Erik Moeller | 26 Mar 21:48 2004


As per the March 25 deadline, 100% of voters were in favor of merging
intlwiki-l into wikipedia-l, with 0% against.

Effective immediately, this mailing list is no longer active. You will
be unsubscribed automatically. To discuss and announce project-wide
issues, please subscribe to wikipedia-l instead:

To request permissions on a newly created wiki, please use

For software internationalization issues, please subscribe and post to

Feel free to contact me with any further questions.


Erik Möller
Lameen Souag | 24 Mar 10:31 2004

Berber domain name?

Hi everybody,

I'd like to suggest the creation of a domain name for Berber.  The relevant
ISO codes are:

KAB    Kabyle
BER    Berber (Other)

but TMZ or MZ would be much better, because the term "Berber" is no longer
politically correct, and most Berbers prefer "Tamazight" (and most Kabyles
see their language as a dialect of Berber/Tamazight).  There is plentiful
web activity in Berber (mainly in the Kabyle, Rifi, and Tachelhit dialects),
and if this domain name existed, I believe contributions would start coming
in.  I know several people who would be interested in participating myself.

Tim Starling | 22 Mar 03:08 2004

Re: The Proxy blocker; important notice to all Wikipedias

Brion Vibber wrote:
> On Mar 20, 2004, at 11:29, Walter Vermeir wrote:
>> I have discovered there is now a robot active on I believe all 
>> Wikipedias whit the name "Proxy blocker".
>> It blocks automaticly all users who are using a open proxy server.
>> It looks like a action form the English Wikipedia.
> Tim plugged this experimentally into the wiki in response to a massive 
> spambot attack a few days ago that worked through open proxies. It's not 
> a vigilante robot, but an automated part of the wiki that runs a check 
> when a given IP address first makes an edit. (This should have been 
> announced; if it wasn't, I hope Tim will remember to do so next time.)

To implement a proxy scanner/blocker was an idea I had in early February 
some time, when I saw simple vandals using anonymous proxies to evade 
bans. I raised the idea of systematically blocking anonymous proxies on 
wikien-l in mid-February, under the subject "Anonymous proxies", to 
discuss the ethical issues. Jimbo was behind the idea. I wasn't even 
sure if I was going to write it at that stage, I just wanted to make 
sure there was no reason I couldn't do it. But events in early March 
inspired me to get on with it and quickly push it into service. I'm 
sorry I forgot to announce it in the rush. I did mention it on IRC a few 
times, and I wrote some documentation at:

(Continue reading)

Erik Moeller | 21 Mar 21:01 2004

Vote: merge intlwiki-l and wikipedia-l

I propose that wikipedia-l and intlwiki-l should be merged into one  
(wikipedia-l). Please read my rationale, comment and vote on:

The proposal includes a new page on meta, [[m:Requests for permissions]],  
to handle bureaucrat and adminship requests.


Walter Vermeir | 20 Mar 20:29 2004

The Proxy blocker; important notice to all Wikipedias

I have discovered there is now a robot active on I believe all 
Wikipedias whit the name "Proxy blocker".

It blocks automaticly all users who are using a open proxy server.

It looks like a action form the English Wikipedia.

This is likely a violation of the blocking policy on most Wikipedias so 
inform your users about this and discuss it.

To trigger the Proxy Blocker go to and 
  use a "transparent" proxy.


Contact: walter AT wikipedia DOT be
Erik Moeller | 20 Mar 01:38 2004

Edit summary auto prefill poll

Please vote on:

regarding the automatic prefilling of edit summaries when using section


vlad | 19 Mar 10:51 2004

How to become sysop rights?

Hi all, 

I'm working several months on ukrainian wikipedia (
Now i need to make some adminstrations tasks like deletion of articles with 
wrong names, and so on. Who can give me sysop rigths? My username in is Gutsul. 

Raphaël PINSON | 19 Mar 04:17 2004

Creation of a Wikipedia site for the constructed language Ido

Hello everyone !

Together with the Ido community, I would like to ask if this is
possible to create a new Wikipedia domain for the language Ido (that
would be

What do we have to do for this purpose ?

Thank you in advance


BookCrossing : Libérez vos livres !! -
(miroir français :
Ido - la langue internationale :
Timo Jyrinki | 18 Mar 17:32 2004

Logo for Finnish Wikipedia


There's a proper logo for Finnish Wikipedia at:

Does anyone have the capability of changing our logo to the one that is
available there? There have been some attempts to reach someone who
could do that, but months have passed... back then we had a logo I had
modified, but that one in the forementioned address has the exactly
correct font, which I didn't had.

We'd really appreciate if the Finnish logo could be taken to use, as
we're quite happy with our almost-totally Finnish user interface otherwise.



Timo.Jyrinki@... |
Andreas Kasenides | 16 Mar 09:04 2004

el is in bad need of administrator

I believe that the Greek wiki (el) is in a bad need
of administrators. I have tried to submit some work bad
the information in there is so confusing it really pushed
me away a couple of times some time back. The main
page is many times incomplete and some times gives the wrong
information. In short even if some visitors might like to
submit work they are really confused.
So, even though, I do not have the necessary experience with
the Wikipedia stuff I ask that I become an administrator for
the Greek Wikipedia.
Andreas Kasenides
Flauto Dolce | 16 Mar 04:26 2004

Yiddish Wikipedia now active

In the past few days, there has been some activity on yi:.  I have added an 
introductory paragraph in Yiddish to the main page, and other users have 
started some articles.  Would it be possible to have the site oriented RTL?  
This is my first try at RTL input, so I am just figuring things out.  Perhaps 
users on ar: and he: could provide some pointers.  

There aren't any administrators on yi: yet; I'd be happy to take on that 
responsibility if it would help.  (I seem to be working practically alone now 
over on vo:; anyone who wants to pitch in there would be welcome!)

Best regards,
Flauto Dolce