was added to IContextSource in 101a2a160b05[1]. Then
the method was changed to return a new class of object (Config) instead
of a SiteConfiguration object in fbfe789b987b[2]; however, the Config
class faces significant changes in I5a5857fc[3].



Kevin Israel - MediaWiki developer, Wikipedia editor

Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
Ori Livneh | 18 Apr 10:21 2014

Minding pull-requests on GitHub

I just stumbled across <>,
a small but useful contribution to core from an HHVM developer. It has gone
unnoticed for two months, which is a bit sad.

Is there a way to accept pull-requests from GitHub? According to <> (may not be
visible to non-Wikimedians, sorry), the WebHook receiver <> is defunct.
Anyone know the story there?

It'd be good if some additional people were watching (that is, receiving
notifications for) <>.

I haven't responded yet, by the way, so feel free to if you know the
answers to these questions. I don't know what effect accepting the
pull-request will have on the code in master, and telling someone who has
already submitted a patch to go sign up for Gerrit seems impolite.

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Wikitech-l <at>
Daniel Barrett | 17 Apr 17:58 2014

Programmatically making an empty edit?

What is the proper way to make an empty edit of an existing article programmatically, in a maintenance
script? I tried this:

  $title = Title::newFromText("My existing article name");  // succeeds

  $wikiPage = new WikiPage($title);   // succeeds

  $wikiPage->doEditContent($wikiPage->getContent(Revision::RAW), ''); 

but doEditContent just sits there until I get " timed out" in my shell.  I can do an empty edit
through the browser (click Edit, click Save) just fine.


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Quim Gil | 17 Apr 17:22 2014

Phabricator IRC meeting TODAY (was Re: Tomorrow: RfC review on reducing image quality on mobile)

On Tuesday, April 15, 2014, Sumana Harihareswara <sumanah <at>>

> Guillaume or Andre can come, maybe we can talk
> about Phabricator.

The Phabricator RfC has its own calendar of IRC meetings. Even if it is an
RfC, we don't need to mix it with the architecture reviews.

In #wikimedia-office :

Thursday April 17, 2014 at 17:00 (UTC) (10:00 am PDT) (hosted by Guillaume)

Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 03:30 (UTC) (Monday 20:30 PDT) (hosted by Andre)


Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager  <at>  Wikimedia Foundation
Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
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Siko Bouterse | 16 Apr 21:50 2014

Grants for tools development - your input requested by April 20

Hi all,

Several technical projects that may be of interest to folks on this list
are currently proposed for Individual Engagement Grants (IEG).  Input from
technical contributors is very welcome to help us decide which projects to

Please come share any comments, suggestions, endorsements or other feedback
you have, directly on the proposal discussion pages on meta-wiki, by April
20, 2014.

There are 7 tools proposals:

All IEG proposals can be found here:

Some background about these grants:

IEGrants fund Wikimedians to work on projects that meet a community need
and aim to have online impact.  We're happy to experiment with new ideas,
provided they attempt to solve a useful problem and we can learn something
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Antoine Musso | 16 Apr 20:20 2014

Zuul upgraded


I have upgraded Zuul today (thanks Alexandros for the packaged
dependency).  The code we run is in integration/zuul.git and the deploys
are tagged: wmf-deploy-20140122..wmf-deploy-20140416-3

It *might* fix an issue we encounter from time to time where jobs are
enqueued but never run ( ).

Worth a notes are:

The processing of events is more efficient which speeds up some queue
related operations.

Zuul pass a ZUUL_URL parameter to the jobs. It is used to fetch the Zuul
generated patches.

A command line client to trigger jobs

Configuration of projects can now be applied multiple templates

Zuul status page shows up the version and time of last reconfiguration
(browse to the bottom)

Pipelines can be rate limited.  I haven't looked at it closely so I am
not sure whether we can use that feature: (window* settings)
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Sumana Harihareswara | 16 Apr 17:40 2014

"Opt Out: Take Back The Net!" 4-5 June in Barcelona

Opt Out: Take Back The Net! will be 4-5 June 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.
An organiser told me:

"Opt Out! Take Back The Net! ... where human rights advocates and
technology providers will meet to discuss solutions to today's climate
of internet-enabled human rights violations. In the spirit of the
free/libre and open source software movement, Opt Out! will have an
unconference-style format, where organisations, activists, service
providers and technologists can propose sessions ranging in scope from
roundtable discussions to hands-on workshops."

Wikimedia volunteers who will organise a session are eligible for travel
subsidy via our grants program:

Sumana Harihareswara
Senior Technical Writer
Wikimedia Foundation

Wikitech-l mailing list
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Sumana Harihareswara | 16 Apr 17:33 2014

Open Knowledge Festival - financial aid available

The Open Knowledge Festival is in Berlin, 15th - 17th July.

Apply for travel grants by the 4th of May.

Sumana Harihareswara
Senior Technical Writer
Wikimedia Foundation

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