shniad | 1 Jun 01:25 2005

Exploitation or deportation, that is the question for Turkish workers

Ha’aretz     May 26, 2005

Exploitation or deportation, that is the question for Turkish workers

By Ruth Sinai

Six months ago, two human rights organizations asked the High Court of
Justice to allow 800 Turkish workers employed here by a Turkish company,
Yilmazlar, to switch employers, alleging that the firm had mistreated them.
The workers petitioned the court because the state had refused permission
for them to switch employers. But at the request of Yilmazlar and the state,
the hearing has been postponed repeatedly, most recently to July 5.
Meanwhile, the workers must choose between staying at Yilmazlar and being
exploited, or quitting and risking deportation.

Yilmazlar's presence in Israel stems from Israel Military Industries'
contract to upgrade tanks for the Turkish army. In exchange for this
contract, Israel promised Turkey a certain amount of business. Pursuant to
this promise, Yilmazlar is renting out Turkish laborers to Israeli
contractors here.

In their petition, the Hotline for Migrant Workers and Kav La'Oved charged
that Yilmazlar had failed to pay its workers, and forced them to sign
promissory notes allowing the company to seize their assets in Turkey should
they quit. Therefore, they argued that the Turks should be able to quit
Yilmazlar, just as other foreign workers are allowed to leave their
employers. But the state argued in response that the deal with Yilmazlar is
a unique contract stemming from the IMI deal, one with implications for
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shniad | 1 Jun 01:25 2005

Popular TV anchor chastises Israeli policy

Associated Press     May 31, 2005

Popular TV anchor chastises Israeli policy 

By Laurie Copans, Associated Press Writer 

Israel's Walter Cronkite, a respected TV journalist who has delivered the
main evening news since 1968, has stepped out from behind the shield of
measured neutrality with an angry indictment of Israel's settlement policy
and occupation of the Palestinians.

Haim Yavin's five-part documentary — part one was being broadcast Tuesday —
prompted calls from settlers for his dismissal, but could also mark a
watershed in how the nation views its four-decade rule over Palestinians.

Yavin, 72, has anchored the evening news on Israel's public TV channel since
1968, building an image as a dispassionate reporter — much as Cronkite did
in the United States. A founder of Israel's public TV station, Yavin is
known as "Mr. TV" and commands considerable respect.

Rarely have settlers been portrayed as harshly by Israel's mainstream media
as in Yavin's documentary, filmed with his hand-held video camera and
interspersed with his commentary.

"Since 1967, we have been brutal conquerors, occupiers, suppressing another
people," Yavin comments in the first segment after listening to settlers
insist God gave them these lands. "We simply don't view the Palestinians as
human beings."

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shniad | 1 Jun 01:26 2005

Orwell's Beautifut Fit to America - Ed Herman

Orwell's Beautifut Fit to America: 

>From INGSCOC and Newspeak to AMCAP, Amerigood and Marketspeak

Edward S. Herman, ColdType, 2005

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shniad | 1 Jun 01:26 2005

John Pilger reads an expose of aid

The New Statesman     May 30, 2005

John Pilger reads an expose of aid

As the workings of foreign aid in Cambodia demonstrate, behind the charade
of "loans", "assistance" and "partnerships" lies systematic western plunder
and corruption. 

By John Pilger

>From the air, there appeared to be nobody, no movement, not even an animal,
as if the great population of Asia had stopped at the Mekong River. Even the
patchwork of rice paddies and fields was barely discernible; nothing seemed
to have been planted or growing, except the forest and lines of tall wild
grass. On the edges of deserted villages, often following a pattern of bomb
craters, the grass would follow straight lines; fertilised by human compost,
by the remains of thousands upon thousands of men, women and children, it
marked common graves in a nation in which as many as two million people, or
between a third and a quarter of the population, were "missing".

That was Cambodia as I found it 26 years ago, in the wake of the Khmer
Rouge, whose murderous rule had followed an inferno of American bombs.
Shortly afterwards, Jim Howard, Oxfam's senior engineer and fireman, joined
me and sent his first cable: "Fifty to 80 per cent human material
destruction is the terrible reality. A hundred tons of milk per week needed
by air and sea for the next two months starting now repeat now."

Thus began one of the boldest aid operations of the 20th century which
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glparramatta | 1 Jun 02:07 2005

[Marxists] Barry Sheppard to speak at NYC Brecht Forum on June 10


The Brecht Forum
451 West St.  (Betw Bank & Bethune)
New York, NY 10014

1,9,2,3 A,C to 14th st.
(212) 242- 4201

Friday, June 10
 7:30 pm

The Party:  The Socialist Workers Party, 1960-1988, A Political Memoir

(Barry Sheppard)

 Author Barry Sheppard was a member of the U.S. Socialist Workers Party 
for 29 years and a central leader for most of that time. This is the first 
of two volumes recounting his life in the party. It is a case study in the 
inspiration and difficulties involved in building the nucleus of a 
revolutionary socialist party and important source material for those 
interested in the history of the U.S. left.
Volume one covers the period from 1960 to 1973, the period of 
radicalization known as "The Sixties." Walking picket lines for Black civil 
rights, helping to organize the anti-Vietnam-war movement, interviewing 
Malcolm X, meeting the U.S. soldiers in Vietnam, defending the Cuban 
revolution, collaborating with socialists worldwide including in Australia, 
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glparramatta | 1 Jun 02:35 2005

[Marxists] AUSTRALIA: Free all the kids: Mandatory detention must go! - Green Left Weekly #628, June 1, 2005 (2)

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Green Left Weekly #628, June 1, 2005

AUSTRALIA: Free all the kids: Mandatory detention must go!

At least 10,000 people have been through Australia's
immigration detention centres since July 1999, including 3899 children.
Thirteen people have died in detention. At least four asylum seekers
have been killed upon being returned to their country of origin. Many
more have disappeared. Indescribable human suffering has resulted from
the unjustifiably brutal policy of mandatory detention. Now, 13 years
after it was introduced, it looks possible that the mandatory detention
policy might start to unravel through widespread public dismay at its
consequences. [Full article]

* Free all the kids!
* DIMIA = Deport Immediately, Make Inquiries After


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visit the Socialist Alliance website <>
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anthony abdo | 1 Jun 07:09 2005

Re: Barry Sheppard to speak at NYC Brecht Forum on June 10

It's not going to be easy to rehab this one.  And why would any poltical tendency wish to do so is beside me?

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james m nordlund | 1 Jun 10:30 2005

US gov't: tried in ICC / atrocities against humanity from its pedocide progs.

Dear Members, United Nations Ambassadors, et al,

Hello. Good Day. Very cool responses, thanx! I hope you and yours are well
and will continue to be.  I have made numerous complaints to Human Rights
Watch, Amnesty International, and other human and civil rights
organizations here in the U.S. concerning my continually, and constantly
being harassed and attacked, in numerous forms, by personnel employed by,
or acting in coordination with the U.S. gov't. Over decades my complaints
of illegal eviction attempts,
police abuse and brutality against me, all complained about in the
appropriate bureaucratic, governmental agencies; to no avail. Almost
getting no response at all. Including the U.S. Attorney General's, local
District Attorney's, Congressmen, etc. The latest assaults on me and my
human rights include kidnapping, death threats, denial of pain, other
medications, detrimental treatment to further my physical disabilities,
police and prosecutor harassment and abuse, thefts of mail and property,
illegal eviction attempts, etc.  Now, I am attempting to get some action
again from agencies, and also from your offices. An area I didn't put
forth in my previous complaints I am listing in this letter; which is the
main reason why the U.S. gov't has targeted me and numerous others; we‘re
witnesses and victims.

The U.S. gov't, mainly through the use of its military personnel, run a
national pedocide program. This includes sexual assaults, rapes,
sexual abuse, and sexualization of children to physically damage and 
psychologically scar them; in a usually successful attempt to debilitate
them for life; until they're murdered. This, realizes increased
consumerism of, and participation in, all related or exploitative
industries; with increased regularity.  These include :)  the military,
medical, vocational training and placement,
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Dale Wharton | 1 Jun 16:43 2005

award--Iron Cross to Condi



by Greg Palast, 2005 05 18

"It's appalling that this story got out there,"
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on her way
back from Iraq.

What's not appalling to Condi is that the US is
holding prisoners at Guantanamo under conditions
termed "torture" by the Red Cross. What's not
appalling to Condi is that prisoners of the Afghan war
are held in violation of international law after that
conflict has supposedly ended. What is not appalling
to Condi is that prisoner witnesses have reported
several instances of the Koran's desecration.

What is appalling to her is that these things were
reported. So: to Condi goes the Joseph Goebbels
Ministry of Propaganda Iron Cross.

But I don't want to leave out our President. His aides
report that George Bush is "angry" about the report--
not the desecration of the Koran, but the reporting
of it. And so long as George is angry and Condi
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Hunter Gray | 1 Jun 23:10 2005


Hunter Gray  [formerly John R Salter, Jr]
2000 Sandy Lane
Pocatello, Idaho 83204

hunterbadbear <at>

May 30 2005

Hunter Gray, Pocatello, Idaho, has received the annual 2005
Elder Recognition Award from the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers
and Storytellers.  This large organization which also includes
film makers and journalists, was founded in 1992-93, primarily to
stimulate high quality creativity in Native circles in the United States
and Canada.

 In association with the University of Lethbridge, it recently sponsored the
First Nations Writing and Literary Festival at Lethbridge, Alberta, on
May 11 - 14 2005 at which the Honors and Awards Banquet was held.

Gray is Mi'kmaq/St. Francis Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk.  When notified
of the award, he commented:

"I was nominated by Alice Hatfield Azure [Mi'kmaq] -- an honor in its own
right.  As are other fine expressions of appreciation, this is extremely
 meaningful to me and our family. And to all of those with whom I have
worked and for whom I have written -- and from whom I have always
learned much indeed -- this is for them a tribute as well."

Gray, who is 71 years of age, was born John Randall Salter, Jr. and
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