atheistic_socialist | 1 Mar 09:11 2004

China issues 2003 US human rights record

Check this out, it is very interesting and a good response to Washington.

Following is the full text of the Human Rights Record of the United
States in 2003, released by the Information office of China's State
Council Monday.

The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2003

By the Information Office of the State Council of the People's
Republic of China

March 1, 2004

On February 25, 2004, the State Department of the United States
released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2003
(called the "reports" thereafter). As in previous years, the United
States once again acted as "the world human rights police" by
distorting and censuring in the "reports" the human rights situations
in more than 190 countries and regions across the world, including
China. And just as usual, the United States once again "omitted" its
own long-standing malpractice and problems of human rights in the
"reports". Therefore, we have to, as before, help the United States
keep its human rights record.

I. On Life, Freedom and Personal Safety
The United States has long been in a violent, crime-ridden society
with a severe infringement of the people's rights by law enforcement
departments and with a lack of guarantee for the life of people, their
freedom and personal safety.
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ProLibertad Campaign | 1 Mar 15:51 2004

ProLibertad website Update

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign has updated our website for the month of 
March and we wanted to call attention to the following updates!!

Check out the ProLibertad website  for

1. Juan Segarra Palmer's birthday is this week!!  His first birthday in 
freedom, with his family and friends!!  PLease send him a donation to help 
him get on his feet!!

2.  It is also Oscar Lopez Rivera's Birthday on Friday March 26th, send hima 
c ard and donation!!

3.  Learn abou the Ponce Massacre and read about our Women's Histiry Month 
Page dedicated to Puerto Rican Political prisoner Haydee Beltran!!

Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques

29 February, 2004

Today a second radio marathon to support the accused for the First of May 
incidents in Vieques was held.  We urge you to participate - it's never to 
late - in this effort to collect funds to cover the more than 40 thousand 
dollars in fines that are part of the unjust sentences against the twelve 
arrested for the First of May.

Name and prisoner number):
MDC Guaynabo
P.O. Box 2147
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Hunter Gray | 1 Mar 15:56 2004



I have just been the recipient of great tribute.  Please visit this site:

This message is going to all Lists with which I am affiliated.  It's also
going to a great many individuals -- many of whom have written fine things
and others who have done other solid things and those who have thought fine
thoughts.  In addition, my son, John, will be forwarding this to the Four

I speak here on behalf of our entire family -- and our many, many friends:
old and new.

I am genuinely Overcome, truly Overwhelmed.  Totally.

It is like looking out a familiar window -- for one more of countless times.

And expecting to see the same mountains and trees, snow and sage and grass.

And then -- genuine and stunning surprise -- viewing a large new Mountain, a
whole new one, a vast and shining Panorama.

And, with all of that,  a whole fresh array of glittering Crags and Canyons
and Ridges -- and Perspectives from and of the Sun and the Stars and the

There are now many, many places to explore, and nuggets far richer than any
gold to receive and to hold and to treasure -- in this emergent masterpiece
of organizational complexity and intricacy and rich water.
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Easy | 1 Mar 18:45 2004


Live from Democracy Now!

On the air on DishNetwork channel 9415. On the internet

Multiple sources that just spoke with Haitian President Jean-Bertrand 
Aristide told Democracy Now! that Aristide says he was "kidnapped" and 
taken by force to the Central African Republic. Congressmember Maxine 
Waters said she received a call from Aristide at 9am EST. "He's 
surrounded by military. It's like he is in jail, he said. He says he was 
kidnapped," said Waters. She said he had been threatened by what he 
called US diplomats. According to Waters, the diplomats reportedly told 
the Haitian president that if he did not leave Haiti, paramilitary 
leader Guy Philippe would storm the palace and Aristide would be killed. 
According to Waters, Aristide was told by the US that they were 
withdrawing Aristide's US security.

TransAfrica founder and close Aristide family friend Randall Robinson 
also received a call from the Haitian president early this morning and 
confirmed Waters account. Robinson said that Aristide "emphatically" 
denied that he had resigned. "He did not resign," he said. "He was 
abducted by the United States in the commission of a coup." Robinson 
says he spoke to Aristide on a cell phone that was smuggled to the 
Haitian president.
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Hunter Gray | 1 Mar 19:03 2004

Genuine virus situation and a kind of identity theft

Note by Hunter Bear:

I apologize for taking the time and space of people -- but this may well be
useful to others.

This is a one-time post, going to all lists with which I am affiliated.
Someone, possibly in California, is using my email address to send out a
porno message named "Price List."  Susan Glisson, who very capably manages
our SNCC list, has asked  Mr James True for advice.  Attached is his
response -- but before we get there, pleased be assured that I send no
attachments -- and certainly no viruses.  I open no attachments unless I am
certain of the Sender.  The several lists that I own and manage accept no
attachments:  Redbadbear, Marxist, SocUnity, and Lupus.  I, myself, have top
of the line Norton protection of every kind [including re outgoing e-mail].

This, now, from Mr True:

Susan, and you may post this if you think any others are interested,

A little forensics: Information, though possibly only a red herring, can be
gleaned by looking at the full message header of the "pricelist" message
sent with the attached file to the SNCC listserv. For any received message,
users can view the complete header of a message by using a button within a
received email, possibly labeled "blah, blah, blah" or "full header." Among
other things, this information shows the servers the message passed thru to
get to the recipient.

In the case of the "pricelist" message,  the header was:

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Easy | 1 Mar 19:46 2004

Stepping From Heaven - We Can All Accept Each Other - A letter from Palestine

The follwing is a letter from a young student in Palestine. The young 
man [said it could be] pass[ed] on.

Sorry it's been so long and i haven't been written! I have been pretty 
busy with my study i have finished my exams past week, i'm hanging out 
with my family for  the  vacation!. I hope you are doing well down in 
Rydha. You haven't told me, are you teaching English in Rydha? And for 
how long you have been there? Are you Muslim or Christian? For me i'm a 
muslim, and my family is muslim too. Islam is very important in our 
lives! I lived in Zababdeh (small town only 2km from AAUJ) for one year, 
most of people who lives there are Christians about 2/3. and of course 
because it's very close to the university most students rented rooms 
there! For me, i stayed with three Christian families! We shared mostly 
every thing, holidays, celebrations, parties! Sometimes the family cooks 
for us and invite us to a cup of tea or coffee. I never felt that i'm 
living with people from anther religion or faith, we never talked about 
the differences between Islam and Christianity or whose better or whose 
good! Most of there customs and traditions were taken from Islam,  i 
think because they are living in Islamic environment surrounded with 

 At Christmas i had very good experience, I prayed in the church down 
here in

Zababdeh, it was my first time praying in a church I had very strong 
feeling when first entered in there, I felt I'm stepping from 
heaven!  it wasn't an experience as much it was spiritual thing, I 
learned a lot from that Christmas, specially when some Christians 
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Easy | 1 Mar 19:56 2004

ALERT: Haiti's Aristide Reported "Kidnapped"

March 1, 2004
Please Distribute as Widely as Humanly Possible

Dear Colleague,

According to multiple press reports Haitian President Jean-Bertrand 
has told a member of the U.S. Congress and an international human rights
leader that he did not resign, but, rather, was "kidnapped" by United 

The story - suggested first on the air by Dennis Bernstein of KPFA radio in
San Francisco on Saturday afternoon, and reported instantly to the Internet
yesterday at 4:32 p.m. by Narco News - is burning across the wires right 
of all major news agencies.

Simultaneous live press conferences by White House press secretary Scott
McClellan and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld are issuing emphatic 
but many members of their own press pools don't seem convinced, because,
after all, Aristide has not yet been able to address the press himself.

We're updating constantly on The Narcosphere with up to the minute reports:

Calling all Copublishers: Commence "Narco News Swarm Coverage."
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John Lacny | 1 Mar 20:43 2004

It's official: Bush had Aristide kidnapped

Was it Otto von Bismarck or Claud Cockburn who first said, "Never believe anything until it has been
officially denied"?

I believe Randall Robinson over Donald Rumsfeld any day!


The Toronto Star, March 1, 2004, 2:14 PM

U.S. denies Aristide kidnapped
Activist attributes claim to former president

WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House and Pentagon today dismissed allegations that Haitian President
Jean-Bertrand Aristide was kidnapped by U.S. forces eager for him to resign and flee into exile. 

With U.S. military forces already on the ground in the Caribbean nation and more on the way, chief
presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said, "It's nonsense, and conspiracy theories do nothing to
help the Haitian people move forward to a better, more free, more prosperous future." 

At the Pentagon, Defence Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld also vehemently denied that Aristide had been
forced out by the United States. 

McClellan told reporters that Aristide left on his own free will. "We took steps to protect Mr. Aristide and
his family so they would not be harmed as they departed Haiti," he said. 

An African-American activist told The Associated Press that Haiti's ousted president, Jean-Bertrand
Aristide, telephoned him today to say that he was kidnapped at gunpoint by American soldiers in a
U.S.-engineered coup. 
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Adam | 1 Mar 23:38 2004

RESISTANCE - 1st week of March

published weekly by Socialist Action
and Youth for Socialist Action
1. SA/YSA activist calendar
2. current events from the past week
3. Socialist Action Newspaper celebrates 20th anniversary
4. Rural Midwesterners Stand Up to Power Monopoly
5. "Flawed Intelligence" by Mumia
6. Marxist link of the week
1. Socialist Action's ACTIVIST CALENDAR:

March 1, 2004  <at>  Powell & Market, SF, 5 p.m. (adjacent to Powell 
Street BART).  This protest was initiated by Haiti Action Committee 
and is endorsed by Socialist Action.

-Tuesday, March 2nd & Thursday, March 4th, both nights San Francisco 
Socialist Action will be holding a free class on the history and 
current struggle in Haiti at 7:00pm at the Socialist Action 
Bookstore - 298 Valencia, at the corner of 14th St.  For more info 
call 415-255-1080.

-Every other Tuesday New York Socialist Action holds classes on
socialist politics. The classes are held at 7pm. For more info
call Gerry at (212) 873-7523.

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Joel Wendland | 2 Mar 00:30 2004

Interview with Bertell Ollman: Political Affairs

PA: What was your motivation for writing the book How to Take 
an Exam...and Remake the World? 

BO: I am very much the teacher, which means that I'm always 
looking for new ways to present my ideas in a clear and 
convincing manner. Also, along with other radicals, I've long 
been bothered by the fact that too few people come looking for 
radical teachers or ideas. We need to do more to attract them. In 
this book, I give students a lot of tips that will help them on 
exams – hoping in this way to satisfy a strongly felt need – but I 
exact something in turn. That something is that they also listen to 
my simple explanation of what capitalism is, how it works, for 
whom it works better, for whom worse, how it originated and 
where it seems to be heading. The humor is there to make the 
whole thing more fun, and therefore, more attractive than such 
accounts usually are. 

PA: How do you compare teachers and students on the left today 
to those of the past? 

BO: I've lived through many different periods. My first political 
experiences were in the mid-fifties at the University of Wisconsin. 
There was little interest in socialist ideas at the time. That 
changed, and very quickly, in the 1960s. During most of the 
1960s, however, I was out of the country - in England, Jamaica 
and France. When I came back in 1967, much to my delight, I 
found many thousands of radicals, of all sorts, throughout the 
academy. This bullish situation peaked by the early 1970s. Since 
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