Macdonald Stainsby | 1 Jul 03:24 2003

Rage. Mistrust. Hatred. Fear. Uncle Sam's enemies within

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Rage. Mistrust. Hatred. Fear. Uncle Sam's enemies within

While the US fights a war on terror, it is also systematically crushing its
citizens' rights. Neil Mackay on the alarming rise of a new tyranny.

The Sunday Herald
29 June 2003

WHEN the Hollywood actor Tim Robbins took to his feet before the National
Press Club in Washington DC in April this year, he delivered a speech laced
with deliberate echoes of Bob Dylan's protest song Blowin' In The Wind.
While Dylan, however, sang of freedom and liberty one day triumphing over
repression and control, Robbins was saying that the greatest democracy on
earth, the United States of America, was heading in the opposite direction
under President Bush: to a future where freedom had lost out to repression
and liberty to control.

'A chill wind is blowing in this nation,' said Robbins -- who, along with
his wife, the actress Susan Sarandon, has been routinely denounced by the
American right. 'A message is being sent through the White House and its
allies in talk radio ... if you oppose this administration, there can and
will be ramifications. Every day the airwaves are filled with warnings,
veiled and unveiled threats, spewed invective and hatred directed at any
voice of dissent. And the public ... sit in mute opposition and fear.'

Just days before this speech, Saddam's statue in Baghdad was wrapped in the
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Johannes Schneider | 1 Jul 09:01 2003

Nigerian General Strike: Police arrests union leaders, journalists and others

Strike update from the Nigerian paper Vanguard:

Fuel: NLC shuts down Nigeria
By Funmi Komolafe, Rotimi Ajayi, Emma Nnadozie,
Tuesday, July 01, 2003
- FG proposes N35 per litre; Labour wants N28
- Vanguard's Labour Editor, 87 others arrested
- Nationwide strike continues, says Oshiomhole

ABUJA - NIGERIAN cities and towns were practically shut down yesterday after
workers heeded the call of the Labour Congress (NLC) to stay at home in
protest against the fuel price hike.

The Police arrested 88 people, including Vanguard Labour Editor, Funmi
Komolafe at the Federal Government Secretariat, Abuja where she had gone to
cover an NLC rally. Arrested with her was Ola Awoniyi, a correspondent of
the French News Agency (AFP). They were later released. Police also arrested
popular musician, Charley Boy in Lagos and no fewer than 17 labour leaders
in Delta and Ondo states for participating in the strike.

The police said they arrested 88 persons nationwide for disturbing the


Johannes Schneider | 1 Jul 10:32 2003

The Economist celebrating defeat of East German workers

From the Economist:

"Schröder tries to get a grip
Most economists agree that Germany urgently needs to tackle its more
deep-seated economic problems-by curbing expenditure on unemployment and
welfare. Mr Schröder has, belatedly, come to recognise this. After doing
nothing during his first term of office, he has, since his re-election in
September last year, embarked on a long-term programme of reform. Although
few believe the chancellor's plans are yet ambitious enough, he has had some
success in fighting opposition to them from within his own Social Democratic
Party (SPD). The trades unions, traditionally the core suppporters of the
SPD, have in some cases been persuaded to lend their support to Mr Schröder'
s reforms, or at least not to oppose them vigorously.

The chancellor's task might be made easier by the collapse, on June 28th, of
a metalworkers' strike in eastern Germany. IG Metall, the world's biggest
engineering union, had been campaigning for a reduction in the working week,
from 38 to 35 hours. It had rejected attempts by the employers, some of
Germany's biggest car makers, to compromise. But the strike was hugely
unpopular both with politicians and the German public and the union
eventually admitted defeat-its first since 1954."


Macdonald Stainsby | 1 Jul 10:41 2003

PFLP reject "Ceasefire"

I was glad to see this on many levels; 1: the Ceasefire being forced seems
ever more clearly to be a design to force a civil war among Palestinians. 2:
The PFLP soundly reject the civil war, the Roadmap to nowhere and the
one-way ceasefire.


(Forwarded from Jay Moore.)

Translated by Muhammad Abu Nasr

Important Political Declaration
Issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Yes to the intifada and resistance as the choice of
our people until the end of the occupation!

Masses of our heroic Palestinian people!

Heroic intifada and resistance fighters!

At this time, pressure in various forms and coming
from various sources is on the rise.  This pressure is
aimed at containment of the intifada and the heroic
resistance of our people to the Israeli occupation and
aggression against our land, our people, our rights,
and our national honor.

We in the Popular Front for the Liberation of
Palestine, based on our responsible patriotic
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Hunter Gray | 1 Jul 11:07 2003

On BLM and Liberty [update on The Wild West Ethic and the Crucible of Paranoia]

On BLM matters [update on The Wild West Ethic and the Crucible of Paranoia]

Note by Hunterbear:

Back at the very beginning of January, I posted a piece which drew much
comment:  "The Wild West Ethic and the Crucible of Paranoia."  It involved
an obviously negative report regarding me given by a suspicious neighbor to
the U.S. Bureau of Land Management which then jumped into the situation --
only to back quickly away when its field staff determined pronto that a very
weird misreading had taken place. My original piece is attached herewith.

I do want to make it very clear that we have always -- for all of my life --
gotten along extremely well with the United States Forest Service [with
which I've worked on many occasions] and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management
as well.  Thus this misunderstanding was, however momentarily, quite

We do not in any sense, of course, share any of the anti-USFS and anti-BLM
perceptions of the so-called Sagebrush Rebellion, the various crackpot
paramilitary groups, the survivalist types etc. et al.  Locally,  close
friends of ours are a young BLM mining engineer and his wife and children.
Recently, as concerns mounted in this area about rampant vehicular ["four
wheelers," etc] violation of BLM closure periods  to such vehicles -- e.g.,
November 15 to May 15 -- I wrote a very detailed letter, based on literally
160 substantial treks in the BLM and USFS areas during that specific period.
I attested to the fact that there have been multiple violations of the BLM
closure in the regions closest to Pocatello. There hasn't been any
particular problem 'way back in the really far up and very rugged turf into
which I regularly go.  Few trails -- if any -- exist there and in the winter
the snow and ice are profoundly inhibiting to anyone except me and my dog
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Johannes Schneider | 1 Jul 11:55 2003

Re: Nigerian General Strike: Police arrests union leaders, journalists and others

AFP reports now Nigerian police admitted killing four persons in Lagos
yesterday and that tear gas has been used again this morning.
Meanwhile students are building burning barricades around Lagos State
University Campus.


Johannes Schneider | 1 Jul 13:29 2003

Re: Nigerian General Strike: Police arrests union leaders, journalists and others

> AFP reports now Nigerian police admitted killing four persons in Lagos

not in Lagos, but in Abuja!

Yoshie Furuhashi | 1 Jul 18:52 2003

Protest Bush (July 4, Noon, Dayton, OH, Tickets Available)

Protest Bush in Dayton, OH (July 4, about Noon, on the grounds of the 
U.S. Air Force Museum)!

*****   Bush speech July 4 open to public
President at Air Force Museum on Friday for dedication of new wing

By Jim Bebbington
jbebbington <at>

DAYTON | The public is invited - first-come, first-served - to attend 
President Bush's speech Friday at the dedication of a new wing of the 
U.S. Air Force Museum. But you must have a ticket.

The White House and local planners announced Monday that a limited 
number of free tickets can be obtained by visiting the museum at 
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base or Memorial Hall, 125 E. First St., 
10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. starting today and, if supplies remain, 9 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

Individuals picking up tickets will have to sign for them and should 
be prepared to show photo ID. No large-group or large quantity 
requests will be accommodated.

Bush is to speak about noon on the museum grounds. Gates will open at 
9 a.m. Ticket holders should arrive via Gate 28-B, off Springfield 
Pike, and follow the signs. Attendees will have to go through a metal 
detector at the event area.

Tickets can also be obtained by contacting:

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Pieinsky | 1 Jul 13:57 2003

British Commentary: End the Occupation

Hostages of the empire

Andrew Murray
Tuesday July 1, 2003
The Guardian,2763,988418,00.html

The words of Paul Bremer, Washington's overlord in Iraq, need no "sexing
up". "We are going to fight them and impose our will on them and we will
capture or... kill them until we have imposed law and order on this
country," he declared at the weekend. "We dominate the scene and we will
continue to impose our will on this country."

Neither General Dyer at Amritsar nor General Westmoreland in Vietnam could
have put it any clearer. Welcome to the new colonialism. Bremer's words are
not just bluster. US forces are now engaged in massive search-and-destroy
sweeps in central and northern Iraq against forces opposing their rule.

While the Westminster village remains riveted by the Campbell- BBC pillow
fight, it is the real war on the ground in Iraq that should be commanding
our attention. The six British soldiers killed last week, like the US
servicemen under daily attack, are victims of an overbearing and inept
occupation policy that is alienating ordinary Iraqis of all persuasions.

Civilian deaths, particularly of demonstrators, are mounting. Basic services
and basic rights are in scant supply, with neither democracy nor a reliable
water supply on offer to Iraqis. The only advanced programme is for the
privatisation of state industry. This occupation, which has no modern
precedent, should be at the centre of political attention. Ending it needs
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ANSWER Los Angeles | 1 Jul 19:29 2003

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