Tom Taylor | 30 Jan 23:12 2015

Relays this weekend

Relays this weekend

Every Saturday and Wednesday the programs of HLR:
07.00 to 09.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz
09.00 to 12.00 UTC, on 6190 KHz
12.00 to 16.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz

Sunday MV Baltic Radio:
09.00 to 10.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz
10.00 to 11/00 UTC, on 9485 KHz
E-mail: info@...  Thank you!

"If you live outside of the reception area, please use the following
Uni Twente (Holland) :  for the channels
6190, 7265 and 9485 KHz

You can also receive MV Baltic Radio via Internet every 3th Sunday in the
afternoon: "

Every Sunday the programmes of HLR:
12.00 to 16.00 UTC on 9485 kHz

E-mail: *redaktion@...
<redaktion@...>  *Thank you!

Good Listening!

73s Tom
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Glenn Hauser logs January 29-30, 2015

** AUSTRALIA. 9580, 5995, 5940, Jan 30 at 1358, RA with jazz music, presumably fill after Fidler talk show,
1359.5 promo for `Between the Lines` on RN, Sundays at 10 am [UT Saturdays 2300], 1400 switch to Triple J. 

Less than 24 hours left for the old 6-transmitter Radio Australia; from 1300 Jan 31, cut to only 3,
fortunately retaining 9580 USward at 09-21. Broadcast Australia, Shepparton, could still rent out the
extras, but has no way of accessing live feeds other than via satellite, says Keith Perron (Glenn Hauser,

** BRAZIL. 11710, Jan 30 at 0619, second-order spur from RNA/RNB 11780.1v is audible here 70 kHz down,
crackling away, weaker than first-orders 35 kHz away around 11745 and 11815, but can`t hear a match on
11850. 11710 will of course QRM neighbor RAE Argentina earlier in evenings, but what do they care? (Glenn

** CHINA. 9200, Jan 30 at 1457, CNR1 jammer, fair, off after 1500. Per Aoki, the excuse for 9200 is the
possibility of a 100-watt Sound of Hope nuisance transmitter on Taiwan any time between 2054 and 1600,
which presumably just went off too. No search for more up to 19 MHz, but doubt the higher bands were
propagating from East Jammerstan today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) CHINA [non]. See CUBA

** CUBA. 9570, Jan 30 at 1400, CRI English relay supposed to be over now, but still going, opening CRI News. I
quickly check the next frequency, 15700 and it is already on plus hum, so these are two separate
transmitters, confirmed with two receivers, both heard at once briefly until 15700 crashes from 1401* to
*1402 resuming. Recheck at 1532, Paul says it`s :35 minutes past the hour! amid bigger hum.

15230, Jan 30 at 1534, open carrier/dead air, usual weak but steady signal, presumably RHC supposed to be on
until 1600 like 15370 which is nominal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** GREECE. 9935, Jan 30 at 0617, ERTOpen is motorboating here but clear on stronger // 9420 in Greek (Glenn

** IRAN. 13570, Jan 30 at 1529, Qur`an-like singing, fair signal vs CODAR, 1530 three chimes and news theme,
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Rudolf W. Grimm | 30 Jan 17:59 2015

LW, MW, SW listening

Times in UTC
153 ROMANIA: Antena Satelor, Brasov Bod, Romanian, 25/01 1205. Romantic song
by OM, talk, ‘Antena Satelor’, OM: phone-in, interview w/OM, 35553 (1892 km
from Joensuu)  

183 GERMANY: R. Europe 1, Felsberg, GG, 22/01 1350. OM/YL: talk,
instrumental music, advs, id: ‘You are listening to Europe ‘/YL, 35553 (2020

189 ICELAND(t): Ríkisútvarpid (RÚV), Gufuskálar, Icelandic (? A hard
language to identify), 22/01 1640. OM: talk w/ another OM, pop romantic
song, id: ‘Radio….. (?)’, advs, sport nx, 35553 (2575 km)

216 FRANCE: R. Monte Carlo, Roumoules, FF, 22/01 2204. 2 OM: talk, repórter:
phone-in, id ‘RMC’ twice, sport nx, 35543 (2546 km)  

234 LUXEMBOURG: RTL, Beideweiler, FF, 22/01 1815. OM: talk, advs, id: ‘RTL’,
again the talk by OM, 35553 (2019 km)  

252 IRELAND: RTE Radio 1, Summerhill, EE, 22/01 1645. 2 YL + 1 OM in the
studio, OM: phone-in, advs, several ids: ‘Radio 1’ or ‘RTE Radio 1,… thank
you for join us’, 35553 (2336 km)  

531 FAROE ISLANDS(t): Kringvarp Foroya Utvarpid, Akraberg, Faroese, 22/01
1830. OM: talk, song by children, advs, 35553 (1884 km)

630 ROMANIA: R. Timisoara, Ortisoara, Romenian (?), 29/01 2230. Romantic
songs, id (jingle) by YL: ‘...Radio Timisoara...’, 45534 (1929 km)  

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Rudolf W. Grimm | 29 Jan 16:51 2015

585 khz: Radio Quran IRAN

585 kHz IRAN: IRIB R. Quran, Tehran, Farsi, 28/01 2224. Arab Songs, id by
YL: ‘…R. Quran’, 45544

(3348 km from Joensuu)


Rudolf Grimm

Listening in São Bernardo SP BRASIL via on-line connection with Joensuu

Rx (in Joensuu): Afedri SDR Net

Ant. (in Joensuu): Long Wire 400 m

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Ivo Observer | 30 Jan 12:32 2015

Radio Cairo in Russian on 9430 and 9905 in parallel

EGYPT   Radio Cairo in Russian on 2 frequencies in 1900-1915UTC time slot:
1900-1915 on  9430 ABS 250 kW / 005 deg to EaEu Russian, on Jan.29 also on
// frequency  9905 ABS 200 kW / 325 deg to WeEu Russian, instead of German
1915-2000 on  9430 ABS 250 kW / 005 deg to EaEu Russian as scheduled
1915-2000 on  9905 ABS 200 kW / 325 deg to WeEu German  as
Another anomaly was observed on Jan.27: R.Cairo in French, instead of Russian
1855-1910 on  9430 ABS 250 kW / 005 deg to EaEu, instead of Russian 1900-2000
1910-2000 on  9430 ABS 250 kW / 005 deg to EaEu, no signal, tx off at

Changes of WRMI Okeechobee:


Ivo Ivanov

*QTH*: Sofia, Bulgaria
*Equipment*: Sony ICF-2001D 30 m. long wire
*Web: *
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THE INFORMATION IN THIS ARTICLE IS FREE. It may be copied, distributed
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Wolfgang Bueschel_DF5SX | 30 Jan 04:05 2015

0100-0230 UT log in Far East Tokyo Japan remote SDR unit.

BRASIL  11780.113  Probably across Atlantic/Indian ocean - or Antarctic
region path - into Japan target, RNA Brasilia program noted with fair S=7
level at 0157 UT on Jan 30.

CHINA   CNR 17th Kazakh service noted in 01-03 UT time slot on remote Tokyo
SDR unit on both 11630 and 12055 kHz as S=9+10dB signal there. Jan 30.

11685  CNR11 Tibetan services at 0000-0900 UT noted at 0153 UT Jan 30 very
listenable music program noted on remote unit in Tokyo. S=8 signal.

9749.973  CNR PBS Nei Menggu Mongolian language service, S=7 signal,
phone-in program by lady, at 0215 UT on Jan 30. At same time also PBS Nei
Menggu in Chinese in 31 mb channel 9519.985 kHz. Most Nei Menggu broadcasts 
are on odd frequencies.

MONGOLIA   17729.876  As usual VERY ODD broadcast outlet from Ulan Bataar
site, meant in use for US RFA broadcaster RFA in Tibetan language. Told few
times to IBB official bureaus in past year, but the Mongolian relay is still
odd frequency. Annoying 125 Hertz BUZZ tone against co-channel CNR spoken
jamming procedure. S=9 signal at 0140 UT on Jan 30.

THAILAND  13744.964  Also IBB relays in Udorn Thani Thailand are mostly odd
frequency on lower sideband these days. Noted Radio Thailand from Bangkok 
capital programmes in Thai and English at 0148 UT on Jan 30. Scheduled 
0030-0300 UT true north azimuth at 006 and 038 degrees, across the Arctic 
area into North America target.

12139.965  VoA Afghan ASHNA program in Dari language relayed via Udorn Thani
site in Thailand too. S=6 in Tokoy remote post at 0207 UT on Jan 30. News px
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Zacharias Liangas | 29 Jan 18:55 2015

LOGS 2/1/15

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 LOGS 2/1/15
Using De1103 and 8m

17560 Oman ? this is the v of …  with address , freqs 782 khz on MW and 1026 
with preach  Islam
17615  SABC 1025  with preach   fair
21670  R Saudi Intl 1027 in Indo fair under strong QRN
21580  1034 with song in indo , trebly  mixed with Arabic  st’n 1038  and poor
signal Then 1055 in Pilipino mixed with eng words and mentioning pesos . Good
this time
21510 VIRI 1036  with news in Eng , music clip from famous 80s song then with
lengthy ID Good
17630  Thailand 1059  with tai songs  Sudden s/ off good
13570 VIRI  1120 with discns in Arabic and good signal
13582! CRI  1125 talks in Cantonese , mentioning Hong Kong etc  marginal
6310 pirate  with rock songs 2020 poor at best
6170 VoK 2021  with talk in KO  fair
6110 Fana ETH  2024 + 44with HoA songs Good 43443  wide am filter 

My radio related e-books
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Zacharias Liangas | 29 Jan 18:54 2015

Logs 11& 12/1/15

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 Logs 11& 12/1/15

Logs part  with HF150 /8 m hor

9770 CRI   195x  YL with talks in Cantonese mixed with background music Good signal
11750 AWR 1953 with several OM singing in acapella style ID hymn 2124  Lagos
Nigeria  good but it has a QRM from a very curious buzzer
11810 BBC 1958 mentioning also R Nigeria  and also BBC with 2x ID s in English .
talks and news after the clock . fair with strong local noise
QRN : at was two aircons making impulse noises
9526  RRIns 2008 with only carrier . fair signal
1404  ERT open 2010  is today  stronger than  RRoAct with fair signal . Program 
of classical music
1386 G Rosii / R Ukr 2015 with news on Ukraine . Poor

Logs part with R75 and 16 m inV
15770  WYFR 220 with signal S1 over local QRN  Using preamp  the signal  goes
4976 Uganda 2213  still here with ethnic songs  S7  (ethnic  = supporting  my lang )
6089.87 Kaduna 2218 OM with fast talks in p Hausa  together with clips from
chartings / songs S7 dull audio   with superhets.
792,1044  Greek pirates with good signal today

Logs 12/5
1368  Challenger radio 0717 with pop song (heard as Una pala ) and signal to S5 ,
antenna  16 H
6070  R 272 ?  0724 with rock songs S5
11870 1410  with talks in Hindi ,  lengthy freq listing  Fair
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Zacharias Liangas | 29 Jan 18:53 2015

LOGS 14/1/15

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 LOGS 14/1/15

9835 RTM S 2104 with nasyid sx  and signal under S3 Imam on 2113 faded off at 2300 
11550   IMRW  news true 2105  abt Pope and Obama  S9
15345 RAE 2110 tangos  S6!
12050  RHC? 2112 talks in Spanish S2
6250  2116 talks in KO S5 strong QRM  by FDM carrier . Again 2153  with chorus songs
6000  CNR 1 x 2 talks over easy listening music  //4800  S8
5890  TRT 2119 with Turkish song S4 //6050
11665  R Japan 2123 with talks in JJ S2 only
7530 unIDed in CC 2123 . abrupt  mod stop on 2130 and s off 2131 S9  I can
supposed this is  the station once noticed on 7610 7460  RFA 2134 with prg in
Hangul S5 max
5865 Fart 2139 with ID S9
5965 VIRI 2141 in JJ with  continuous mentions of Iran . Rather trebly sound
6185 CRI 2146 with arab song , talks in AR 2151salam ni hao? with Chinese lang 
lessons S5
1404  once again ERA with nice signal , relatively clear over Romania. Political
discussions for the pending  elections S9
1485 BBC? 2150 mixed with  Spaniard  Ard S3 with 16 m h
792 greek pirate off or very low 2200 leaving a Spanish station with S2
1550 RASD 2205 in the clear as 1548 is quite low tonight local time with  news
and best signal S5
1368 also greek pirate off 2208
729 NERIT  also off with Spanish station heard  //738 S9
9745 Bahrain quite poor at S1 mixed with Kuanghua , C+USB with a slow  classical
 Arabic song
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Zacharias Liangas | 29 Jan 18:52 2015


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Logs 17/1

7290  Coty 1923  with Italian song OM with talks then back to italian song . S 20
 with QRM from DRm  in case the signal lowers to S7  or lower S20
1368  for Coty 1935  , QRMed  by  local greek pirate , after returned  to MW
after several days of power off

9525 RRI Eng 1950 with trebly and low audio  including signal drops  S8
7200 poss Sudan 1952 with talks in Arabic and refs to Sudan  applauds etc  1959 
then HoA song , passes ToH S7
6304  “576 oblique 00” on 2003  signed off 2004  S20 USB 
6170 VoK 2000 OM with aggressive , emphatic talks S8
11935 R Clube Paranaese?  BR with talks in PP , buzz from QRM , mentions of BR S3
7365 HCJB 2025 with German songs , then talks in GE , short vacant time  then  OM
with talks in German on 2030 with ‘heilige’ and then with relig program  Abt 20
secs of wideband pulse  Qrm S3 S6
9380  p R Algeriene  2041 with OM chanting . Man with short talks  then another
man back to Islamic talks mentioning Medina , and passing 2100  S7
7410 unIDed 2200 with ID (barely heard)  then national hymn  then prg n CC . S5
Eibi shows S5

Logs 18/1

72654 ?? 0723 just S2 over 0 QRM same signal for 7310
15330  R Rom Intl 0731  with prg in Arabic ID S5
15770  WRMI 1019 ToM/s  relig speaker S9
15410 //178510  1021  AIR with old songs
19010 R azadi 1032 with reports in Farsi S4
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Zacharias Liangas | 29 Jan 18:51 2015

Logs 23 to 25-1
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 Logs 23 to 25-1

Using printouts  from Ivos web page of full ec 14  and

And deliberate errors  ,can someone identify them ??

My radio related e-books
my radio shack:
all my pages :

15130  Svoboda  1433 talks   and discussions in Russian ID fair
15160   Farda  in farsi 1355  abt  Malaysia  and ‘Arabistan’ ! fair
15330 Veritas 1435 in Urdu with talks  Good signal
15140  Oman  in English 1435abot Israel , Arab , Japan and abt the kidnapping of
the two jap  persons Good
15170 R Rom Intl  in Romanian good signal > WE  //17840  fair
13860  RRom Intl in Russian fair //11985  fair  on 1438
15245  CRI jammer over VOA Tibetan  1443
17585 VoA Tibetan over CNR 1  jammer ., good signal
6180 CNR Kazakh 1446  with nice Kazakh music, Kazakh talks  , also mentioning
H&#601;lk’  radio , R J  winning sometimes over CNR-K . Good signals
6190 R Japan in KO mixed with CNR – MO in same level ,none  can be really heard Good
21540 Kuwait 1453 with Koran chanting Good //9750  also good

No signal of ERA this day in all SW freqs that time

9325 KTWR in Korean 1457 with talks then msx then ID and s/off
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