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Pun Pun Thailand

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>Subject: Help support Pun Pun Thailand
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>Date:    Sun, November 27, 2005 1:42 am
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>           Dear friends,
>This year at Pun Pun we will be hosting our first 8-week
>Sustainability Leadership Training for Asian activists.  We’re
>excited for the opportunity to work intensely with a group of
>10 individuals who come as representatives of larger
>organisations, networks, or centers from Aceh, Indonesia (most
>severely hit by Tsunami), India, Philippines, and Ladakh.
>We’ll be focusing on sustainable agricultural techniques,
>applying permaculture principles, holistic health, seed
>saving, and natural building.  Our hope is through this
>experience participants will go home using what they’ve
>learned to create local initiatives in their respective
>countries with the groups they work with already.
>   We have had a very positive response with more interest than
>we are able to accommodate.  We do not have any outside
>funding for this project so we are using Pun Pun’s personal
>funds because we feel it is so important.  The only
>outstanding obstacle we’ve encountered is finding the funds
>for participants’ travel expenses including visas, passports
>and airfare to and from Thailand.  Since they are from the
>global south and have dedicated their lives to social
>justice work they are not able to cover this themselves.  We
>have 10 outstanding people who are excited to participate
>and we will be able to cover their expenses for the 8-weeks
>but are now needing transportation funds.  We’re looking for
>personal sponsors who are interested in making sure these
>motivated individuals from developing countries are able to
>take part in this extensive training.  Below is more
>information on each participant/group including their
>outstanding costs.  We’re looking for people who can sponsor
>  size contribution to the whole group or are interested in
>sponsoring a specific individual’s trip.
>   If you or anyone you know is interested they can send checks
>addressed to:
>   Peggy Reents
>Re: Sustainability Leadership Training Sponsorship
>3405 El Caminito
>Loveland, CO 80537 USA
>   It is possible for contributions to be tax-deductable as
>well and if this is necessary email Peggy Reents at
>pareents <at> yahoo.com to find out how.
>   Thanks so much for taking the time to read this info and for
>in any way you can working to support education on
>sustainability efforts around the world.
>   Yours,
>4 Women from Flower Aceh
>   Of all the areas hit by the tsunami, the Indonesian province
>of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, better known as Aceh, suffered
>most. That happened to an Aceh where a bloody conflict has
>been raging for 28 years between the Indonesian army and the
>Free Aceh Movement (GAM). For 15 years now, the women’s
>organisation Flower Aceh has been actively helping women who
>have fallen victim to violence, including torture and rape.
>Staff members are regularly threatened and hampered in their
>   And now, after the tsunami, surrounded by international
>relief, they also work together with other human rights’ and
>women’s organisations for the victims of the flood.
>   In the aftermath of the tsunami, Flower Aceh is assessing
>women's needs, providing basic necessities and running a
>Women's Crisis Centre in conjunction with other local
>women's groups. Prior to the disaster, Flower Aceh was the
>first women's NGO in Aceh to address human rights abuses
>against women, such as mass rape. Using the experience
>garnered from empowering women in conflict situations,
>Flower Aceh is working to include women in the
>reconstruction process in one of the regions most severely
>devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.
>   The staff of Flower Aceh, one of the oldest women’s rights
>organizations in the province, escaped the tsunami by
>running to the second floor of a building nearby. From
>there, they watched as their office was swept away below
>   Since 1989, Flower Aceh has researched the impact of
>cultural practices and the ongoing conflict on women in
>Aceh. This information – unique and irreplaceable – was gone
>in minutes. The organization’s garden, containing more than
>600 plants used for traditional medicine, was also
>   Outstanding Costs:
>   Flight from Aceh to Bangkok = $500/person
>Thai Visa per person = $25/ person
>Passport = $25/ person
>Total Expenses = $550/person x 4 people = $ 2,200 US
>   ---------------------------------------------
>   Manuel and Co-worker from Philipines
>   “The municipal mayor of Natividad, Province of Pangasinan (
>glory to Jehovah ), have approved my proposal to design a
>half hectare self reliance demonstration area in one of
>their barangay to be managed by the poorest of the poor.
>And since this area will also serve as resettlement site for
>these displaced fellows, I am anticipating that most of the
>instructions that I will learn from the 8 week
>Sustainability Leadership Training in your center will be
>applied immediately when I come back. I am also looking
>forward to share with you my concepts of The Village
>Sanctuary, our flagship sustainable development program to
>combat extreme poverty and environmental degradation in the
>Philippines to further refine this program through your
>group's valuable inputs and feedback.
>It is also very interesting to note that, our next plan is to
>organize a local Non Government Organization to further
>promote sustainable development in our locality…  the Social
>Activism part of the course will help us organize ourselves
>and officially set up our group before we go back in the
>I am not confident that we can secure the transportation cost
>of a round trip ticket to Thailand. But as they say if there's
>a will there's a way. In any case, I'm considering your
>group's work the most valuable and hope we will be able to
>make it,” Manuel participating with co-worker from Philipines.
>   Outstanding expenses:
>   Non - Immigrant Visa         P 2,800 = US 52
>Passport Processing          P 1,800 ( agency assisted) = US 33
>Round Trip Ticket ( Phil. Airlines ) P 24,800 RT  = US 455
>   Total Expenses = US 540 x 2 people = $1,080 US
>   -------------------------------------------
>   2 Representatives from Ladakh
>   For centuries, the traditional economy in Ladakh was founded
>on agriculture. Communities provided for their own needs,
>depending on long-distance trade only for luxuries.
>   Development, however, is creating a dependence not only on
>chemical fertilisers and pesticides (some of which are
>outlawed in the West), but also on cash cropping and
>subsidised food. In so doing, it is undermining the entire
>   International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC) is
>helping Ladakhi farmers to resist these pressures. At the
>same time, we are raising awareness about the importance of
>diversified production for local consumption.
>   Our work includes:
>   *A seed-saving programme to promote the cultivation and
>protection of local varieties of grains and legumes.
>*Networking with farmers' groups elsewhere in the South.
>*Tours of sustainable farms in the West for Ladakhi farmers'
>*An ongoing campaign about the hazards of pesticides,
>fungicides and chemical fertilisers.
>*A wide range of meetings, from 'hands-on' village workshops
>to international conferences.
>*The introduction and demonstration of solar greenhouses,
>enabling villagers to grow vegetables the year round. (There
>are now thousands throughout the entire region.)
>   "Most Ladakhis used to put chemical fertilisers and
>pesticides on their fields without thinking. Now, thanks to
>ISEC's campaigns, it's very different. People are turning
>towards local and organic methods."
>   Tsewang Rigzin, long-time President of LEDeG
>   Flight Ladakh to Delhi = $250
>Flight Delhi to Bangkok = $400
>Thai Visa = $25
>Travel costs for visa trip = $25
>   Total Expenses = $700/person x 2 people = $1,400 US
>   --------------------------------------------------
>   2 Dhammacharis from India
>Dhammachari Amitayus ordained as a Dhammachari in April 2004
>and Dhammachari Nagbhadra ordained as a Dhammachari in 1992
>on19 March in the Buddhist organization named Trailokya boudha
>Maha Sangha sahayak gan teaching Buddhism and training
>Dhammachari to teach dhamma throughout India and the world
>through retreats, workshop, seminars, meetings in nearly seven
>states of India and whole of Mahrashtra.[www.tbmsg.org  and
>   The movement  has own reputation in the Buddhist world
>worldwide and also assists  to organize many international
>Buddhist events with three dhamma and meditation teaching
>retreat center in Mahrashtra, a dhamma and social training
>center named naglok at Nagpur.  They organize hundreds of
>events including retreats, Buddhist gathering conference and
>many others regularly.
>   They also a social work wing who works for the poor and
>rural people providing them the facilities for learning and
>education, especially involved in the upliftment of the
>these group previously known as untouchables.  They have
>thousands of beneficiaries in India.
>   The two training participants are:
>   Dhammachari Amitayus is currently working to build youth
>activity and to promote morality and ethics in these age
>groups, and also looking after the cultural project which
>uses singing, dramas, and stories to teach Buddhism and
>social values.
>   Dhammachari Nagbhadra is currently chairing the trust and
>taking responsibility for all the dhamma and social work
>being done in Amravati in Mahrashtra
>Following the training they will practice the skills with
>their respective groups and share with many through retreats,
>workshop, seminars, and meetings.
>   Outstanding costs:
>Their organization will cover their passport and visa expenses.
>   Travel expenses including visa = $634 x 2 people = $1,268
>Their organization will contribute $219 leaving their
>outstanding costs at = $1,049
>   ---------------------------------------------------------
>Total Outstanding Costs = $ 5,729 US
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>  Yahoo! Music Unlimited - Access over 1 million songs. Try it

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Ecotopia2003 mailing list
Ecotopia2003 <at> aseed.antenna.nl
Peter | 29 Jun 22:12 2005

Oil crisis?

Hi There,

for everybody who so The End Of Suburbia on Ecotopia 2004, there is 
Dutch website put up with information on 'peak oil / the new 
oilcrisis' with lots of news, discussion, rapports etc.
Lost of it is in Dutch, most of it is also in English.

Anybody who want's to show the movie somewhere or want's to have a 
talk about it can contact me


Peak Oil: binnen 5 jaar zakt de olieproductie in.  Ze is dan niet 
langer in staat naar de groeiende vraag in olie te voorzien. Wat dat 
betekent ontdek je op http://www.peakoil.nl
Frodo Tobias Kempf | 29 Jun 20:31 2005

Bike Tour Diary news from Asha-on-the-road

Heyn y'all!
Thought this from Asha's ink fountain might inspire
you to find out the second best way to get to

Maybe meet you in Wolimierz, Krakow, Lviv, Sheshory or
ciao, Frodo

PS: Know anyone living in these places, besides

> Hi All!
> It's cherry season in Bosnia! Cycling through the
> mountains in some areas,
> kids, adults, sometimes even 3 generations will be
> sitting by the side of
> the road with big bags of sweet ripe cherries and
> jars of freshly
> collected honey for sale. Quite a treat when it's
> about a hundred degrees
> out and you're not even halfway up the 20 km of 14%
> grade in the midday
> sun. Actually, it's just the last couple of days
> that have been so hot,
> before that we were blessed with perfect blue skies
> and mildly warm
> temperatures. The ride has been absolutely gorgeous.
> Lush green hills, a
> bit of snow left on the mountain tops, butterflies
> dancing on purple,
> yellow and white wildflowers in the meadows.
> But wait... Some of you are probably thinking,
> "Bosnia? Huh? i thought you
> were all settled in san francisco?!"
> Well, yes, i was, for three lovely months, and it
> was great. But now it's
> time for Ecotopia Bike Tour again! Remember when i
> cycled from Warsaw to
> Ukraine 2 years ago? Same event. Check out eyfa.org
> for more info. This
> year it's from Banja Luka, Bosnia, through Serbia
> and Romania to Moldova.
> I was expecting it to start in late July like last
> time, but it started in
> mid-June instead, so i never made it up to arcata,
> mid-pen, or to visit a
> bunch of folks i intended to see while in
> california. sorry! but i'll be
> back in the fall most likely.
> it's been quite a bit different this time, as i am
> told it is every year.
> biketour is a non-hierarchical self-organizing
> thing, so it is whatever
> folks make it in any given year. it's 6 weeks this
> time instead of 4, so a
> lot of folks haven't joined up with us yet. we
> started with only ten of us
> (all men but me!) but now we're up to 14 (and
> another woman just joined.
> i'm looking forward to more gender balance!). it's a
> diverse and
> interesting group, folks from bosnia, portugal, uk,
> ireland, croatia,
> germany, austria, and me, the only american.
> we arrived in Sarajevo yesterday. What a beautiful
> and interesting city!
> It sits in a valley, surrounded by green mountains
> speckled with the
> 3-story, white stucco homes with red-tiled roofs
> that are typical to much
> of the country. We passed out flyers today in the
> cobblestone pedestrian
> walkways of the old town, amid the cafes, shops, and
> fashionably made-up
> (pink seems the be the color this season) evening
> strollers. Ecotopia bike
> tour is all about supporting local environmental
> campaigns all along the
> route, and today it was spreading the word about the
> dangers of
> introducing phosphates into the environment.
> Sometimes people recognize
> us, because the organizers did a good job of getting
> us on local
> television, radio, and newspapers. I've been doing
> more interviews than
> i'd like, because reporters seem to be drawn to the
> sole woman, who came
> from so far away.
> despite the tranquility and beauty, it's impossible
> to forget that this
> was a place at war just ten years ago. bullet holes
> in the buildings are
> ubiquitous. on our first day here we got a very
> serious lesson on how to
> avoid stepping on a land mine, and every day we
> check the land mine map to
> see in which areas it's safe to go pee in the
> bushes. in the clean,
> bustling downtown shopping area of a large town the
> other day, next to
> fashionable shops and a beautiful fountain, two
> eight-ish year old boys
> played with a real gun in the plaza, nobody giving
> them a second glance.
> by the campfire on our first night, one of the
> organizers told stories of
> growing up during the war. the fighting wasn't in
> his town, a rarity
> around here, but he tells of 50 meter lines for
> food, of which there was
> never enough, and setting off bombs for new years'
> instead of fireworks,
> because it was what they had. the man next to me on
> the bus, like so many
> others, had to flee his home, and although his life
> is in germany now, he
> tells with a look of longing and sadness in his eyes
> that he is a refugee,
> torn from his home, and nothing will ever be quite
> the same for him. most
> people seem to feel that nobody won the war, and
> everyone lost. there are
> some nationalists who are glad for the breakup of
> Yugoslavia, but the
> standards of living across the board are lower than
> they were before the
> IMF imposed the austerity measures that caused the
> economic crash and
> fanned the flames of cultural differences, leading
> the richer regions to
> talk of secession. i guess we can't say no one won
> the war. the familiar
> logos on billboards and megastores announce who won,
> as once-national
> industries privatize, new markets open for the
> international corporations,
> and financers collect their interest payments on the
> loans to rebuild what
> NATO and U.S. bombs tore down.
> so it's been an educational experience, seeing first
> hand a country
> recovering from such devastation. but the bulk of my
> thoughts are not of
> war or phosphates or politics. mostly i think of the
> flowers, the
> mountains, and the lakes we dive into at lunchtime.
> i think of the smiles
> on people's faces as they practice their english on
> us. i probe my fellow
> cyclists on the details of their lives, and buy the
> local specialties and
> the roadside cafes. i listen to the chanting from
> the loudspeakers on the
> mosques, and check out what's growing in the gardens
> in front of people's
> houses.
> and i cycle. there's a certain peace that i feel
> when i'm cycling, my body
> feeling healthy and suntanned, my mind quieted by
> the rhythm of the road
> under my tires, that is hard to equal. perhaps it is
> equaled by that peace
> that i feel when i am walking through the bustling
> heart of a new land and
> a new culture, eyes bright and wide open, taking in
> all the details of
> another of the infinite possibilities of ways we can
> live.
> tomorrow we cycle on. i'll write again from
> somewhere down the road...
> much love to you all,
> give each other a big hug for me,
> asha

Never walk if you can dance. 
                           (granpa Rosenberg, "Non-Violent Communication")

Frodo Tobias Kempf, Weitzgrund 8, 14806 Belzig, Germany, Gaia

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frodo oaks | 5 Jun 21:09 2005

EYFA Service Agency presents: hyperlink to the full text of the European constitution in 20 languages!


... sounds not too bad for all I am concerned- there's
even sustainability mentioned! Wonder if we'll ever
even be able to come up with a compromise such as this
We've come a long way since May 8th, 1945, and also
since the revolution of 1989. Living in East Germany,
a formerly stalinist country and part of the eastern
block, I am very happy the Iron Curtain is gone- and
that I've not only inherited (from the citizens'
movements in Dresden, Prague, Hungary,...) a freer
East Germany, but One Europe- sort of. Just think
about the freedoms we have now, compared to then, or
1968, or 1068, ...

Live long and prosper  ;-)  ,


Goethe about Seattle, 1999:

  And you who have been there will one day be able to say:
  From here and now, a new epoch of humanity has taken it's course... 
           [to the revolutionaries against Napoleon, after the battle of  Valmy, France, 1792]

Frodo Tobias Kempf, Weitzgrund 8, 14806 Belzig, Germany, Gaia

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frodo oaks | 2 Jun 19:41 2005

A bad week for the EU- a good week for Europe?

...excuse the crosspostings!!...

Dear friends!
Let me start by saying: 
I've never read it- "our" new constitution.
Not EYFA's- but the one that was meant for the "new
EU". And it's probably real accessible in all EU
languages somewhere on the web.

Instead and meanwhile, I initiated a "hike'n bike"
tour from the geographic center of the formerly
socialist east Germany (which is 500m from our little
house in the woods) to the geographic center of this
new EU, according to a hungarian newspaper, 20 km from
our house, to highlight the connection and
(dis-)continuities of the european body, past and
(possible) futures. That was fun.

And now, many people in the NL and France (we weren't
even asked) said "NO!" to- well, what exactly? And

Bruxelles bureaucrazy and Centralism? the end to
nationalism? Norming the length and curvature of
european pickles? Or did they not trust in a
connection between a possible yes-vote and their
dream, or not even have a dream for how the EU and
Europe in One World could look like, IF...

Where IS the grassroots and civil society vision for a
socially, politically and environMentally sustainable

My simpleminded answer is that it's simply easier to
ATTAC! the institutions that be, and in a antagonistic
motion, throw out the european dream child with the
bureaucratic bath water.

So now that this time direct democracy turned out this
result, maybe it will make some people think, both "up
there", how to sell a merely supereconomic Europe (and
alternative to US hegemony), and grassroots thinkers,
diggers and dreamers, how to make our evolutionary
ideas come true, not "just globally and locally", but
also on the community level- the community of european

And maybe, as we actually know each other face to
face, could develop our own visionary "sourdough", or
yeast to add to this process. If you've ever made your
own bread, you know all the things that can happen to
make a loaf go flat before it comes out the oven nice
and lofty. Here's Europe as a brick for you.

Let's see what else we can whip out with the same
ingredients, plus a little Ecotopia spice!

I want to invite you to have, possibly as part, and
exceeding our east-west theme for EYFA at Ecotopia
Moldova, a kind of performance-enquiry into who is
Europe in our generation, and how we'd ideally like to
see it when we'll be elders and grandparents. There's
many things that I won't suffer to see, yet also a
great many that I see know like little plants in
spring, that will grow up to something real cool.

Another World Exists.

Let's live it!

Ciao, thanks for reading THIS far :-) , yours, 

Goethe about Seattle, 1999:

  And you who have been there will one day be able to say:
  From here and now, a new epoch of humanity has taken it's course... 
           [to the revolutionaries against Napoleon, after the battle of  Valmy, France, 1792]

Frodo Tobias Kempf, Weitzgrund 8, 14806 Belzig, Germany, Gaia

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Olga Lukash | 3 Mar 12:26 2005

Welcome to ISCS'2004, Ukraine

Dear friends,

Let me invite you to take part in XI International
Students Conference in Sumy'2005.

All needed information about ISCS'2005 you can find in
attached files, as well as application form. Deadline
is April, 3 2005.

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask it on
this e-mail address.

Please feel free to give this information to everybody
interested in it.

Hope to see you at ISCS'2005

Best wishes,
Olha Lukash
Co-head of ISCS'2005 organising committee

Olha Lukash,
Head of NGO "ECO"
Tel (mob):   +380-50-7172868
Tel (office):+380-542-332-223
Tel (home):  +380-542-223-822
e-mail: loo_helga <at> yahoo.com or loo_helga <at> ukr.net 

Celebrate Yahoo!'s 10th Birthday! 
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Attachment (Application_ISCS.zip): application/x-zip-compressed, 463 KiB
Attachment (Information_ISCS.zip): application/x-zip-compressed, 465 KiB
Ecotopia2003 mailing list
Ecotopia2003 <at> aseed.antenna.nl
Mari Kapanadze | 10 Mar 14:46 2005

Updating my address book


I am using a new service to keep in contact with my friends. Use the link below to become part of my address
book. In the future I will be able to see any changes in your contact details. 



Frodo Kempf | 7 Mar 14:46 2005

Updating my address book

Hi dears,

I am using a new service to keep in contact with my friends and acquaintances. Please use the link below to
become part of my address book. In the future I will be able to see any changes in your contact details- and
possibly, you get the chance to receive a postcard from our neck of the woods, the Weitzgrund!

BTW: That's where I live: Weitzgrund 8, D-14806 Belzig


Thanks a million! And don't worry if this is the 1342354th email of the kind- just hit delete, and I'll be only
a little sad! Already a bunch of you seem to use it, and it seems like a convenient way for networking.

Take care, Yours forever :-), Frodo


PS: Bebo says they don't trade in addresses, they might send out info stuff tho- but then it provides a free
service; name of the game...
Damacio A. Lopez | 26 Jan 20:09 2005

An urgent message on depleted uranium from Dr. Doug Rokke and Damacio Lopez.

An urgent message on depleted uranium from
Dr. Doug Rokke and Damacio Lopez.

January 26, 2005 

Dear Friends,    
   We have a proposal for those individuals and
organizations that wish to stop the use of depleted
uranium in weapons, ensure medical care provided, and
ensure that all environmental contamination is cleaned

Please join us in a world-wide blitz in demanding that
the Pentagon of the United States follow it's own
directive requiring thorough environmental remediation
and that medical care is provided to all individuals
contaminated by depleted uranium and/or other low
level radioactive materials.

   This legal mandate is prescribed in Army Regulation
700-48 with specific maximum exposure criteria in US
Army Technical Bulletin 9-1300-278. These require
thorough environmental remediation and that medical
care is provided to all casualties.

The responsible person to uphold this regulation is
Dr. Michael Kilpatrick Medicine, The Special
Assistant, Deployment Health Support, Four Skyline
Place, Suite 901 5113 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA
22041. Ph 1-800-497-6264.  His e-mail address is:
special.assistant <at> deploymenthealth.osd.mil. Let's
encourage Dr. Kilpatrick to uphold these legal

LT. General Ronald Peake, then Surgeon General of the
U.S. Army, also appointed Colonel Robert Eng, Ph.D.
(telephone 210-221-6612, email:
Robert.Eng <at> amedd.army.mil, Fort Sam Houston, Texas) as
his representative to ensure medical care is provided
to all DU casualties when he issued his medical order
dated April 29, 2004.   

   Please get this message to as many people as
possible; this might be the straw that breaks the
camels back. Past environmental remediation costs
alone would be in the billions of dollars.

In Solidarity 
Damacio Lopez and Doug Rokke, Ph.D.

Web sites for additional information include:
www.idust.net     www.traprockPeace.org


Dr. Doug Rokke

Damacio A. Lopez
1322 1/2 Lopezville
Socorro, New Mexico 87801
(505) 838-0263

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frodo oaks | 21 Dec 13:41 2004

Merry Solstice! -Frohes Julfest!

Hallo Ihr Lieben- hey dear friends!
On this shortest day of the solar year, I wish that
you may dream the night away with a beautiful dream
for the year to come, as the Sun waxes into it's
fullness again!

Even tho it might not seem like it, there's a
flowering spring and a beautiful hot summer ahead-
time for a new dream's birth, to believe in its magic,
to hope for it's delivery in the tangible world, and
to relish the awe that it is dreams that change the

Cos always remember:

and merry meet again, s'alaam, yours, Frodo

Goethe about Seattle, 1999:

  And you who have been there will one day be able to say:
  From here and now, a new epoch of humanity has taken it's course... 
           [to the revolutionaries against Napoleon, after the battle of  Valmy, France, 1792]

Frodo Tobias Kempf, Weitzgrund 8, 14806 Belzig, Germany, Gaia

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frodoaks | 15 Dec 22:21 2004

Invitation to join Friendster from Frodo Kempf

Frodo Kempf Wants You to Join Friendster

Frodo has invited you to join Friendster. Just click the button below to sign up.

Ciao dear friends! Merry Winter Solstice and such... Let me take this as an opportunity to invite you to join this cool platform to network friends' friends' friends- it rocks to even only see what other people read! Hope to see some of you in Friendster... Be well, hugs, Frodo

Once you join Friendster, you can communicate with Frodo's friends and invite your own friends to join. Use Friendster to:

Find old friends
With a quick search, you can find lost friends, high school buddies, cousins, college roommates, and camp friends. Or just browse their page and see what they're up to.
Share similar interests
You can find people who share similar interests with you. And discover new interests through the people you already know.
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