Victorio Sonzogni | 4 Aug 22:23 2009

Fellowship Applications to attend NEMB2010 Available Now

Fellowship Applications to attend NEMB2010 Available Now

 <> (see attached)

Deadline for submission has been extended to August 31, 2009.

Graduate students and postdocs interested in attending NEMB 2010 are invited
to submit applications for funding on behalf of the 

NSF Summer Institute on Nanomechanics, Nanomaterials, and

Applicants are eligible for full funding which will include: 
Attendee registration for the tutorial on NanoEngineered Therapeutics I & II

Full Congress Fee allowing recipients full Congress access 
For further information, please visit

Or contact: summerinstitute@...

Victorio Sonzogni | 15 Aug 15:13 2009

I JET 2009

Estimado Colega 

Le adjunto información de las Primeras Jornadas de Emprendedores Tecnológicos 
I JET 2009 que estamos organizando en la UNS,  para el 28 de agosto próximo

Mucho le agradeceré  tenga a bien difundir el afiche

entre los miembros de su Institución .

Un muy cordial saludo

Diana Bambill

Más información página web:


Dra. Ing. Diana V. Bambill
Subsecretaria de Vinculación Tecnológica
Secretaría General de Ciencia y Tecnología
Universidad Nacional del Sur
Av. Colón 80 3° piso- Bahía Blanca (B8000 TFN)
Buenos Aires - Argentina
E-mail: subcyt@...
Tel: 0291-4595000 - Ints. 1117 - 1130
Victorio Sonzogni | 18 Aug 02:33 2009

CWE 2010 : Fifth Int. Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering

Fifth International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering (CWE2010)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
May 23-27, 2010

Alan Huber
CWE2010 Chairperson

Adjunct Faculty
Institute for the Environment
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

<div>Fifth International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering (CWE2010) <br>
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA<br>
May 23-27, 2010 <br><p><br></p><br><p><br></p>Alan Huber<br>
CWE2010 Chairperson<br><br>
Adjunct Faculty<br>
Institute for the Environment<br>
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill<br>
email:  alan.huber@...<br>
Victorio Sonzogni | 24 Aug 14:46 2009

Anuncio beca doctoral Universidad de Liege, Belgica

The University of Liege, Belgica, is asking for candidates for doctoral 
studies in the field of:
Numerical simulation of radioactive waste disposals in deep argilaceous rocks 
(Mol, Bure, Mont Terri URL)
This is related to damage mechanics, gaz migration, thermal effects, porous 
media, etc.

The selected candidate will work at the University of Liege, Faculty of Civil 

some areas of this research project will be jointly developed with the 
Laboratory of Numerical Methods at the University of Buenos Aires.

The interested candidates are asked to submitt CV to 

Guillermo Etse


Victorio Sonzogni | 24 Aug 19:57 2009

computational science postdoc positions at Berkeley Lab

Whether running trillions of calculations on a supercomputer or visualizing
and analyzing massive datasets, scientists today rely on advances in
computer science, mathematics, and computational science, as well as
large-scale computing and networking facilities, to increase our
understanding of ourselves, our planet, and our universe. Berkeley Lab's
Computing Sciences organization researches, develops, and deploys new tools
and technologies to meet these needs and to advance research in such areas
as global climate change, combustion, fusion energy, nanotechnology,
biology, and astrophysics.

If you are looking to be part of something great, join our team! Currently,
we have the following postdoc opportunities:

<> &p=1


The Scientific Computing Group has an immediate opening for a postdoctoral
fellow to work on the development of algorithms and their application to
large-scale computational science problems that are relevant to DOE and
LBNL. The research activities will include the development of computational
algorithms on high performance computers for scientific applications, such
as the analysis of the electric power grid and materials simulations for
carbon capture. The current focus of the computational algorithms is on
optimization and discrete and combinatorial methods.  


Required -Ph.D. in Computational or Applied Mathematics, Computer Science,
or Computational Science within the last 3 years is required, with a strong
background in computational mathematics. Some knowledge of optimization,
discrete mathematics and physics or chemistry is desirable. The successful
candidate should be able to program in C++ and Fortran, and should have
experience in parallel computing and MPI. Excellent communication skills are

<> &p=1

Berkeley Lab has several openings for postdoctoral fellows in the NERSC
Division to address the challenges of petascale computing on new multicore
architectures. The fellows will work with high-profile applications in the
areas of bioscience, fusion, climate and material science as well as in the
development of scalable algorithms and novel language implementations for
modern petascale systems. The fellows will have access to leading edge
computational platforms as well as prototypes of experimental systems and
close interaction with DOE Office of Science Principal Investigators who are
receiving significant allocations of high-end computer time under the ASCR
Leadership Computing Challenge. Interaction with faculty and students of the
University of California, Berkeley and other major research universities is
available depending on the specific project. The fellows will have the
opportunity to gain experience in the NERSC production environment facility
and practical knowledge of the skills necessary for deployment of
large-scale multi-user hardware and software. 


The fellow will participate in research projects to develop, analyze, and
optimize performance of HPC applications and their run-time environment.
This project may involve several of the following activities: analysis and
optimization of parallel application programs; benchmarking these codes on
systems from single CPUs to large scale HPC systems; the development of
improved algorithms for multi-core systems; research in a specific
computational application domain; publication and dissemination of these
research activities through refereed publications and conference


Required: PhD degree in computer science, computational science, applied
mathematics or a related scientific/engineering application domain area is
required. Excellent written and oral communication skills are required.
Demonstrated ability to work independently, work collaboratively in an
interdisciplinary team, and contribute to an active intellectual
environment. Experience with code development in a UNIX/Linux - based
environment. Desired: Experience in one or more of the following areas: (1)
High-performance computing, (2) Domain science expertise relevant to
biosciences, climate, fusion, or similar application fields, (3) Experience
tuning and debugging large science applications, (4) Advanced HPC languages
and methods (PGAS, CUDA, OpenCL, etc.).

<> &p=2


The candidate will participate in research projects to develop, analyze, and
optimize performance of accelerator modeling codes on HPC computer systems
and applications. This project will involve some of the following
activities: analysis and optimization of serial and parallel application
programs; benchmarking these codes on systems from single cores to large
scale HPC systems; assisting the development of auto-tuning software
components of interest to this project; assisting domain scientists in
developing application codes. 


Required: PhD degree in computer science, computational science or a related
technical field is required. Excellent written and oral communication.
Demonstrated ability to work independently, work collaboratively in an
interdisciplinary team, and contribute to an active intellectual
environment. Experience in: (1) high performance computing; (2) computer
system performance analysis; and (3) performance analysis, modeling and
benchmarking. Desired: Experience in: (1) Fortran90; (2) particle-in-cell
methods; (3) scientific computing in general.

HOW TO APPLY: For complete job description and to apply, please visit the
urls above. For a complete list of CS job listings, please visit
<>  Berkeley Lab is an AA/EOE
committed to the development of a diverse workforce.

For more information, please contact Bernadette Cu-Todd at BCu-Todd@...

Mario Storti | 25 Aug 22:37 2009

ENIEF 2009 - extensión plazo


Ante los numerosos pedidos que recibimos para postergar la fecha
de presentación de los trabajos completos al próximo ENIEF; el cual
se realizará en la ciudad de Tandil el próximo mes de Noviembre;
hemos decidido re-programarla para el 11 de Septiembre, en lugar
del 28 de Agosto prevista originalmente.
De todas formas, solicitamos a los autores que ya tengan listo su
trabajo, lo carguen en el sistema cuanto antes para poder asi acelerar
el proceso de evaluación.

Saludos cordiales,
Comité Organizador ENIEF 2009


Mario Alberto Storti     [cel. +54-342-156144983]
PTLC, Colect. Ruta Nac. 168 Km 472, Paraje El Pozo
Santa Fe, Argentina
Tel: +54-342-4511594 (ext 1015), Tel/Fax: +54-342-4511169
e-mail: mario.storti at
Victorio Sonzogni | 26 Aug 22:05 2009

Becas doctorales



(1) Modelos y cálculos mecánicos detallados de la formación y propagación de
fracturas en materiales fragilizados de componentes nucleares 

(2) Termohidráulica de sistemas nucleares utilizando códigos de sistemas y
de tipo detallado (CFD) y el mejoramiento de los modelos físicos y numéricos
asociados a los mismos


En la actualidad, se ha llegado al convencimiento que los combustibles
fósiles, como fuentes de energía, no podrán seguir siendo utilizados por
mucho tiempo más, y se deben buscar fuentes alternativas de energía. En este
contexto, la energía nuclear ha vuelto a ser considerada como alternativa
cierta para la producción de energía en los años a venir. En este contexto,
la Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear busca formar investigadores con capacidad
para intervenir y asesorar en las obras de ingeniería para producción de
energía que el país se encuentra ya realizando y en las que, se espera, se
deberá incrementar la inversión. 

El conocimiento en los temas arriba mencionados es primordial al momento del
licenciamiento de centrales nucleares, lo que implica generar capacidad
independiente de verificación y evaluación de diseños. Se busca desarrollar
capacidad para análisis por métodos numéricos (elementos finitos) en ambos
temas, con aplicación a la seguridad nuclear (nuclear safety) de centrales

Los becarios deberán realizar el Doctorado en Ingeniería mención Mecánica
Computacional en la Universidad Nacional del Litoral, y además tomarán
cursos de posgrado en la UBA: “Curso de Postgrado sobre “Seguridad
Radiológica y Fuentes de Radiación” y “Seguridad Nuclear”, para complementar
su formación en el área nuclear. La formación se deberá realizar bajo
dirección de un investigador de CIMEC. 

Proyecto marco: 
Acuerdo Marco Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear / Universidad Nacional del
Litoral / Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas

Lugar de Trabajo: CIMEC-INTEC (UNL-CONICET), PTLC, Ruta Nacional 168, 3000,
Santa Fe.

Requisitos: Ingeniero Mecánico o Aeronáutico o Civil o Físico o Bioingeniero
o Informático o similar. Edad inferior a 30 años. Preferentemente con
conocimientos de programación (C++) y con conocimientos de inglés. 

Inicio: 1/10/2009 
Duración: 12 meses (extensible hasta 60 meses por renovación anual)
Estipendio: 3812,20 $
Cierre del concurso: 2/9/2009

Interesados enviar CV a:

Dr Alberto Cardona 
Parque Tecnológico Litoral Centro
Ruta Nacional 168, 3000, Santa Fe.
Tel: 0342-4511594 int 1013

Mario Storti | 30 Aug 21:53 2009

new version of AMCA LaTeX class


Subject: AMCA-class has been modified in order to prevent
         erroneous pasting for accented characters from the final

When using previous versions of the AMCA class, the resulting PDF file
had a problem, that is when pasting text from the PDF to another
application, letter that have an accent where incorrectly pasted in
the target document.

The problem is fixed by adding the following lines to the LaTeX

     \usepackage{times}% Use font type Times-Roman
     \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}% Use T1 enconding

This has been already added (2009-08-30) to the AMCA class. So authors
must do

* Upgrade the package (available as always at
  Basically only amca.cls has been changed.

* Or else add the previous line either to the preamble of the article, or
  to the amca.cls file.

This upgrade will improve the quality of the proceedings edited by

Of course, this change is significant if the paper is written in
Spanish or Portuguese, but note that even those papers written in
English may have person names with accented characters, so we suggest
to do the upgrade in all cases.

If in any doubt contact the AMCA LaTeX class team:

   Rodrigo Paz rodrigop at
   Mario Storti mario.storti at
Mario Storti | 31 Aug 16:10 2009

Sesion de Posters para trabajos estudiantiles en el proximo ENIEF 2009

Se convoca a la presentación de trabajos estudiantiles en la modalidad
de posters para una sesión especial que se realizará durante el
próximo Congreso sobre Métodos Numéricos y sus Aplicaciones (ENIEF
2009), en la ciudad de Tandil, entre el 3 y 6 de noviembre.

Los interesados deberán enviar, en primer lugar, un resumen ampliado
del trabajo a la dirección enief2009@...
colocando como
Asunto: Poster para ENIEF 2009 La fecha límite para la recepción de
los mismos es el 9 de Octubre.  Es condición necesaria que al menos
uno de los autores sea un alumno de grado.

Aquellos trabajos que sean aceptados, deberán presentarse en el evento
como un Poster en tamaño A0 (84,1 cm x 118,9 cm) impresos en forma