David MENTRE | 6 Feb 21:12 2011

Re: demexp

Hello Paul,

2011/1/30 Paul Nollen <paul.nollen <at> skynet.be>:
> It seems to me that Demexp activities are halted about a year ago.

Not officially but in practice. For myself, I'm no longer part of the project.

> But
> similar initiatives are starting all over the world. The first, and only
> sofar, to succeed was Demoex (Democratic experiment) in Sweden, Vallentuna
> (suburb of Stockholm) in 2002.
> For the moment we are trying to organise most of the comparable initiatives
> on Participedia http://www.participedia.net/wiki/Direct_Democracy and in
> cooperation with Democracy International.
> If there is anyone interested to restart Demexp we will be glad to welcome
> you.
> We also are working in cooperation with OPC (Canada) who will open a website
> in French soon.
> OPC (Jean-Fançois) , in cooperation with Demoex Vallentuna  ( Per Norback)
> and Citizens for Direct Democracy (we) made a manifesto (draft) proposition
> for all of us:
>  http://www.participedia.net/wiki/Electronic_Direct_Democracy_(EDD)

Thank you for the pointer Paul, I will look at it.

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