WormBase | 19 Aug 22:27 2006

WormBase release WS162 now online

This is an automatic announcement that WormBase
(http://www.wormbase.org) has just been updated.  New releases occur
roughly every three weeks.

The text of the AceDB release notes, which contains highlights of the
new data is attached.  You can download the full AceDB files from:


Additional information on the release, including any necessary patches or bug
fixes can be found on the WormBaseWiki:


New release of WormBase WS162, Wormpep162 and Wormrna162 Thu Jul 27 09:59:43 BST 2006

WS162 was built by [mh6]

This directory includes:
i)   database.WS162.*.tar.gz    -   compressed data for new release
ii)  models.wrm.WS162           -   the latest database schema (also in above database files)
iii) CHROMOSOMES/subdir         -   contains 3 files (DNA, GFF & AGP per chromosome)
iv)  WS162-WS161.dbcomp         -   log file reporting difference from last release
v)   wormpep162.tar.gz          -   full Wormpep distribution corresponding to WS162
vi)   wormrna162.tar.gz          -   latest WormRNA release containing non-coding RNA's in the genome
vii)  confirmed_genes.WS162.gz   -   DNA sequences of all genes confirmed by EST &/or cDNA
viii) cDNA2orf.WS162.gz           -   Latest set of ORF connections to each cDNA (EST, OST, mRNA)
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Todd Harris | 22 Aug 20:48 2006

Topics Meetings survey now available

Note:  Forwarded message sent on behalf of Ahna Skop.

Dear Worm Researchers -

The C. elegans community needs to plan for topic meetings in 2008. We  
need to reserve a site, select topics and identify organizers. To  
make this decision-making process available to all, we ask you to  
provide your feedback.

A brief online survey has been set up on Wormbase to help make that  
easy for you. Even if you filled out an evaluation form at one of the  
recent Madison meetings, please fill out this one.


And even if you did not attend one of the recent Madison meetings,  
please fill out this one so that we can decide on specific topics and  
locations based on information from the entire community. The  
collective responses will determine how topic meetings will be run in  
2008 and beyond.

The set up of this survey was based on information obtained from  
evaluations from the topic meetings this past summer.

Please email me if you have any other comments or concerns.

Deadline for all submissions will be September 8.

Thank you,
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