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In the last several days Russian secret police (FSB) and the authorities 
of Kemerovo Region launched a campaign of 
harassment and intimidation against Comrade Vladimir Vorobiev, a 
well-known labor leader from Kuzbass, and orchestrated 
the publication of slanderous publications against him in a number 
of media outlets.

Vladimir Vorobiev became internationally known in 1998, when he organized 
the blockade of the Trans-Siberian railroad by 
miners and other workers.  (Read his speech in Florence at http://www.
left.ru/inter/november/vorobiev.html). Since then he 
became a recognized leader of the Kuzbass proletariat because of 
his courageous and persistent struggle for the rights of 
workers and against the closures and plunder of industrial enterprises 
in the Kuzbass Basin.  Comrade Vorobiev is a 
Co-Chairman of the  Inter-Regional Alliance of Workers’ Unions “Defense 
of Labor.”

His dedication to the cause of the working class was also recognized 
by the state authorities and the secret police.  They gave 
ComradeVorobiev high marks by repeatedly intimidating, slandering,
and persecuting him.  Their new attacks--more vicious 
than ever—came soon after Vorobiev’s return from the European Social 
Forum in Florence, where he addressed mass 
audiences with reports on Russian labor movement and the strategy 
of international solidarity (read his speech in Florence at 
http://www.left.ru/inter/november/ vorobiev.html).  He also appeared 
on Italian TV where he talked about the struggles of 
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Editor | 1 Dec 01:51 2002


The second para must read:

Vladimir Vorobiev became internationally known in 1998, when he organized 

the blockade of the Trans-Siberian railroad by miners and other workers.
(Read the clip on Vorobiev from The Economist in the end of this 

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Macdonald Stainsby | 1 Dec 22:03 2002

Re: [L-I] Re: Question re Michael Pugliese

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From: "Carrol Cox" <cbcox <at> ilstu.edu>
>  Is he on this list?
> Carrol

No. He is on RG, and he will get booted there if he forgets that he is a guest.
He hasn't crossed a line there yet, so he gets to play. I don't like expelling
people, that's for the exceptionally provocateurish.

Macdonald Stainsby,
Rad Green, Leninist-International

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Macdonald Stainsby | 1 Dec 23:16 2002

Fw: Colombia update

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From: "bon moun" <sherrynstan <at> igc.org>

Colombian Government advances negotiations with death squads

Talks between prominent bishops, Government envoys and death squad leaders might
mark the first step toward legalization of Colombia's feared killer networks:
the AUC

26.11.2002 (By Maria Engqvist, ANNCOL Stockholm) On Monday, the Colombian
Interior Justice Minister Fernando Londoño confirmed that contacts between the
national government and the death squad umbrella organisation AUC (Colombian
Self-defense Units) have been made toward an eventual formal negotiation

The ultra-right criminal bands are nominally outlawed but are closely allied to
the Colombian armed forces and are believed to enjoy support from sectors of the
Colombian Congress especially the parliamentarians supporting extremist
President Alvaro Uribe.

The exact outcome of the negotiations are kept secret, but it is rumored that
some kind of legalization of the death squads might be underway. Apparently
certain prominent clergymen have participated in the talks

According to the Prensa Latina news agency, Cardinal Pedro Rubiano, president of
the Colombian Episcopal Conference (CEC), confirmed that some bishops met with
the highest ranking death squad officers to explore a possible agreement.

Monsignor Rubiano did not reveal the date of the meeting but said prelates
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Macdonald Stainsby | 2 Dec 02:33 2002

[L-I] Forwarded from Greg Elich

I just received this. Worth a read...

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From: "Gregory Elich" <gelich <at> worldnet.att.net>
To: "Macdonald Stainsby" <mstainsby <at> tao.ca>

> Barbarity kept under the radar screen: an investigative report on 
> torture and the travesty of justice. This is not an article for the faint 
> of heart. Yet the story must be told. 
> Screams And Cries: Prison Camp Lora and the Trial of the Lora 8 
> by Gregory Elich 
> article at:
> http://www.swans.com/library/art8/elich006.html

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Hunter Gray | 2 Dec 16:48 2002

[L-I] Unreconstructed letters from Mississippi [and considerable comment]

Note by Hunterbear:

This may be a cool Sunday in Eastern Idaho -- but some very current
Mississippi matters are much at hand in our bailiwick. With those on my
mind, I'm inclined to post these notes from the Meridian newspaper which,
coincidentally,  have just come:

This is a forward from a friend in Mississippi -- simply two more [and
bitter] notes in the still on-going drama revolving around the murder of the
three very young civil rights workers on June 21,1964 in Neshoba County:
Mickey Schwerner [NYC], James Chaney [Meridian, MS], Andy Goodman [NYC].  In
those days, Neshoba was one of the most completely Klan-dominated of the
Mississippi counties.  The three were murdered by a group of Klansmen
[Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan], which included the chief
deputy of the Neshoba County Sheriff's Office, Cecil Price. Considerable
evidence indicated active complicity by then "High" Sheriff Lawrence A.
Rainey and,  with a number of others, he was indicted by the Feds under the
"conspiring to deprive [the three victims] of their civil rights."  A famous
photo of their December '64 Federal arraignment at Meridian  [in neighboring
Lauderdale County] shows Price and Rainey sitting, grinning in the
courtroom -- while Rainey stuffs himself with Red Man chewing tobacco.
Price, Sam Bowers [the Klan Wizard] and others did wind up being eventually
convicted in a Federal trial at Meridian and served several years in Federal
prison -- but Rainey was acquitted.

Things never went well for any of them.  Rainey wound up in a series of
declining-status positions [security guard at a Meridian store, etc] and, a
few months ago, Price fell off a ladder at Philadelphia and died. Rainey
died of cancer last month and Mrs. Rainey is bitter.  Sid Salter, the
journalist, and I know one another well -- occasionally we're adversaries
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Hunter Gray | 2 Dec 18:15 2002

[L-I] Gracias, Vadim Stolz

I want to very much thank Comrade Vadim Stolz for this extremely kind and
warm personal note.  My family and I are impressed -- and most appreciative.
Rest assured that the "old man with the Tartar eyes"  --   is indeed in
excellent company in our Native home.  And he always will be.

Our very best -

Fraternally - Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]

 At Saturday, 30 November 2002, you wrote:

>Note by Hunterbear:
>Well, try not to bite yourself unless you're absolutely sure you've
>your yearly shot from the vet. Check your tags.
>Hunter [Hunterbear]
>>From Michael Pugliese:
>Twas was my sneaky way of drawing attn. to your membership on that list
>where unapologetic fans of Milosevic (signers of the ICDSM petition to
>freeing Slobodan Milosevic, on the L_I list, Macdonald, Nestor Gorojovsky
>even gone to Belgrade to interview that murdering schmuck), Mugabe
and the
>agit-prop of the North Korean KCNA hold court! Have you ever taken
a stand
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Hunter Gray | 3 Dec 04:26 2002

[L-I] Native murders: Russ Turcotte tragedy and the Forks killings [update]

Note by Hunterbear:

We need your good help once again.

This attached detailed report is from Ms. Tammy Miller -- cousin of murdered
Russell Turcotte.  Russell, a  19 year old Turtle Mountain Chippewa,
disappeared at Grand Forks, North Dakota last mid-July.  Law enforcement
efforts to find him were much less than laconic -- with the North Dakota
officials taking the strange position for months that it was a case which
belonged to Wolf Point, Montana: Russ' home.  His body was found just off
Highway 2 near Devils Lake, North Dakota in early November. Almost
immediately, the State's Attorney in that county -- Ramsey -- made a
vigorous [and very strange] effort to get me to remove all material relating
to Russell from our large website, Lair of Hunterbear www.hunterbear.org  Of
course, I very strongly refused to do so, stand absolutely with that
position, and we update that special page regularly.  It has much material
on the Turcotte case and certain other cases, and is at

Russ'  very large funeral, which Tammy describes so vividly, was held at
Wolf Point, Montana on November 18.

But the investigation certainly appears to be lagging.  The State's
Attorney, in his unsuccessful effort to get me to clear my web page on the
tragedy, also indicated he is waiting for an unknown someone, some day and
some way, to make a in-prison confession.  None of us accept that as viable
in the remotest sense!  The sheriff apparently does not, either.

In the meantime, back at the Forks [Grand Forks], the September, 2001
murders of the three Turtle Mountain men -- Jerome DeCoteau [who I knew, as
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Macdonald Stainsby | 3 Dec 09:13 2002

[L-I] Zapatista rebel leader sparks controversy

AP World Politics

Zapatista rebel leader sparks controversy with letter supporting Basque
Fri Nov 29, 5:48 PM ET

MEXICO CITY - Zapatista rebel leader Subcomandante Marcos drew unaccustomed
criticism from Mexican leftists and intellectuals Friday, after he wrote a
disjointed letter that showed sympathy for a Basque separatist group linked
to terrorist attacks.

Many newspaper columnists and intellectuals have written glowingly about the
guerrilla commander since he led a 1994 armed uprising in the name of Indian
rights in southernmost Chiapas state. In doing so, they almost universally
have accepted his offhand, joking style.

But in his latest letter - dated Oct. 16 and published Monday - Marcos used
vulgar language and described crusading Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon as "a
grotesque clown" and "a fascist." Such sentiments apparently were too much
for many to handle.

Marcos' letter, which was also studded with scatological humor and insults
for Spanish politicians on the left and right, "marked the loss of his sense
of humor, if he ever had one," writer Fernando Solana said in a column for
the newspaper Milenio.

Garzon became a hero to many on the left through his efforts in the 1990s to
bring former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet to trial for human rights
abuses committed during his 1973-1990 regime.

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Macdonald Stainsby | 3 Dec 09:18 2002

Aids spread deliberately?


There have long been allegations that the rapid spread of AIDS,
both in Africa and in the United States, was originally
precipitated by various vaccine programs.    A new investigation
shows conclusively that HIV infection among San Francisco gay
men was a result of contaminated vaccines.

If this contamination was intentional, it would represent the
worst assault in American history, and probably in human history.
The truth must be determined, and justice must be done.

There is strong reason to believe that the HIV contamination of
the vaccines was intentional.   Studies were performed to
determine whether HIV could have accidentally survived the vaccine
production methods.   These studies showed that all traces of
HIV would have been easily destroyed, without human intervention.

It does not matter whether HIV is a product of nature, or has long
existed.  Anthrax is also natural, and has long existed.   It can,
and has, also been turned into a weapon and used intentionally.
The same may be true of HIV.

The "Ames" strain of anthrax, used in recent terror assaults, is
a product of U.S. military labs. It may have been stolen by
terrorists, or perhaps the development program was infiltrated
by a mole working for some hostile foreign power.

Whether it was the work of terrorists, or hate groups, or
renegades within our own government, needs to be investigated.
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