Mark Pellegrini | 28 Jan 03:54 2005

Explanation of what happened to the featured article by email

Since the featured article by email went silent 6 weeks ago, I've received
many emails asking me what happened. I apologize for taking so long to
respond. I'll attempt to explain why.

The featured article by email was the brainchild of Kate. It was she who had
the idea, set it up, and maintained it. In December, Kate left Wikipedia.
After she left, there was no one to maintain it, so it went silent. It came
at a bad time for me, as so I have only recently gotten around to fixing the

Not long ago, I began looking for someone to replace Kate. I have found a
volunteer, so I believe that you can expect to see the
featured-article-by-email return very soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Mark Pellegrini
Wikipedia Featured Article director

Faraaz Damji | 29 Jan 01:03 2005

January 29: Pulaski Skyway

  The Pulaski Skyway is a cantilever truss structure in New Jersey
  carrying U.S. Highways 1 and 9 between the far east side of Newark and
  Tonnelle Circle in Jersey City, passing through Kearny.  The Skyway
  spans the Passaic River and Hackensack River, the New Jersey Turnpike,
  many local roads, and several railroads.  It is named for General
  Kazimierz Pulaski, the Polish military leader who helped the United
  States in the Revolutionary War.  It is known as a 'skyway' because it
  travels high (41.1 meters/135 feet at its highest point) above the
  meadows to avoid drawbridges across the two navigable rivers.  The
  Skyway was opened in 1932 as the last part of the Route 1 Extension,
  considered by many to be the first "super highway" in the United
  States, and is still in use in its original form, with only minor

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Today's selected anniversaries:

  The Raven, a popular poem by Edgar Allan Poe, was first published in
  the New York Evening Mirror.  

  The Victoria Cross was first awarded, recognizing acts of valour
  during the Crimean War.  

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Faraaz Damji | 30 Jan 03:52 2005

January 30: Laal language

   The Laal language is a still-unclassified language spoken by about 300
   people in three villages in the Moyen-Chari prefecture of Chad on
   opposite banks of the Chari River, called Gori, Damtar, and Mailao.  It
   may be a language isolate, in which case it would represent an
   isolated survival of an earlier language group of central Africa.  It
   is unwritten (except by linguists).  According to SIL-Chad missionary
   David Faris, it is in danger of extinction, with most people under 25
   shifting to the locally more widespread Baguirmi language.  This
   language first came to the attention of academic linguists in 1977,
   through Pascal Boyeldieu's fieldwork in 1975 and 1978.  His fieldwork
   was based for the most part on a single speaker, M.  Djouam Kadi of

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Today's selected anniversaries:

   King Charles I was beheaded for high treason in front of the
   Banqueting House in London during the English Civil War.

   Edward Bransfield of the Royal Navy discovered Antarctica.

   Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany.
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Faraaz Damji | 31 Jan 01:29 2005

January 31: Super Mario 64

   Super Mario 64 was one of the first video games released for the
   Nintendo 64 and was the console's flagship killer application.  It
   debuted in Japan on June 23, 1996 and in the U.S. on September 29,
   1996.  As the first 3D game in the Mario franchise, Super Mario 64
   defined the 3D platformer, much as the franchise's original game,
   Super Mario Bros., defined the 2D sidescrolling platformer.  In leaping
   from 2D to 3D, Super Mario 64 replaced the linear obstacle courses of
   traditional platform games with vast worlds where the objective is to
   collect special items — in this case stars — which are
   awarded for exploration or successfully carrying out tasks.  While
   doing so, it managed nonetheless to preserve the feel of earlier Mario
   games, including many game play elements and characters from them.  It
   is considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time.

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Today's selected anniversaries:

   Guy Fawkes was executed for his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot
   against the English Parliament and King James I.

   The first clinic specializing in the treatment of venereal diseases
   was opened.

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