Macdonald Stainsby | 1 Apr 01:06 2005

Northerners calling on PM to block patronage appointment...

Introductory rant by Macdonald Stainsby

Some of these names are already infamous to indigenous and indigenous 
solidarity activists. For example, Burlingame first got involved in the 
Mackenzie "pave it, pump and steal it now" projects by former Indian Affairs 
minister Bob Nault, the same Nault who was MP for the Kenora region and 
helped streamline the continued assaults on Grassy Narrows, both as MP and 
as Indian Affairs Minister. Burlingame, a major player in the promotion of 
gas and petroleum and other "development" corporations' interests in the 
Valley, was appointed only last month without the proceedure laid out in the 
guidelines. Previously, as the article lets on, this southerner who has 
never lived in the north was spending time as government rep for the 
environmental review panel of the same pipeline project.

His patronage appointment was made by Andy Scott, the same current Indian 
and Northern Affairs minister who believes that the solution to poverty on 
reservations is the nationwide introduction of private property. Andy Scott 
is widely seen as one of the most "pro business" DIAND ministers appointed 
in decades. What with the "need" to use natural gas taken from Dene and 
Inuit lands to the north of Alberta to blast massive strip mines to "help" 
pump the ecologically disastrous tar sand oil, Scott seems to believe there 
is no time to waste messing around listening to Indian concerns. Yet at the 
same time, he trumpets the benefits of "a new northern strategy" as a part 
of global warming raising ocean levels and wiping out wentire ice shelves-- 
while producing room for a northwest passage shipping lane. If they believe 
there is no time to waste, we have to make clear that we understand that as 
well, and waste none either.

Though there are some who will be doing so for their own reasons, stopping 
Burlingame from being allowed to be shoved down the collective throats of 
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Yoshie Furuhashi | 1 Apr 19:04 2005

Quit Labour

"Quit Labour" (Of the total of 139 Labour MPs who voted against the 
war, how many of them are still anti-war, i.e., committed to bringing 
UK troops home and ending the occupation of Iraq now or at the very 
least least setting down a clear exit timetable?  The Independent 
reports that "17 rebel MPs have signed a declaration saying: 'I was 
and remain totally opposed to the war on Iraq. If elected as your 
parliamentary representative in the forthcoming general election, I 
will do everything in my power to bring the occupation of Iraq to an 
end'" [Andrew Grice and Colin Brown, "Labour MPs to Fight on Anti-war 
Ticket," 30 Mar. 2005]. Only 17? And why are those 17 "rebel MPs" 
still stuck in the Labour Party?) -- FULL TEXT: 


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Macdonald Stainsby | 1 Apr 20:00 2005

Dangerous News: Massive new oil strike in Mackenzie Valley

Tulita strike said to be biggest NWT find in decades

WebPosted Mar 31 2005 06:36 PM CST
CBC News

YELLOWKNIFE - There has been a major oil and gas discovery southwest of 
Tulita that industry officials say will ignite more interest in 
exploration in the area.

Oil company executives say it's the largest find in decades in the 
region, 600 kilometers northwest of Yellowknife.

Northrock Resources and its partners made the announcement Wednesday 
about their Summit Creek well, after testing wrapped up late last week.

Officials say the well produced 10 million cubic feet of natural gas and 
3,000 barrels of light crude oil daily during the test. The oil 
production is about 100 times greater than the average well in Alberta.

Northrock president Dave Pearce says the well, about 55 kilometres from 
Tulita, isn't commercially viable on its own, but it's a good start.

"It is high-risk, hopefully high-reward drilling, so we were hoping for 
significant rates like we've seen so we're enthusiastic, and 
encouraged," says Pearce. "Quite often you can do all this work and come 
away with a dry hole, which was the most likely outcome so we're very 
pleased with the production rates we've seen."

Greg Stringham, vice-president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum 
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james m nordlund | 2 Apr 02:58 2005

America being Schiavoed, remocrats latest blitzkrieging tool :)

For All, 

Hello. Good Day. Very cool responses, thanx! I hope you and yours are
well and will continue to be. Besides the excellent 'shows' of diplomacy,
there's not much else that the supposed 'right to life' movement, which
is, again, spearheading the attempts by the remocrat conspiracy to restart
their blitzkrieg's attempts to get the next needed element for its
advancement; the draft, there's not much else they can do with their
Schiavoing of America, yet, for fascist reasons they continue to
misrepresent the case as "diffability issues"! Remocrats just making
believe that it doesn't boil down to courts making decisions about what
Terri's final choices were, based on her husband's and their best
evidence, continue to terrorize the nation; enumerable priests, pastors,
politicians, etc., lying by saying Michel and/or the gov't "murdered her",
when they did the best they could; which just goes to show that the
remocrat motis operendi of scorched earth political policy is still
blitzkrieging our land. 

For, regardless of the 100,000 that die in similar circumstances that they
aren't concerned with, regardless of all the loses in every level of
society for them, because they broke, and attempted to break the law of
the land in every possible venue, by the top remocrats to the lowest, they
won't be slowed down (their working under a timetable of needing to cause
the extinction of humanity and large mammals before the evolution stops
them), they destroy on; for, if they don't 'win' they burn the place down,
so, the winners won't have gained anything, either. A problem is that
almost no one struggled, or struggles with their lying propaganda that
they're "uplifting life", when they're obviously destroying it by most
means they think they can without losing. 

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Hunter Gray | 2 Apr 15:33 2005

Vigilantes and Lynch Mentality

Last night, I watched a national television segment on the so-called "Minute
Men" -- a conclave of several hundred, some say maybe even a thousand --
so-called volunteers, often armed, and ostensibly  committed to traveling
the Border and defending Arizona and the Nation against the so-termed
"Brownskinned Hordes of Illegal Immigrants."  The "project", hastily
recruited in a great many instances via the Internet -- and thus without
even a pretense of prior interviewing -- appears to be operating out of
Tombstone.  That is a historic gunfighting town of yore, one of whose major
industries for a myriad of past decades, has been that of capitalizing on
the Gunfight at OK Corral -- where Wyatt Earp and his brothers and "Doc"
Holliday shot it out in 1881 with their personal adversaries. As the
Twentieth Century wended it way, eventually into our present period,
Tombstone has lived increasingly in Fantasy.

This Tourist Trap town is not, however, the basic problem -- which is just
plain Anglo  racism -- prevalent and pervasive throughout the Southwest,
often centering on Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and Native Americans who are
broadly found in the vast region. [Of course, "others" are targets as well:
Blacks, Asians, Middle Easterners.]  And not-big Tombstone is not the prime
recruiting source: plenty of these self-appointed come from the now very big
cities of Phoenix and Tucson and smaller urban settings in the region.  [Let
me hasten to say that these foregoing urban areas include many very fine and
nice folks -- quite a few of whom are old friends of mine.]

While some Minutemen, I am sure, are probably [sadly] Real Rural Arizonians,
most strike me as Drug Store Cowboy types.

Where I and others come from -- Northern Arizona and other sparsely
populated areas [as well, for example, here in Idaho where I now live]  --
we view these ostentatious gun-toters as a joke.  Problem is, this conclave
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afenton | 3 Apr 00:28 2005

MNN Sherill Decision - Federal law loses, Indigenous jurisdiction is in


MNN.  April 3, 2005.  The Sherill v. Oneida decision is a win for the
(Iroquois Confederacy) and all other Indigenous nations in North America. 
The U.S.
Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, March 30th, that the Oneida Nation can't
buy land
and declare it free from local taxes and laws.  Oneida used federal law to
fight its
case.  The constitutional question brought by the Kanienkehaka Kaienerekowa
Kanonsesne (Mohawk Great Law Longhouse) is the only route for all Indigenous
nations.  The two constitutions - Kaienerekowa and the U.S. Constitution -
must be
read together.  Federal law cannot make a decision on constitutional
sovereignty.  It is a contradiction.

The Sherill decision upholds the constitutional Indigenous law principle that
federal Indian law is unconstitutional.  Sherill goes against previous
Supreme Court
decisions which are based on the imposition of federal sovereignty on

Sherillsupports the U.S. Constitution.  Subtracting from and adding to Indian
country exempt from taxation can only be achieved by either (a) a valid
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Yoshie Furuhashi | 3 Apr 01:24 2005

Conservatives: Underrepresented in Academia?

"Conservatives: Underrepresented in Academia?": 

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james m nordlund | 3 Apr 13:20 2005

Nader Team: This Sunday and Monday: Ralph in California

Ralph Nader's Anti War Tour comes to Southern California Sunday, April 3
and Monday, April 4. Locations, times, and venues are below.  Contact the
individuals listed below for details of specific events.  Please spread
the word to everyone you know. 


Speakers Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez, Pablo Paredes, Professor Eugene
Victor Wolfenstein and a performance by Conspiracy of Thought 
Date/Time  Sunday, April 3, 2pm  
Location UCLA Covel Commons Grand Horizon Ballroom 

Address 330 De Neve Drive, Los Angeles

Contact Dennis at 310-378-0090 
Admission $10 for general public, $5 for students 

Speakers “Anti War Discussion with Ralph and Matt”  
Date/Time Sunday, April 3, 4:30pm  
Location Beverly Hills, CA 
Contact contact Matthew Zawisky at 202-277-9563 to RSVP

Admission $100 dollar a person buffet reception fundraiser with Ralph
Nader and Matt Gonzalez

Speakers Ralph Nader, Sonali Kolhatkar of KPFK's "Uprising", Matt
Gonzalez, Pablo Paredes, and a performance by Conspiracy of Thought  
Date/Time Sunday, April 3, 6:30pm 
Location Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles  
Address 1816 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles 
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james m nordlund | 3 Apr 13:30 2005

Action: FM: Urge Your Senators to Oppose the "Nuclear Option"

Afternoon.  Urge Your Senators to Oppose the "Nuclear Option" Preventing
Filibusters of Judicial Nominees

President Bush and Senate Republicans are stacking the federal courts with
right-wing, anti-women’s rights judges. But they are not satisfied. They
want to prevent any meaningful opposition to these judges.

So far, only 10 nominees to the appellate courts have been blocked – while
204 nominees to the federal courts have been confirmed.

Yet in an unprecedented abuse of power, Senate Republicans, led by Senate
Majority Leader Bill Frist (TN), are outrageously attempting to change the
rules of the Senate to prevent even these filibusters of judicial

Right now, it takes only 41 votes to continue debate (filibuster) and
block a vote on a nominee. It takes 60 votes to end debate and force a
full Senate vote. The so-called “nuclear option” would eliminate the use
of the filibuster for all judicial nominees, allowing the Senate to
confirm them with only 51 votes (or 50 votes and the tie-breaking vote of
the Vice President). Democrats only have 45 votes in the Senate, plus
Senator Jim Jeffords (I-VT).

But let us not be fooled. The real purpose of their so-called “nuclear
option” is to make the Senate a rubber stamp for all judicial nominees,
including Supreme Court nominees. Republicans want a free ride when it
comes to stacking the Supreme Court with far-right, reactionary justices.
That’s why they are so intent on changing the rules before a Supreme Court
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Hunter Gray | 3 Apr 18:03 2005

Social Justice Organizing and the Church [Much More than Craw Dads]

Social Justice Organizing and the Church [Much More than Craw Dads]


At this moment in which I am settling down at the Computer [truly indeed the
New Faith], our radio is carrying the opening song  of the Sunday morning
Shoshone-language religious hour at the nearby Shoshone/Bannock Fort Hall
reservation [adjoins Pocatello.]  I do not know that language -- my
grandson/son, Thomas, regularly plays basketball on that res -- but I rather
like the music's mournful, dirge-like quality.  Things go up and down with
me and the song of the moment certainly fits my present moment. [Thomas came
over very early this morning to look in on things; Peter [Mack] and family
drove almost 3,000 miles to see us for a very pleasant three days or so last
week; John [Beba] checks regularly.  Other family members, Maria and
Samantha and Josie and Cameron, live right here.]  Anyway, along with
millions of others, we have been watching the events surrounding the passing
of the Pope.

I began involvement with e-mail discussion lists in the early Fall, 2000.
On one of those lists, I was unpleasantly surprised at the numerous and
stridently anti-religious and certainly anti-Church posts -- most of which
appeared to have little or no experiential basis.  Hence I posted that which
follows this present Introductory Note of mine.  Later, a spate of
anti-Mormon stuff emerged on that list, based on poisonous nonsense posted
on the Internet -- and virtually none of that had a grain of truth. [The
charge that the LDS church operates "residential schools" to the detriment
of Native people is not at all accurate, since the Mormons -- on the whole
extremely pro-Indian -- have never at any point operated residential schools
of any kind. They have only a few higher ed institutions -- e.g., BYU and
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