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Bletchley Park's information hub wins Grade II listing

Saturday 7 January 2012

Bletchley Park's information hub wins Grade II listing

Derelict block seen as birthplace of modern computer processing gains 
heritage protection

Stephen Bates

To look at, it is a distinctly undistinguished and desolate-looking piece 
of utilitarian 1940s architecture. There is a failed concrete roof, water 
seeping in, pigeons nesting and vegetation growing through the cracks in 
the brickwork.

But in context, the long overlooked and derelict Block C at Bletchley 
Park, the second world war codebreaking headquarters in Buckinghamshire, 
may be one of the most significant buildings of the 20th century and on 
Friday the government gave it Grade II listed status to preserve it for 

It joins most other buildings on the site, including the famous wooden 
huts in which scientists, intelligence officers and civil servants, led by 
figures such as Alan Turing, initially worked to break the Nazis' 
supposedly impenetrable Enigma code. Their success shortened the war by as 
much as four years, by some accounts....../snip/

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Martin Postranecky | 11 Jan 14:46 2012

from 'MTB 102 Newsletter', Autumn 2011

from 'MTB 102 Newsletter', Autumn 2011 :

1-4 September 2011
ADLS ( Association of Dunkirk Little Ships ) Veterans Cruise


On Sunday morning our WW2 guests arrived and were allocated their boats 
for the day. MTB102 usually has Royal Navy Veterans on board, and this 
year they were joined by an ex Wren who spent some of her war at Bletchley 
Park. They all have interesting stories to tell..../snip/

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Alan Turing petition & associated articles in The Guardian...

Posted by Martin Wainwright
Monday 5 December 2011 

Pressure grows for a Turing pardon
Supporters are clicking on a new e-petition for the man whose brilliance 
underlies the laptops, mobiles and computer world which we often take for 

An e-petition to the Government to end the long if now somewhat 
theoretical disgrace of Alan Turing is rapidly gathering signatures after 
only a few days..../snip/

Monday 19 December 2011 

Alan Turing : My Favourite Scientist
Mathematician, master codebreaker and father of computer science, Alan 
Turing was a genius touched by tragedy..../snip/

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