Victorio E. Sonzogni | 1 Mar 12:45 2004

IMECE04 : ASME Intl Mechanical Engineering Congress

Desde: 14-11-2004
Hasta: 19-11-2004
Lugar: Anaheim, California USA

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder that the deadline for the submission of abstracts to 
the 2004 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress (IMECE04) is 
this Friday, March 5, 2004. IMECE04 will be held November 14-19, 2004 in 
Anaheim, California US. 

The Heat Transfer Equipment Committee (K10) is sponsoring 4 topics:

1.    Heat Transfer in Heat Exchangers

Heat Transfer in Heat Exchangers sessions are open to original works on 
analytical, experimental, and numerical investigations of all aspects 
and types of heat exchangers. Relevant topics include but not limited to 
heat exchangers or heat exchanger networks: * Analysis and design * 
Optimization * Transient or dynamic behavior * Operating problems * New 
ideas and novel approaches

co-sponsored by Process Industries Division
Session Organizer: Ahmad Fakheri Bradley University

2.   Thermal and Mechanical Stress Issues for Heat Transfer Equipment

Papers are invited on any aspect of structural design and analysis of 
heat transfer equipment. Subjects might involve stresses induced by 
thermal, mechanical, or pressure loads.
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Victorio E. Sonzogni | 2 Mar 21:34 2004

Anuncio de vacantes en la OIEA

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 Anuncio de vacantes en la OIEA


El Organismo Internacional de Energ=EDa At=F3mica (
<>) anunci=F3 que en breve quedar=E1n vacantes puestos=
del Cuadro Org=E1nico y categor=EDas superiores de la Secretar=EDa.


Informes y presentaci=F3n de formularios:


La presentaci=F3n de candidaturas se orienta a:


T=EDtulo y grado del puesto: Oficial superior de seguridad f=EDsica nucle=
(P-5) Anuncio de vacante N=BA 2004/005 y 2004/006

Dependencia org=E1nica: Oficina de Seguridad F=EDsica Nuclear. Departamen=
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Victorio E. Sonzogni | 3 Mar 19:11 2004

XXV CILAMCE Mini-simpósio em Contato e Impacto

From: José Luis Dummond Alves [mailto:jalves@...] 
Sent: Tuesday, 02 March 2004 15:55
To: 'abmec-l@...'
Subject: XXV CILAMCE Mini-simpósio em Contato e Impacto
Importance: High

Caros colegas,

Estamos, eu e o Prof. Guillermo Creus (creus@...),
organizando um mini-simpósio em Simulação Computacional de 
Problemas de Contato e Impacto e temas correlatos no âmbito do 
XXV CILAMCE (Congresso Ibero-Latino-Americano de Métodos 
Computacionais em Engenharia) a se realizar em Recife, PE, de 
10 a 12 de Novembro de 2004. Maiores detalhes sobre o evento 
podem ser encontrados no endereço:

Aproveitamos esta oportunidade para convidar todos aqueles que
trabalham nessa linha a participar do evento com suas 
contribuições. O prazo para a submissão de resumos é 29/03. 

Solicitamos aos interessados que, por favor, entrem em contato 
conosco e que circulem essa mensagem entre outros possíveis 
interessados em suas instituições.


José Luis Drummond Alves (jalves@...) e Guillermo 
Juan Creus
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Victorio E. Sonzogni | 3 Mar 19:40 2004

Short Course on Optimum Structural Design

Dear Colleague

Re: Short Course on Optimum Structural Design: Fundamentals, software and 

Please find details of a 3-day course on Optimum Structural Design: Fundamentals, 
software and applications by visiting our website at: 

In all engineering problems, designers try to find solutions showing good 
performance, which satisfy several requirements. Using optimization techniques, 
engineers can obtain the optimum, within the imposed conditions.  Structures 
designed in this way are safer, more reliable and less expensive than the traditional 
designs.  This course contains a comprehensive survey of the more efficient methods 
of numerical optimization, including more recent advances. 

The course, presented by Prof Santiago Hernandez from the University of La Coruna, 
Spain and organised by the Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton, UK, will 
take place from 9-11 June 2004 at Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, UK with a 
limited number of places available.

If you would like to register for the course please complete the form on our website at 

or return the form to

Jane Chantler, Course Secretariat,
Wessex Institute of Technology, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7AA, 
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Victorio E. Sonzogni | 3 Mar 20:02 2004


Estimados miembros de AMCA:

Durante el proximo mes de noviembre se realizaran 
los congresos: 
ENIEF'2004 ( ).

Lamentablemente, por un problema de mala comunicacion 
con nuestros amigos brasileros, ambos congresos se 
haran exactamente en la misma fecha.

No obstante, hemos acordado que cada Asociacion publicite 
los dos congresos entre nuestros socios y aumentar la 
comunicacion entre ambas Instituciones para que en años 
venideros esta situacion de simultaneidad no vuelva a

Sergio Idelsohn


Jornadas Ecuaciones Diferencials (Rosario, 11-12/3/2004)

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Estimados todos:

Les adjunto un archivo pdf que contiene el programa definitivo de las
charlas correspondientes a las Primeras Jornadas sobre Ecuaciones
Diferenciales, Optimizacion y Analisis Numerico que se realizaran
en la sede de la Facultad de Ciencias Empresariales de la Universidad
Austral, Rosario, 11-12 de marzo de 2004. Estas actividades forman
parte del Proyecto de Investigacion "Partial Differential Equations
and Numerical Optimization with Applications" subsidiado por la
Fundacion Antorchas e integrado por los siguientes subproyectos:

* Free Boundary Problems for the Heat-Diffusion
       Equation (UA-UNR-UNRC-UNSa);

* Inverse and Control Problems in the Mathematical Modeling of
       Phase Transitions in Shape Memory Alloys (UNL);

* Geophysical Scale Stratified Flows and Hydraulic
       Jumps (UNC-UBA);

* Optimization Applied to Mechanical Engineering
       Problems (UNS-UNC-UNCo)

Reciban mis cordiales saludos.

Domingo A. Tarzia
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Victorio E. Sonzogni | 4 Mar 15:13 2004

CFP Invited Session ENIEF 2004


"Research on Computational Mechanics of Solids 
and Structures in the Industry"

Pablo D. Zavattieri, GM Research & Development, Warren, MI, USA

The  development of computational tools for modeling material
behavior  under  extreme loading and environmental conditions has become an
important  topic  in the industry. The need to shorten product-design cycle
has  forced  the  R&D  community  to  invest  more resources in the area of
computational  mechanics. However, to take the state-of-the-art of material
modeling  to the point at which engineers can rely on numerical simulations
for  the  different  stages  of  the  product  development process (such as
designing,  optimization, manufacturing and analysis of performance) is not
an  easy  task.  For  instance,  current  phenomenological models are often
simplified approximations to material behavior, and sometimes they are used
well  beyond  their range of applicability. In this session we will include
contributions  to  research  done in the industry and universities directed
towards   the   development,  refinement  and/or  creative  application  of
theories, techniques and numerical tools for the modeling of the mechanical
behavior   of  materials  and  structures  in  applications  of  industrial
interest.  Topics  of  interest  include, but not limited to, the following

·     Development and refinement of continuum constitutive theories,
·     Large nonlinear deformations and adaptivity,
·     Damage, fracture, fatigue and corrosion,
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Victorio E. Sonzogni | 4 Mar 19:45 2004

Special session on Heat Transfer - ENIEF 2'004

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Special session on:
to be held at

ENIEF 2004=20
XIV Congress on Numerical Methods and their Applications
Bariloche, Argentina, November  8-11, 2004
The scope of the session covers, among others,
the following topics of computational mechanics:
*  Heat transfer and thermal stresses in hot rolling mills.
*  Heat transfer and thermal stresses in ladles of melting steel.
*  Heat transfer and thermal stresses in heat treatment of metals.
*  Heat conduction inverse problems.
*  Modelling of industrial furnaces.
*  Hheat radiation in cavities closed and open.
*  Heat exchangers.
*  Heat convection in complex devices.
*  Residual stresses and control of distorsion in heated metal components=
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Mario Storti | 4 Mar 20:03 2004

IV Escola de Primavera Transicao e Turbulência

Desde: 27-09-2004
Hasta: 01-10-2004
Lugar: Porto Alegre, Brazil

ETT 2004, 27/9 - 1/10, Porto Alegre-RS


A */IV Escola de Primavera Transicao e Turbulência/* tem como objetivo
dar continuidade ao trabalho iniciado em setembro de 1998 pela UFRJ
quando, no Rio de Janeiro, professores, pesquisadores e estudantes se
reuniram pela primeira vez buscando a difusao do conhecimento em
aspectos teoricos, numericos e experimentais nas areas de transicao e

O sucesso desse evento levou a organizacao da Segunda Escola em
Uberlandia (UFU), em 2000 e em Florianopolis (UFSC) em 2002.

E um caminho natural a continuidade da realizacao da Escola pelos claros
beneficios em termos de disseminacao do conhecimento nos temas de
transicao e turbulência e pela proveitosa interacao entre pesquisadores
e alunos de pos-graduacao atuantes na area.

Esta proposta visa a realizacao da proxima ETT em Porto Alegre, RS,
realizada e sediada pelas duas maiores universidades do Estado do Rio
Grande do Sul: a Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul
(PUC-RS) e a Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).

A reuniao de professores/pesquisadores de ambas as Instituicões propicia
as condicões ideais para a realizacao de uma proficua Escola de
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ENIEF 04 - Invited Session "Multiscale modeling of the mechanical behavior of solids: from


It is our pleasure to invite you to submit a paper to the following

"Multiscale modeling of the mechanical behavior of solids: from
microstructures to engineering applications"

that we are organizing as part of:

ENIEF 2004: XIV Congress on Numerical Methods and their Applications.
Bariloche, ARGENTINA, 8-11 November 2004

Contributions from all aspects of multiple scale analysis of the behavior
of solids will be considered. Topics of interested include, but not limited
to the following areas:

1) Prediction of thermomechanical behavior of composites, fine-scale
laminates, polycrystalline materials, etc, using multiscale scale methods
and techniques for bridging time and length scales.

2) Modeling of nano- and micro-scale heterogeneous materials, including
stochastic variations, considering atomistics and/or micromechanical

3) Use of homogenization techniques as constitutive numerical unit, inside
larger-scale boundary-value calculations.

4) Strategies for experimental validation and specific engineering
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