Junghua Liu | 21 Dec 11:20 2009

"Cyborg in Wi-Fi London" Performance and Exhibition by Jung-Hua Liu

"Cyborg in Wi-Fi London" Performance and Exhibition by Jung-Hua Liu

My name is Jung-Hua Liu and fine art PhD student in University of Leeds, UK.
My project aims to visualise urban Wi-Fi networks and study the link
between technology and society.

There are some artworks to explore the similar issues.
Yury Gitman and Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena created a Wi-Fi project
“Node Runner” on 2002. They took cities as playground and play Wi-Fi
hunting game. The competitor who can find more open Wi-Fi hotspots and
upload photos by the hotspots was the winner

Gordan Savicic’s Wi-Fi jacket in his “Constraint City” project will be
tightening if it detects closed/encrypt Wi-Fi signals, and the tight
jacket will leave the scars on his body to feel the real pain from the
close city (http://www.yugo.at/equilibre/).

“Node runner” emphasizes that the convenience of Wi-Fi bring us to
enjoy Internet anywhere if they are open. Savicic’s jacket presents
that Wi-Fi is not equal to connectability and Wi-Fi maybe the
communication barrier in cities. Their works draw our attention to
notice the pervasive Wi-Fi in cities. Their projects reflect modern
cities are full of Wi-Fi access points and they may locate in home
houses, company buildings, cafés, schools, parks, transport stations.

In my project, I assume Wi-Fi users ascyborg, the combination of human
beings and machine (Wi-Fi access points and mobile devices), and my
hypothesis is that Wi-Fi users will have construct cyborg identity by
particular behaviour in Wi-Fi networks.
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