Sebastian Wallroth | 2 Aug 10:52 2015

WikiDACH 2015 - Wikipedia tut gut

Vom 30. Oktober bis 1. November 2015 findet nun endlich im prächtigen Schweriner Schloss [1] 
die erste WikiDACH [2] statt. Der Landtag von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern gestattet die kostenfreie 
Nutzung damit sich die Welt der Wikipedianer (und aller anderen Wikimedia-Projekte) mit den 
Menschen der Region, sowie ganz Österreichs, der Schweiz und Deutschlands austauschen können. 
Teilnehmer können hier ihr Interesse bekunden [3] und es werden noch Helfer [4] gesucht. Wer 
einen Vortrag oder Workshop [5] anbieten möchte, trägt sich bitte ein. Bitte beschreibt, was 
Ihr anbieten möchtet. Ein griffiger Titel ist dabei sehr wichtig, außerdem natürlich das Format 
und die gewünschte Länge des Slots. Da wir viele Besucher erwarten, die die Wikipedia und ihre 
Schwesterprojekte noch nicht kennen, wäre auch eine Angabe hilfreich, ob sich der Slot für 
Anfänger eignet. 

Das Orga Team der WikiDACH 2015 [6]



Sebastian Wallroth
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James Heald | 11 Nov 22:32 2014

Help needed to finish finding the maps in the BL Flickr stream. 11, 000 maps found so far in first 50%.

Hi everybody,

A quick update on the campaign to find all the maps (and ground plans) 
in the British Library's one-million-image Flickr stream scanned from 
old 19th century books.

This is of particular relevance to the Wikimaps project, because as soon 
as we've tagged all the maps and plans on Flickr, the BL will start 
georeferencing them with its own loyal volunteers, so that in the new 
year we should be able to upload all the maps to Commons, complete with 
a full set of georeferencing control points.

The good news is that in the first ten days, we've gone through the 
Flickr pages for half the books scanned for the collection, and tagged 
11,000 maps and plans, ready for georeferencing.

See latest status here:

The bad news is that the effort so far has almost all been made by about 
ten people, who are now starting to tire.  So the project desperately 
needs more help, if we're to push on and get all the old maps found.

As the status page above shows and links, a lot of progress has been 
made with many parts of the index; but some other parts -- for example, 
index pages of books relating to the United States, and to Scandinavia 
-- still remain almost untouched.

What's needed is very simple.  As explained on the status page, it's 
just to go through each entry that has a pink "Untagged maps?" templated 
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James Heald | 28 Oct 22:50 2014

Looking for 10, 000 maps in the BL flickr stream, from Friday 31 October. Help needed to get the word out.


This is to let everybody know about a campaign to try to find 10,000 
digitised maps 'hidden' in 13,000 books in the set of a million images 
that the British Library uploaded to Flickr last year.

Once they've been identified, the BL will then run the maps through its 
Georeferencer crowd-activity (from which we can download the full 
output).  But first the files need to be identified on Flickr, and 
tagged as maps.

A draft article for this week's en-wiki Signpost can be found under 
development here:

There's also going to be an all-day tagathon session at the British 
Library in London to launch the effort, to which anyone who can make it 
is very welcome.  (Even more welcome if you register first, but that's 
not absolutely essential), see:,_October_2014

There is coverage of maps from all over the world, as shown by this plot 
of 3,000 maps on the globe, that have already been found and georeferenced:

(Non-map images in the collection have a similar distribution).

The BL Labs group are having their annual symposium meeting on Monday 
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Minh Nguyen | 4 Oct 20:30 2014

osm-multilingual only in 6 languages?

Around the time of the Toolserver shutdown, WIWOSM started fetching 
tiles from the tile server. But as 
far as I can tell, it only supports de, en, fi, fr, pt, and ru. For 
other languages, it seems to return only a few tiles that had been 
generated before the switchover.

Are there plans to extend this service to the wide range of languages 
supported by the old multilingual tile server? In particular, and the OSM gadget at the Vietnamese Wikipedia both 
make use of the multilingual tiles, but now most Wikipedia articles end 
up showing the default OSM tiles.


Minh Nguyen

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Yuri Astrakhan | 3 Sep 06:31 2014

graphs, maps, and MW extensions

Per ErikM's suggestion, posting it here. has a preview of the graph extension. The extension is already in production, but will only be enabled for private wikis (zero & fundraising) until we resolve security/privacy concerns (almost done), as well as possible performance implications (node js png rendering)

Graph extension uses vega grammar.
Maps-l mailing list
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James Heald | 2 Sep 23:54 2014

What else needs to be completed for Map Warper, before mass-upload of files and mass usage ?

Hi everybody,

Sorry to have missed the hangout.  I was on the road, then couldn't find 
the correct URL.

Question: what else currently needs to be completed with respect to Map 
Warper, before we can launch a mass-upload of files to it, and try to 
launch a first mass campaign of geo-referencing ?

I asked Tim Waters, who told me he was working on three things, which 
were going well; and recommended I post to this list.

One of the things was letting people log in with their Commons login. 
Unfortunately, I've forgotten the other two, and the email got 
accidentally deleted by mistake.

So what other things do people think need to be altered on the map 
warper, before we
* (a) do a mass upload from Commons to Labs of maps to geo-reference
* (b) launch a campaign for mass-georeferencing the uploads
* (c) use it to display geo-referencing for maps that have already been 
geo-referenced ?

For reference, as an estimate of the scale of what is on Commons already 
(never mind new scans that are being produced), we currently have just 
over 54,000 unique files in Category:Old_maps and Category:Maps_by_year 
together, going down six levels, of which just over 41,000 are in 
sub-directories of Category:Old Maps

There are also
* 4890 maps that we have that already have georeferencing from the NYPL 
(not in the Old Maps hierarchy)
* 315 Ordnance Survey drawings, with georeferencing from the BL (also 
not in the Old Maps hierarchy)
* 1126 maps from the Mechanical Curator collection, of which 107 are 
related to images that have georeferencing from the BL, and the 
remainder should be geo-referenced in the BL's next phase.

(The already geo-referenced maps are or will be accessible in 
subdirectories of
    Category:Maps with links to external georeferencing
-- the BL are there already; I shall be adding the NYPL ones in a couple 
of days, once I have jumped through the required hoops for bot approval).

IMO, it would be nice to get a campaign of geo-referencing underway.

But how close are we to being ready?

All best,


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Tomasz Finc | 22 Aug 20:28 2014

WMF is looking for a maps engineer

Greetings all,

I wanted to highlight that the WMF is looking to bring on its first
maps engineer and we're eager to get your help in finding them.

If you know anyone who would fit this role then do encourage them to
apply or forward me their info.

thank you


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Lars Aronsson | 4 Jul 20:21 2014

Geocoding and then what

Here's an image that I geocoded today,

The "Camera position" box has links to OSM and Google Maps,
links leading to maps showing images, but not this

When will my image be visible on these maps?

Here is an image I uploaded and geocoded on June 26,

That's more than a week ago, but it doesn't show on the maps yet.


   Lars Aronsson (lars <at>
   Aronsson Datateknik -

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Simone Cortesi | 4 Jul 10:56 2014

maps and cc-by

I'm done uploading the monferrato maps:

on the funnyside...

maps have always been cc-by-sa licensed, take a look here:

from the Celebrated Spanish Map by CHAFFRION: with many Additions &
Improvements by A DURY



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Peter Körner | 16 Jun 09:50 2014

Fwd: Output from "cron" command


I'm getting hundreds of these mails, but my toolserver account (mazder) 
is not existing anymore and I can't login to fix ptolemy. Maybe someone 
could eadd a >/dev/null to the cronjob.

Regards, Peter

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Betreff: Output from "cron" command
Datum: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 07:48:08 +0000 (UTC)
Von: osm <at> (osm project)
An: osm <at>

Your "cron" job on ptolemy

produced the following output:

osm2pgsql SVN version 0.81.0 (64bit id space)

osm2pgsql SVN version 0.81.0 (64bit id space)

osm2pgsql SVN version 0.81.0 (64bit id space)

osm2pgsql SVN version 0.81.0 (64bit id space)

osm2pgsql SVN version 0.81.0 (64bit id space)


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Quim Gil | 13 Jun 22:48 2014

Best way to use a map in an infobox nowadays

(Putting my volunteer hat on)

There is a very old template in about mountain huts [1]. It basically looks and works as it looked and worked in 2007. I'm thinking that it is perhaps a good opportunity to try something I have been wanting to try for a long time: embed a map in a template.

I'm more or less aware how you can do this with Template:Geobox or similar systems relying on collections of maps to put a dot on. However, I was wondering what is the state of the art in the times of Lua, OSM, and Wikidata. Is it possible to have something like this

* Editor introduces geolocation coordinates and saves.
* The right OSM tile is chosen based on the coordinates, showing e.g. the 50km surrounding the place.
* If users clicks the map, they jump to an actual map where they can zoom etc. Or at least a bigger and more detailed static image showing, say, a 200 km range.

If none of this exists yet, which template would you recommend using today, and what project should I look at for new releases in this direction?

Thank you.

Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager <at> Wikimedia Foundation
Maps-l mailing list
Maps-l <at>