Grace Gellerman | 10 Feb 23:58 2016

Re: 2016-02-10 Scrum of Scrums notes

correcting date in subj line

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 2:57 PM, Grace Gellerman <ggellerman <at>>

> = 2015-02-10 =
> == Technology ==
> === Analytics ===
> * '''*Blocking'''*: Nobody we know of
> * '''*Blocked'''*: By nothing we're aware of
> * '''*Updates*'''*:*
>    - ** organizing work to replace limn dashboards with dashiki
>    - ** wikimetrics program global metrics deployed
>    - ** moved wikimetrics from vagrant to docker-compose and it was a
>    pleasant experience
>    - ** working on cleaning up / organizing analytics files on
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Grace Gellerman | 10 Feb 23:57 2016

2015-02-10 Scrum of Scrums notes

= 2015-02-10 =

== Technology ==

=== Analytics ===
* '''*Blocking'''*: Nobody we know of
* '''*Blocked'''*: By nothing we're aware of
* '''*Updates*'''*:*

   - ** organizing work to replace limn dashboards with dashiki

   - ** wikimetrics program global metrics deployed

   - ** moved wikimetrics from vagrant to docker-compose and it was a
   pleasant experience

   - ** working on cleaning up / organizing analytics files on

   - ** estimating uniques with last access cookies is in the final stages
   of being productionized

   - ** Joseph's sanitization of pageview data (for long term retention and
   privacy) is up for review by halfak and anyone else interested

=== Architecture ===
* '''*Blocking'''*: ???
* '''*Blocked'''*: ???
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Greg Grossmeier | 10 Feb 22:06 2016

CI response time slow today

Hello all,

I want to apologize for the current slowness in our CI stack. Everything
is working fine in the sense that nothing is broken.

We simply did not adequately prepare for the switch to php5.5 being the
new minimum version for MediaWiki. This resulted in a large influx of
jobs on a set of our Jenkins executers that was not a large enough pool.
Timo and Antoine have created more executers to help mitigate [0].

More explicitly: due to package version availability in Ubuntu, our
php5.3 jobs run on our pool of Ubuntu Precis hosts, while the
php5.5/hhvm jobs run on our pool of Ubuntu Trusty hosts.

Both sets of jobs are in our pipeline to migrate to the new Nodepool
system that allows burstable availability of executers.

Again, apologies for the delays but know that the jobs will complete
just not as fast as you are accustomed to.




| Greg Grossmeier            GPG: B2FA 27B1 F7EB D327 6B8E |
|  <at> greg                A18D 1138 8E47 FAC8 1C7D |

Wikitech-l mailing list
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Daniel Kinzler | 10 Feb 12:57 2016

Today's RFC meeting on IRC: Per-language URLs for multilingual wiki pages

In today's RFC meeting, we will discuss the following RFC:

* Per-language URLs for multilingual wiki pages

The meeting will be on the IRC channel #wikimedia-office on at the following time:

* UTC: Wednesday 22:00
* US PST: Wednesday 14:00
* Europe CET: Wednesday 23:00
* Australia AEDT: Thursday 09:00

-- Daniel Kinzler

Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>

Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
Quim Gil | 10 Feb 10:08 2016

Please welcome Chris Koerner to the Wikimedia Foundation

I am pleased to announce that Chris Koerner has joined the Wikimedia
Foundation as Community Liaison on the Technical Collaboration team
<>. His main
responsibility is to support community engagement activities for projects
led by the Discovery team

Chris started his approach to the Wikimedia movement as administrator of a
third party MediaWiki’s. He will be working remotely from Saint Louis, MO
(USA). Here is an introduction in his own words:

"I've been a MediaWiki fan since 2011, having used it inside a large
healthcare organization to share knowledge among co-workers. From there I
fell into the the larger Wikimedia rabbit hole and haven't looked back. I'm
active in the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group
<>, a user
group of third-party MediaWiki administrators, developers, and users who
advocate for using MediaWiki. I also edit from time to time on the English

I've always loved technology and people. There's nothing like the feeling
of sitting next to someone as they discover how they can use a bit of
technology to solve a need. I've worked in desktop support, web
development, marketing, and healthcare IT throughout my career. All along
the way I've valued communication and transparency and love to encourage
others to get involved.

I'm an enthusiast photographer, a person who enjoys board and video games,
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Legoktm | 10 Feb 08:23 2016

MediaWiki core master now requires 5.5.9+ and other CI changes


<> has been merged, so MediaWiki
core now requires PHP 5.5.9 or higher to run. We had to make some (read:
a lot) of CI changes for that to happen, here's a quick summary:

* php53 jobs are only triggered for REL1_2[3-6] branches
* php55 jobs are only triggered for branches that are not REL1_2[3-6]
* All extensions that previously had php53 tests now run them under both
hhvm and php55
* composer related jobs were renamed to standardize with other CI jobs

Since this is a large change for extensions, I went ahead and ran jobs
for all extensions that have unittests, and collected the results:
<>. Please
take a look to see if your extension(s) are failing, and fix or file
bugs as needed! Some of the failures aren't even related to HHVM/PHP5.5,
the repos have just been broken.

And if you run into any CI related issues, please file a bug in the
#CI-Config Phab project!

-- Legoktm

Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
Jaime Crespo | 9 Feb 20:40 2016

Scheduled database maintenance (9 Feb)

Between 23:00 and 23:59 UTC, February 9th 2016 there is a scheduled
maintenance window that will affect some of the wikis hosted by the
Wikimedia Foundation. The maintenance is needed in order to perform
necessary hardware, operating system and database upgrades. During the
upgrade, content on affected wikis will be available at all times, but
edits may fail during approximately 5 minutes within that schedule
(these wikis will be in "read only mode"). The following wikis will be

All other wikis will *not* be affected by this maintenance.

I apologize in advance for this disruption and will try to minimize
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François St-Arnaud | 9 Feb 18:20 2016

Windows Single Sign-On Extension


To enable Single Sign-On to a MediaWiki hosted on IIS in a Windows Domain, the best MediaWiki extension I
could find was NTLMActiveDirectory.

However, I had two peeves with this extension:
1) Its name; I'm not doing NTLM, but Negotiate and Kerberos; and
2) Its use of LDAP; feels too much like a wart on Windows!

See, I'm sitting on an IIS box on a Windows domain with Integrated Windows Authentication enabled. By the
time the MW extension gets hit, IIS has already authenticated the user, so why not just leverage that instead?

I therefore used NTLMActiveDirectory as a starting point, but threw out all the LDAP stuff and replaced it
with a simple Web call to an IIS-hosted handler to get the AD group membership for the already
authenticated user. Of NTLMActiveDirectory, I kept the AD / MW group mapping configuration required for

Personally, I find this solution much simpler and intuitive for AD integration when hosting MW on a
Windows/IIS box.

Does this make sense to others in the community?
Do others feel there was a need for a better AD integration extension?
Would others in the community benefit from such an extension?

If so, I would be happy to share my work, following instructions found here:


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Stas Malyshev | 9 Feb 02:56 2016

Re: Splitting out GUI repo for WDQS


OK, GUI files moved to wikidata/query/gui and patches now have to be
submitted against it. I imagine it will also be easier to set up testing
there given that it's no longer dragging unrelated Java module around.
Please tell me if anything doesn't work.


Stas Malyshev
smalyshev <at>

Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
Stephan Gambke | 8 Feb 23:51 2016

Download link to properly packed extension

It is possible to download extensions in ZIP format from the WMF repo
using a link like this:

However, this will produce a package with the extension's files in its
root folder. An unsuspecting user will probably simply extract this
package into the .../extensions folder with all its files ending up
there instead of in the extensions subfolder.

The ExtensionDistributor will provide correctly built packages, but it
is apparently only working on MW release tags, e.g. REL1_26.

Is there any way to download correctly built packages with tags other
than the MW relases?


Wikitech-l mailing list
Wikitech-l <at>
Rachel Farrand | 8 Feb 23:05 2016

2017 Wikimedia Hackathon: Looking for Proposals


Is your organization interested in hosting and co-organizing the 2017
Wikimedia Hackathon? We are looking for proposals!

There is a whole lot of new information available about hackathons, if you
see anything missing or that needs to be clarified let me know.

Specific to the 2017 Hackathon:

All Hackathons:

This year’s Wikimedia Hackathon 2016
<> will be held in
Jerusalem in April. Ideally we will announce the host for 2017 before March
14th, 2016. If multiple chapters or organizations are interested, we hope
to work together to figure out the the best solution.

Any organizations interested in hosting should please create a Phabricator
ticket and associate it with the Developer-Relations project.
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