Leonid Savin | 4 Jun 10:01 2004

Destruction of Danube reserve

Dear all!
     Ukrainian authorities keep on with their destructive canal projects at the
Danube reserve.
     The German suckig ship has dredged already 500 m. The reserve is wounded
but we still can try to save it!
     Foreseeing the upcoming June 5, World Conservation Day, we ask you to
adress Ukrainian President Kuchma, and Prime-minister and most possible next
president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich.
     You may ether use direct adresses or Ukrainian embassy in your country to
express your concern - adresses embassy should read <
http://www.seu.ru/projects/eng/dunay/embassy.htm>. Draft letters are below.

To President Leonid Kuchma

On the world conservation day, we, as representatives of world environmental
community, ask to stop all works at the Bystroe estuary and Danube biosphere
     We are aware that already about 6000 letters from 90 countries came have
experessing peoples' concerns and organizations from 90 countries have
experessed their concerns and protest at Ukranian action regarding the nature
territory of the international value. The fact of the work proceeding on is a
clearly expressed disrespect to the workd community.
     This shows that Ukrainian authorities show absolutely no intention to
integrate into European and civilized world community. Such intentions, beside
mere declaration, should be supported by observation of commonly and
internationally accepted environment conservation and legislation practices, as
well as observation of international agreements.
     The barbaric actions that are continuing to destruct the Danube biosphere
reserve clearly indicate that Ukraine may not be full and reliable member of any
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Kyrylo Bulkin | 4 Jun 19:45 2004

Re: Danube and Ukrainian power

Dear Leonid,
Dear friends,

I  write you asking not to sign letter to Ukrainian
authorities about canceling destruction of Danube
reserve if you, like me, have received it recently.
(Please see the text of that letter attached to my
message). I ask about it not because I am averse to
safeguarding Danube. This matter is very important
but, unfortunately, I need to say that, perhaps
striving to the noble goals, the authors of the text
use some very inaccurate formulations which could lead
to much more harmful results than ecological problem
you try to solve.

Particularly, I mean appealing to Mr. Yanukovich as
the most likely future president of Ukraine. Is it
casual or deliberate misinformation? I would like to
draw your attention to the fact that according to all
polls the most popular candidate for further
presidential elections is the leader of democratic,
pro-European (which should be more correctly named
pro-Ukrainian)  opposition block Our Ukraine
Victor Yuschenko who precedes V. Yuanukovich for
approximately 10 % voices. At the other hand, it is
true that most Ukrainians do not believe that
elections in this October will be honest and
transparent. Quite popular answer in the pre-election
surveys is I would like to see Yuschenko the next
Ukrainian president but I am sure that all the same
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