Daniel Schwen | 6 Mar 17:49 2014

Maps project labs migration

Hello Labs-Maps people,
I'm working on migrating my WMA Labs instance to eqiad. In the process
I made changes to teh Maps project's security groups. Basically I
adjusted the CIDR ranges from (only access from pmtpa) to (access from eqiad, pmtpa, and production).
Otherwise there is no way to log into the eqiad instances or copy stuff over :-)

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Tomasz Finc | 5 Mar 01:20 2014

Building a Wikimedia Maps & Geo team

Maps and Geo community members. I've put together a proposal to build
a new team at the WMF that I'd love your feedback on.

Take a pass on


and let me know what you think on the discussion page. I'd especially
like your help on the possible projects we could focus on with a key
eye on contributions.


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Quim Gil | 19 Feb 23:03 2014

Bug 2340 - Support for OS grid refs for maps of UK and Ireland

Allow me to introduce you to the oldest report that didn't receive any
reply in our entire Bugzilla. It's related with maps:

Bug 2340 - Support for OS grid refs for maps of UK and Ireland

I have no idea about the topic itself, but maybe someone in this list
can follow up there, and remove such honor from that report.  :)


Quim Gil
Technical Contributor Coordinator  <at>  Wikimedia Foundation

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Stephan Knauss | 3 Jan 12:37 2014

Is OSM a dead end for Wikimedia?

Hi together,

I'm having an account on Toolserver to develop new ideas for OSM and how 
to make it useful for wikipedia.

With the announced end-of-life of toolserver I wanted to see how to 
migrate to labs.

I found it quite disappointing. Not much information regarding OSM on 
labs at all.

Is Wikimedia discontinuing support for OSM and ending the collaboration?

I found only few documents regarding OSM.

OSM probably unsupported:

Tileserver not created for two years...

Maybe only move 5 tools to Labs (comment Silke)

So the question is: Will there be support for people developing new 
ideas? Will we have access to a development machine having a database 
replication? Development on a production tileserver is a bad idea, but 
no one talked about a dev server.

Is this the end of OSM for Wikimedia?
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Tim Landscheidt | 23 Dec 06:08 2013

Toolserver: Renew your accounts before January 6th


as the migration of OSM from Toolserver to Labs will likely
not be finished within the next two weeks :-)
(cf. https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/58797 and
https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/33980), if you have a
Toolserver account, you should renew it by logging into
willow.toolserver.org and executing acctrenew.

Also, there are some pending bugs regarding maps/OSM in

- "create an osm template databaseon ptolemy and allow
  custom databases"

- "encoding of osm_mapnik database"

- "Nicer URL for hillshading tiles"

- "Add column addr:housename to planet_osm database"

- "please update PostGIS to 1.5.5 on ptolemy"

- "upgrade pg_dump"
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Marlen Caemmerer | 6 Dec 11:27 2013

Redacted database content


I was asked by WMF to make the database views on Toolserver fit to their privacy policy they applied at Toollabs.
This means some data in the databases should not be displayed any longer.

It regards  fields in the  tables revision, logging, recentchanges, oldimage and filearchive.

Table entries that should be hidden will not be displayed by the Toolserver database servers.
These entries can be unhidden by the Steward level users of the Wikipedias and are then accessible again.

Some fields are not even shown in the default view because queries on these tables then no longer can use
indexes which makes the
databases and queries run very slow.
I put alternative views in place in this case in case you need more fields you'll find slower views with most
of the fields (but

Please note that this may change the number of rows and other results of your tools.

If you have any issues with your tools because of this change please let me know.


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Susanna Ånäs | 21 Nov 15:48 2013

Please join the Wikimaps design & developer meeting!

Hi all!

There will be 2 overlapping creative communities for planning Wikimaps
1. Wikimaps Designers & Developers (GLAM & map Wikipedians, OpenHistoricalMappers etc)
2. Wikimaps Nordic (Regional collaboration: Wikimedia chapters, wikimedians, mappers and GLAMs from the Nordic countries)

This is an invitation to join the international designer & developer community. Wikimaps Nordic will form a project community in the beginning of January.

We’ll arrange a video conference with http://videoconf.wikimedia.ch/  
Tuesday December 3 
at 8:00 PDT - 11:00 EST - 16:00 GMT - 17:00 CET - 18:00 EET - 21:00 IST

Sign up in the collaborative Etherpad http://wmfi.muistio.tieke.fi/wikimaps-online-1 

Let's talk freely about what Wikimaps could be. Here are some ideas to get you started. See, comment and discuss them here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1EvXZtoV9vihtXZxVhA5ZKTEfmKFVI2btNQUREF-6so0/edit#slide=id.g11cd82f09_034 

Meeting agenda
Introductions 30 min
1. Round for presentations ~1 min per person
2. Brief presentations of Wikimaps projects ~2 min / ~8 projects

Discussion 70 min
3. Discuss expectations. Create working groups. Focus on a project or two.
4. What kind of technologies and communication tools we will use

Practicalities 20 min 
5. Future schedule for the process
6. To-Do before the next meeting

See you soon!

Susanna Ånäs / Wikimedia Suomi

Info about Wikimaps Nordic with links to Wikimaps info:
I've cross-posted this on maps-l, commons-l, cultural partners in wikimedia and historic at osm

Susanna Ånäs Käyttäjä:Susannaanas
Wikimedia Suomi
– tiedotus – yhteistyö
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Quim Gil | 11 Nov 19:19 2013

Migrating opengeoserver.org to Labs (was Re: OpenStreetMap plans)

On 11/11/2013 04:17 AM, Andreas Trawoeger wrote:
> Hi Quim,
> Thanks for keeping me updated.
> OpenGeoServer.org is currently running on a small rented 100
> Euro/Month server and with funds from Wikimedia Germany running out it
> would be a pity to shut the service down, because no CPU cycles & disk
> storage can be found within the vast Wikimedia Foundation
> infrastructure.

What is stopping you from migrating the service to Wikimedia Labs -
https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/ ?

Sorry if you have replied to this question before. In that case, just
point to the URL. Thank you!


Quim Gil
Technical Contributor Coordinator  <at>  Wikimedia Foundation

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Pradeep Mohandas | 18 Oct 17:40 2013

Fw: [Wikimediaindia-l] Request to review the Wikimaps Atlas Grant


Thought this might have been of interest to this list.

warm regards,
Pradeep Mohandas
How Pradeep uses email? - http://goo.gl/6v1I9

On Friday, 18 October 2013 7:45 PM, Arun Ganesh <arun.planemad-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org> wrote:
Dear community, 
User:Yug[1] from the Graphic Labs and I, User:Planemad[2] from the Indian community, have put together a comprehensive IEG proposal to improve all the base maps used on WIkimedia projects with updated cartographic conventions and accuracy based on research. 

The output will be a large set of editable vector maps, research documentation and a comprehensive map creation workflow that anyone can reuse.

The total grant request is for an amount of USD 10500, which will allow both of us to work on this project full time for a period of 3 months. The grant also includes a budget to hire external consultants where required to accomplish the stated goals.

You can view the proposal and provide your valuable feedback/endorsement here:

PS: This is the first step of the much larger Wikimaps project that aims to be the open source map engine that brings together Wikidata, Commons and Openstreetmap.

Arun Ganesh

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Marlen Caemmerer | 3 Oct 23:08 2013

Making Toolserver work - rate limited OSM


in the last days Toolserver experienced outages of web pages which were caused by too many queries from only
a few hosts.
They are using OSM images and - please dont ask me why - single IPs tend to query about 40-50 pictures per
second -  for minutes or hours, peaks can be worse.
At some points our web server give up then.
Yes sorry ;). I can proudly say that only today about 11.7 millions  web queries were answered somehow.

I tried to mitigate the problem of "too many requests per IP" via blocking but it is not an option. 
One problem is that users of at least one portal then complain and another is that the IP addresses seem
random - coming even from dial up ranges.
There might be something badly wrong with cache-control headers for the images (or probably we can tweak at
that point) or - I dont know what it could be.

To make the long story short - I rate limited the OSM tile delivery to 40 images per second per IP - allowed
burst is 55.
Users will then get a 503 error if the rate exceeds until it decreases - but delivery isnt stopped completely.

It seems to work since I have some notices which IPs were throtteled and these are IPs that have heavy usage.

I used this here to throttle: http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_limit_req_module.html

I dont want to have this option configured forever - I rather hope we can do something about caching or give
the pictures they need to the projects themselves (I doubt we have to deliver hill shading pictures for
everyone - this is Toolserver)

If anyone has an idea what to do / questions - please let me know.


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Marlen Caemmerer | 4 Sep 22:10 2013

Maintenance: PHP update tomorrow


I will do a PHP update tomorrow

Thursday 7pm - 9pm

If interruptions occur they will be short.


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