Bo Xu | 2 Nov 06:24 2011

Invitation to Participate in Wikipedia Survey

Dear Wikipedian,
We, Prof. Bo Xu at Fudan University in China and Prof. Dahui Li at University of Minnesota Duluth, are
interested in why and how people contribute to Wikipedia. You could make an important contribution to
this research by completing a questionnaire at  The survey is completely
voluntary. All the data will be kept confidential. Your assistance in answering this questionnaire is
highly appreciated. 
Bo Xu
School of Management
Fudan University
Lino Dial | 3 Nov 18:26 2011

Re: Invitation to Participate in Wikipedia Survey

The URL you submitted is incorrect or wrong website.

Anyway :  Here is info about me :

Name :  Lino A. Dial, M.D.
email :  LinoADial2001 <at>

Education :  B.S. and M.D. degrees from University of the Philippines.
Profession :  California - licensed practicing physician.
Post graduate training :  University of California teaching hospitals:
Children's and Adult Medical Center of San Francisco, California and
U.S. Veterans Administration Hospital.
Formerly on Active Duty as Physician,  U.S. Navy, Medical Corps

Then I became a victim of crimes of frauds committed by licensed
practicing physicians , hospital and lawyer in California.

The total of 53 crimes committed against me started with :

1.  Intentional falsification of hospital patient record of my patient
performed by  Dr.  Robert  S.  Blum, a licensed practicing Neurosurgeon.

2.  The Hospital and entire Medical Staff of the hospital and the
hospital attorney covered up everything.

I fought them all, for the civil and human rights of my patient, an old
woman from Oregon.  I did not even knew the old lady but I defended
her because it was wrong for Dr. Blum to dictate a fraudulent surgical
consultation.  Dr.  Blum was not asked to see my patient in any way or form,
he  just  grabbed.
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