Colin Leath | 20 Jan 21:03 2004

Call for carfree poetry in diverse languages!

I'm hoping to encourage you all to write poetry that
we could possibly collect on

Here's my first attempt at a short English poem:

You cocooned in moving matter:
Join me.
Set soul on soil and walk.

I have high hopes for the German and French poems...
(maybe Spanish?)

Someday I hope we can have something the caliber of 
Christina Rosetti's "The goblin market"

I have a preference for framing the poem in timeless
terms... I would not be so base as to actually 
mention cars and pavement...

Some poets think that poetry should be written about
the basest, least inspiring things.

I have in mind an epic poem of early 21st Century
Southern California Suburban Life.

The thing to realize with this is that you're writing
the mythology for your time and your people (following
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Patrick McDonough | 25 Jan 22:59 2004

Getting Sponsors for Car Free Day?


We have decided to go forward and pursue Car Free Day here in North
Carolina, USA.  One question regards sponsors, and I was wondering if anyone
could speak from experience- how did you generate funds to support your CFD

I imagine we will approach businesses and community non-profits.  What kind
of events did you run, and how much did it cost to do them?  At what level
did bike shops and non-profits sponsor CFD?  $25, $50, more?  Did you set up
sponsorship levels like many fundraising campaigns do?

For those overseas, you could convert to US dollars using or just tell me the cost in your local currency and
I'll do the conversion.

Again, just looking for lessons learned here.  

All the best,
Patrick McDonough

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