Charles | 1 May 03:36 2012

Good Condx - This is going to be fun.

Bolivia, 6134.876, Radio Santa Cruz, 0005-0020, Noted a male and female
talking over 

music.  Not sure what's going on, since it's still early in the DX day here.
Music stops 

for a minute at 0012 while the female talks, then back up.  Signal was fair
but husky.  

Caught a live ID at 0014 by a male.  (Chuck Bolland, May 1, 2012)

Bolivia, 4699.389, Radio San Miguel, 0023-0030, Initially noted a male in
Spanish language

comments with some music.  This was mixing with plenty of noise to
complicate the 

listening.  This resulted in the signal being poor.   (Chuck Bolland, May 1,

Peru, 4747.186, Radio Huanta Dos Mil, 0028-0135,  It's still early so this
station is still a threshold level.  Even so, noted a female and a male in
Spanish comments.  Maybe a recheck later will produce a better signal.  Now
the station is threshold.  (Chuck

Bolland, May 1, 2012)

Peru, 4775.078, Radio Tarma, 0045-0055,  Noted a program of music an promos

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Arthur Delibert | 1 May 04:20 2012

Logs May 1, 2012

BOLIVIA, 4699.320, R. San Miguel, noted from 01:50 with music.  ID at 02:02, xmtr off at 02:04.  Surprised to
hear them so well on a night when the magnetic field is so quiet.  LAs are usually good here when the field is
disturbed.  (Delibert 5/1)

INDIA, 5010.012, AIR Thiruvanathapuram, noted at 00:38 with news in English by female anncr.  At 00:40,
"and that is the end of this news bulletin."  Into local language and music.  Extra quiet magnetic field made
for better copy than usual here.  (Delibert 5/1)

Art Delibert, Maryland

WinRadio Excalibur Pro
Collins 51J-4
Pennant antenna w/ DX Engineering amp

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Zacharias Liangas | 1 May 15:32 2012

Two Greek MW stations are back!   NEW:::::  review for PL200 

Two Greek  MW stations are back! 

1179 ERA  Macedonia  102FM/ ERT3   is back . ON 28/4  I heard them with only 1 kHz  
signal with S30 at  1025 then signed off  

Again starting yesterday 30  with  same signal //102 FM  with ID on 2100 with news . Today 
with low modulation being in //102 

981  ERA Sport  has been noticed yesterday on evening possibly with lower power (just 
S4)and being in //702 Malgara 

More logs later ! 

Standard rig : ICOM R75 / 2x16 V / m <at> h40 heads Sennheiser 
Please read and distribute this 15 year research article 
Please read my article on SINPO at
________________________ (radio monitoring site plus audio clips ) MAIN SITE <at> zach (all mypages !!)
Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece 
greekdx  <at>  otenet dot gr  ---  
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102,1103,108,
Tecsun PL200/550/600, Chibo c300/c979, Yupi 7000 
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop 

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Zacharias Liangas | 1 May 15:59 2012

Re: [cumbre_dx] Two Greek MW stations are back!

Yes  as always a small  typo  errata . 702 is meant 792 malgara 
the text below is also corected,and sorry again! 

On 1 May 2012 at 16:32, Zacharias Liangas wrote:

>   NEW:::::  review for PL200 
> Two Greek  MW stations are back! 
> 1179 ERA  Macedonia  102FM/ ERT3   is back . ON 28/4  I heard them with only 1 kHz  
> signal with S30 at  1025 then signed off  
> Again starting yesterday 30  with  same signal //102 FM  with ID on 2100 with news . Today 
> with low modulation being in //102 
> 981  ERA Sport  has been noticed yesterday on evening possibly with lower power (just 
> S4)and being in //792 Malgara 
> More logs later ! 
> Standard rig : ICOM R75 / 2x16 V / m <at> h40 heads Sennheiser 
Please read and distribute this 15 year research article 
Please read my article on SINPO at
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Wolfgang Bueschel | 1 May 17:19 2012

new RA outlets logged

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia logged April 28-30, May 1st.
 5940 1500 1700 new                      SHP         D        AUS ABC
 7410 0700 0900 new                      SHP         D        AUS ABC
 9890 1300 1500 new, couldn't traced here.
15240 0000 0800 51,55,56,61,64,65        SHP 100 30  D Mul    AUS ABC
15240 Ins 0400-0530 ex 15415
19000 0100 0300 new                      SHP         D        AUS ABC
21725 0300 0700 45,50,51,54W,55,56,64,65 SHP 100 355 D Mul    AUS ABC
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 30/May 1)

19000   Radio Australia Shepparton, new scheduled 01-03 UT, heard in English
at 0230 UT May 1st. S=8-9 signal in Tokyo-JPN. Featured short of food in
East Africa Dafour and in Somalia.

7410  Radio Australia Shepparton, new scheduled 07-09 UT, heard in English
at 0850 UT May 1st. S=9+5dB signal in Tokyo-JPN.
TX switched OFF at 08.56:50 UT.

5940  Radio Australia Shepparton, new scheduled 15-17 UT, heard in English
at 1500 UT May 1st. S=9+40dB powerhouse signal in Brisbane-AUS. Poor signals
also observed on remote units of Perseus network at Iceland and northern 
Finland from 1500 UT.

1505 UT Asia-Pacific features, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton headed to
China as US officials raced to find a solution to a sensitive row over a top
dissident reportedly holed up at the US embassy in Beijing. A bomb explosion
attacked a vehicle of security forces in Quetta PAK, killing at least two
persons and injuring fifteen others.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 1) 

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Glenn Hauser | 1 May 19:42 2012

Glenn Hauser logs April 30-May 1, 2012

** AUSTRALIA. Further monitoring of R. Australia, lacking any new schedule following significant
changes a week ago, no response to our direct request for one, nor on their own website, and of course,
nothing at all registered with HFCC:

15160, May 1 at 0443, English is on here // 15515, about equal signals, and slightly weaker on 15240 in
Indonesian, which used to be in English. 

6020, May 1 at 1307, SSOB in Chinese, just the kind of signal RA used to provide in English --- as Rick Barton,
AZ suggested, I bet this is now really RA. Kept listening and finally at 1317 a bit of music and pronouncing
``Radio Australia`` as in English. So yet another frequency which has changed languages/times away from

Deliberate, or program feed lines crossed up?? Previously as in WRTH 2012, the only Chinese broadcast was
1300-1430 on 9475 & 11660 from Shep, 9965 from Palau and 11760 from Tanshui, Taiwan. The only one I
remembered was 9475, and checking it, once again only a carrier could be detected aside huge WTWW 9479.

RA does its best to discourage SW listening, not only by failing to post accurate, current schedules
but with this warning on the link to them: 

``Listening to shortwave requires a specialist shortwave radio. We direct our broadcasts at peak
listening times in our target areas of Asia and the Pacific using multiple frequencies. We recommend that
where possible, you use an outside antenna to improve reception. Shortwave signals may be subject to
interference from other broadcasters' signals, electronic devices such as computers, microwave
ovens, TVs, car engines and fluorescent lights.``

** CHINA. 21580, May 1 at 0507, hyper format in Chinese sounds like CNR1 jammer rather than RFA, not // 17855,
and the OSOB except for something JBA on 21710, both of which are scheduled for RFA via Tinian 

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Scott R. Barbour Jr. | 2 May 11:06 2012

Logs from NH-USA, April 30-May 1

5930 RUSSIA R. Rossii Petro-K 0754-0802 April 30 RR; M & W announcers w/ talk; over mx at 0758; 4+1 pips & W
announcer at ToH; nx w/ sound bites; weak & poor in ECCS-LSB w/ usual 5935-MGS splatter, though beginning
to improve by t/out. (Barbour-NH)

6080 AUSTRALIA R. Australia Shepparton 1013-1024 May 1 Tok Pisin; Two M announcers in discussion; several
ments. "..development foundation.." & phone # 61-427-72-72-72; mx at 1023; fair-good; //5995. (Barbour-NH)

7245 MAURITANIA R. Mauritaine Noukchott 0723-0734 May 1 AA; String mx bit into M announcer; another mx bit
at 0729 then M announcer thru t/out; fair. (Barbour-NH)

9655 ALASKA KNLS Anchor Point 1033-1050 May 1 EE; Don Henley tune; devotional re "wrestling with
conflict"; contact info & "This is your new life station, KNLS" ID at 1039; feature re NRB company
supplying media w/ relg materials since the 1940's; prg "Profiles in Christian Music" at 1048; fair. (Barbour-NH)

11945 AUSTRALIA R. Australia Shepparton 1403-1413 May 1 EE; ABC nx re death of Norwegian swimmer,
Alexander Dale Oen; ID in passing at 1405, ment. Asia & Pacific, phone number; pop ballad; ID & URL promo at
1410 into more pops; fair. (Barbour-NH)

11965 GUAM presumed AWR Agat 1413-1429* May 1 CC: W announcer w/ talk; gospel mx at 1428 & pulled the plug w/ no
ID noted; surprisingly good signal. (Barbour-NH)

15400 AUSTRALIA HCJB Kununurra 1052-1130* May 1 listed Fujian/CC; Mx & talk in listed Fujian; HCJB
Australia contact info in EE at ToH; pips & Mandarin svc s/on; prg re Hannah & Samuel1 w/ M announcer in EE &
same w/ CC translation; presumably listed "Leading the Way"; outro mx at 1124 & W announcer in CC; filler mx
at 1128 followed by ID announcement & schedule in EE at s/off; fair. (Barbour-NH) 

15490 SRI LANKA AWR Trincomalee *1200-1216 May 1 CC; IS & usual AWR Voice of Hope ID; same in CC & another EE ID
announcement w/ URL & 
ment. of "..following program is in Mandarin."; W announcer between mx bits until ballad at 1202; W
announcer from 1206 w/ talk thru t/out; fair at s/on, fading by t/out. (Barbour-NH)
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Glenn Hauser | 2 May 17:31 2012

Glenn Hauser logs

** AUSTRALIA. 21740, May 2 at 0028, RA English very good here on reactivated frequency we used to listen to
years ago. Great to have this OSOB back for good evening listening in off-target NAm. This is even stronger
than NF 19000 (AM but destined to be DRM), which in turn is much stronger than old 17795. Tnx to Rick Barton,
AZ, for tip about this. Remains to be heard whether this is a fluke or intentional once a new schedule ever
emerge. Aoki May 2 shows 21740 was in use April 26 at 22-01, on the most favorable azimuth for US, 70 degrees.

Tending to confirm my theory that recent RAnomalies are not due to intentional changes, but mixed-up
program feed lines and/or transmitter/antenna hookups: 

15240, which had been in Indonesian until 0530 the past week, May 2 is suddenly back in English! Checked at
0519, // 15515 and 13630 with equivalent signals Pacific- and USward, while much weaker 15415, which used
to be in Indonesian at this time toward Asia, is also // in English --- so what has become of Indonesian now??

Another de-change: new 9890, which has been VG in English the past week until 1500, is gone again May 2 at 1303
and further during this hour. This is one which was originally planned to be in DRM, not AM. See also
PHILIPPINES. New/extended 11945 English is still running.

Another2 de-change: 6020, which had been in Chinese after 1300 the past week, is back in English! May 2 at
1329 check, // 11945. Also noted by Rick Barton, AZ, 6020 in English until 1400*.

9475, May 2 at 1258 is poorly audible in English, *1259:45 blown away by 9479 WTWW cutting on, but I could
still detect RA after 1300 when it had changed to Chinese, just as in the old schedule, and still definitely
Chinese at 1331 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** CHINA. Firedrake May 2, before 1300, a dozen:
17450, poor at 1246
17100, good at 1246
16980, poor at 1246
16700, good at 1246
16100, fair at 1246 
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cafe | 2 May 18:14 2012

Testing the Alinco DX-R8 Receiver

Short youtube snippet of the Alinco DX-R8 receiver
tuned to Brazil on 11780khz.

Just received a sample unit from a
Canadian vendor - seems to have pretty rich
features at the price point -
Will be testing it up against the venerable R8 Drake,
the Kenwood R2000 and an assortment of portables.

Passband tuning, RIT, noise blanker, some
reasonably well thought out bandwidth choices...
and I/Q outputs for SDR analysis

Will post a full review at some point soon.

Colin Newell -

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Zacharias Liangas | 2 May 21:17 2012

Logs 27-30/4   NEW:::::  review for PL200 

Notice : new  languages  have been uploaded in my MF account : 
Pilipino  (I can assume Tagalog 
as aoki shows nothing except Pilipino )

1620 on 0308  rather Cuba with talks in SO S3

9510 Free speech radio net 0803 about the alliance of Lib and democrats  against ACTA . ID 
FSRN  with S10 signal
My Gogle plus account for acting against ACTA is with links from the net
7335  ?? 0806  with Quran preaches S9 and sudden s/off!! R Tunis per Eibi
7515 Vo Martyrs 1723 with pop song then a hip hop and 1730*  S8 max 35423  Also 29-4 
using the  1103 outdoors with poor signal
66304.7 pirate 1732  with pops of 70s S3 only
11735  Tanzania Zanzibar 1735 with hilife  song 1736  with talks in VN (Swahili?) then 1746 
with a lengthy hilife that  ended on 1802  . New followed in Eng and on 1914 in Arabic . IN 
between a very fast ID  S10 45523 SAH
9526 VoINs 1743 with very low modulation (dangdut music , jatuh bangun) and with some 
'disk jumping' problems
11720 R Filipinas 1913 with prg in Tagalog (???  Aoki shown only Pilipino) with discussions 
11725  RNZI classical msx and operas 1918 mean signal of S5  max S7 . Surprisingly 16H 
antenna  provides better  signal to noise radio Listen to a sample:
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