All Member Meeting Time

tomakeadifference | 1 Dec 05:27 2006

Monthly Meeting of December, 12/3/2006, 10:00 am

pavan kumar | 1 Dec 07:46 2006

Weekend activities in Blr

Prasad Charasala | 1 Dec 16:16 2006

Re: All Member Meeting Time

suresh | 2 Dec 02:55 2006

Anikepalli pictures uploaded ...

suresh | 2 Dec 05:31 2006

Re: Anikepalli pictures uploaded ...

aruna kumari | 1 Dec 14:24 2006

My Intro

Arun Kanth | 2 Dec 08:51 2006

My response to the rpevious mails

Hai every one
   I am ok with membership fee. Attending meetings, as I said in my
first intro mail, I will come from Jan onwards as I have to come from
chennai to hyd and also I am little busy right now settling in my job.

   Responsibilities I am interested to take but not possible right now
as I am in chennai.So I am trying toshift to hyderabad then I will be
able to handle something.

   That pedavegi boy information??? Has anyone got it? If not I can
try bcoz I am from Eluru somewhat near to pedavegi. I can ask some of
my friends to find out but am not sure how much they will do it.But if
its urgent I can ask my father to go there and find it out.

   Regarding donating money for advertising our group in nellore or
any where else I am not for it though I dont mind if every one is for
it. This is my personal opinion.

  One more thing I felt happy was about a sentence I read in one of
the mails "Also it shows that we are not helping the society but we
are helping ourselves by showing concern for the society. " :-)

NGO coordination is one thing I got interested in and also gathering
sources(of doctors, blood banks etc ). I will try to work in these two
areas and just would like to know if therez anyone in chennai from TMAD??

Last but not the least the blogs on the website is a nice idea to know
each other and also for the visitors to have an idea on the members of
this group.But current format could be changed when more member's
blogs were added.Website is also well planned.
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ulprasanthi | 2 Dec 07:18 2006

Re: My Intro

Hello Aruna,

Welcome to the group. Your monetary help is also useful. Try to attend 
the monthly meetings even if you cannot take part in activities.

Also follow the group mails regularly and come up with your views and 

Du means RajasekharuDu. You can call him Rajasekhar as well.

It is ok. We can understand regarding your commitments. Help and 
contribution need not be monetary.  Participate in whatever way is 
possible for you.

Thank you.

with regards,

Re: My response to the rpevious mails