Albert Muick | 1 Nov 02:43 2008

Logs for Al Muick 30-31 October

QTH:	Kabul, Afghanistan
RX:	WinRadio G303e
ANT:	100m longwire
ACC:	Palstar MW-550P mediumwave/LF preselector

Well!  I thought things were calming down around here, but I guess the
Taliban had other ideas.  We had two suicide bombers in the Ministry of
Information on Thursday.  One of them detonated, but the second one
apparently got cold feet and was eventually taken into custody by the
authorities.  Not too bad a weekend-day for DX, so without further ado:

873	BANGLADHESH, Bangladesh Betar heard at 00.00 on 30 Oct. with s/on,
call to prayer and some pretty groovy sitar work reminiscent of 70's acid
rock.  S/on is officially at 00.00 (06.00 Bangladesh local) per monitoring
and web sked and not 00.30 as listed in WRTH.  Truly magnificent S4 signals
without the need for the pre-selctor.

15295	MALAYSIA, VoM English Service heard at 07.00 on 31 Oct. with EG
news, and then a program of 70's/80's pop and rock.  Many station IDs and
fair signals with a severe fade.  This service is for Asia, so I suspect I'm
off the back of a beam.

15360	SWAZILAND, TWR, heard with Urdu program at 14.13 on 31 Oct. until
s/off at 14.15 then IS and English IDs until 14.16.  Very good sigs.

15630	GREECE, VoG heard with Greek programming and pop music with station
IDs at 0920 on 31 Oct.  Weak signal and completely wiped out by R. Ukraine
Intl. on 15635.  Had to peel them off with my variable IF bandwidth.

15635	UKRAINE, R. Ukraine Intl., heard with Ukrainian programming at 09.50
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Glenn Hauser | 1 Nov 03:55 2008

Glenn Hauser logs October 31, 2008

** ALBANIA. Both R. Tirana transmitters at Shijak are back on the air, Oct 31 at 2111 with undermodulated
music on S9+12 7510 signal; 2123 also heard // 9345 which was somewhat stronger with news in English about
Albania; 2126 went to closing theme on 7510 and cut off at 2127 but came back on for another minute or so at
2128-2129* Meanwhile 9345 was playing IS from 2128, rating S9+20, 2130 signing on in Albanian with full
transmission schedule just like they do in English. No co-channel from North Korea audible today (Glenn

** BIAFRA [non]. On the last Friday of A-08, Oct 24, V. of Biafra International via WHRI at 20-21 UT was on
15280, but their website said it was on ``15.67``. The first Friday of B-08, Oct 31, we made sure to check
during that hour, and there it was on 15665, the scheduled B-08 frequency --- except now their website says:

``Voice of Biafra International (VOBI)
A SHORTWAVE Radio Broadcast Service
transmitting on 15.28 MHz (on 19 meter band)
at 2000 - 2100 Hours UTC (Universal Time [Coordinated]) 
equivalent to 9.00 pm-10.00 pm Biafraland time every Friday.
A project of Biafra Foundation, and Biafra Actualization Forum.``

as in

Will they ever get synchronized? I was not listening at the opening or closing when one frequency of the
other may have been announced. Reception was a bit `hollow`, probably back-radiation from WHRI plus
backscatter rather than long-path (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** CUBA [and non]. Despite very strong signal of REE on new 9640, Oct 31 at 2100 with RNE news, I could still
hear the incompetent DentroCuban Jamming Command underneath it, still running the totally uncalled for
jamming against Radio República which formerly used this frequency at another time. Isn`t Spain doing a
lot of tourism business with Cuba? Perhaps diplomatic relations should be broken if Cuba does not desist.
Yeah sure, like the Spanish government even knows, much less cares about this issue.

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Glenn Hauser | 1 Nov 04:20 2008

Re: [dxld] VOA QSL


Wonder if this was direct from ST or via Washington? The engineer there used to be a good direct QSLer until he
retired. Since any QSLs at all are a bonus, and the site is easy to hear, I suggest you just send a new report
rather than making an issue of it. You could ask that they put your name on the reply, which they apparently
did not this time.

73, Glenn Hauser

--- On Fri, 10/31/08, brbarker@...
<brbarker@...> wrote:

> I stopped collecting QSL's back sometime in the
> 70's but decided to start again recently because there
> are so many new countries to verify and because I have so
> much more time on my hands after retiring from Voice of
> America. 
> The first new QSL received came from, of all places, VOA ,
> verifying  the Sao Tome relay station.  While it
> confirmed the site, the rest of the data was wrong.
> Frequency was wrong, date was incorrect, time was wrong. 
> I'm not certain if I should return it--along with the
> original letter -- asking for a correct card or keep it as
> is.  Someone somewhere probably has my correct version, and
> I have theirs.  And they're wondering, too.  (Bruce
> Barker-PA, NRD-535D, Alpha Delta DX Sloper) 

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Wolfgang Bueschel | 1 Nov 13:06 2008

Re: Logs for Al Muick 30-31 October

Lvov [Lemberg] Krasne at

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From: "Albert Muick" <radioresearch_field_operations@...>
Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2008 2:43 AM
Subject: [HCDX] Logs for Al Muick 30-31 October

> QTH: Kabul, Afghanistan
> 15635 UKRAINE, R. Ukraine Intl., heard with Ukrainian programming at 09.50
> on 31 Oct. going into English at 10.00 aimed at Australia.  S5 signals all
> the way here in Kabul.  Transmitter site is Lviv (Old Empire: Lemburg) and
> 100kW.

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Walter Salmaniw | 1 Nov 15:13 2008

Re: Logs for Al Muick 30-31 October

At 05:06 AM 11/1/2008, you wrote:

>Lvov [Lemberg] Krasne at

Wolfy, please don't use the name "Lvov", unless in the past tense.  Like "Peking, Peiping,
Beijing), the proper name is Lviv  (formerly Lemberg (German), Lwow (Polish), Lvov (Russian).  It's now
know in it's proper Ukrainian as Lviv.  As for Krasne, it's easily seen on the highway into Lviv approaching
from the south-east in the distance with multiple towers.  Vlad Titarev and I went searching for the sight
perhaps 10 years ago and found it....mostly abandoned at that time, but not in disarray.  It wasn't
operating at the time, but still a very impressive site up close. ......Walt.

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Brian384875 | 1 Nov 18:27 2008

Nov 1 Logs

** BOLIVIA. 6134.80, Radio Santa Cruz, 0100-0114*, Nov 1, Spanish
talk.  Ads. Spanish ballads. Local music. Many IDs. Sign off with  local
ranchero-style tune with many mentions of Santa Cruz in the  lyrics.
Poor to fair with adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexander, PA) 

** BRAZIL. 11780, Radio Nac do Amazonia, 0205-0210, Nov 1,
Portuguese  talk. IDs. Lite instrumental music. Good. No //s heard.
(Brian Alexander, PA) 

** ERITREA. 7100, VOBME, *0354-0400, Nov 1, IS. Talk at 0400.
Covered by  noise jammer at 0400. (Brian Alexander, PA) 

** ERITREA. 7175, VOBME, *0354-0415, Nov 1, IS. Talk at 0400.
Horn of  Africa music. Poor to fair. (Brian Alexander, PA) 

** INDONESIA. 9525.9, Voice of Indonesia, 1255-1315+, Nov 1, 
tune-in to  choral music. Talk in unidentified language. English ID at 
1305 & into  English programming with news at 1307. Poor. Weak 
but better than usual with  a somewhat readable signal. Only a 
threshold signal when checked at 1350.  (Brian Alexander, PA) 

** MEXICO. 6184.95, Radio Educacion, Mexico City, 0050-0105,
Nov 1,  Spanish talk. Lite instrumental music. Spanish ballads. IDs.
Fair but some  adjacent channel splatter. // 1060 - weak under KYW-
Philadelphia. (Brian  Alexander, PA) 

** U.S.A. 5002.78, 5018.52, 5034.26, 5065.74, 5081.48, WWRB 
Spurs,  0145-0200+, Nov 1, multiple weak, distorted spurs from 5050. 
Note 15.74 kHz  separation between each frequency. 5034.26 was 
the strongest. (Brian  Alexander, PA) 
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Antonio L. Garcia | 1 Nov 20:06 2008


13.845,0 1816-1821 1/11 WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio), Nashville, TN UNITED STATES,  (EE) Falas de YL;
faz ref. a "of God". 25222

13.820,0 1821-1826 1/11 Radio Martí, Greenville, NC UNITED STATES, (SS) falas de YL, "Radio Marti";
falas de OM 35322

13.780,0 1826-1831 1/11 Deutsche Welle - Presumida , Trincomalee, SRI LANKA, (AA) Falas de YL e OM,
semelhante a um boletim de notícias; ref. a Obama. 35333

13.710,0 1832-1837 1/11 Voice Of America, Irana Wila, SRI LANKA, (EE) Falas de OM; faz ref. ao Congo. 35333

Antonio Laurentino Garcia
João Pessoa-PB    HI22nu
IC-R1500    3DX3
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Lucio Otavio | 1 Nov 22:01 2008


4845, Mauritania, R. Mauritanie, Nouakchott. October-30 AA 0738-0748 near non-stop male talks, 0743
short string music. Good 33433 (lob-B).

4765, Tajikistan, Tajik Radio(pres.), Dushanbe-Yangiyul. October-31 RR(sch) 0307 OM and YL talks,
short music, 0308 romantic music returning at 0315 to talks till 0317. 23322 (lob-B).

4005, Vatican, Vatican Radio(tent.). November-01 0616 OM and YL talks, 0619 instr. music. Poor, no signal
from 0620 (lob-B).


Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec

Embu SP Brasil - Sony ICF SW40 - dipole 18m, 32m 
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5865 Radio Algeria Int,???, ex 7295???.

   Saludos cordiales.

5865 Radio Algeria Int.???, 22:02-22:04, escuchada el 1 de noviembre en idioma árabe, música de
sintonía, me recuerda mucho la sintonía de Radio Argelia Int, locutor con presentación,
comentarios, muchas referencias a “Salama”, no encuentro emisión en 7295, se anunció esta
frecuencia de 2200 a 2300 UTC, ¿quizás nueva frecuencia?, SINPO 54444

José Miguel Romero

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ka4prf | 2 Nov 01:27 2008

Sat DX

Bolivia, 6155.23, Radio Fides, 2350-0015  Prior to the hour, noted a male
in Spanish language comments over and with music.  On the hour, time
ticks while comments continue.  At 0002, a second male talks briefly and
gives ID as, "...Radio Fides...".  Following this, the program becomes a
call in production with music and telephone calls all contributing to the
confusion.  Signal however, was good.  (Chuck Bolland, November  1, 2008)

Bolivia, 6134.81, Radio Santa Cruz, 0011-0020,  Noted an ID being given
as I was tuning by, so t hought I'd log this then with a canned ID by a 
"... transmite Radio Santa Cruz ..."   Then a female comments briefly and
music follows.  Signal was good.  (Chuck Bolland, November 2, 2008

Clewison, Florida

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