Petr Bena | 31 Mar 23:59 2015

Hackathon anti-vandalism mini-conference


I was looking at pages on wiki and couldn't find where to submit
proposals for presentations or cons that would take place on Lyon's
hackathon, so I will post it here.

I don't know how many people who do or have done some antivandalism
(see [[w:WP:VAND|Vandalism]] for info) work in any way are going to be
at Lyon, but if there was at least a small group of people who would
be interested in following topics, it might do to set up some
mini-conference there where we could have some presentations and

The topics would be:

* Definitions of what kind of issues we are dealing with every day (eg
what is vandalism, how much does it actually affect wikipedia,
statistics and so on)
* Overview of current technologies and tactics used to deal with
vandalism on Wikipedia add sister sites
* Collaboration - how can we connect existing tools we have in order
to make them significantly more efficient
* Future of anti-vandalism: what challenges are there going to be?
What all can we do and improve?
* Presentations of various tools we already have: application based
and web based as well as fully automated tools (ClueBot and other
tools living on labs etc) how they work and what could be improved?
* Hacking?
* Drinking? Oh yes! let's get drunk and use our vandalism knowledge to
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Chris Steipp | 31 Mar 23:20 2015

MediaWiki Security and Maintenance Releases: 1.19.24, 1.23.9, and 1.24.2

I would like to announce the release of MediaWiki 1.24.2, 1.23.9 and
1.19.24. These releases fix 10 security issues, in addition to other bug
fixes. Download links are given at the end of this email.

== Security fixes ==

* iSEC Partners discovered a way to circumvent the SVG MIME blacklist for
embedded resources (iSEC-WMF1214-11). This allowed an attacker to embed
JavaScript in the SVG. The issue was additionally identified by Mario
Heiderich / Cure53. MIME types are now whitelisted.

* MediaWiki user Bawolff pointed out that the SVG filter to prevent
injecting JavaScript using animate elements was incorrect.

* MediaWiki user Bawolff reported a stored XSS vulnerability due to the way
attributes were expanded in MediaWiki's Html class, in combination with
LanguageConverter substitutions.

* Internal review discovered that MediaWiki's SVG filtering could be
bypassed with entity encoding under the Zend interpreter. This could be
used to inject JavaScript. This issue was also discovered by Mario Gomes
from Beyond Security.

* iSEC Partners discovered a XSS vulnerability in the way api errors were
reflected when running under HHVM versions before 3.6.1 (iSEC-WMF1214-8).
MediaWiki now detects and mitigates this issue on older versions of HHVM.
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Brenton Horne | 31 Mar 21:06 2015

Lua module for simple molar mass calculations


I'd like to be able to calculate the molar mass of chemical compounds 
using a Lua module so that I could use the output in my infoboxes for 
chemical compounds and drugs alike. The problem is, I haven't the 
foggiest how to set up a module, even one that sounds so simple. I was 
hoping that someone may be able to set things up for me, or at least 
show me how to do so myself^1 if I gave them the basic idea of what I 
was hoping this module would do.

Say we call the module Molar mass calculator (i.e.,  <at>  /Module:Molar mass 
calculator/ on my local Wiki is where its Lua code is and the template 
that invokes it /Template:Molar mass calculator/^2 ). I was thinking of 
the Lua module using a pair of vectors one (A⇀\vec{A}) containing the 
user-defined variables^3 of all 84 chemical elements found in 
appreciable quantities in nature and the other containing the average 
atomic mass for all these elements (M⇀\vec{M}). Then doing the Lua 
equivalent to a dot product (i.e., A⇀⋅M⇀=∑i=184AiMi\vec{A}\cdot \vec{M} 
= \sum_{i=0}^{84} A_i M_i) between these two vectors and using the 
result as the module's output which would then//used by the template as 
its output.


     1. Keeping in mind I am a programming noob, especially when it
        comes to Lua, so talk to me like a maths guy that just
        understands a little MATLAB, NumPy, SciPy, Python and Wikitext
        and no other programming languages as this is fairly accurate.
     2. /Template:Molar mass calculator/, presently has this Wikitext
        (hence if a change is required please do alert me to it):
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E.C Okpo | 31 Mar 20:04 2015

Parsoid performance metrics


Parsoid now has dashboards that track performance metrics for both the html
to wikitext (1) and wikitext to html (2) routes. Performance
instrumentation was achieved with StatsD, Graphite and Grafana.

I also compiled a guide (3) to this process for future reference, though
your mileage might vary.

These materials were created as part of my FOSS-OPW Internship with the
Parsoid team, which ends today :(. It's been such a blast working with the
Parsoid team, meeting members of the community and getting a taste of
working on Open Source Software.

Christy Okpo

Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
Tomasz Finc | 31 Mar 00:53 2015

Welcome Michael Holloway to the Mobile App Team

I’m pleased to announce that Michael Holloway joins Wikimedia today as
a Software Engineer for the Mobile App Team. Michael is based in Ann
Arbor, Michigan, and will be working with us remotely. He'll join
Dmitry & Bernd to push our native Android development forward [1].

Michael has longstanding interests in the technical and social aspects
of information technology, and turned to software development
professionally after several years in the legal field. He believes
passionately in the revolutionary potential of free and open access to
information, and in Wikimedia’s vision of a world in which all can
share freely in the sum of human knowledge. Michael looks forward to
delighting users of the Android app, and to helping grow and diversify
Wikimedia’s user base.

When he’s not behind a keyboard, Michael spends his time bicycling,
cooking curries, and sampling craft brews.

Please welcome Michael!


[1] -

Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
Guillaume Paumier | 30 Mar 23:11 2015

Wikimedia engineering report, December 2014


The report covering Wikimedia engineering activities in December 2014 is
now available:

Also, note that the format of the report is changing. Consistently
with the WMF-wide switch to quarterly reviews announced a few months
ago (
), Engineering and Product staff will now be reporting on a quarterly

To get more frequent updates, you can follow ongoing work by watching
the master roadmap in Phabricator, where all major work is organized:

(To watch or subscribe, see )

The roadmap links to specific tasks and projects that you can also
subscribe to in Phabricator if you don't want to watch the whole
roadmap. Anyone should feel free to request an update about a task by
adding a comment there.

Remember that you are also encouraged to subscribe to the weekly
technical newsletter, to get a high-level summary of technical changes
that may impact your experience:

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Chris Steipp | 30 Mar 22:07 2015

Pre-Release Announcement for MediaWiki 1.19.24, 1.23.9, 1.24.2

This is a notice that on Tuesday, March 31st between 21:00-22:00 UTC (2-3pm
PDT) Wikimedia Foundation will release security updates for current and
supported branches of the MediaWiki software. Downloads and patches will be
available at that time.
Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
Tony Thomas | 30 Mar 19:23 2015

BounceHandler deployed 'everywhere' succesfully


Happy to inform that we could successfully complete the global
deployment[1] of Extension:BounceHandler and the Wikipiedia's are handling
bounce emails effectively. The current threshold for the number of allowed
bounces is 5, and we could test the unsubscribe action live on with help of sysops ( I couldnt send more than 2 emails,
thanks to the Anti-spam checks ).

As of now, 'bounce_records' have 37338 entries, mainly from group0 and
group1 wikis ( in ~ 20 days ). We expect an exponential increase in the
same, as the en-wiki has got amazing bounce rates.

This would mean the finish ( deployment ) of my GSoC 2014 project[2] with
Jeff Green and Legoktm. Thanks to everyone who helped in between, it was
real fun!


Tony Thomas <>
FOSS <at> Amrita <>

*"where there is a wifi, there is a way"*
Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
Kai Nissen | 30 Mar 17:40 2015

[RfC] Feature to watch categorylinks

Hi there,

I created a Request for comments[1] and a corresponding Phabricator
Task[2] regarding a feature that enables users to watch categories for
page additions and removals.

If you are interested in this topic or somehow involved in
Extension:Echo or watchlist features, feel free to participate in the




Kai Nissen

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. | Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24 | 10963 Berlin
Tel. (030) 219 158 26-0

Wikimedia Deutschland - Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e.V.
Eingetragen im Vereinsregister des Amtsgerichts Berlin-Charlottenburg
unter der Nummer 23855 B. Als gemeinnützig anerkannt durch das Finanzamt
für Körperschaften I Berlin, Steuernummer 27/681/51985.

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Niharika Kohli | 28 Mar 11:41 2015

GSoC and Outreachy Selection Process

Hi there,

The application deadline for GSoC and Outreachy has passed. We have

- 44 GSoC applications from 43 candidates
- 10 Outreachy applications from 10 candidates including 5 who have also
applied for GSoC

Several of the projects have received multiple proposals, making it hard
for out mentors to choose the best from all the applicants. Everyone is
invited to join in the selection process and actively ask the candidates
questions about their proposals.

The GSoC proposals submitted can be found at

The Outreachy proposals submitted can be found at

For our students:

If you have not yet created a task for your project proposal on Phabricator
yet, we encourage you to do that as soon as you can. If your proposal is
complete and you have completed one or more relevant microtasks, you can
sit back and relax now. If not, you should complete your application as
soon as possible.

For the mentors:

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Thomas Mulhall | 26 Mar 21:30 2015

Monthly MediaWiki releases

 Hi it has been 3-4 months since the last mediawiki releases when will they have a new release since it has been
a long time.
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