Chad | 19 Dec 18:45 2014

lsearchd/MWSearch EOL at Wikimedia


lsearchd/MWSearch has powered Wikimedia search for many now. With
the successful deployment of Elasticsearch/CirrusSearch to all wikis we've
completed the migration and lsearchd has reached its end of life and is
no longer being supported in development or usage. Any 3rd party users
of MWSearch are encouraged to use CirrusSearch which attempts to
remain largely compatible with behavior in MWSearch.

I didn't want to break any gadgets or scripts, so I checked the API logs
going back about a month. enwiki, ruwiki and nlwiki still have a bit of
traffic using the old search backend so I left them enabled. lsearchd has
been disabled on all other Wikimedia wikis though and is now in ops'
hands for decomissioning. Once any bot/tool/etc authors using the old
search are contacted (and helped, if possible) lsearchd will go away there

lsearchd is dead. Long live Elasticsearch.

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Quim Gil | 19 Dec 11:45 2014

Andre's Bugzilla-Phabricator migration analysis

Andre won't tell you, but he wrote this:

The best in-depth analysis of a Bugzilla to Phabricator migration available
in the Internet. Not that there is much competition... I'm sure it will be
useful to someone, especially in conjunction with Chase's migration script
and the detailed logs and tasks archived.


Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager  <at>  Wikimedia Foundation
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Quim Gil | 19 Dec 08:51 2014

Re: Your stand proposal for Wikimedia has been accepted (FOSDEM)

(CCing wikitech-l)

Dimitar, this is great news! Second year with a Wikimedia stand. With
Wikimedia Belgium officially constituted and conversations started with the
Wikimedia Shop, we should have a much better setup this year. We should get
other European chapters as well, so they can bring swag and hopefully some
volunteer time to take a shift.

I have just created two tasks to coordinate Wikimedia's presence in FOSDEM: is for general coordination. Any
wikimedia attending is encouraged to subscribe to this task and use it to
stay in touch. is specifically about organizing
the Wikimedia stand.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 3:42 PM, Dimitar Dimitrov <
dimitar.dimitrov <at>> wrote:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: FOSDEM Stands Team <stands <at>>
> Date: 2014-12-17 15:35 GMT+01:00
> Subject: Your stand proposal for Wikimedia has been accepted
> To: Dimitar Dimitrov <dimitar.dimitrov <at>>
> Hi Dimitar,
> The FOSDEM stands team is glad to be able to inform you that your request
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Gergo Tisza | 19 Dec 01:34 2014

ResourceLoader module wrapping

I am experimenting with catching Javascript errors with raven.js [1] (see
the JS error logging RfC [2] for background; see T1345 [3] for a prototype
for JS error logging). For various reasons, Javascript does not have a
reliable way to install a global exception handler like e.g. PHP does with
set_exception_handler(), so the standard way of doing this is to wrap
modules into a try-catch block.

ResourceLoader already wraps minified scripts with something like

mw.loader.implement( "<module name>", function() { <module code> } );

so this could be changed to something like

mw.loader.implement( "<module name>", Raven.wrap( function() { <module
code> } ) );

That means that the error logging module would have to be loaded by the
time other modules are initialized, so I imagine it would have to become a
startup module. My questions are:

1. do you see any problems with such a setup? The eventual goal would be to
use this on the Wikimedia production cluster.
2. especially, is adding another startup script acceptable? (Adding
raven.js to the jquery and mediawiki modules would mean a ~10% size
3. what would be the proper way of doing this from an extension? Add two
new hooks for module wrapping and for defining additional startup modules?

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Ricordisamoa | 19 Dec 01:05 2014

LivePreview's 10th birthday

Hi folks!
According to the Git log, on December 19, 2004, the 'live preview' 
functionality made its first appearance in MediaWiki core.
(for the record: commit c05eeb66755f74272b4a5f82acc6caaeafc0fb54

Imagine how much time it has helped saving since then!

Related note:
As you may have noticed, its code is currently undergoing a major 
If you can, please take a moment to triage its bugs 
<> and/or help drafting this RFC 
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Antoine Musso | 18 Dec 18:11 2014

MediaWiki core tests now require HHVM compliance


Jenkins runs the MediaWiki core unit tests under HHVM and the job will
now prevent changes to be merged if it fails.

Huge thanks to everyone that helped fix tests and HHVM code base!


Antoine "hashar" Musso

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Ricordisamoa | 18 Dec 13:19 2014

Input requested about license codes on

I would appreciate anyone's participation on this proposal 
I've started to use standard identifiers for licenses. Thanks in advance.
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Antoine Musso | 17 Dec 23:57 2014

Autoloader/ResourceLoader to be tested on extensions


I found out we do not run on extensions the 'structure' testsuite of
mediawiki/core.  It is made of three tests in tests/phpunit/structure

AutoLoaderTest.php  verify classes are properly registered, and the
autloader entries point to an actual file

ResourcesTest.php ditto for the Resource Loader
StructureTest.php  makes sure test files ends with Test.php

Jenkins runs on extensions the 'extension' testsuite, I will add the
'structure' directory to it tomorrow morning ~9am UTC.

You can verify whether your extension pass by running:

 php tests/phpunit/phpunit.php --testsuite structure

The patch for core is:

Ideally we should backport it to REL branches as well.

Filled as


Antoine "hashar" Musso

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Quim Gil | 17 Dec 22:09 2014

RT is down now, Phabricator will be down at 00:00 UTC

Hi, the RT migration to Phabricator is starting right now.

All the RT queues have been frozen. Please don't send any emails to  <at> This includes access-requests <at>  and procurement <at> , the two
RT queues that will not be migrated at this point, which will be in
read-only mode during the migration. will be down between 00:00 UTC (16:00 Pacific) and
08:00 UTC (00:00 Pacific). In those eight hours, urgent issues which cannot
wait should be brought up either on #wikimedia-tech IRC or

As soon as Wikimedia Phabricator is back, requests to the Operations team
will be submitted through the regular process of creating a task,
associating them to the #Operations project. If you really miss sending
requests to Ops via email, task <at> including
"#Operations" will do the job as well. Even requests sent through the now
deprecated  <at> email addresses will create Phabricator tasks
for a while too, but the web UI process is clearly preferred.

Remember, the exceptions are access-requests <at>  and procurement <at> , which will
be migrated at a later stage.

The Operations team will be vigilant during the migration (as they usually
are, on the other hand). Please contact them only for urgent requests
during this period. Thank you very much!

PS: we are updating --
you will find all the details documented or linked from there.

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Dan Andreescu | 17 Dec 20:02 2014

Scrum of Scrums Notes for 2014-12-17
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Rob Lanphier | 17 Dec 19:43 2014

Welcome, Marko Obrovac, to the Services team

Hi everyone

I'm pleased to (belatedly) welcome another new member of the Services team:
Marko Obrovac. Marko started working in the Services team with Gabriel
Wicke and James Douglas on RESTbase.

Marko comes to us from Reflected Networks, a Croatian web-hosting company
specializing in high-traffic websites.  While there he developed a
distributed message passing framework for their monitoring system there.
Prior to that, Marko earned his PhD at Université de Rennes I / IRISA,
INRIA, focused on distributed systems, such as AutoChem (a chemical
computuing system) and XtreemOS (grid operating system) and kDFS (a
symmetrical distributed file system)

Marko is in the process of relocating to Marseille, France, where he'll be
in January.

You can find Marko on Freenode IRC as "mobrovac".

Welcome, Marko!

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