Dave Page | 22 Jul 19:57 2014

Government selects ODF, PDF, HTML as open standards


"The standards set out the document file formats that are expected to be used 
across all government bodies. Government will begin using open formats that 
will ensure that citizens and people working in government can use the 
applications that best meet their needs when they are viewing or working on 
documents together."

"The new standards will come into effect straight away for all new 
procurements subject to the Open Standards Principles. The Government Digital 
Service will work with departments to publish guidance and implementation 


Dave Page <grimoire@...>
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Michael Dorrington | 14 Jul 21:00 2014

MFS Meeting. Tue, 15 July. Discussion points: "Software Patents, Parallella, Back to GNU libc, Novena"

Please feel free to forward this to those that would welcome it.

* Event: Manchester Free Software's July Meeting

* Date: Tuesday, 15th July 2014 (3rd Tuesday of the month)
* Start time: 19:00
* Finish time: 20:30 (and then on for drinks)

* Location: Madlab. (Manchester Digital Laboratory).
  - http://madlab.org.uk/
* Address: 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester. M4 1HN.
  - Opposite "Common" on Edge Street, Northern Quarter.
  - http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/53.48413/-2.23639

The purpose of Manchester Free Software is to promote the Free Software

We'll start with an opportunity for informal key signing.  For an
explanation of what this is about see:

The main part of the meeting will be discussions, with the following
Free Software related news items as possible discussion points, although
the discussion can go to other Free Software related topics if attendees
wish (note if the weather is good we might make an early move to
"Common" opposite to continue discussions):

* Software Patents
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Michael Dorrington | 7 Jul 22:41 2014

Wuthering Bytes & OSHCamp 2014, 15-17th August, Hebden Bridge.

Might be of interest to list members.  Let us know if you are going.

-------- Original Message --------

Registration is now open for Wuthering Bytes / Open Source Hardware Camp
2014, with a total of 22 talks and 8 workshops being hosted over Friday
15th-Sunday 17th August, once again at Hebden Bridge Town Hall (W.Yorks).

Tickets are priced at £10/day (includes lunch and tea/coffee).

— Friday :: Festival Day

* The Rise Of San Leodis and Silicon Shore: how to pretend you've turned
your city into the next Silicon Valley, Imran Ali

* Reframing Web Design: The Process of Theatre Design, Luke Murphy-Wearmouth

* Numbers That Matter — Beyond snatch and grab ethnography, designing
empathy and community into a product development life cycle, Hwa Young Jung

* Computer Classics — Programming Computers in the 1960s, Ann Kilbey

* Dynamic Static Site Strategies, Phil Hawksworth (RGA)

* It's only rocket science, James Macfarlane & Ed Moore (Airborne

* Giving a clock the time it needed, Dan Morrison (BLOTT WORKS)

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Matthew Cliffe | 7 Jul 00:48 2014



Just wondering is anyone here interested / involved in the freesoftware use in Science / Science academia?




Matthew Cliffe

Daresbury Tel: (+44)01925864332

The Cockcroft Institute
Daresbury Laboratory
Daresbury Science & Innovation Campus

Photon Physics Research Group
The University of Manchester
Room 2.323 Alan Turing Building
Oxford Road
M13 9PL

Fsuk-manchester mailing list
Philip Hudson | 6 Jul 16:52 2014

Re: Freelance user support

Very good phrasing. Thank you. (And it was indeed an accident that I
replied to you individually, but I guess not much has been lost to the

On 6 July 2014 14:55, Quiliro Ordóñez Baca <quiliro <at> congresolibre.org> wrote:
> You meant this to be private email? You did not send it to the mailing
> list. I answer below.
> El dom 06 jul 2014 03:21:16 ECT, Philip Hudson escribió:
>> On 5 July 2014 17:01, Quiliro Ordóñez Baca <quiliro <at> congresolibre.org> wrote:
>>> I think it is very important to
>>> recognize freedom too in the marketing because people often forget it
>>> and think that the reason to change to free software is for short
>>> lasting motivations. Also, mentioning freedom centers quality around it
>>> instead of temporary functionality in lieu of freedom.
>> Very good point. Cost could still be the main driver, but I should
>> find phrasing that makes it clear that the long-term value lies in
>> users' freedom. "Come for the cost, stay for the freedom." Something
>> like that?
> I like it! Nevertheless, it implies that your services are low cost.
> The other point is that the phrase is not easy to understand to the
> layman outside of its context. What do you think of using a phrase that
> makes the persons themselves fill in the concept of freedom that you
> are talking about such as your first idea:
> "The long-term value lies in users' freedom."
> That would not confuse them. If they still want specification from what
> you mean by it, then they will ask. Part of marketing is keeping
> interest in something that is hidden. So that drives people in to your
> business.
> The most important part is to experiment with what works. Just do it!
> You can!
> --
> Saludos libres,
> Quiliro Ordóñez
> 600 8579


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Fsuk-manchester mailing list
Fsuk-manchester <at> nongnu.org
Philip Hudson | 5 Jul 12:14 2014

LJ under NSA surveillance: "extremist".

Are you an extremist? | Linux Journal


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Philip Hudson | 1 Jul 13:31 2014

Freelance user support

It occurred to me after sending my previous message about ledger and
Gnucash that I should rather go back a step and refer to the list for
ideas on how ethically to make a living from free software as a
freelance "computer guy" servicing local SMEs and end users.
Book-keeping and general productivity tools like LibreOffice are what
I've been thinking of. I realize I need for my own credibility and
that of free software to be ready to tell some -- many -- users that
free software does *not* offer them a quick and easy alternative to
what they do on Wintel. There is still a lot of stovepipe,
proprietary, lock-in Windows-only stuff out there.


Phil Hudson                  http://hudson-it.no-ip.biz
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Philip Hudson | 1 Jul 12:11 2014

Gnucash/ledger users

Anyone got experience using/supporting either Gnucash or ledger? I'm
especially interested in anyone who knows both, or anyone who uses
ledger-mode in Emacs.


Phil Hudson                  http://hudson-it.no-ip.biz
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Paul Waring | 28 Jun 10:26 2014

Fri 4 Jul: Currybeer social

On Friday 4th July, a number of us from various geek groups will be 
going out for a curry and some drinks. We'll be meeting in our usual 
venue of Hardy's Well pub at the end of Rusholme from 7pm and moving on 
to a nearby curry house after a drink or two - usually this means by 8pm 
at the latest.

Everyone is welcome to attend, so please feel free to forward this email 
to other lists.

Hope to see you there!


P.S. You can always find details of upcoming socials at the Currybeer 
web site, where there is also a Google Calendar.



Paul Waring
Philip Hudson | 24 Jun 13:29 2014

"Halloween" old but interesting MS FUD document

Probably old news to other list members, but for those who perhaps
haven't seen this, on ESR's site:

"The body of the Halloween Document is an internal strategy memorandum
on Microsoft's possible responses to the Linux/Open Source phenomenon.
I received it in late October 1998 and published it at the end of that



Phil Hudson                  http://hudson-it.no-ip.biz
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Philip Hudson | 12 Jun 17:50 2014

Biz accounting

Last time I checked, gnucash was not approved/certified by HMRC as a
recognized/validated UK VAT processor, nor was any other mature free
software. Anyone know if that's still the case? And really reaching
now: anyone know what regulation governs this, or where to look on the
HMRC site?


Phil Hudson                  http://hudson-it.no-ip.biz
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